Mega Buzz Spoiler via @TVGuide… Who’s leaving ??

Any new spoilers on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Marc

ADAM: Executive producer (and hyperbolic quote-giver) Shane Brennan insists that the conclusion of last year’s cliff-hanger in the Season 5 premiere “will have the greatest consequence of any story we’ve told.” So what does that mean exactly?

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20 thoughts on “Mega Buzz Spoiler via @TVGuide… Who’s leaving ??

  1. Dutchie

    OMG, as long as it’s not Deeks, Kensi or Callen I’m good. If any of those three leave, I don’t know whether I want to watch the rest of the show. They’re the very best part of it. I’m guessing it’ll be Hetty. Suppose I would be sad to see her go, but it would make sense at least.

  2. Jess

    Noooooo, no-one can leave this team!!! 🙁
    I don’t know if I can watch this season if our little family is going to break up *cries* I may need a Callen or a Deeks hug 😉
    In all seriousness, though, I can actually see Sam leaving, after everything happened to not only himself, but to his wife as well, in the last season 🙁 Who knows – maybe LLCoolJ’s singing career is kicking-off again too well and he needs to dedicate more time to that 😉 Hehe

  3. Richtsjes

    Guess Granger feels too responsible and leaves…
    Heck, we’ll simply have to wait and see!


    1. AlisonT

      IMO it’s a “someone-will-leave-the-team-AND-come-back-later-in-the-season” kind of leave. I can easily picture SB teasing us to make us believe that someone would leave for good. So I think it could be Deeks leaving for a while, considering the post-torture thing, and that it would give ECO some time with his baby.

  4. Cintia

    Hello People!!! for me going to deeks, for all they say about it, is post-traumatic stress, anxiety !!! I hope all that ugly would be wrong not to see in some episode deeks !!!!! than the!!!!!!!!!! noooooooooo

  5. tara

    Shouldn’t we as the fans, take the ‘wait & see approach’ as to how this storyline plays out. Too many times fans jump to so many conclusions, and in the end, they worried for nothing.
    If someone does leave I could see it being Deeks. My theory is since Eric is going to be father soon, it would make sense for Deeks to head back to the LAPD so Eric could enjoy some time off with his new son:) I truly believe no one is leaving the show for good. Let’s not forget the actors are under contract, and as far as we know, no contracts are up for renewal this year.

  6. Erin

    Unfortunately, I think it might be Deeks which would suck cause I love ECO and Deeks. I think the show’s been better with him on it as he’s provided some awesome stuff. However, my theory is that ECO will be taking some baby time so this would essentially be perfect. Have Deeks leave (maybe a few scenes here and there) but then Nate comes to talk to him (perhaps on the beach which would lead creedance to the picture posted yesterday) about everything going on. The team is essentially the only real family environment that Deeks has had in years (if ever) so I think Nate will convince him to go back and be with his family…lean on them and trust them to help him through all of this

  7. Charla

    I think it is Deeks, BUT wait…they never said forever. (reaching maybe) We all know that Mr. Brennan like to stir the pot with fans. Here is my thought. I think it was all to much with the kiss then torture. So he “leaves” but they give him time and I think toward the end of season 5 he comes back as NCIS agent. I think they are doing this because Eric’s wife is getting ready to have a baby so, they are probably giving him some time with his new family. That is what I am telling myself at least. NCIS LA has a really good thing going so I don’t think they (cast included) will do anything to mess it up.

    1. J

      I was going to say this almost exactly.

      I would add that I think Deeks leaving the team (but not the show) for awhile could actually be good, especially for him and Kensi. They could be friends and not just partners and maybe work through some of his post-traumatic stress together. hasn’t Kensi been through some pretty tough stuff in her past, too? Maybe their relationship can evolve and become more emotionally solid rather than just flirty banter (even tho I love that.) Then Deeks can make the decision to come back, but this time as an agent, not a liaison officer.

      I suppose that sounds too much like fanfic, but it could happen…I hope. 🙂

  8. Sweet Lu

    Remember, Shane Brennan said “someone would be leaving the ‘team'” not the show. And, if it is Deeks, I think this could play out in a couple of episodes, with the team fighting to get him back, especially Sam. Maybe it’s a way for Deeks to realize that he is truly a part of the team after all and that they care about him.

    However…maybe it’s not Deeks at all. Maybe it’s Callen. There is suppose to be a story arc for him this season as well, and maybe he discovers more about his family as has been hinted about and he leaves to go on a personal quest.

    1. Keviana Elliot

      Don’t say it!!!

      …But, actually, I have secretly thought that it’s Callen taking a step back. All I can tell myself is, heck no! Callen is Shane’s baby! He wouldn’t do that!

      …Would he?

      1. Richtsje

        Keviana! Now you are being harsh…

        Has anyone ever thought that Nate is part of the team too, and Hetty? Even Granger, Eric and Nell are part of it, IMO. Sure, they won’t suffer Post Traumatic Stress, I guess, but Hetty might, since she was the one who agreed or planned to get The Chameleon back. Guilt might overtake in the end.

        Now I’m going to stop my wild guessing and wait which odd solution Brennan comes with this time 😉

  9. BH72

    So many theories, concerns and advice. They are all valid and have me thinking along many various lines. However, some smart people have picked up on so something I did not. Thanks for those who have pointed out the important word ‘TEAM’ here. I can sigh with relief and wait patiently for season 5 to start soon, now. Sorry if I started the panic for everyone!

  10. mistri

    I remember in season 3 Brennan said that Deeks would be fired and
    many fans posted their anger that Deeks was leaving for good and of course, he wasn’t really fired and was never gone from the show. I think what may happen, if it is indeed Deeks, that he won’t be missing in action from the show itself but may quit the team after suffering PTSD. Then a few episodes where he is trying to find himself and he returns to the team. I just don’t see Brennan messing with the gold he has with this team. It works. Play with it, tweak it a bit, but don’t damage the show by getting rid of the seven main characters.

  11. Monty

    I hope to go away Kensi. She goes Washington.
    DiNozzo who was orphaned of Ziva.
    I have read Shane Brennan talks about the episode no. 100 (5×04).
    Brennan says that this will be a crucial episode for Deeks and Callen.
    New couple? It would be nice.
    I send Sam to Washington along with Kensi.
    What an idea!
    I hope nothing scenes of tears and regrets.
    Martin Deeks does not have to be moved if Sam and Kensi become good.
    They have the wrong behavior for three years with Martin.
    Enough! Away!
    Bye-bye. Adieu. Hasta la vista. Bella per voi.

    Hi from Roma.

  12. Domingo

    So Brennan has again set the “cat amongst the pigeons” and someone is leaving the team….. But who?

    I will be sorry who ever leaves the team, “he said team” not show…. it has been great, but change happens.

    As the result of the season 4 finale everyone has suffered, Deeks both physically and mentally, Sam emotionally watching the torture and knowing that he cannot betray Michelle, so to me it looks like they would be the favourites to go. ECO is going to become a Dad very soon, so it would give him time to spend time with his family, Sam has a successful music career in the real world and in the world of LA has a wife who is nearly lost to him and a child, and a job which put him constant danger.

    We have been led to believe that there will be some strong Callen issues resolved in this series, so given that he is possibly having doubts about his own abilities as a team leader, maybe he will set off on his own quest for his identity and background. Another possibility is that he goes on a revenge trip after Janvier. (He is I understand in at least two episodes this season)

    Kensie may have trust issues given the change in her relationship with her partner.

    However there are other team members, Granger is coming in full time so does Hetty genuinely retire for good, what is in store for Eric and Nell.

    Nate is back but for how long? And in what role, physiologist or agent or both.

    So it is going to be a case of wait and see, whatever the outcome I shall be sad that see that character go,even if tempoarily but Brennan and the writers are to shrewd to let the show fall short because a team member is leaving.

  13. Carrie

    I honestly think that because ECO is having a baby with Sarah he will likely take some paternity leave. And since the baby is due soon its going to be now-ish and then I am sure he will be back after a couple of episodes without him. They will play the whole Deeks can’t trust Sam anymore or something like that storyline and he leaves to go back undercover with LAPD. OR he leaves and heads to Washington to train to become an Agent.

    Those are my thoughts anyways.

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