“La Familia” FanFic By @GCallen37

‘La Familia’ By Gina Callen

Callen was sitting in the bullpen writing the after action reports for their last mission, things had gone smoothly, the bad guys had been taken down with the minimum of fuss and even SecNav had been happy with the teams result, he was looking forward to some downtime and had just pressed send on his laptop to forward a copy of his report to Hetty when Eric’s loud whistle blasted through the building.

Kensi and Deeks looked up from their paperwork and Sam rounded the corner, having finished his the night before. Dutifully they all headed up to ops.

Hetty stood in the middle of the operations center looking worried.

“What’s going on?” Callen asked.

“As you know this weekend is the weekend that Secretary Jarvis hosts his annual, Book Club retreat and Director Vance and Deputy Director Craig are with him.” She said.

“And we get called up here for this?” Sam moaned leaning against the table.

Callen patted his partners arm supportively and turned to listen to Nell.

“The SecNav is booked into the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys; his group is assigned to the Earhart Room and the exclusive use of the Midway Gardens. Eric and I have picked up some interesting internet traffic about the hotel and a group calling themselves La Familia…We aren’t sure what they are up to, but a few of the emails have had the words NCIS in them, we have received information that they intend to be at the Plaza on the 11th and 12th of October the same weekend as the SecNav.” She said

“And we get this now? This is today Nell!” Callen said, he had hoped for a few days to get in there first.

Nell smiled and shrugged. “You get it as we do Callen.”

Eric stood up and walked to the plasma and pulled up the hotel specs. “We are not sure who they are although the numbers looked quite high. The hotel itself is 22,000 square feet, with 18 meeting rooms and 2 ballrooms.”

“That’s a lot to check.” Deeks said concerned. “What about security?” he asked.

“Minimal, the SecNav has his own detail as to the members of his book club, but the idea is that this is relaxing this is why it is so low key.” Eric replied.

“I’ll send the floor plans to your Smartphone’s,” Nell said as the team headed to their cars.

Denise looked up at the hotel as she got out of her cab. Grabbing her bag and suppressing a small shudder of excitement she walked into the lobby of the Plaza hotel.

She stood for a moment transfixed by the oversized model airplane hanging in the lobby.

“Can I help you Ma’am?” the young man behind the desk asked.

“Sorry,” She shook her head and walked to check in, “My name’s Denise, you have a room for me?” she handed her German passport over to the clerk.

“Ah yes, Welcome to America Ma’am.” He booked her in. Suddenly from behind her she heard a loud squeal and turned to see two of her best friends, Bridget and Merrie running across the lobby towards her.

The clerk smiled as he watched the three old friends greet each other, he loved conventions. Especially the smaller one’s where the groups of people from all over the world would meet up and already be best friends.

Denise took her room key, leaving her passport behind the desk as was the hotel policy, and went off with her friends as the doors opened and the four Federal agents walked into the hotel.

Bridget pulled Denise and Merrie towards the Clipper lounge, “Look….look at the walls!” she exclaimed, a passing server grinned at her enthusiasm “They’re the same color orange, like in NCIS on T.V!”

Denise smiled, “Yes, yes they are, but I have just got here, you two admire the walls and I will take my bag to my room, then we can check out the convention hall, we’re in the Lindbergh Room.” She told them reading from the packet the manager had sent her months before.

Read the rest of the story which was originally written for the NCISLAFamilia Meet Up in October 2013 on fanficton.net.

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