NCIS Los Angeles “Between The Lines” Picture Recap By @sindee303

Previously... Really ?? No way we'd forget about *that* ?

Previously… Really ?? No way we’d forget about *that* !!

The three musketeers... oh noes... the three Magi... no wait... the three brothers "that hate each other"... LOL

The three musketeers… oh noes… the three Magi… no wait… the three brothers “that hate each other”… LOL

Eeww !!

Eeww !!

And Hetty didn't wanted to climb the stairs or what ??

And Hetty didn’t wanted to climb the stairs or what ??

Detective Deeks knows his turf. I love how they show him all mature and really good at his job at the moment (<- read: since Kensi's not there).

Detective Deeks knows his turf. I love how they show him all mature and really good at his job at the moment (<- read: since Kensi's away).[/caption] [caption id="attachment_32528" align="aligncenter" width="550"]*Interesting Creature* *Interesting Creature*

Pretty sure Kensi doesn't leave her house in LA without a gun... now this ?? NOT GOOD !!

Pretty sure Kensi doesn’t leave her house in LA without a gun… now this ?? NOT GOOD !!

Jep, fifth time's a charm !!

Jep, fifth time’s a charm !!

Wow, no gun fired in that chase ?? Must be a first... ;)

Wow, no gun fired in that chase ?? Must be a first… 😉

Let's see if he can be of any help... his intro wasn't the smartest...

Let’s see if he can be of any help… his intro wasn’t the smartest…

There's always *something else* until Kensi's back by his side...

There’s always *something else* until Kensi’s back by his side…

Uh-oh... Kensi being kidnapped... it's getting worse...

Uh-oh… Kensi being kidnapped… it’s getting worse…

Next agent in the hands of the Yakuza...

Next agent in the hands of the Yakuza…

"Time if the one thing we don't have very much of." Just a regular day at NCIS... :)

Time is the one thing we don’t have very much of.
Just a regular day at NCIS… 🙂

"It's the 21st century, baby."

It’s the 21st century, baby.

"No one is buying you as Navy. Unless it's old Navy."

No one is buying you as Navy. Unless it’s Old Navy.

"Thanks, dad."

Thanks, dad.”

Nice jump !!

Nice jump !!

Eww !!

Eww !!

Sam in character... niiice...

Sam in character… niiice…

"What the hell are you doing here?" My words exactly.

What the hell are you doing here?” My words exactly.

Guess that's not the bathroom?

Guess that’s not the bathroom?

Sam misses his third check-in cycle and Hetty's pulling the plug on all undercover ops.

Sam misses his third check-in cycle and Hetty’s pulling the plug on all undercover ops.

"If you're thinking what I think you're thinking." I'm pretty sure I know what 99% of the Callen Fans were thinking... too graphic ?? sa-wwy !!

If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking.
I’m pretty sure I know what 99% of the Callen Fans were thinking… too graphic ?? sa-wwy !!

NCISLA going SOA... I LIKE !!


"Dying Deeks." HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

“Dying Deeks.” HI-LA-RI-OUS !!



Gah, didn't like that guy from the beginning.

Gah, didn’t like that guy from the beginning.

Did you see Sam's move with the duct tape ?? WOW !!

Did you see Sam’s move with the duct tape ?? WOW !!

At least they haven't killed her... yet...

At least they haven’t killed her… yet…

The guys so NOT having Deeks' back ?? Like real brothers !! ;)

The guys so NOT having Deeks’ back ?? Like real brothers !! 😉

So, that was my picture recap of this week’s NCIS Los Angeles ep “Between The Lines”… At request of a single person 😉 I’m willing to add some thoughts about the ep as well…

Whereas usually Joey Wilson’s ep come with a big BOOM this one was of the quiet sort… I loved the “partner theme” that kept re-appearing… Sam & Callen talking to Deeks at the beginning… Agent Stone complaining about budget cuts due to which agents had to go out without a partner… Deeks missing his partner… and of course Callen & Sam playing their well oiled partnership against Stone at the end… Any “partner scenes” I missed ??

What’s going on with Kensi ?? Here’s my theory: She got herself kidnapped on purpose to be able to talk to Jack aka “White Ghost”. There – I said it…

OK, enough of my weirdo theories… What’s your take on this episode ?? What did you like ?? What didn’t you like ?? Where do you think Kensi’s storyline will lead to ?? How will the team react when Granger tells them she’s missing ?? (I so hope we get to see that moment !!)

Last but not least a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to the lovely ladies [you know who you are !!] that kept distracting me with pictures from a very special agent while I did this recap tonight… only took me three times as long… LOVE YOU !! 🙂

11 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Between The Lines” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. Bella

    “What’s going on with Kensi ?? Here’s my theory: She got herself kidnapped on purpose to be able to talk to Jack aka “White Ghost”. There – I said it…”

    I don’t think that’s a “weirdo” theory b/c I think that’s exactly what happened.

  2. Spokoze

    5 x 17 Between The Lines, opened with, “Previously on NCIS Los Angeles” and then a bunch of White Ghost clips. It made me hopeful that the WG story arch might be going to finally wrap up….alas, it was not to be. Perhaps, mercifully, next episode..?

    Was it just me…or did Hetty have very few lines?

    5 x 17 was an excellent episode. Who couldn’t be pleased with the action, with the Callen & Sam interaction and that Deeks still gets a good verbal working over from the guys as well….and Hetty yanking his chain too.

    Was pleased that Deeks asked Nell about Kensi and she answered. Likewise that Sam and G teased Deeks about missing her. The team shares in Kensi’s absence and there is an unspoken understanding that he is hurting. Thinking it might be a good thing that Deeks told that he grew up playing the violin and, lol, is only part Neanderthal.

    Very much appreciated Eric’s Star Trek reference, and like the way they seem to be shooting Nell to make her attractiveness stand out more; I like her longer hairs. Still cranky about–and think G and Sam should hunt down the clown who called her a ginger bitch and give him an attitude adjustment.

    Like the mix of peeps from other agencies, like the ATF or DEA, but hope that doesn’t get overdone going forward. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have some of these characters able to pop back up in the future. They can’t bring Renko back or Hunter…and we may never see Rose again, but Nate and Sabatino don’t have to be the only recurring guest stars, right? The ATF budget cut stuff was right on too, because everybody everywhere is over worked/under staffed, way stressed and strapped for money these days.

    Now…with what, only 7 episodes left in Season 5 can this GW business please get resolved?
    Really hate it.
    I —and bet you too, will be there no matter what; No question about it though, Season 5 has suffered considerably without Kensi and Deeks.

  3. Bella

    I am looking forward to the climax of the Afghan & white ghost arc.
    I’m looking forward to Daniela Ruah’s performance{s}, which I’m sure will be amazing! As will Eric C. Olsen and rest of the cast.
    Ready to have Kensi & Daniela back w. the team, I miss the normal Kensi/Deeks & Sam/Callen scenes. Don’t realize how great & needed they are until there weren’t any.

  4. Charla

    I really liked this episode. I felt like it was the NCIS LA I know and love. I agree, I didn’t really realize how much I would miss the dynamic between Callen/Sam and Kensi/Deeks out in the field until they haven’t been together. It seems like Deeks is lost. The one thing I did notice last night was that there seemed to be a lot of reference to Deeks being or not being a Federal agent. Wonder if that is going to change?
    And I was one of the Callen fans that went “OOOOOOO” at the belt scene. 😉
    I was a little surprised that Kensi got herself kidnapped, but I think your right. She did it so she could see and talk to Jack herself. These next two episodes are going to be good and can’t wait until next week.

  5. mckenna

    This was a great, exciting episode. I thought Kensi got caught on purpose as well, although it still wasn’t exactly smart. Probably knows she can’t kill Jack and can’t go home unless she does it. Opening scene in the armory was great, hope the Sam, Callen, and Deeks dynamic won’t disappear when Kensi returns, although I also miss the whole teams interactions and working together to solve the case.

    I’m in no way complaining, but felt this episode was mostly Callen and Sam working the case. Wasn’t very much Hetty, Eric, or Nell. However, that last scene where they played Stone was great to watch. Laughed at Stone and did a little *yes!* in my head when Sam dropped those bullets. Great example of their partnership in this episode. Also loved Callen on the ledge with the faked accident, lol. And Sam ripping that duct tape off like butter? Impressive!

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode! Love Eric, hope he’s okay!

  6. BH72

    I love each and everyone of your recaps sindee. They make me laugh and eager to watch the episode, although we Aussies do have to wait a while before we get it here. That picture, well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? My mind is running wild with curiosity and anticipation. One for Meme Mondays?

  7. justdreaming-83

    Loved the recap, sindee. Made me laugh out loud. And so sorry it took you much longer than usual to get it posted *grinning sheepishly*.

    I’ve enjoyed seeing a more grown up Deeks, but I’m ready for them to all be in one place (with a toned-down “Densiness”.)

    Gotta love an episode that contains: banter between our boys, a dramatic Deeks “death” scene distraction, Sam or Callen worried about the other, Sam getting into a VERY different character, just for icing on the cake?… the belt.

  8. vasohara

    the ep it was nice and fun but…really from when talibans become so nice guys and catch a american woman and left her with the morning make up in her face? and where think kensi goes with so make up in her eyes at the beach?this little things make the different guys and series more realistic!

  9. skippy2105

    Thank you for the funny pic review. I had to laugh out loud at some of your comments!

    So this one was a good one. Not great but not bad either (average as I mentioned the last time, is what we should get used to).

    The banter between all three guys was fun. And the mutual understanding between Sam and Callen was great. And yes the belt-scene… 😉

    What surprises me all the time is that 3-5 minutes of each episode are the dominant part for some. For me they are disruptive and annoying. They were from the beginning of the WG story, which is taking too long to be resolved and it is getting more and more awkward. I mean Kensi is horse riding to the hospitable Taliban and they offered the American Lady warmth and food? Sure!
    That is why I am happy that after the next ep it will be finally put to an end. No more whining from Deeks “I have a partner… he is a she…”.
    And about the ratings, they still say it is good by picking random numbers but it is getting worse. Here are the average viewers per episode: S1-16.06 / S2-16.09 / S3-15.52 / S4-15.59 / S5-14.85. And considering that the last episodes are usually not very high in viewers it will get down for this season. So I really hope they have learned their lessons.

    I have one question: I thought they have mentioned last summer that this season (S5) will be Deeks AND Callen season. A roller coaster for both. I can’t find the interview anymore. Or was it just my wishful thinking and nobody said it. Please it would be great if somebody could help me here.

  10. Linda

    Thanks Sindee for a great picture recap. The captions were just hilarious,and I have to admit that I am one of those Callen fans who reacted to the belt scene. Nice to know that I wasn’t the only one.
    Well, I really liked this episode. It was more like the episodes we used to get. The boys were at their best with their banter, and this time they included Deeks. Good to see! He has matured a lot since Kensi has been gone. He is going to make a darn good agent if and when he decides to become one.
    As far as the WhiteGhost story is concerned, I understand Kensi’s reaction fully. She is surprised and angry and wants to confront Jack. Probably not the best decision. I will be glad when this story wraps up and she is home with the others all in one place. They really do work better as a team like that.
    I as sorry that we did not see more of Hetty, Nell and Eric as well. Hope we will in the future. I am looking forward to the rest of the season and I hope we will have some of our questions answered.

  11. tati

    One thing was wrong on this episode. Granger did not call Hetty to inform her about the situation. To be honest I thought that we were going to see him in the field looking for Kensi.
    The fact that Kensi went there on her own, unarmed and without telling anyone proves that she did it on purpose in order to see if Jack is involved. I think he is not. I think he will be the one who is going to inform the team and give them her location.
    Deeks has a hunch that his partner is not fine. And I think that’s why he told that Nell. She knew that if he can’t reach her probably something is wrong. She is going to check it out and then tell Hetty-who’s gonna be mad at Granger for not informing her.
    I liked the fact that Callen and Deeks worked together. They made a good team-not as good as Densi/Sallen.
    Both Callen and Sam noticed that Deeks misses ”her”(Kensi, of cource). I like that big brothers thing. And being honest they are acting like bif brothers to both Kensi ans Deeks.

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