9 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Expiration Date’ Promo Video

  1. Linda

    Looks exciting. If I had to guess, I’d say that Callen wants someone to think Sam dies, its got to be a trick, right?

  2. Richtsje

    Exactly what Dave Kalstein said ‘best promo for #NCISLA in 6 seasons’. In my opinion he might be right! It’s nearly a short episode on it’s own and I sure hope (and expect) Callen is saying this only to distract somebody else…

  3. VirtualFriend

    I think it ‘s a good decision of the producers to kill of one of the main characters. NCIS:LA can use some new inspiration. This ‘bromance’ thing was getting boring after 6 seasons.

    The departure of Adam Jamal Craig or Cote de Pablo didn’t hurt their respective shows either. As I see it, killing of Sam will lead to new opportunities and keeps the NCIS:LA train moving.

  4. jlh

    I think it is Deeks talking at the end, about Thapa. Deeks and Callen sound a lot alike to me. I hope Thapa doesn’t die…

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