NCIS Los Angeles Episode “Omni” Sneak Peek 2

NCISLA’s Hetty (Linda Hunt) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) share a very special moment…

5 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Episode “Omni” Sneak Peek 2

  1. Evi

    And he’s back!!! Well, sort of back!
    It hurts me seeing Deeks so insecure and uncertain! I can only assume the gift is from Hetty right? I am dying to know what’s inside. They are killing us with all these boxes.

    Question! Deeks arrived earlier than all the others. But when G and Sam arrive he is not around. Where is he? I guess we’ll find out in a few hours.

  2. Cintia

    Deeks has returned to operations !!! but it scares me as says Evi him so insecure and very scared something I never imagined him in ??? Hetty and senses that something still, inside you is wrong!!!! dying to see the interaction that will take the rest of the team and especially with Kensi??? I hope it does not become a dark character???? because he is very special and necessary for the series!!!!!!!

  3. Jan

    ECO hasn’t had a lot of scenes so far this season (they must have been clearing some of his time in anticipation of the birth of his son), but those he has had have been amazing. It’s ironic that Deeks has truly hit bottom at the same time that the actor playing him was probably the happiest he has been in his life.

    I remember reading somewhere that ECO loves working with Linda Hunt – this Hetty scene, plus the one from “Impact” should make him very happy. And me too.

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