NCIS Los Angeles ‘Field Of Fire’ Promo Video

“Field of Fire” – The team searches for a former Marine and expert sniper who escaped a veterans hospital when they discover his connection to the leader of an extremist group. Also, the case reminds Kensi of her past as a sniper, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, April 27 (10:01-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

5 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Field Of Fire’ Promo Video

  1. BH72

    The question is, will Kensi falter, like she did when in Afghanistan? Memories of Granger telling Kensi to take the shot at Jack Simon came back to me while watching this promo. Looks like a tough case for Kensi.

  2. amyabn

    This looks like a great episode. I’m wondering if Deeks, Sam, and Callen are down in that crowd. I think the issue is going to be more about the fact that he is a Marine vet vs. having to kill him for the greater good. Too many questions about Jack, how her dad could have ended up had he not been killed. I’m hoping they acknowledge Deeks and Kensi’s 5 year partner anniversary (and why they moved the episode up a week).

  3. Rhodanos

    I completely agree with you. This setting is strikingly similar to the one during the White Ghost debacle. Kensi is in position, finger on the trigger, target in her sights, Granger in her ear using almost the exact same words he used back then (Take the shot.). What makes it even worse is the fact that the target is an unstable traumatized former marine. Just like Jack. The father angle is also an interesting idea. There’s also always the chance that this dredges up unpleasant memories of her ‘sniper work’ she’d rather forget.

    As for the air date being moved up on short notice after it has been officially set for a while: It was and always has been my hope that they would indeed acknowledge the 5th anniversary of Densi’s first case as official partners (just like they did for Callen and Sam in Season 3), especially since the stars alligned and with the new Monday timeslot the air date falls onto April 27th, which literally happens to be 5 years to the day since Fame, which aired 4/27/10. So I was understandably sad when they planned to air a re-run on this memorable and so very important date for Densi. Those amazing characters truly deserve that acknowledgement. And so do we, the fans and shippers, imho. It always gets me how far they have come. From ‘Deeks? That’s the best they can do?’ to ‘You’re the only person I trust!’ to ‘I wanna be bold with you.’

  4. Fenix

    Looks very questioning or debatable, but don’t forget, it’s promo, and promo have to tease us.
    I think, she take the shot without hesitation.
    (maybe we see some “artistic” teasing flash from past, not first time…)
    With that shot she can finaly kill her traumatised past, and stay focus on present, and future.

  5. Rhodanos

    I’m not so sure about that. That she would fire without hesitating. Yes, promos tend to tease one with their out of context thrown together scenes. I know that all too well. But in this promo she did hesitate. Her finger was flexed on the trigger about to fire, then she removed it and replaced it loosely. She also didn’t look too happy. Not 100% focused. Conflicted maybe?

    But as always it remains to be seen if that’s in that scene or in a (possible) flashback moment, though.

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