NCIS Los Angeles ‘Beacon’ Picture Review

Wow, talk about setting the bar high in the first few moments...

Wow, talk about setting the bar high in the first few moments…

Arkady alone in that alley... *gulp*

Arkady alone in that alley… *gulp*



Shots fired, shots fired... NOOO !!

Shots fired, shots fired… NOOO !!



Callen driving Joelle to work seems "too normal" for him IMO... And she never really had a thing for 'bad boys' ?? Come on... who doesn't ?? ;-)

Callen driving Joelle to work seems “too normal” for him IMO… And she never really had a thing for ‘bad boys’ ?? Come on… who doesn’t ?? 😉

Wow... the looks that everyone is throwing at Callen...

Wow… the looks that everyone is throwing at Callen…

Is Granger worried about Kensi & Deeks ?? *rewinds*

Is Granger worried about Kensi & Deeks ?? *rewinds*

"Arkady Kolchek may have been Callen's last chance of finding out who his father was."

“Arkady Kolchek may have been Callen’s last chance of finding out who his father was.”

Mama Bear Sam worrying about Callen...

Mama Bear Sam worrying about Callen…

"Maybe Arkady is not dead?"

“Maybe Arkady is not dead?”

Arkady's watch in the ashes... *gulp*

Arkady’s watch in the ashes… *gulp*

Super G :-)

Super G 🙂

"It as also in a different frame every time I was there." "How often was that?" "He had a nice pool."

“It is also in a different frame every time I was there.”
“How often was that?”
“He had a nice pool.”

"Our fearless leader..." That's a first, right ? Only knew it from PR so far...

“Our fearless leader…” That’s a first, right ? Only knew it from PR so far…

"Dramatic pause, dramatic pause..." *snort*

“Dramatic pause, dramatic pause…” *snort*

Oh she loves when he "talks detective"... LOL

Oh she loves when he “talks detective”… LOL

Ha ha... perfect Deeks impersonation... ;-)

Ha ha… perfect Deeks impersonation… 😉

Arkady had a yacht ??

Arkady had a yacht ??

OMG... the "L"-Word... and that awkward convo afterwards... Hilarious !!

OMG… the “L”-Word… and that awkward convo afterwards… Hilarious !!

Callen switching burgers with tofu for a girl ?? How far have we come ?? ;-)

Callen switching burgers with tofu for a girl ?? How far have we come ?? 😉

Very picasso-esque !!

Very picasso-esque !!

"Oh lighten up, Owen Geez." Did she just smack him ?? *snort*

“Oh lighten up, Owen. Geesh.” Did she just smack him ?? *snort*

"I'm not giving you the Heimlich. You chose to eat that."

“I’m not giving you the Heimlich. You chose to eat that.”

ARKADY !! With his customary smile...

ARKADY !! With his customary smile…

Great scene with Arkady !!

Great scene with Arkady !!

"It's what the Coast Guard does best."

“It’s what the Coast Guard does best.”

"Your boss doesn't take up much space but she made room feel like coffin." ROFL

“Your boss doesn’t take up much space but she made room feel like coffin.” ROFL

Got a suspect... and yeah, Arkady knows him !!

Got a suspect… and yeah, Arkady knows him !!

The yacht is a cargo ship...

The yacht is a cargo ship…

Who's that girl ??

Who’s that girl ??

Another Ex-LAPD Officer involved...

Another Ex-LAPD Officer involved…

Deep & honest Densi convo... well written, well played...

Deep & honest Densi convo… well written, well played…

Oh, these two are just hilarious...

Oh, these two are just hilarious…

A supertanker with enough oil to finance a war... Ooops !!

A supertanker with enough oil to finance a war… Ooops !!

Sam being a high-class tourist... NIICE !!

Sam being a high-class tourist… NIICE !!

Wow, who's the guy going upstairs then ??

Wow, who’s the guy going upstairs then ??

Pretty sure Sam didn't read the "No Diving" sign... ;p

Pretty sure Sam didn’t read the “No Diving” sign… ;p
Great job using the slo-mo here…

"Loyalty to family trumps them both." "Every time my friend. Every time."

“Loyalty to family trumps them both.”
“Every time, my friend. Every time.”

Hetty sensing there's more to come...

Hetty sensing there’s more to come…

And she’ll probably be right… as always !! 🙂

As the first sequence indicated this episode brought us back on track with Callen/Joelle, Deeks/IA and Arkady… served us a few more bits (Who’s Ana? What is Deeks afraid to tell? When will Callen have enough of the healthy food? Where’s Arkady off to?)… and made us crave for the next episode(s) to air NOW…
Looking forward to the last few episodes in the season and am very curious how those storylines will evolve and/or play out and how and why our team ends up in Moscow in the finale.

What are your thoughts ?? 🙂

28 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Beacon’ Picture Review

  1. Sue mcdowell

    Loved this episode but I don’t think Joelle is right for Callen a schoolteacher is never going to understand his line of work they would want someone more 9 to 5 so I hope she goes out of the storyline but I love this show

  2. Deeks Fan

    Loved this episode! Everyone on deck, honest conversations, action, humor……great episode.
    For me this was so much better than the last few episodes.

    Sindee, thanks for the reviews each week.

  3. LasiaMsinRed

    Well,well if that wasn’t a good episode! (Even though some things didn’t match at all)
    Yes, all things eventually come down to Arkady.We learned that already. **nice rhyme**
    Personally,I don’t mind it too much because I like the character but it becomes a bit predictable.
    Anyway, a former KGB agent knows how to get out of trouble. I liked to see that he didn’t lose his skills over time.
    Having some of his cars “ready for blow up” is just as much Arkady as is keeping guns in the fridge.
    He knows a lot and knowledge is power. He chooses wisely weather to give out information/details or not or how to dose it because as we heard: “Some people are not ready to know the whole truth.” (Callen?)
    I do believe that Ana might be his daughter (Loyalty to family trumps them both) and someone has been black-mailing him. Do I think she’s Callen’s new love interest? No.Too easy if ask me and he didn’t know her but I’m not sure.
    Seeing her picture made me come up with another idea…What if Arkady and G’s father went down the same path? What if (if she’s his daughter) Ana doesn’t know her father? Maybe Arkady had to leave his family to protect them? I could imagine that he’s watching over her just like G’s father might be watching over him.Maybe Daddy Callen is as close to Ana as Arkady is to G?
    I know it’s far-fetched but I like the idea.
    More :
    -Nell and Eric were sweet and awkward at the same time. I loved it.
    – Owen worries about Deeks? Of course, he does! He care about them! Nice to see that they put emphasis on it.
    – I’m also worried about Deeks. Something is wrong…..
    – So Callen was driving Joelle to work…too normal…plus, how is she going to get back home with her 1000 bags ?
    – he is eating tofu??!!? For the love of NcisLa stop it right now !! I support making healthy food choices but that’s not Callen! It seemed as if he’s trying to make up for his past and work by letting her control his eating habits. I’m perfectly fine with him letting her choose the restaurant but when she’s not around…..
    – ….and who doesn’t have a thing for bad boys??! That’s like not liking chocolate!
    Please, let her find another guy and live happily ever after.

    1. BW

      Lasia, that is a great thought about Arkady and his possible daughter. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it. 😉

      Deeks I believe, has lied to protect those he care about, that he knows it is not just one thing, but many.

      I always imagined Joelle being on the overly heath kick. I do agree Callen is overcompensating by being the “perfect” boyfriend. Time for her to go!

      1. LasiaMsinRed

        Of course, you can borrow my thought :))
        My your imagination will take it further than mine did.

  4. BH72

    Thanks for a great picture recap, as always, sindee.
    The promo and sneak peeks did not take away from a great episode. Arkady never disappoints me, he was very entertaining. That stonewalling was brilliant, just like Callen is so good at doing, Wonder where he inherited that trait from? Wouldn’t be surprised if Arkady is Callen’s uncle. The slow motion action was fantastic, lets face it, it’s like watching a movie each week.
    Curious to know why Callen kept asking Arkady about Ana. Did he recognise her for some reason, why of all the pictures I am sure Arkady has on his cell, that was the one he chose to ask him on and state how beautiful she was. Another breadcrumb, just like the one at the end in the boat shed, when Callen hands Arkady his watch from the KGB. I have no idea what they said in Russian, but the words at the end are setting things up for the finale. Family trump them both. Arkady’s response, “overtime,” says it all. I think Callen is getting closer to figuring things out. He’s switched on and he’s been putting the pieces together. He never said that line to Arkady for nothing.
    That little piece of Kensi asking Deeks about the IA lady was good too. Great acting by ECO, he’s hiding something and I can’t wait to see what this investigation reveals. Season 7 is going to be interesting.

    1. Claire

      They just repeated the words Callen had read earlier on the watch: Loyalty to party, loyalty to motherland.

  5. Linda

    I really enjoyed this episode. It feels like all the pieces are falling into place for a great finale. Now if we can just hear word on Season 7 from CBS. Its starting to make me nervous that we haven’t heard anything yet.

  6. Mogorva

    Thanks for the recap sindee.

    I loved this episode, it’s once again the show I love. It was way better than the last few, at the level of the first few episodes of the season.
    Arkady is always a great source of humour, I’d like to see him more often. There are a lot of open ends though, I think we will see and hear from those before the end of the season.


    I wouldn’t worry if I were you. This is the _best_ 22:00 drama both in viewers and 18-49 rating CBS has, and it’s ratings are pretty much stable around 1.6-1.7 (average is around 1.65). Upfronts are coming in a few weeks (maybe 3 weeks? (fixme)), then we will know the official verdict.

    1. CaptainNewf

      Agree. They haven’t confirmed NCIS yet either. NCIS LA has taken over the Monday night 10 pm slot and has excellent (and passionate) viewership. CBS would be foolish to cancel it – most of us remember the Star Trek cancellation controversy many years ago. I can’t find anything about the contract status with the cast, so really really hope we don’t have a Ziva controversy. I think that would be the only fly in the ointment.

  7. Fenix

    Hi Sindee, thanks for recap, nice like always.
    Well, for me was this episode nicely played a very well balanced.
    Everyone had some nice part, with really juicy bite of time and something real meaning words, not just empty babbling.
    So, come step by step.
    Who’s believed to Arkady death?
    Not me (he is too important), but very nice played.
    Joelle & Callen.
    Seems like broke up will be natural from both sides.
    She is still not sure about him, and she looks like someone, who need stability, which is definitely not with Callen.
    She is smart, and she know it.
    But not smart enough, because she try change men’s food behaviour. 😉
    And that is huge mistake in every becoming relationship.
    I really like her, but this seems to be peaceful, and painless broke up.
    Granger worried about Densi?
    Of course, someone has to.
    Who now believe to Hetty?
    No one with brain, and good self-preservation instinct.
    Deeks speak “detective” but now is moment gone….. 🙂
    Eric, what you have against Deeks?
    That was…eeee
    And again, Eric and walking, and LOVE YOU, and babbling…..that was AWKWARD NOT FUN!
    But it’s eric, that’s normal.
    Callen and tofu, WTF?
    Man, you can’t turn from meat to vedge, per day!
    Some selfrespect, please.
    You boys miss me?
    Goooood one Arkady, you are king! 😀
    And from here started real fun.
    Stake out and nice played Densi.
    So suspect is death, then who the hell is that guy?!
    Nice twist.
    Slow motion was very refreshing, something new.
    Arkady today rocks every one.
    He was funniest part in episode.
    Second was Densi, nicely played.
    Third was Callen & Sam.
    See, episode was mostly about Arkady, but everyone get some nice part.
    Everything loked like natural, not sily (well, Eric).
    If we will be get 15 episodes from 24, with same (or better) quality, I will be fly under sky from happiness.
    Creators know, how to do it.
    So why we don’t have it more often?!

  8. jsm

    Great recap. I wish we had more episodes like this. I felt it was well rounded with all the characters and grat action. Even the investigation was better. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  9. CaptainNewf

    Loved it. So much better than the last one to be unnamed. Well written dialogue well acted. Honest discussions between Callen/Joelle and Kensi Deeks. Excellent set up for season finale… is the next Sniper one a one-off or do we know if it is supposed to fit in the season ending arc?

    Getting suspicious that Martin Deeks is not who we think he is. He might be an undercover agent for the Feds who has infiltrated LAPD – which has a long history of corruption. He may not be able to even hint to Kensi what he is doing. Would go far to explaining all the anomalies and inconsistencies in what little we know of his history and his statement that he didn’t want her to ask because he didn’t know how to answer plus the fact that NCIS is protecting him. They are also protecting Kensi without acknowledging it. It appeared that LAPD IA did not know Detective Deeks has a lover and Hetty tried to keep that fact from becoming obvious to Detective Rivera.

    I got a belly laugh out of Eric and Nell. He was so focused on his attempt to find the assassin that at first he didn’t even realize what he had said… then absolute horror and attempt to divert to her braininess. Failed.

    Finally Densi is office wide openly acknowledged and taken as it should be… extracurricular and doesn’t affect the work. Loved the Densi scene and Deeks messing up his opportunity for a time out with her.

    1. Sol

      Interesting theory about Deeks-not-really-a-cop. But it would be very painful for Kensi to know something like that.
      So, it could be a real twist for the story, but perhaps too big for fans, (and for Kensi). 🙂

      1. CaptainNewf

        I think she could accept it if not knowing is keeping her and other team members safe. On the record (i.e episode dialogues) she really doesn’t admit that she knows much about his past – just that Ray was his friend and the shooting. She doesn’t even publicly know that Gordon John Brandel was his father… in Personal, only Hetty and Nell were privileged to that factoid. Only Hetty and Granger have the full knowledge of what is really going down. I don’t believe that “we have to protect him” is just Granger having a soft spot for Deeks and he didn’t say “we have to protect the team”. The production team has hinted several times at his deep assignments and non-appearance at times, Kensi knows full well about Max Gentry and Deek’s lawyer aliases, and I can’t believe she has not asked him about his last name. Even if he formally changed his name from Brandel (spelling?) there would be a record of that and the bar association, the LAPD, and the NCIS background investigations would have picked up the change in their background checks.

        Part of his worry and inability to give her an answer may lie in the “cat became the mouse” comment about stakeouts. He doesn’t know what they found or what/why they are looking at him now but he is very worried about Kensi getting caught in the net.

        The writers are playing with us!

  10. Spokoze

    Was a great episode. This season has not provided enough Densi..not even close. NCIS-LA is still easily the best show on TV.
    Wish They’d write for Granger the way they do for Vance & will never get enough of Hetty with some good one liners or “Listen Up, Grasshopper” counsel. I’m way okay with Kensi & Deeks in a relationship…be okay if Nell and Eric we an item…G and Jo….bonus….Thinking the Mother Ship is struggling a little this year because the interpersonal stuff there has diminished….lil fire goes a long way!

  11. I Feel Possessed

    It was always going to be a tough ask, living up to such an intense and amazing episode as last week’s Rage, but with the “previously on NCIS Los Angeles” and the flashbacks to Joelle, Callen & Arkady ref Callen’s father, and the Deeks IA investigation before we even get to the opening proper, it felt like this was going to be a worthy follow up. And it was. It will never top Rage, but it was a valiant effort and a very busy episode.

    Not sure if it’s here or elsewhere i read that the first post-credit scene with Callen & Jo felt a little out of place as there was little follow up. It establishes that yes they’re still together but they’re not “great” as Callen said to Deeks. In fact the cracks are showing. If Jo doesn’t like bad boys (is that actually possible?), she’s with the wrong man! They are sowing the seeds for a break up (unless Callen cheats on her when he finds this new romance that has been teased for him).

    Arkady – should have his own episode – wait, apparently he will do as S06E23 is Arkady,K. That in itself is revealing and everything sentence he uttered in Beacon was either evasive or loaded with intrigue. Callen is not ready to hear his full story? That again is setting the scene for later episodes, most likely connected with the finale’s visit to Moscow, Callen’s search for his father and maybe the mysterious blonde pictured on Arkady’s phone. Familial connections or is she the one Callen as the romance with?

    Callen was really unsure about his emotions on hearing Arkady maybe dead. Maybe he was trying to redeem himself after his mini meltdown at the end of Rage? How he has grown as a character, in actually talking honestly to Joelle, admitting to Sam he didn’t know how he felt, tackling Arkady to protect him from the assassin and eating tofu…

    Hetty and Granger were talking at cross purposes about Kensi/Deeks relationship, with Granger being concerned about Deeks and the IA investigation, not their extracurricular activities slipping into their professional life. And yes Granger, the team do always have to be so dramatic!

    On that note, Eric was just weird, and awkward with Nell. Shame.

    Lastly, this was finally an episode that should make the Deeks, Deeks/Kensi fans happy (I hope). I haven’t seen too much in the way of complaining (but a twitter spam-bot did screw up finding tweets earlier today). As a Callen fan, I’m generally just happy regardless, even with the lack of focus on Callen-Sam in S5!

  12. Claire

    Thank you for the review – I actually use it as a preview lots of times… This episode was absolutely perfect, I loved it.
    Callen-centric, but everyone was involved, even Nell and Eric had enough screen time. Even Densi weren’t annoying. Sam’s and Callen’s debates were amazing.
    And finally Hetty was Hetty. In the last couple of episodes she seemed to be weak and inactive, and she was hardly there. Now it was the right Hetty – decisive, caring, foreshadowing future and with round glasses!
    And Arkady, I like this character so much. I was so surprised when I found out that we had seen him only six times (now seven times) – and such a huge impact he has on me / the viewers.
    This was the first time I liked Joelle – but still I’d prefer Callen with somebody else… I also wonder who’s Anna.
    I can’t help it but the best thing was Callen speaking Russian. He is even more attractive and sexy 😉 His conversation with Arkady at the end, oh… If I haven’t been already in love with him, I would be this time.

  13. Rayanne

    Thank you for the picture review! It is awesome as always! This was a fabulous episode and I really enjoyed it. Callen did struggle a little with his feelings about Arkady in the beginning but it was just who he is. I love having Arkady in episodes as the interaction is pretty humorous. I too wonder who Anna is and can’t wait until we find out the new love interest. The scene between Callen and Joelle said it all about how their relationship is on the brink of being over. The bad boy thing never worked for her? Really?? I think my favorite line came from Arkady when he wouldn’t go into the interrogation room because ” Your boss doesn’t take up much space but she made room feel like coffin”. Great episode and I am glad that there will be a new one next week.

  14. diane

    Liked it better than last week. It really was a team effort and I liked all the partner scenes. I like Arcady, but admit I was paying much attention to the plot. I know there was a ship, but that is about it.

    1. Fenix

      ” I know there was a ship, but that is about it.”
      You have to read press release for upcoming episode….
      “6×23 Kolcheck A.: Callen and Sam search for answers when they find dead crew members from the missing oil tanker used in Arkady’s deal with Russia, and also discover Arkady’s personal connection to the ship…” and it probably continue in 6×24 and 7×01
      I personally like double-triple episodes, I wish for more of them dusing season, but…. 🙁
      One big story in 2-3 episodes, is much better, then boring brainless “terrorist of the week”

      1. Crystal

        I was like YAY! When “Previously on NCIS:LA” popped up on my TV! I’m still confused as to why the writers can’t have continuity between ALL of the episodes. The random references every 10 episodes or so it frustrating. There can be the “terrorist of the week case” but with all of the “stuff” the characters have in their pasts and even current lives, there isn’t any shortage of things to put in as sub-plots– and that could carry on for several episodes.

  15. BW

    Thanks Sindee for the recap!

    Arkady, perfection. Always a mix of sneaky, manipulative tinged with humor and compassion.

    I do believe Anna, is related to Arkady. Most likely his daughter though I can see her being the daughter of a great love who died.

    Callen really isn’t a “bad boy”, but Joelle wants the security trader she thought she was in love with. Callen doesn’t want to be abandoned so he is trying to be what she wants, again not being his self.

    Deeks, I am curious to know the background of why he became a cop after being a lawyer.

    Great episode! Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

  16. Linda W

    Thanks for the great picture review. Sindee. I loved the episode and was very happy to see Arkady back. It was a team effort this time and everyone had their moment. Eric and Nell played more of a part in the investigation, but Eric’s meltdown, although amusing, did seem a little awkward. Hetty was more herself this time. She was very decisive when dealing with Arkady. I don’t know what to think about Granger. Sometimes, he seems to be a team player, other times not. I don’t believe he is really concerned about protecting Deeks. I think he is really trying to protect NCIS from any fallout from Deeks and the IA investigation. Kensi and Deeks worked well together as partners and the scene in the car when they talked about the investigation was very well done. It really made you wonder what happened in the past. It is also nice to know that the Callen/Sam bromance is alive and well whether they are talking about food or his feelings about Arkady. Sam did look great in his pink shirt. He should wear ordinary shirts more often. It is nice to see him protecting Callen fom what ever he thinks will hurt him. Callen has come a long way over the years. He admitted to Sam that he wasn’t sure about his feeling regarding Arkady’s death. The scene with Joelle convinced me that their relationship will not last very long. She is a nice women, but wrong for Callen. Callen is trying to please her by eating tofu and vegetarian Chinese, but unless he really wants to change his eating habits, it isn’t going to work. I just don’t want to see him feel rejected again. What is the secret of Callen’s past? I don’t know and I know others have expressed their theories. All I know is that it involves Arkady and that we are slowly moving towards a revelation. Can’t wait!

  17. Crystal

    I can’t be the only one who thought “Oh my goodness gracious, Callen looks exceptionally good all in white!” 😉
    I LOVE Arkady and he was his usual great self in this episode.
    Love that Sam knows his partner so well and is concerned about him –Awwww.
    Hetty “smacking” Granger was hilarious! And yeah, he needs to lighten up.
    I didn’t feel the “Densi” at all, the talking detective scene was lame and the car scene felt out of place in this episode. Like it was fit in because it “had to be mentioned”.
    I have to say thought, I am really liking Kensi’s character this season (when it doesn’t involve her personal relationship with Deeks). She looks fabulous and is just the best Kensi I’ve seen in a long time.
    What the hell was the scene with Eric and Nell and him loving her brain? THAT should have been a deleted scene that would only be seen on DVD “Deleted scenes”. Meaning I would not have had to endure that nauseating “acting” between the two of them.
    For the second week in a row Callen was the star of the episode. (Arkady was a VERY close second!)
    From his ambivalent feelings to Arkady being dead, to his not wanting so much personal discussion in a work lunch with Sam to his “Loyalty to family trumps them both” comment to Arkady to his curiosity of who the girl on Arkady’s phone was — he was at the top of his game! Tackling Arkady to protect him was an awesome scene. “I was just doing my job.” Nope, try again Callen. As for Joelle and Callen’s relationship? It’s over. Just a matter of when. He deserves to be loved for who he is, in his personal and work lives.
    Good episode but no where near the greatness of “Rage”.

    1. BH72

      I agree with you, Crystal, that Eric and Nell scene had no place in this episode. What was that all about? It’s like, well, we’re struggling to write something interesting, so let’s have Eric slip out “I love you” and have that awkward back track, while digging himself deeper into a dark hole. Okay, so they want these two in a relationship, Nell asked him to go home with her in HumBug to be her boyfriend. So why, if Eric let that slip, would that be so weird? If you’re going to take two characters down the road, make it happen, or not at all.

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