3 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Beacon’ Sneak Peek III

  1. Linda

    It really feels like the Callen/Joelle chapter will be closing soon. I have some mixed feelings about that. On the one hand it would be nice to see Callen have some happiness and stability for awhile. At the same time, he still has so many personal issues to resolve before I think he would truly be ready for that.

  2. Rayanne

    I’m not a Joelle fan. Not sure what it is about her but I just never saw the two of them as a good match. However I agree that Callen deserves some happiness and stability in his life.

  3. BH72

    Callen needs a woman who understands the job he does. Joelle is innocent and needs her guy to be there every night after work. Not be thrown into jail to get into some hard core white supremacist group or shot at, on a daily basis. I know he’s said he has the no handcuff rule, but let’s face it, he needs that kind of woman. Although, it was nice for him to have that normality that he’s had with her. With all that’s about to happen, the timing of this relationship ending has come at the perfect time.

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