NCIS Los Angeles “Allegiance” Sneak Peek II

I feel an update on our fave agents files in the “language department” is in order… ūüôā

Looking forward to another new NCISLA episode TONIGHT… finally !! And you ??

5 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Allegiance” Sneak Peek II

  1. Richtsje

    3 Sneak Peeks, that is great. Man I really look forward to this ep. Love that language thing’, and the connection to Kensi’s case. It is wonderful how the writers managed to do so!

  2. mckenna

    This sneak peek had me cracking up!! Love it, cool that they’re adding more languages to their characters. Why am I not suprised Hetty speaks Welsh?

  3. Jan

    I love that instead of making fun of Deeks, Sam congratulates him on his nice initiative in trying to augment the team’s skill set. That’s a real change from the way he used to treat Deeks. And it’s still a really funny scene. And of course Hetty has to jump in with the one-upmanship speaking Welsh. ūüôā

    But poor Deeks has no gift for languages. Good thing he’s great at undercover.

    Nice mention of Nate, especially since he’s going to be back soon, based on the BTS pics and tweets.

  4. Ann

    This has to be one of the best NCIS:LA scenes ever. I am a fleunt speaker of Danish and I am sorry to say that Deeks’s pronunciation if the language is absolutely terrible, but hilarious. I had no idea what he was meant to be saying until Sam repeated him. Sam’s grammar is correct but his accent is still off. He sound far more Norwegian than Danish. Still greta effort!

  5. BH72

    This had me in stitches laughing all the way through. Cannot wait till new episodes start back up here again in Oz.

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