NCIS Los Angeles: Meme Monday #5

OK, this week’s Meme Monday was drowned a bit by the buzz about “Spoils Of War” but we still got this great Meme out of your comments. Thanks, Bee.Eh.Vee !!


Here’s our pic for this week:


What are our two guys doing/ thinking / saying ??

Let your creative juices flow… keep it fun & witty !!

10 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles: Meme Monday #5

  1. Alicia

    “Twitter’s blowing up over Densi, but what about me?” “Face it. Callen’s soo last month.”

  2. Linda

    If that’s Hetty, tell her that you haven’t seen me.

    If that’s Hetty, tell her that I went out for lunch and never came back.

  3. Erin

    COD:Did you see that NCIS:LA Magazine has a new Monday Meme? Gotta think of something witty to say

    ECO: Not if I think of something first

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