Felix Ryan

At 22 years of age, Felix Ryan is beginning to build an impressive on screen resume.  From The Mentalist, to 90210 to Nip/Tuck, Ryan sets to display his talents on Recruit – Episode 2  of NCIS Los Angeles in 2012.  We sat down to ask Felix a few questions about his start in the industry and his time spent on the set of NCIS Los Angeles.

We enjoyed your guest appearance on the Mentalist.  You seem so natural behind the camera.  How did you get your start in the industry?

I appreciate the compliment. I went to a talent showcase when I was around 16 or so and a manager by the name of Richard De Lancy had interest in me and saw potential. He later represented me and taught me the main aspects and knowledge of audition techniques, tongue twisters, levels of emotions, and most importantly being natural. I began doing extra work for about 2 years to prepare myself of camera work, on-set experience, and make connections. After I felt I was prepared to go out for principal/lead roles I spoke with Richard and we went from there.

It looks like you’ve done mainly TV work but what other areas would you like to explore?

The drama portion is what interests me most. Playing a more “badass” character and filming NCIS:LA was my first experience using weapons which was an extremely serious experience but a fun one. I’d like my career to go in the direction towards more action/drama work.

What was you experience like on the set of NCIS:LA?

I very much enjoyed my experience working with Chris O’Donnell and Todd Smith (aka LL Cool J). Also the experience with using weapons was a very intellectual and controlled process. Honestly, the table cast read was phenomenal. It helps when you have such a talented cast. I enjoyed speaking with Chris about life and family and I have a lot of respect for him.

You have a stream of loyal fans on Twitter!  What would you like them to know about your future projects?

As the years went by I now prefer to call them supporters. Most have been supporting me for the past few years and I highly appreciate their thoughts, concerns, and support. And honestly… without our supporters we would be nowhere, and that’s a fact!

As far as future projects goes, I will be in a movie called “Broken” which is directed by Damian X. Fulton, written by Mark Cramer, and produced by Chad Hawkins. For more info visit www.brokenmovie.com.

Also, as of today I had notice that I’m on hold for a new amazing project/movie called “One Heart” which has a brilliant story line. Check out to find more info at www.OneHeartMovie.com

Felix, thanks for taking the time to speak with NCIS:LA Magazine.  We really appreciate your insights and look forward to seeing you on Episode 2 – Recruit!  You can follow Felix on Facebook (http://facebook.com/felixryan) and Twitter (@felix_ryan)

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