NCIS Los Angeles “Big Brother” Sneak Peek #2

Has G’s identity as a secret agent been discovered? By who?!

7 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Big Brother” Sneak Peek #2

  1. BH72

    This is classic bromance banter between Sam and Callen. I laughed so much watching this video. Looking forward to watching this episode. Great humour all the way.

  2. Richtsje

    Yes, the banter is back, the boys are back, just look forward and hope this episode will be what I expect it to be.
    Wonder if Callen knew how Elise is thinking of him, or that she is blogging about him?

    [I mean… G. Callen acts as if he really has no clue that people are writing about him, yet, I doubt that. I sometimes wonder if he knows how women like what they see. How’s that? Not that I mind though, the mystery about G. Callen remains a mystery this way].

  3. ChrisDaisy

    The banter on both sneak peaks feels like being right back in S1!
    I have to admit I watched them about ten times already 🙂 Looks like it’s going to be another awesome episode.

    @Richtsje: I think he knows… He knew what blog Sam was talking about. And I guess he must have given that topic some thought already otherwise he wouldn’t have said that she’s harmless – I doubt that he gives such an assessment easily…

    And let’s face it – Elise’s got a point – „mysterious stranger – big and strong with striking blue eyes“ – that’s quite a good description of Callen 😉

  4. justdreaming-83

    Ha! Ha! I laughed so hard!!! G Callen may have an idea this Elise person was writing about him, but he has NO idea how right she is. Being oblivious to how good he looks makes him even that much more attractive to me. (Oh. And then there’s those striking blue eyes. Just call me shallow.)

    1. LasiaMsinred

      You’re totally right.The fact that he’s humble and has no idea which effect he has on women as HIMSELF not as some undercover alias makes him even more attractive.

    2. SnoopGirl

      Lost count of how many times I have watched that clip – and still LMAO! every time I play it. Where’s Callen’s Jag? He drove it last episode.

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