NCIS Los Angeles ‘Expiration Date’ Picture Recap

"Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles..." THAPA !!

“Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles…” THAPA !!

Ep starting with our team again... *cringes*

Ep starting with our team again… *cringes*

Going in full armor !! Well, minus vests that is...

Going in full armor !! Well, minus vests that is…

Who's Ella ??

Who’s Ella ??

THAPA... and his knife... and he's not friendly to our agents... :(

THAPA… and his knife… and he’s not friendly to our agents… 🙁





Trouble in paradise ??!!

Trouble in paradise ??!!

And the news travel...

And the news travel…

"Who gave him clearance?"

“Who gave him clearance?”



"How's that blade of yours?" "Sharp. How's your partner?" "Sharper!" TOUCHÉ !!

“How’s that blade of yours?” “Sharp. How’s your partner?” “Sharper!” TOUCHÉ !!

Maybe the sniper was a back-up plan ??

Maybe the sniper was a back-up plan ??

"Sounds like you've met one before." "I've been one before..." *flashback* No?? Bummer !!

“Sounds like you’ve met one before.” “I’ve been one before…” *flashback* No?? Bummer !!

Callen admitting they need help... *gulp*

Callen admitting they need help… *gulp*

Mommy and Daddy worrying about our Big Ol' Teddy Bear...

Mommy and Daddy worrying about our Big Ol’ Teddy Bear…

You know, Thapa, we kinda missed it, too, at first... ;)

You know, Thapa, we kinda missed it, too, at first… 😉

"It feels real, before it becomes real." WOW - wise words !!

“It feels real, before it becomes real.” WOW – wise words !!



So the sniper was a Gurkha...

So the sniper was a Gurkha…

"I'm really not trying to be difficult."

“I’m really not trying to be difficult.”

"Sam Hanna died on the operation table today." Taking bets that this is a trap to get her talking...

“Sam Hanna died on the operation table today.” Taking bets that this is a trap to get her talking…

So Sam's OK... told ya !! ;)

So Sam’s OK… told ya !! 😉

"No one's the real thing... some of us just have fewer lies to tell."

“No one’s the real thing… some of us just have fewer lies to tell.”

"My strength lies in listening." HA HA !!

“My strength lies in listening.” HA HA !!

Wow, that's a whole lot of fire power against our team...

Wow, that’s a whole lot of fire power against our team…

"Like a boss." GO KENS !!

“Like a boss.” GO KENS !!

Oh no... he's the target...

Oh no… he’s the target…

"It's still early but that's my pick for understatement of the year." *snort*

“It’s still early but that’s my pick for understatement of the year.” *snort*

Like a tiger around his prey... Awesome !!

Like a tiger around his prey… Awesome !!

Aww !!

Aww !!

Thapa explaining how to deal with one's "expiration date"...  [insert *drinking game* cheer here]

Thapa explaining how to deal with one’s “expiration date”…
[insert *drinking game* cheer here]

"The spy game has more in common with selling used cars than any of us would like to admit."

“The spy game has more in common with selling used cars than any of us would like to admit.”

How did Sam notice that ??

How did Sam notice that ??

Bromancing in the hospital...

Bromancing in the hospital…

"We've got six coming our way."

“We’ve got six coming our way.”

No no no...

No no no…

#Densi taking the night off... but not without boosting its fandom to cloud 7... "You're smile is so perfect."

#Densi taking the night off… but not without boosting its fandom to cloud 7 before… “You’re smile is so perfect.”

Another great episode with our beloved Gurkha… He (and his wise words) will be missed !!

Sound off about the episode in the comments… 🙂

27 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Expiration Date’ Picture Recap

  1. Marion

    Wow! Dave did a great job….again!
    One of the best episodes this season so far. Great action scenes, funny banter after all and
    the Densi Scenes were also good stuff for us shipper 🙂 …. Daniela looked awesome and ECO anyway.
    Really glad, Sam made it, but it was clear, actually.
    But why in the world did Thapa have to die. I kinda liked him….
    Could someone invite him to the meet up in October, please?

  2. Mary Kleinsmith

    Great episode, especially love the way they handled Deeks and Kensi’s “fight” – which wasn’t really much of a fight as much as a disagreement. That first scene and last scene made this ep a favorite for me. Sorry to see Thapa go – I was even thinking that it would be nice to see him more often. Maybe let him come to the US and join NCIS! 😉 And shame on LL/Todd for torturing the viewers implying he would be leaving. LOL

  3. Mogorva

    I really enjoyed this episode. I liked Thapa this time too.

    Was there a fight somewhere? I envy everyone, who’s definition of an argument is what we saw. It was funny though.

    Killing off Thapa was a bit cliche, and Sam’s recovery was unbelievable, I mean, there’s no way, someone would be in so good condition after that shot and surgery.

    The story was interesting, not knowing who’s hunting who and why.

    Alltogether I’d give it an 8 or 9/10. I’d have to rewatch it to decide which one. 🙂 This one is definitely one of the many more times rewatchable episodes.

    Just keep up this good work, and the fans will be happy 🙂 .

  4. Fenix

    Thanks for recap Sindee, like it, like always.
    You miss som best romantic detail on Deeks night table.
    Electric motor from (washing mashine?) ! 🙂
    That shot me down in sec. 😉
    Person who set it, deserve Nobel price.
    I like episode.
    Sam get bullet.
    It’s sad, but is OK, our heroes need sometime get scratch, punch, bullet, kict…’s in them job description.
    Densi moments was just perfectly dosed.
    I really enjoyed it.
    Nothing silly, overreacted….really natural feeling.
    Thapa was BEST funny guy!
    His fun was natural, and much better then others.
    He was just excelent, and for that I don’t forgive his death.
    It was absolutely unnecessary.
    We get drama with Sam, so…. what for Thapa died?!
    No reason (i….s)! 🙁
    I just hope, we will se Thapa’s kukri knife on Deeks desk, or at his place, like memory to really good and brave man.
    Maybe Deeks get some lessons, how to use it, and later we see him fight with it, and save another day.
    Few cutted hands, legs, heads… with kukri knife, is allways welcome.
    What, is after 10pm, so….. 🙂

  5. Sol

    Yeah! Very good episode. Liked so much Thapa, I’m sorry he died.
    I liked also Hetty and Granger at the hospital. So careful.
    And the Densi scene! I knew it could be easy to have these two in a sweet private moment, without weird intimacy for the actors. I wanna see more of these little pieces of perfection. 🙂

  6. Rayanne

    Thanks for the recap. I liked this ep a lot. I hated to see Sam get shot but enjoyed Callen on his own. Typical Callen not answering Kensi’s question of are you OK. I’m glad that Sam was ok. I knew Callen was bluffing when he said he died on the operating table but it still was a shock to hear it being said. I did like the Granger and Hetty scene and also when he showed up at the boatshed with Callen. Don’t want to be on the other side of that table facing an angry Callen that’s for sure. Great episode!!

  7. I Feel Possessed

    I absolutely loved this episode. NCISLA has had some fantastic guest stars but few return. I am so glad Thappa did, he was intense, clever, funny – and his crucial advise on love and the heart to both Kensi and Deeks was a joy to watch. I realised during the episode he was destined to die – such a shame…

    I don’t particularly ship or agree about why characters have to be ‘shipped’ but I did enjoy seeing how Deeks and Kensi have progressed since ‘the kiss’. Snippets into the character’s lives are invaluable and this was not to the detriment of the plot.

    As a die hard Callen fan, I was fascinated by how he coped – or didn’t – with Sam being shot. He ignored Kensi asking how he was, he was intense and focused on the case throughout. Totally closed off in a number of ways. He lost his temper with Ella in the interrogation room – was the last time we saw that when Janvier sold out Sam to Siderov? I love an angry and intense Callen. Makes him ruthless and dangerous. And his instincts not to trust Ella were correct.

    It was very telling about Callen’s career that he admitted he had actually been a double agent, and that Hetty believes he may have done irreparable damage to his relationship with his former employers – the CIA. I hope this comes into play a little later – several times this season his CIA connections have been mentioned – last time was probably S2 in Stand Off. I also miss the Hetty and Callen chats, I hope we see a few more of these in the future.

    Just like Dave Kalstein’s other S6 outing “Spiral” this is one I can and will watch over and over. A favourite. (One question – why did Sam and Callen go into the warehouse with assault rifles but no body armour..?)

  8. amyabn

    I loved the episode. I have to disagree with one aspect of the relationship advice from Thapa. He stated, “It feels real, before it becomes real.” I would argue that Kensi and Deeks have done everything backwards. It has been real for a very long time, and they are just now open to feeling it honestly.

    When did it happen for each character? Was it when Kensi was “stuck, smitten, whatever”, with Jason Wyler and go from there? Was it in Season 2’s “Personal” when Deeks was shot? Deeks was certainly smitten with Kensi from jump street, but perhaps in “Disorder” or the two part “Blye, K.” They’ve been in love with each other, had their thing, for years.

    I am really enjoying watching them navigate the relationship. The realization that they aren’t “normal” was humorous, and I was waiting for a realization that either one could reach their expiration date and realize that they want to spend that much time together. Yeah, each needs a girls/boys night out but I think they will draw that conclusion.

    I wish they hadn’t killed off Thapa. I found him very funny and playful. A job well done by Ernie Reyes, Jr. Overall this is one of my favorite episodes. Now if only CBS would start running new episodes every week instead of skipping around every other week or so! Anyway, just my two cents.

  9. diane

    Really liked it. I had a tear in my eye when Thapa’s expiration date arrived. I am happy with Kensi and Deeks’ scenes too. That knife fight was awesome.

  10. skippy

    Thank you sindee for your recap.
    I can’t say anything about this episode since I haven’t seen it. I am not a huge fan of the Thapa stories and the Densi-thing so I skipped it.

    But there is something that ticks me off. Some of the comments for the promo and the sneaks were rather uncalled-for.
    Why does someone want Sam or Callen dead? They are the lead agents in this team and the lead characters the show. If one of them dies it will be in the final episode, if ever. And by the way nobody ever wished that for the other team members.
    So why torture yourself and still watching a show when you don’t like the lead characters?
    Or how Deeks probably would say it: Why watching the Waltons if you don’t like John –Boy ;-))

    1. Mogorva

      In the beginning their leading role might have been true, but since the 4th season Kensi and Deeks and their relationship is driving the show.

      Callen and Sam play the buddy-cop thing very well, but that is just not enough to deem them as “lead characters”. Take out Kensi and Deeks and the show becomes a one-of-a-dozen boring procedural with muzzle flashes and some bantering. Take out Callen and Sam and bring in someone else into their place who are capable of playing the same buddy-cop routine and barely anything changes.

      I think all 4 (+the other 4) characters can give us the best show together. Taking out any or any pair of them would make a huge impact, and not for the best.
      I agree with you, that wishing for killing of one of the main characters is everything but nice, but we all have different opinions.

    2. Fenix

      “If one of them dies it will be in the final episode, if ever. ”
      Don’t overpower them roles, they just main characters, but not soul of the show.
      Soul is Densi, good stories, maybe little bit wonder twins, action…. not only main characters.
      But even soul can die, and show can continue.
      Check original NCIS without Ziva, they still have audience.
      Yes, episodes without Ziva is sucks, boring, and missing soul, but they still continue.
      Here it could be similar.
      Why someone say it?
      Not a clue, maybe he had faster hands then brain. 😉
      Why haters watched?
      Because they want hated, so…
      Maybe I am in similar position.
      I don’t like Hetty (I wish her retirement or something) but others is ok, so I watch it, and sometimes wrote not quite nice comment about Hetty.
      Especially after fiasco with White ghost, and after absolutely no punishment for her stupid, selfish, brainless, egoistic, FOR TEAM danger decision.
      This silence around her, still make me angry, when I see her.
      She still don’t says sorry for team, or for Kensi….nothing.
      She play death mouse.
      She is good only like bartender, when bring bottle for celebration.
      Don’t wish her death, just her move from picture.
      Maybe someone for some reason don’t like Callen or Sam.
      And it’s absolutelly normal, yes believe me, really is.
      “Or how Deeks probably would say it: Why watching the Waltons if you don’t like John –Boy”
      Don’t be foolish.
      Lead characters, same like John Boy, is not all show.
      If you think yes, please reread Ziva part again.
      Midsomer murders change ALL main characters, and show continue with same glory, like before. 😉

    3. VirtualFriend

      @ skippy, “Why does someone want Sam or Callen dead?”

      Because it would revitalise the show. LL Cool J is a great person, I respect him for being as is. But (…) LL is again and again over acting the though guy. There are better actors who will do a better job for sure.

      Our family man COD, is a soapy and after 6 seasons it’s clear he will always be. Together they are a nice duo but this ‘bromance’ thing is getting boring. It doesn’t have the exiting dynamics compared with Densi.

      BTW, there are a lot of characters killed off or otherwise departured from a show. Regarding NCIS and NCISLA: Caitlin “Kate” Todd (Sasha Alexander), Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly), Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) and Adam Jamal Craig (Dominic Vail). NCIS is still going strong and so will NCISLA do.

      I think the show would have ended years ago without the entrance of ECO and the attraction and sparks between him and DR. That was just luck, not something you can force like they heave done in the Mentalist.

      Without Densi you are left with Starsky and Hutch, great show but after 4 seasons it’s enough.

      1. Claire

        I think the interaction of the 4 ‘pairs’ makes the show, the teamwork.
        I don’t think the writers would decide to kill a character just for artistic reasons (”oh, we need new dynamics, let’s just pick this guy and kill him off. And we’ll see how others would react”). This makes perfect sense in early seasons like it was with Dom. Now the characters and working pairs are established and they make the show (not just a bunch of random people like doctors in Grey’s Anatomy).
        I think (and hope) that now they would kill a character off just for an objective reason – like real-life pregnancy, money disputes, real-life retirement…
        And for me, Callen and Sam, their bromance, Callen’s mysterious past and Hetty are the main reasons to watch. Deeks and Kensi really don’t have a special spark for me, they are good just for the teamwork element.

        1. Fenix

          “I don’t think the writers would decide to kill a character just for artistic reasons (”oh, we need new dynamics, let’s just pick this guy and kill him off. And we’ll see how others would react”).”
          Oh, they do, and you new it.
          Dominic doesn’t fit in group…. killed.
          Caitlin Todd, pregnancy…. killed.
          What they do now, is killing beloved characters from guest cast purposely.
          And that id for 100% only for reason, what you described, “we’ll see how others would react.”
          All deaths was only writers, and creators improvisation, because they don’t know, how to catch our interest.
          Borring season, nonsense episodes = we need kill someone beloved.
          Vance’s wife, Ziva’s father, Gibbs/Fornell’s wife, ghurka…..all those death was senseless, and absolutely unnecessary.
          All those “dramas” looks creepy, and honestly, make me feel angry for writers-creators inability, make drama, and inteligent stories, without nonsense deaths.
          Those “dramas” make me feel sorry for writers/creators inability, not sorry for characters death.
          Writers/creators tried shocked us, with nonsense deaths.
          Well, I would like be shocked with perfect episodes, intelligent twists in story, powerful enemies, more believable stories, maybe some spices (but not necessary)…..
          Yes, that could shocked me, but not some random death. 🙂
          Is wery hard kill just one character from settled pair.
          Look on Tony, after Ziva’s end.
          He is nothing without her, just borring, annoyng middle age man (yes he has girlfriend now, but we doesn’t see her on screen, so that not count).
          But if they kill pair (Callen+Sam) we can get new one, and story can start almost from begin.
          If they pick another perfect pair, that can be big succes.
          Sam/Callen bromance is just old, and looks like death end, leads us in nowhere.
          Callen’s “mystery” turn’s in same borring level.
          Years dancing around that, put interest in deep basement.
          Everyone knows, he is alien, and Yeti’s cousin, so where is mystery? 😉
          Many peoples can say “after Sam/Callen death, we stop watch it”.
          Yes, they can, but curiosity, how they continue wiht new pair, how is new pair, how is new stories with new pair, how they do it…….?
          Fans, even ultra fans curiosity, is very powerful element (NCIS after Ziva’s end).
          That is big twist, and would be big succes.
          Missing word “maybe” because here is not maybe, just huge 100% succes.
          But don’t worry about them.
          Creators never get balls for that huge twist, so everyone is safe….for now. 🙂
          Callen + Sam is not Gibbs, they are easily expendable.
          Them indispensability is just a our bad habit. 🙂

          1. Claire

            Just to clarify it: I was talking about articstic reasons, objective reasons and only main characters.
            I don’t watch NCIS but I know that Sasha Alexander (Kate) wanted to leave because she was pregnant. Only then the writers decided to kill off the character. Cote de Pablo also wanted to leave. The writers had to deal with the situation if they didn’t want to cancel the entire show. Those are objective, real-life reasons.
            And I was just saying that after so many years (I believe) they wouldn’t kill off a main character without an objective reason. Gibb’s wife, Ziva’s father, Gurkha these characters you don’t see every week, they are supporting stuff or guest actors.
            Callen’s mystery isn’t boring. The revelations are slow and in little pieces. But it’s how it functions in real life too.
            Curiosity doesn’t always work like you described. I loved Grey’s Anatomy. Callie and Arizona were my favourite pair. Arizona cheated on Callie two years ago. Since then I’ve never seen an episode (except for the old ones).

  11. Claire

    Thank you for this recap.
    I was sooo relieved Sam survived. I had to make sure before watching the episode because otherwise I wouldn’t watch it. But I’m still sad Thapa had to die.
    I loved the little insights into the spy game. Recently they have been dealing with a lot of biochemical weapons or ‘simple’ murders… This was a nice change.
    Callen as a double agent, his involvement with the CIA, his immediate distrust to Ella – this was wonderful. And finally (like after two seasons) Callen’s little conversation with Hetty.
    I just waited for a reference to the time when Callen was shot.

    I’ve never supported Densi, I just completely ignored it. I liked their brother/sister banter in season two and three. But the scene in the bed that was sooo wrong, it felt so odd, uhh I couldn’t watch it, it really became real. I didn’t mind their conversation with Thapa about their thing, but nothing more please.

  12. BW

    Thanks Sindee for the recap!

    I think everyone watches for different reasons. I do believe Callen is the protagonist and by extension Sam. SB based this show on an agent who can be anybody while not knowing who he is – Callen. Reading the Writers conversation at the Family Meet Up. Revealed even now how Callen is the character SB watches over.

    Killing one of them especially Callen is like NCIS killing Gibbs. Legend pt 1&2, set the tone for this show. SB, I think has shown that all of this is about Callen and his story. Everyone else Sam, Hetty, Kensi, Deeks, Eric, Nell and now Granger support that theme.

    About this episode I enjoyed seeing Callen try to hold it together, focusing on the case to not allow the “other thoughts” take over. I did miss not having Michelle and the kids, even in shadow, shown.

    Densi was what I expected, only surprise was the affection Kensi showed. :O

    I guess we were to assume they didn’t wear vest because they didn’t believe Thapa will harm them. I guess 😉

    I agree with everyone else, on why bring Thapa back to kill him. I liked his and Deeks friendship. Overall good epi.

  13. VirtualFriend

    At times even Kensi and Deeks didn’t care a lot about Sam. They were joking around with with their private gurkha. I mean, your colleague is fighting for his life… They are one big (disfunctional) family right? It would kill the mood for me…

    1. Ali

      Hahah, you are right. But if Deeks got shot, I think that only Kensi will really care. Callen and Sam would only ask how he is but I don’t think they will be sad. If Kensi got shot, it would be different, I suppose, because she is woman and they are all gentlamen. But I don’t think again they would be sad. If they have each other (Callen & Sam, Kensi & Deeks, Nell & Eric) they are happy. And being sad, it’s like “yeah, I think he is going to die”. Their work is dangerous and I think that they are ready to know that anybody would die anytime. They would be sad (and maybe more than that) if he (Sam or anyone) really die. Just my opinion.

  14. Rhodanos

    This episode was one of if not the best since the show’s launch. It certainly made my personal favourite list of episodes, easy. Very well written. There are some small things but they really are small imho.

    First off, Sam getting shot. High velocity sniper round, center mass. We knew he would survive and as we know from the 6×17 promo photos in 2 weeks he’s good to go again. Then Thapa getting shot point blank, center mass. Dead within the minute. That made me kinda sad. He was a really fun character, and the way he handled the entire Densi situation was just fantastic. Still sad he had to die. I wouldn’t have minded him surviving that shot as well. Ah well.

    As for Densi: This episode was loaded. It still blows my mind. Man what amazing scences these two got. Alone and with Thapa. Reading that they would have a “fight”, which wasn’t actually really a fight, before the episode aired had me a little worried, knowing from a very early teaser that Deeks would have to go back to LAPD for unknown reasons and an unknown amount of time. And that the fight would result in Deeks leaving for a while. That didn’t happen yet but there’re still some episodes left. So who knows.

    I am wodering about the “fight” and wanna ask for your opinions. When Kensi said her friends make her happy and Deeks asked her if he doesn’t make her happy, she responded, somewhat exasperated, that yes, he makes her happy but it’s a different kind of happy. And Deeks seemed a bit hurt by that. My question is: Why would he be? He is her boyfriend. Of course he makes her feel a very different kind of happiness than her best woman-friends do. That should be self-explanatory. So why is Deeks offended by that? Kensi even kinda apologized for it, coming back to the bed, saying that it came out wrong. Am I missing something? Halp pls 🙂

    And then that last scene…. and those last few lines. They had a great number of awesome scenes since they became partners, but never before have I seen the like of which happend then and there. This is without a doubt my absolute favourite moment of Densi. And that’s saying something. I cannot get that scene out of my head. The entire conversation was so open and honest with just the slightest teasing. And Kensi was so sweet and caring, asking him twice if he’s ok and even offering to call her if he needs to talk. And then those last few lines happend. The intensity of that moment was almost surreal, with Deeks being this serious. And meaning every word. I already watched that moment more times than I care to admit. Mind. Blown. Outstanding.

    Deeks’ seriousness there and at the end of the firing range scene with Thapa has me a bit worried again, though. Like he knows something we and Kensi don’t know. A bit foreboding. But it’s also very possible that Deeks was just trying to convey how serious he is about them and that I’m just imagining things. I hope so.


    1. Sol

      I thought too for a moment that there was something more, that Deeks is hiding some secret… I don’t know. Or you’re right, Rhodanos; maybe he was just thinking of his friend Thapa.
      Anyway, the final scene is simply perfect. And every time they show us a serious or sad Deeks, it’s sort of heartbreaking. He can be so intense and deep. I really love his character.

  15. Rhodanos

    Btw, something else I noticed but completely failed to mention before. So, Kensi and Deeks are at Kensis place in their bed/first fight scene.

    Do you guys remember their argument who gets to sleep on which side of the bed in Neighborhood Watch with both of them wanting to sleep on the right side and Kensi arguing that she can’t sleep unless she’s on the right side?

    Well, here Deeks sleeps on the right side of the bed… At Kensis place…

  16. Linda W

    Thanks for the great picture recap. I know that I am late again but I wanted to see it several times before I gave my comments. I really enjoyed “Expiration Date” but I was very sad to lose Thapa. I hoped that we would see him again in another episode. This again was a team effort, but we didn’t see much of Eric and Nell or Hetty for that matter. I loved Granger’s line about the understatement of the year referring to Callen not making a good first impression. I am a Callen and Sam fan so will always focus on that. I think we all knew that Sam would survive, but it was hard watching Callen as he worried about his partner. Even with all that their bromance showed through with the discussion of how bad things really were. Will someone please tell me what Deeks and Kensi were supposed to be fighting about! I saw a disagreement not a major fight. They acted like teenagers. Sometimes, I wish they could be more mature about their relationship. Or maybe they never had that in their teens and are dealing with that now. Anyway the actual fight scenes with Kensi , Deeks and the Gurkhas were great. All in all it was a wonderful episode.

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