6 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Expiration Date’ Sneak Peek II

  1. Richtsje

    Ohmy… it is really looking very serious. If you’d look at it right now you’d never expect he’d be in he hospital, operated on, right? Yuk… very serious and creepy.
    Looking at it right now, you might wonder whose side Thapa is on…

  2. Domingo

    So this time around it is Sam who gets shot, last time it was Callen, I am sure he will still be around at the end of the episode, but we will be led on a long path, holding our breath. Very Dave Kalstien, and it gets every one on their seats in front of a screan, it is the Spring sweeps so it ia all about viewer numbers, and trailers like those get you.

    they do me anyway.

  3. Linda

    These episodes always get me. I don’t really think they would kill off Sam, but I get nervous anyway.

  4. Mogorva

    Before I read those tweets I was 110% sure, Sam won’t be killed off. Now I give it a 50% chance. I’d rather see Callen killed off, but Sam’s character is replaceable too.

  5. Fenix

    It’s only teasing.
    Death of character, never go out before premiere time.
    Definitely not in sneak peek.
    (OK, chance for that is 5% or less.)
    In other hand, if they kill Thapa, I will be very pissed off.
    Because another unnecessary death.
    (when they don’t know, how to move with story, they killed someone, whom we like….really “smart” move)

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