12 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles’ Daniela Ruah on The Queen Latifah Show

  1. amyabn

    I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I for one am sick of them bringing up the fact that they are in-laws. They are professional actors, just like L.L. and Chris. Wouldn’t it be nice for an interviewer to flip the script and comment on how nice it must be to act opposite someone that you truly trust and get along with? How about focusing on how nice it is that they are all close and that their sons get to grow up together. This in law thing is really getting stale. Sorry, rant over.

    1. Fenix

      Agree with you.
      All this talk shows is only for wow effect, and waste of time.
      I even don’t know some really intelligent show, with intelligent questions, solid time for answers….. without annoying laughing from present audience?
      Everything seems to me very fast, too many unimportant information (something like junk mails).
      No focused for real things, present time in NCIS LA, some spicy thinks from shooting (with approve from director!), something from real actor/actress live…..
      From 10-12 minutes reserved for guest, is stolen 3-5 minutes for laughing.
      Well, I know this kind of shows is for fun, not for some brainiacs.
      If you, or myself, need something better, you have to read interviews in magazines, or somewhere elsewhere…. when/if they did it.
      Quality of talk show = quality of audience.

    2. Mogorva

      I think we all are fed up with that question. Outdated, annoying, example of unprofessionality from the reporters, because they can’t think of anything else, but a more than 3 year old topic.

      Find some new questions. Ask them. This will have more information to it. Besides, ECO and DR already was on Queen Latifah Show last may, and there was explained this whole relationship/in-law thing.

  2. jsm

    Agreed about wanting the talk shows to focus on something other than the in law thing. They have been on her show before and addressed this. Talk about the charity work and other things.

  3. Yvonné

    I am so unhappy with that as well. and Daniela is too. I think you can totally see that in her expression and what she is saying!

    She is a fantastic actress and I am sad that Queen Latifah did not talk more about that. I mean seriously. I think we have had enough of the in-law talk when they are on their own. I don’t mind when they talk about it when they are on a talk show together, like last time they were on Queen Latifah… but always? give it a rest and acknowledge this amazing actress that she is.

  4. BW

    I am sooo tired of that question, so I know both DR and ECO have to be worn out by the repetitive thought.

  5. sindee Post author

    Agreed… it’s like the “And you have five kids?” question whenever COD is on a talk show… *yawn*

  6. Deeks Fan

    I totally agree with everyone. Eric and Dani knew each other and worked together before she dated and married David.

    They are not brother and sister.

    I don’t understand why this is a problem for anyone.

  7. Tara

    And this is why I don’t watch talk shows anymore because the questions are so lame! I too am tired of the whole in-law thing. Who cares that Dani and Eric are in-laws and their characters are romantically involved. They are professionals who do their jobs and do them well. The added bonus is that they are family and friends all rolled into one and it translates really well on screen.

  8. VirtualFriend

    I think most of you don’t understand the meaning of this show. The show is watched by a lot of people how do not watch NCIS:LA (regularly) and are now intrigued by this kissing your in-law.
    All carefully directed by the producers. Just marketing and DR plays along… Hopefully it should result in more viewers.

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