NCIS Los Angeles DVD — Deleted Densi Scene

Deeks: What’s wrong?
Kensi: You know if we do this this changes everything.
Deeks: So what do you want to do?
Kensi: I don’t want to have to choose.
Deeks: Then don’t, then don’t choose. We don’t choose.
Kensi: No, that’s not how it works. What do you think’s going to happen?
Deeks: I don’t know. I don’t care.
Kensi: What are you doing to me, Deeks?
Deeks: Falling in love with you.

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30 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles DVD — Deleted Densi Scene

  1. Natalia Simon

    ok….. I´m dead…this should have been in the episode!!! It´s the most important scene for DENSI on last season. It´s not fair to see that in DELETED SCENE… (sorry if I made a mistake between in/on)

  2. diane

    Wish it was in the episode. It showed how great they are together AND the brutality of the Kensi’s torture.

  3. VirtualFriend

    Am I the only one who is irritated by this ‘directors cut’?

    Some months ago, TVguide wrote: DR is less convinced the two are destined to be together. “I don’t think anybody understands them better than they understand each other — but that could also make for a wonderful friendship,” she hedges.

    And: “It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll become a couple. I think they have to set their priorities straight, before anything could ever happen.”

    Really DR? “Wonderful friendship” and “anything” would include sleeping together?
    DR already knew that this happened, why fool the Densi shippers with this kind of statements. She also stated that she does “feel appreciative (for having this job), and I love playing along with it”.

    Right, now we know that playing along with it must be read as “fooling our viewers, especially those Densi suckers”.

    This deleted scene also makes clear how bad (incoherent) season 5 was. Hopefully DR is planning her next pregnancy a little better…

    1. Claudia

      I remember that interview and I took it as a way DR had to make the viewers of the show understand what direction the producers and writers had in mind for Densi – no lovers but friends and co-workers… When I read those words I felt bad because I thought that DR, having more insight than the public obviously, wanted us to have very few expectations for the romance. Now, after having seen the deleted scene, this was just a confirmation. She knew they had shot this scene but also deleted from the episode. What could that mean if not a slow down for Densi?

    2. Fenix

      No VirtualFriend, you are not alone.

      This scene really missing, but what we can do?
      I missing some bloopers, like is on every BONES, CASTLE…etc DVD.
      And they make them sometimes for purpose, just make fans happy, and laugh.
      Like this:
      Or they put in real episode some funny moment, and put it in the air (no director cut).
      Do you remember Mythbusters in CSI?
      Funny like hell 😉
      And here, not even for April fool!
      Actors, actress, make fun just for them selves (and they do a lot) but don’t share with fans. (NCIS and NCIS LA both)
      Because CBS think, NCIS is serious drama, and that will be inappropriate for show honesty, good name, reputation, or what?
      For this I blame CBS.

      DR and her words, don’t take it seriously.
      She is actress, who is extremely happy for her job.
      Like many others.
      Be like main cast in solid show, is dream for all of them.
      Stabil money, stabil workplace, stabil work…for years, that is just perfect.
      So they can keep all viewers in some teasing.
      She of course don’t have power, change some things in show, even if she want it, she is just one small wheel, between many other wheels.
      Just take it with smile. 😉

      And put Deeks and Kensi together…?
      Well, dream for many fans, but I think, it’s never gonna happen.
      Producers is too afraid for that step.
      Even make it like “public secret” about every one knows, everyone accepted, but noone really see it on screen.
      No, Densi stay at this stupid, fearful swamp, until shows end.
      They don’t try nothing extra more, they don’t jeopartize multimilion dolar’s show, just for Densi fans.
      We get some teasing, like Deeks get girlfriend for one season.
      Kensi get boyfriend for another season.
      Of course at every season end we get them break, and hope for next season.
      Hope, hope, hope and nothing….you remember….it is like Tiva fans? 😉

      Do you know, why is this situation crazy?
      This idea I read on wikideeks, and I think, is correct.

      Because our producers don’t know, how many series, and episodes they have to prepare for CBS in total.
      They don’t know, how to build connection, and interpersonal feelings between characters, when don’t know, how many years will be show in produce.
      And for that we see, every year just dance around each other, two steps in front, two steps back…and that’s all.
      No progress.

      The Mentalist was perfect sample of this.
      Producers, CBS and viewers was known from start, that this show is here just for approx 6 seasons.
      (S7 is just bonus with 12 episodes…yet )
      So they builded feelings between characters with clear time line.
      They knows what to do every year, every episode, and they are successful.

      But create some couple from start, to end, when you don’t know, when is end….
      Create gradual teasing, gradual interest, gradual sexual tension, gradual acceptance for colleagues, gradual understanding……when you have just starting point, but no finish line.
      How to create it with succes, without burn some situation, some fans feelings…many things?
      That is tough, impossible, and stupid.

      It’s in CBS hands change it, but it’s not gonna happend.
      No one put in risk multibilion dolar bussiness.
      Not even CBS.

      Here is many, many, many, other things, but everything is just, and only, …… about money’s, lot of money’s.

      (and sorry for my english)

      1. Virtual Friend

        I get what your are saying but I don’t agree with the Mentalist part.

        The chemistry between DR and ECO just happened, this is something natural. I think the producers have been smiling from ear to ear when they saw this happening. It’s priceless when two off your main actors do have a connection like this, you can’t force it during a TV show, week in, week out..

        The showrunners of ‘The mentalist’ forced the getting together together between Jane and Lisbon, it looked awful. The kiss at the end of the show last season was horrible. There was totally nothing going on between these two actors, dreadful!

        With Densi this is not the case imo.

        1. Fenix

          This is not about chemistry, or level of chemistry.
          Point is timeline.
          They can’t put Deeks and Kensi together in the middle of serie, because…what next?
          Soap opera?
          I don’t think so.
          That will be awkward, and noone want it, not even Densi fans.

          It’s happen (IF!) at the end of serie, in last season.
          And when CBS and producers ink contract?
          Somewhere in April.
          If they don’t sign contract for nex season, they have just few episodes, for put them together + some extra shooting and cut it in already finished, but not aired episodes.
          Yeah, that is same “so natural” is it?

          Some level together, like “public secret, they are together” may work, but …if producers, and director say no, then no.
          And for that, we have to watch their awkward dance around eachother, for next few years, until end.

          Chemistry in The Mentalist…probably is there, because that show have loyal fans, nice numbers, extra bonus in serie no.7, so there is some chemistry, what hold fans.
          “What you don’t see, doesn’t mean, it not exist.” 😉

          1. Fenix

            “They can’t put Deeks and Kensi together in the middle of serie,…”

            Sorry, mistake, I mean “ the middle of the show…”

          2. VirtualFriend

            I like the way you look at these things, still don’t agree with you though. 🙂

            In fact, I think you proved my point in a way. The on screen chemistry between ECO and DR is so much more convincing then the forced getting together of Simon Baker and Robin Tunney at the end of S06.

            Fenix: “What you don’t see, doesn’t mean, it not exist.”
            Is this not the essence of acting? If it’s there we (the viewer) want to see it…

            Maybe it was just bad acting, I don’t know. I’m certainly no expert on acting! It just didn’t feel right.

  4. ceserina

    I am completely devistated that we never saw this scene but they have their way of making us thing something happened. That is good writing with or without the scene (that tells ya how good the acting is).I wouldn’t blaim DR from what her interviews have revealed and this is not a personal thing either (leave out her getting pregnant again, a little to personal). The actors are good at what they do and Shane has the reasons for what he does.
    I think the next season is going to be a little backwards from ending last season and jumping right into this one but I faith int the writers and the actors. I personally can’t wait to see where they take the next season, the stories better be really good to survive Monday nights at 10pm, they better be upto par strong or just get a braincell and make Tuesday all NCIS…

  5. Keyme

    I have to agree with VirtualFriend here : I find Daniela Ruah’s declarations about K/D relationship clearly ridiculous. By now, it is obvious that Deeks and Kensi are in love ; this is almost insulting towards Densi fans to claim that they have a “sisterly/brotherly relationship”. I’m wondering : does she feel embarrassed by the whole love thing between their characters ? If so, she can just admit it instead of making us believe of a half-assed friendship between those two.

    1. Virtual Friend

      I think it has to be awkward to kiss the brother of your husband. During an interview not long ago she was asked something like that and she ran away from the interviewer. I mean…?

      How would this play out at home during dinner. Something like this: How was your day Dani? OK I think, your brother was laying on top of me and we kissed passionately. Hand me the salt dear…

      I know it’s just acting, but with the chemistry between these two it has to be even more difficult.

  6. Caitlin

    My question is where did you get this deleted scene?!?! I got my shipment conformation from Amazon yesterday that my DVD’s have shipped for Season 5. SOOOOOOOOO excited! My first order of business will be to listen to the commentary on Frozen Lake!

  7. Evi

    Not including this scene in the episode was their biggest mistake ever!
    For once we see two people in love talking and communicating with actual words and not metaphors and innuendos. And of course there are answers to….

    1)Most importantly what really happened that night!!!

    2) Why Kensi was so pissed at Deeks because he didn’t take the shot. Because he reassured her that she wouldn’t have to choose between work and their relationship. He was determined to make it work.

    3)The torture she had to endure while in Afghanistan and the reason why she was so broken.

    4) And last but not least….that Deeks was her safe place as well. Jack was only a few feet away from her but all she could think about was Deeks!

    1. Fenix

      Evi, I agree with all your points.
      Here is place just for one question.
      Why we have to wait that long, why we have listened stupid metaphors, instead this short, but intensive scene, where was everything?

      I really want hear answer, from that “genius” who cut this off.
      But…I know, I am just small piece in universe, who never get answer.


    The deleted scene may be a deleted by it was the part of the episode, I’m declaring this did happen but didn’t make it to the episode, so they decided to add this to bonus features.

  9. Sosou

    I love that scene, it’s important for the two of them, they are sweet, they really talk, and they have so much fragility. Really sweet scene, but I can understand that maybe it didn’t fit well in the episode. I mean Spoil of war was incredible, the rythme, the tension, and like they said, the episode was ten minutes to long before editing, they needed to cut some things. And maybe that scene didn’t as well as they wanted with the increasing tension.

    For the interview, I think people need to remember that these interviews are redacted ! and managed by CBS. We don’t know how they asked the questions, and how was here complete and real answer. Everything is redacted. It’s like her answer about the punch in a similar interview, totally different from what she say in the dvd commentary of Frozen Lake where nothing is redacted.

  10. Virtual Friend


    “Leave out her getting pregnant again, a little to personal”…

    Why, DR has her private live al over Twitter. There is no interview that she doesn’t mention how happy she is with the baby.

    Her marriage was al over the media in Portugal, don’t give me the “this is personal” card.

    There were times DR didn’t want to speak about her private live. I respected that, in stead of over the top laughing, babbling away about private stuff like when her water broke, the reasons behind the naming of her baby, religion and changing diapers.

    I really hope she doesn’t transform from a authentic personality into a typical hysterical actress bagging for attention, selling out her private live for a few minutes on the couch with Arsenio Hall. It was painful to watch.

    Just talk about your job, be honest with the Densi shippers or just don’t say anything.

    BTW, I’m not bashing DR, I find her the best actor on the show! Just saying…

  11. Sosou

    Hum, the fact that someone share a little bit (that’s not like she tweet every day or 4 times in a day ) of her life or the joy of being a mom on twitter or instagram, doesn’t mean that fans or anybody have any kind of rights on her life.

    For the record you can plan when you start trying to have a baby, not when that really happen.
    That can take just a few weeks, sometimes months and for some people that can take years before gettings pregnant. It’s not something you check on a calendar, searching the right date “oh no, not this month, I don’t want morning sickness during holidays, not this one, important meeting…” that would be awful.

    Being honest with the Densi shipper, so what, saying exactly what certain persons wants to ear ? It’s not being honest. I mean ECO said a lot of time that they were made for each other, fans that don’t want densi as a couple are not happy with that, they could also claim that he’s not honest with them.

    1. Fenix

      “Hopefully DR is planning her next pregnancy a little better…”

      If I have good memory, pregnancy take 9 months.
      Serie shooting take approx 10 months.
      So, if she planning pregnancy better, or not, it still has an impact to show, because there is still so many months in collision.

      Baby is not like “instant soup” add body temperature water, wait all night, and next morning you have full size baby, ready for life.
      At least not here in Europe, do not know how in the USA. 😉

      1. VirtualFriend

        @Sosou, Fenix
        Thnx for the insight. Been there, done that! I’ve two kids of my own. The first was planned with my career development at the time and turned out very well. 🙂
        What I was trying to say is that you can plan pregnancy better then DR did. Of course there will be some overlap, not much you can do about that (keeping things natural).
        The first few months is not really a problem, so get pregnant somewhere in the second half of the season. In that case the writers can adjust their stories over the season. DR pregnancy was really bad timing for a multi million business. This can be done much better, just Google it. You don’t have to localize it… 😉
        BTW, DR did make some (defensive) statements about this. Can’t find them anymore but SB was said to be ‘so supportive’, not much else he could do anyway.

  12. sarah

    Dear all,

    For me they kill the potential of Densi, when DR married DPO.
    I am totally happy that they have find one another, but it is also comprehensible that now that they are in laws anything romantic or sexual between ECO and DR and screen will be awkward.

    We have to make peace with the fact that they will not pursue their love story.

    On the other end, this give another layer to Kensi character, cause no matter how my mind tried to explain and excuse Deeks reaction; it is still betrial from his part. Kensi is right to not trust noone with her guarded heart.
    Deeks has been the final nail in the coffin that was her love life and I am glad; perhaps we will see Bad Ass Kensi back now.

    Feed back is welcomed.


    1. Sol

      I really don’t think it’ll happen something like that.
      In the deleted scene DR was already pregnant, but no problem with a sweet moment on screen.
      And there’s no need for long romance scenes in a drama show. I don’t believe they have in mind hot moments in the future, or naked Deeks and Kensi in the bed.
      Some little kisses in some episodes, or a hug, a smile. Stop.
      And these guys are pro. I think they can handle little kisses or hugs. 🙂


      1. Claudia

        I agree with you, Sol. We are talking about professional actors who couldn’t be called such if they weren’t ready to play whatever scene on the screen, which can include kisses or hugs even if they are in-laws. I wouldn’t like to hear that the producers and writers of the show deliberately want to slow down or end the romance between the characters because now they are family to each other…
        That would sound only as a pathetic excuse for me.

    2. Fenix

      “For me they kill the potential of Densi, when DR married DPO.
      I am totally happy that they have find one another, but it is also comprehensible that now that they are in laws anything romantic or sexual between ECO and DR and screen will be awkward.”

      Potential was killed after her marriage?
      Because marriage with ECO brother, or because marriage at all?
      Don’t forget for ECO, who was married before Daniela.
      How about his feelings, or his wife feelings about Densi?
      I think, for them it was awkward as well.

      But they do it.
      Because it is their job, it’s they make for living.
      Yes, and yes, for us, basic audience, is that something strange and awkward, but for them is just another day in work.
      This situation is mostly about them partners.
      ECO’s wife Sarah, is actress, she probably understand it, and accepted.
      But Dani’s husband is not originally from this business, and there can be problem, I hope he will manage that.

      Don’t forget for magic of money, future career in this industry…not nice, but it’s reality.

      I am definitely not for soap opera, but if not, then we have just few posibilities.
      Teasing, and nothink more.
      Diferent girlfriends / boyfriends, during show.
      Nothing, just work partners.
      “public secret” the are together, and everyone accepted it.
      Officially together.

      Except last two things, we see all in NCIS, with Tiva.
      Really nothing interesting, just boring stuff.

      We have to wait.
      Because if they want audience at 10 PM, during battle with Castle, and The Blacklist….that must be something extremely serious, perfect, interesting….

      Shows competition can be good, for us 😉

  13. Sosou

    You can try to plan but I’m sorry I have friends and family it takes theme years of trying before succedding. How can you plan that in advance ?
    Yes its a Big show, but it’s a job and just a tv show, for me her wish of starting a family was way more important.

    For all the in-law thing, that sounds for me kind of insulting. Like saying they are not professionnal actors. They are actors they will have to kiss ans fake a lot more things on their carreer, that’s their job ! And what’s the difference between now and before ? She was with david like three years ago, and always single before that , being married doesn’t make things suddenly akward. So only single actors could do their job correctly ?

  14. Kriss

    No need to give us a telenovela some vast romance with a kind word or a sweet comment a “kiss” from time to time, as a joke regarding sleeps one or the other or a joke about a “small living” end week! not have to change the show to make it happen !!! Just show the beautiful and difficult it can be to have this job and try to have a common and lasting relationship with jealousy, fear, insecurity, danger ……….. !!! It’s crazy to think that having “fear” of losing fans to make being together if they could lose not join them! Crazy and silly; disappointed sad and stupid horn for not having the ability to “create a real love story, sensitive and funny” to continue with “your story DENSI” and personal history of each, and the plot is NCIS LA phenomenal! REALLY HOPE SO THAN BOOBIES AND MAKE IT RIGHT WITH OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS !!!I apologize for my English, I spoke very bad, so I write really bad too, but I needed to say at least this!

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