NCIS Los Angeles “Fallout” Promo

Deeks talks serious… Kensi looks worried… Nell rocks her new hair… Eric looks *dressed*… Hetty is back-up… Sam hugs Callen… Granger is back… WOW !!

4 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Fallout” Promo

  1. Richtsje

    Worried faces and voices indeed. Incredible how much the intro triggers you… Sam hugging Callen? I hope he’s alright, they all are allright?!

  2. I Feel Possessed

    Could have something to do with Hetty? Still waiting for this story arc that Shane Brennan said the 100th episode would kick off though…which must have something to do with Callen’s father. Unless Mr Brennan is being economical with the truth?

  3. BH72

    Whoa! So much in such a short promo. That hug has us all talking. Wow! That shot of Sam and Callen falling out of the building while shooting. This is HUGE. Or just great advertising.

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