NCIS Los Angeles ‘Blaze Of Glory’ Picture Review

Missile test gone BOOM...

Missile test gone BOOM…

Deeks sharing belated Holiday gifts...

Deeks shares belated Holiday gifts…

... and then goes all Dr. Phil on them.

… and then goes all Dr. Phil on them.

He even got Eric into the "After-Holiday-Shopping" Spirit...

He even got Eric into the “After-Holiday-Shopping” spirit…

"No time to loose, Mr. Callen. Find who did this and shut them down." Wow, this is sooo Season One or Two... I love it !!

“No time to loose, Mr. Callen. Find who did this and shut them down.” Wow, this is sooo Season One or Two… I love it !!

"I like to buy a vowel." hihi...

“I like to buy a vowel.” hihi…



Infected e-mail ?? Really ?? Even my boss would be p*ssed... ;-)

Infected e-mail ?? Really ?? Even my boss would be p*ssed… 😉

"G's in the wrong place." "Yeah, where do you want me?" Great subtle one-liners...

“G’s in the wrong place.” “Yeah, where do you want me?” Great subtle one-liners…

Yeah, Eric, you better hurry up with your snack... :-)

Yeah, Eric, you better hurry up with your snack… 🙂

MTE !!

MTE !!

Gotta love Stake-Out Bromance !!

Gotta love Stake-Out Bromance !!

"Not again." *snort*

“Not again.” *snort*

"For a second there I thought I was back in your bedroom." "Touché."

“For a second there I thought I was back in your bedroom.” “Touché.”

Ouch !!

Ouch !!

New girl in town... (and wow, did they edit that scene totally different for the promo)

New girl in town… (and wow, did they edit that scene totally different for the promo)

Eric's liking her a bit too much, no ??

Eric’s liking her a bit too much, no ??

I'm with Sam here... those puppets are freaky !!!

I’m with Sam here… those puppets are freaking me out !!!

"She's not my type." Aww...

“She’s not my type.” Aww…

"That's all very educational." "I'm learning a few things, too." *giggle*

“That’s all very educational.” “I’m learning a few things, too.” *giggle*

Kensi & Deeks as the "Crazy Honeymooners"... Great job !!

Kensi & Deeks as the “Crazy Honeymooners”… Great job !!

Oh boy... laptop gone... girl gone... :/

Oh boy… laptop gone… girl gone… :/



Dentist son is not so innocent afterall...

Dentist son is not so innocent afterall…

"I would do anything for her." Love makes blind...

“I would do anything for her.” Love makes blind…

Of course he would tell her *everything*...

Of course he would tell her *everything*…

Sam condolencing Wyatt when he sees his dad... great gesture...

Sam condolencing Wyatt when he sees his dad… great gesture…



Bad hiding choice...

Bad hiding choice…

Hetty sharing her memories...

Hetty sharing her childhood memories…

Some Neric at the end... 1... 2... 3... AWW !! :)

Some Neric at the end… 1… 2… 3… AWW !! 🙂

Well, well, I was positively surprised how entertaining this episode was… it had some great lines and pictured our team’s dynamic just perfect IMO…
What I didn’t like was that it totally could have been episode number 3×17 or 5×08 or whatever… There was NO COMMENT about the IA investigation from last week’s episode at all… Really ?? It felt like the ep was produced last season and they had to air it before the season was over…
But other than that – solid work !! 🙂

18 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Blaze Of Glory’ Picture Review

  1. Mogorva

    For me this was a mediocre episode. I really like the Nell-Eric pairing, but in this episodeit just didn’t work. It was awkward, not funny, the jealosy wasn’t really beliveable either. Even Kensi and Deeks wasn’t really funny with that tandem bike and that conversation.

    It might be only because this techno-nonsense is irritating for me, but I couldn’t like this episode very much. Yes, there were funny scenes and moments, the last scene was cute, but otherwise the whole episode was just mediocre.

  2. jsm

    My first thought is Nell’s jealousy would make more sense if it was about her job. She is career driven and used to being the best in the room. Hetty’s out recruiting the next generation when she is not that old. The episode did seem out place given we have so few left.

  3. Richtsje

    You’re right, it felt a tad out of place in the line of investigation we had. It was an ‘alright’ episode to me. Nothing really outstanding, nothing really bad. just okay. No matter what, it was about time there was a bit more of Eric and Nell in the show. Not sure if it had to be like this, but well, it was okay 😉

  4. Deeks Fan

    This is the first episode since “Black Budget” that I really disliked. It was poorly written. Just a mess of an episode. Love the cast enough to ignore the awful awfulness of this episode.
    Wasn’t really crazy about last weeks episode either. If, when (fingers crossed) NCISLA is renewed, maybe the powers that be need to find some new writers.

  5. Rex041085

    I just love Neric / Eric & Nell! They’re so adorable and cute. And this scene at the end. Awww!!!

  6. amyabn

    The episode was pretty good for me, but as others have stated, this whole season seems disjointed. No resolution on the mole, nothing on the IA investigation, no continuity on relationships (Densi, G and Joelle, Neric), etc. It also lacks the undercover scenarios that have been so great in the past. This team is being used more as regular investigators than specialized undercover unit. The sporadic scheduling of the show is really annoying me as well.

    The humor was pretty good. I didn’t buy Eric falling for Blaze. I enjoyed Renee and how she played Nell’s reactions. It felt like she was trying to keep Nell mature and in the moment. The Bromance and reacting to LAPD was fun, and of course, I love any Densi scenes we get. Just my two cents.

  7. Fenix

    Thanks for recap sindee.
    Episode was (for me) … ehm ** 🙁
    Eric was pure moron (and he ate like a pig!).
    “…If, when (fingers crossed) NCIS LA is renewed…”
    No need worry about that, NCIS LA is like mothership NCIS, is huge moneymaker, so they definitely get another season-s.
    This season looks like turn NCIA LA to Zombieland (same like NCIS).
    Nothing new, fresh, different…. just old “terrorist of the week story” and that is boring.
    Too many unfinished tales…. what they want SLOWLY solve in future series.
    Too long solving time of the unfinished tales, is first sign of frozen writers.
    They don’t want solve it, because they don’t have (don’t know create) new story line.
    Writers need new blood.
    NCIS had until today 2-3 perfect episodes, others was only worthless feeding.
    NCIS LA had 3-4 perfect episodes….
    And that is not enough for 24 episodes serie.
    I think, after last episode I will say goodbye, doesn’t matter, how “breathtaking” cliffhanger will be.
    Maybe I will watch just best episodes, according to the viewers comments, but definitely not at weekly base, not even DVR.
    I value my time, and save it for something better.

    1. Crystal

      So glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like this episode.
      There is SO MUCH to explore with Callen, Sam, Kensi, Deeks, Hetty and even Granger so not sure how the writer’s can get “stuck”. Here’s an idea: Writers –COLLABORATE with each other before writing an episode! Oh, and build on things that have already been revealed. And it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have Arkday on the show more often. Just saying. 🙂

      1. Fenix

        Just one word for all.
        I mean you writers, creators, directors.
        Whole serie is inconsistent, and that is on YOU!
        “You fall asleep on your laurels”… so wake up, and back to solid work.

  8. Crystal

    Hated the episode. That is now the worst of the series. I could have just watched the 2 sneak peeks and been fine. But no I stayed up to watch it. First time I have ever regretted doing that for an NCIS:LA episode. The only good thing about the episode was Callen’s blue t-shirt and jacket! The acting wasn’t up to par and the writing was horrible. If I had to pick the worst scene it would be when the boy saw his father dead. His reaction was ludicrous. His dad has clearly been murdered and he is a calm! Did I miss something but shouldn’t the guy Blaze was with in his house have recognized Deeks and Kensi faking the crash from earlier that day? The whole Nell/Eric storyline was boring. Callen & Sam being pulled over by the cops. Been there. Done that.
    With only a few episodes left in the season, this is what “they” come up with?
    The episode was written as though Deeks was NOT being investigated by Internal Affairs and the last episode was never aired! What happened to continuity? I am curious as to how much collaboration is done between the writers–if any.
    With all of the character development still out there needing to be explored for the 5 main characters, WHY was this episode written?
    Here’s hoping this is a one time thing and the season is back on track with “RAGE”.

    1. Crystal

      Your recap was awesome as usual! It was 100 times better than the actual episode! 🙂

  9. BW

    The case okay, what stood out was all the Team interactions. Highlighting again the family aspect of them. Sam & Callen cute, especially the line of needing a “G” and Callen answering “Where do you want me?” 😉

    The jealous with Neric came off odd. Like to see Abby come over again and see Nell’s reaction.

    Thanks again Sindee for the review!

  10. Spokoze

    Not sure what everyone is complaining about.
    I love NCIS-LA. Okay…been saying for a while now that Eric needed to act his age…lol Blaze’s dad being 45 and maybe the only person at this function Eric can come close to relating with….was funny…. Nell into her drones and all, maybe feeling slighted some by a new young up and comer–might have felt like she was standing still in comparison, but only for a moment. Nell has already come to terms with who she is….still she certainly had to feel her age as well…..
    Goes without saying both Hetty and Granger look really old—because they are!
    Dedicated they may be…but if they weren’t TV characters they’d both be totally burnt out & long ago retired –there are reasons cops and jr high math teachers retire at around age 55. Which is how old COD and LL are, or will be in the blink of an eye….and they are, what, a generation behind Granger and Hetty??
    They are all old… the actors as well as the characters.
    Age sneaks up on ya
    Go back and look at Kensi in the pilot jumping up and getting hit by a car….G gets riffed with bullets in the pilot too. Sam took a center mass hit a few eps back that wouldda killed me dead if it had hit me…..they all got a Lot of miles on ’em….
    But absolutely I’ll keep watching!
    Have no beef with the writes.
    Have no special desire to see anything shaken up…If it’s not broke–Don’t fix it. To those wishing for change….you might not like the changes
    Just a hand full of shows left in season 6 and most likely a cliff hanger over the summer….like they need to make sure they hook everyone so we are right where we’re ‘spoze to be in September… there is any chance we wouldn’t be…..

    1. Fenix

      “Not sure what everyone is complaining about…..”
      Sorry, but this is very immature comment.
      Everyone have different point of view at same situation, same tv show, same movie…..everything.
      “Different people, different thinking.”
      Why is so difficult to understand it?
      We are NOT haters, but as well NOT blind / brainless followers.
      If you like, or love show, then (believe or not) I am very happy for you.
      Enjoy it, and be happy.
      “Nothing is perfect”…. not you, definitely not me, and I am sure, show is not perfect as well.

      1. sindee Post author

        Well, I don’t agree… IMO it was not an immature comment, just an expression that he/she feels different than others… everyone is entitled to an opinion (you said so yourself) and shouldn’t be judged… please keep that in mind everyone… Thanks !!

        1. Fenix

          Sindee, disagree with your disagree.
          Right first sentence “Not sure what everyone is complaining about” is pure not understanding/accepting others opinion/feels.
          “To those wishing for change….you might not like the changes”… what others like or not, is noone business, and he/she have to accept, because that is someone opinion.
          I not judged expression that he/she feels about show (I think that was more than clear).
          We probably misunderstand each other about two different things.
          But don’t worry, in future I will keep my mouth more shut. 😉

        2. Crystal

          I’m still on the Callen/Sam being old comment 😉 and that they will be 55 in the blink of an eye … 10 years isn’t the blink of and eye .. at least I hope not as *I* will be old, I mean 55, in 10 years 🙂

  11. Linda W

    Thanks Sindee for your funny picture review. I too found the episode entertaining. However, I have to admit all the tech talk at times was a little over my head. I am new to this after all. What I really liked this time was the humour and the banter from all involved. Nell and Eric were cute together. I thought Nell handled her jealousy well. Blaze was never really a threat. The scene with Kensi Deeks and the tandem bike was well played and hilarious. And of course the banter between Sam and Callen was most welcome. It didn’t matter if they were talking in the car on stakeout or in the puppet theatre. It was good to have them back as we like to see them. I felt it was a solid episode even if they didn’t touch on previous issues. Looking forward to the next one.

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