NCIS Los Angeles “Exposure” Picture Recap By @sindee303

A cozy Saturday morning...

A cozy Saturday morning…



"What? I surf on Saturdays."

What? I surf on Saturdays.

Runner-up for the *Dupont Awards* ?? HA HA !! Nice !! [Note: the actress playing Dana Steele was Tiffany Dupont !! ;)]

Runner-up for the *Dupont Awards* ??
HA HA !! Nice !!
[Note: the actress playing Dana Steele was Tiffany Dupont !! ;)]

"I will fight from beyond the grave."

I will fight from beyond the grave.

"One thing is for certain. Foreign. Domestic. They picked the wrong city to mess with."

One thing is for certain. Foreign. Domestic. They picked the wrong city to mess with.

Military Grade ?? Well, they should be able to find that, no ??

Military Grade ?? Well, they should be able to find that, no ??

"These guys didn't do it."

These guys didn’t do it.

"Turn the camera off. Rewind and delete." You better !!

Turn the camera off. Rewind and delete.
You better !!

Yeah, she's so not letting this story slip... Nice move, guys !!

Yeah, she’s so not letting this story slip… Nice move, guys !!

"You don't find him, he finds you." She clearly hasn't heard about the *Wonder Twins*.

You don’t find him, he finds you.
She clearly hasn’t heard about the *Wonder Twins*.



Yeah, rub it in that Deeks still isn't an Agent !! ;)

Yeah, rub it in that Deeks still isn’t an Agent !! 😉

Aliens ?? MU-AH-HA-HA !!

Aliens ??

Bad CARma !! *snort*

Bad CARma !! *snort*

Three cars = two more attacks.

Three cars = two more attacks.

"That's enough to take out a city block." Oops !!

That’s enough to take out a city block.
Oops !!

"You know John de la Fontaine but you don't know Waldo."

You know John de la Fontaine but you don’t know Waldo.

Better not run from Sam Hanna !!

Better not run from Sam Hanna !!

"My name is Bakri Deng. I'm from South Sudan. I detonated the bomb." Brainwashed much ??

My name is Bakri Deng. I’m from South Sudan. I detonated the bomb.
Brainwashed much ??

"You Bakri Deng. You detonated the bomb." "You'll get the credit. Just like you deserve."

You’re Bakri Deng. You detonated the bomb.
You’ll get the credit. Just like you deserve.

"Gentlemen, come back in one piece!" Yes, please !!

Gentlemen, come back in one piece!
Yes, please !!

"Hell of a day."

Hell of a day.

Aww... more 'love post its'...

Aww… more ‘love post its’…

"When everything is on the line like today. There's nobody I'd rather have by my side." AWWW !!

When everything is on the line like today. There’s nobody I’d rather have by my side.

"They're my '27 Yankees."

They’re my ’27 Yankees.

"They always come back, Owen." [fades to black] "Until one day, they don't"

They always come back, Owen.
[fades to black]
Until one day, they don’t.

Sooo… what do you think about this week’s NCIS Los Angeles episode “Exposure” ?? Share your comments and join the discussion with other fans… THANKS !!

42 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Exposure” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. sarah

    Dear all,

    Is it me or the show is getting less and less interesting.
    They give us a great beginning season and then “pouf” nothing.
    I do not understand.
    Bomb, terrorism, find bad guy, arrest bad guy, …. been there, watch that, no thank you anymore
    What a pity…
    There is so much more going on in the real navy, and NCIS in general, even a go back into history will be appreciated.
    Hope the season final will be good?!

    1. vasohara

      NO MY FRIEND IT IS NOT ONLY YOU!Lets be honest after spoils of wars,ascension,impact and some more brilliant episode this it was not a good !!Sorry but when i read people say this “great episode”i laugh!! I don’t find interesting at least 3 last ep ncis los angeles!

    2. Spokoze

      While season 5 has had it’s moments…it has been very week in a lot of respects.
      Not throwing stones here, but DR doing the baby thing in real tossed a huge monkey wrench into this year…just how it was.
      Clearly Linda Hunt is leaving the show after 6×1, possibly not returning even as a recurring character.
      We got to see Granger out of a suit this week.
      Transitions everywhere.
      What is it transitioning to..or into? Donno–I’ll come back. Still the best show on TV
      Post it notes expressing feelings was a nice touch really.
      NCIS-LA likely gets a fresh coat of paint this fall. Don’t think it’s fair to compare seasons though. Seasons change. Think back on all the great scene’s over 5 full season!
      Tough to pick a favorite of so many terrific and so many outstanding ones….but out of them all, might have enjoyed this one best:

    3. Jan

      It’s not just you, Sarah. There was such a tremendous buzz for this show coming off of last year’s finale, and I feel like they’ve wasted it all. I thought it was great from Ascension thru Unwritten Rule, but then all that momentum came to a crashing halt with the Aunt Barbara episode (although Tumblr got a lot of mileage out of it, that’s not the kind of mileage you want to get.) Then, we had the mishandling of the Densi hook up – I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I still love the “D” but have been less and less interested in the “ensi.” And I blame Frozen Lake and the Afghanistan arc for that. Since then, what have we had? Filler upon filler, until we got to Spoils of War (which was fantastic) and then back to more filler.

      I understand that DR’s pregnancy forced the producers to change their plans for the season, so I’m willing to cut them a little slack. Maybe in season 6 we’ll see the Deeks and Callen watershed years that we were promised for this year, and with additional time to plan it out, those arcs should be strong with great character development. Should be. But please, no more fricking metaphors. Let the characters act like real human beings.

      Sorry for the rant. I’ve been holding it in for a while now.

  2. Emma

    I totally understand you guys. But to be honest, I don´t think this season turnt out to be what the producers wanted. I think they wanted to tell another story. But with Danielas pregnancy everything changed and they had to came up with something more fitting for this situation. Lets just hope that season 6 will be more like the “old” ncis la that I love. Season 5 was really dark,I really miss some light funny episodes, it´s always about to save the whole world, thats not always believable. I hope we learn more about Deeks past and Callens family. That has been neglected. There are so many storylines that they can reopen, like the one with Astrid….

    1. Sol

      Agree with you, Emma.
      The writers had surely other plans for this season, it’s evident. DR’s pregnancy changed everything.
      It’s been a strange season. They had this team member absent, a big change for a story based on partnerships, so they dedicated more attention on characters, and maybe less on interesting cases. They tried to find a balance between action and character’s development, but sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.
      And think about the long, looong WG’s arc. It’s obvious that in other circumstances they’d never dedicate so many episodes to a single case. It’s risky. But I agree with the decision to make Kensi appear in every episode. It was right.
      And now DR is back, the “turbulence” is over and I’m sure writers will do so much better in the next season.
      And, anyway, I liked this season too, guys.
      I loved Ascension, with the amazing scene between Deeks and Kensi, and imo the best scene ever between Deeks and Sam. Then Impact, The Frozen lake, Between the lines and Spoils of war. Probably my favourite episode ever. Ever.

      Now, let’s hope the writers can give us, in season 6, the story they had in mind, with Deeks’ past, Callen’s search of his father. With no more turbulences, no more change of plans.
      Just our NCISLA.
      And I think they’ll do. 🙂


      1. Fenix

        For Sol.

        I did not watch episode yet, just have some small comment on this.

        “Now, let’s hope the writers can give us…”

        Thinking like this way, is absolutely wrong.
        Not viewers have to hope!.
        But writers, and producers have to fight, for ours interest.
        Because we make money for them, not they for us.
        They need catch our interest with good, and solid stories.
        They need hope, for ours atention.
        They have to give to us, what we want.

        Now, let’s hope, dear writers, producers, the audience come back, after holydays…

        1. Sol

          Well, I say “hope” because I liked season 5.
          I’m not angry with producers, I liked very much all the Densi thing, metaphors, the box in the box. And I believe this season is different only because of DR’s absence. So I hope now they can do better, but in these circumstances I liked what I saw.
          In every season there are some episodes I don’t like, it’s normal.
          But, ok, from now I’ll say “I hope” and not “let’s hope”. I understand that many people don’t agree with me at all. 🙂


          1. Alicia

            I agree there have been some great moments. Was it the best season? No, but every show has one off season.

  3. diane

    It was boring. I watched 5 minutes total, I fast-forwarded, A LOT. Not what I expect for a penultimate episode.

    1. Jess

      Really? You fast-forwarded through the episode?!! :O
      I could NEVER do that; too many great moments that you might have missed out on from doing that 😉

  4. sarah

    Ok Guys
    I get your point, I did not follow the all Daniela Ruah pregnancy to be honest, so I understand that change has to be made to agree with the story and character of the show. That being said, storyline should not have been impacted and they did find a way to keep DR in the show. What I am talking about is authenticity and the fact that directors should have more to recount than what we have seen lately. They have budget and very good actors, the least is that we see them in well written episode.


    1. Charla

      No, Sarah, you are absolutely right.
      I understand the pregnancy thing, and I think the writers did a better job of keeping her in all the episodes. Rather than putting her behind a desk or just coming in one morning and saying she is on “assignment”.
      This episode disappointed me. It was nice to see them as a team, but I don’t know it just felt off……again. I feel like they have focused on pairing up people. Nell/Eric, Kensi/Deeks, Callen/Joelle. Personally I don’t want to see or hear about who might be with whom. I watch for the crime drama not anything else.
      I want to see more about Callen’s past, Hetty and Granger’s backstory, Deek’s backstory and why he won’t become an agent, and I would like to know why/how Nell became a field agent, and why her and Hetty seem close.

      1. Barbara

        The episode definitely felt off like going through the motions. As for Densi, it’s like business as usual as if nothing happened between the two of them – weird. The season started off good but has been a mixed bag moving forward (FF’d basically the entire Afghanistan story – no interest in it except for the conclusion).

        As for next season, I finally want to see more of Deek’s backstory since we still know so little of it compared to everyone else’s. Callen’s past seems to also have gone by the wayside.

  5. Jess

    The only thing that annoyed me about this episode … was, not again, Shane Brennan!!! :p
    I mean, so far … we don’t know what the G stands for; we don’t know what’s in the box; we don’t know what’s written on the notes … at some point, I reckon myself, the writers and directors need to treat their viewers with a bit of respect and actually GIVE them answers to some of these questions!!!
    That’s my only rant 😉
    I’m still loving all the nuances and ins-and-outs each episode and seeing the team back to normal again 🙂 Hopefully that doesn’t all get blown out of the water next week … eek! 😉

  6. Jess

    And was it just me, or did Callen’s eyes light up a little too brightly when he discovered someone had left him a “love note?!” 😉
    Maybe he is too starved of love and affection and is ready for someone else in his life 🙂

    1. Lisa-Marie

      Do you mean Joelle left Callen the love note. And I am going to watch the episode now and see

      1. Jess

        No, it wasn’t from Joelle … it was Nell and Eric; but still, the way he looked so happy, makes me wonder if Joelle really IS the one for him 😉

        1. SnoopGirl

          For some reason I thought it was Hetty who left the notes… seemed to obvious to be Nell & Eric. Were they are actual ‘love notes’ or just things Nell & Eric like/admire about each of them? And yes Callen seemed to light up despite dating Joelle (at least I think that it is still her that he is seeing). It took reading ’27 here to realize Hetty was talking about baseball and not “Yankees” in the form of soldiers from a long time ago, lol 😉 I have a valid reason for being clueless in parts of this episode -> Callen’s shirt 🙂

    2. SnoopGirl

      But he has Joelle .. the woman who is not his type but still keeps seeing 😉 I think it was Hetty who left the notes 🙂

  7. Caitlin

    We are moving today, so our TV and internet got cut off yesterday afternoon, so I’ve been unable to watch this episode yet, and it’s killing me! I don’t want to be spoiled so I just very quickly scrolled through these photos without reading anything 🙁 Hopefully watching it tonight……

  8. Buffy

    There were some wonderful moments, Neric, the looks Kensi & Deeks exchange when they realize the informant is a wack job. I think they tried too hard to make us feel. On the whole o.k. but not a great one.
    Does Sam have just his daughter? I could have sworn he said kids when he was trying to get Kensi to babysit.
    There was not enough character development and I have gotten used to that.
    I think having a cliffhanger will make a nice change, maybe.

    1. SnoopGirl

      As a viewer we really have to ‘listen between the lines’, lol- I say Sam has one daughter based on the majority of things he has said, only referencing his baby girl and that she was the only child in the picture with his wife in Spoils of War.
      There is a conflict but that is in the writing. Sam wanted Kensi to babysit his kids meaning more than one. However, when Callen said he didn’t think it was a good idea for him to be his kid’s guardian it was worded so that it was referring to one child. If there was more than one child he should have said something like, “Not a good idea to be guardian to your kids.”
      Yep, I have thought about this too much 😉

      1. Buffy

        So I am rewatching season two, and whe Sam is talking to someone, it is Kids plural. Just a continuity thing that bugs me. He always says a beatiful daughter. Maybe the son is a troll?

  9. mckenna

    Great picture recap sindee! Agreed with all your comments! I enjoyed this episode, it wasn’t a spectacular episode but not every episode will be like ascension or spoils of war, the seasons have never been like that. There were many great moments this season and along with juggling the whole needed afghanistan arc, I think the producers and writers did a great job on this season. But hey, you can’t please everyone…
    I loved nell and eric’s reactions to the notes 🙂 so cute, and loved how they all went out together at the end.
    Hetty’s “They always come back, Owen, until one day they don’t.” made me so nervous! So much trepidation in this quote! Along with the warnings to come back in one piece in this episode, Hetty’s scenes with Granger, and Callen’s good luck charm, I’m so nervous for the finale and already dreading the long hiatus.

    1. Richtsje

      Had the same with Hetty’s words mckenna!
      Only just had the chance to watch the full episode and I did like it. True, not every episode can be the same but this one was okay.
      Perhaps we all should listen less to what SB or press officers tell about what is about to happen in ‘the season’. After all, things may change like they did this season. So far, season 5 has been ever so much better than season 4 in my opinion!

      1. LasiaMsinred

        Let’s put it like that: Season 5 had more of my favorite moments than Season 5 but still S5 is not what I thought it would be.
        I agree that not every can be the same.I think that things would have been different if this one hadn’t been the penultimate episode of the season.
        It will take much to make me stop watching. This is my show!
        I’m already desperately waiting for Season 6 😉 **high hopes**

        Needless to say that the picture recap is awesome,right???
        THANK YOU,Sindee!

  10. SnoopGirl

    It was an “OK” episode .. sad when the ‘performer of the week’ is a shirt 😉 – Callen’s to be precise – he looked super-fantabulous in it 🙂

    Two best lines of the night:

    Callen-> “Bad Car-ma” 🙂 and the smile that followed it *sigh*

    Deeks-> “Somebody loves themselves some Deeks too.” The look on his face when he held the note to his chest -too cute.

    1. Keviana Elliot

      No lie, SnoopGirl… I texted my friend when that shirt hit sunlight. Go costume crew. #wow

      1. SnoopGirl

        @ Keviana, LOL! The shirt had 2 looks, dark coloured in some scenes, and light coloured in other scenes. The rest of the cast always looks good BUT Callen’s wardrobe person/people should be getting an award for the outstanding work they do 🙂

  11. Lisa-Marie

    I was wrong it was Eric and Nell. But does mean Callen is dating Joelle?
    Just asking

    1. Buffy

      I don’t think Joelle had anything at all to do with the notes, or the episode.

      1. LasiaMsinred

        I agree. She didn’t have anything to do with it.Luckily. She’s a nice lady she probably found someone who actually works in securities 😉

  12. Lisa-Marie

    I know this is not the season finale episode but I just have to say this ,
    I just read on and it said did Hetty and Granger just hint a major character death coming in the season finale and if you go down the bottom of the same ad there is sneak video it looks like Callen get shot and Sam calls his name and hears the gun shoot
    I hope he does not die. He still has to find out his name , his past and he is with Joelle.
    It might look like Callen might died but he kills the person trying to kill him.
    So I hope Callen does not die otherwise I am not watching the show and I like Chris O’Donnell and his Character
    Ps : I think you can watch the promo on here to the little video at the Side says next episode
    So watch and tell me what u think????

    1. Charla

      I doubt its Callen. COD and LL Cool J are the stars of the show. You know how they play these previews. From what I read, Callen and Sam do get into some sort of trouble, but Miguel Ferrer said in a tweet that Granger and Callen had a really good scene and they are filming episode 1 of season 6.
      They love to play mind games with the fans. I wonder if it might be Nate leaving, or Talia the DEA agent. All that has been said is a character is leaving they didn’t say who.

        1. Charla

          You are probably right. I saw an interview with Linda Hunt saying she did want to retire in a few years. Which would be sad, I would hate to see her go, but I really like Granger always have. I could tell in this episode that he generally cares about Hetty as a really good friend. Its going to be a long summer. 😉

      1. Lisa-Marie

        The Callen- Granger scene is it in season 6 of Episode 1 at the end of it.
        So Callen does die then hopefully ???

  13. Linda

    Thanks for the picture recap. Great as usual. I really liked this episode. It was a wonderful example of the team work that they are famous for. Everyone was involved and useful. I found it quite suspenseful especially at the end even though I knew that they would find the bombs. I loved the ” love notes ” to the team and the looks on Eric’s and Nell’s faces. It is true. You should tell people that you care before it is too late. Oh, and yes, I loved that blue and white shirt of Callen’s. It really suited him.

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