NCIS Los Angeles ‘Fighting Shadows’ Picture Review

Uh-oh, what are these guys up to ??

Uh-oh, what are these guys up to ??



Deeks, the lean mean sex machine.

Deeks, the lean mean sex machine.

Who dat ??

Who dat ??

"Three days of hell. I'd rather clean half of Kensi's apartment."

“Three days of hell. I’d rather clean half of Kensi’s apartment.”

Deeks knew better than to comment on the partner switch here...

Deeks knows better than to comment on the partner switch here…

Callen and Deeks talking about "their girls"...

Callen and Deeks talking about “their girls”…

So like Sam assumed it wasn't the C4 that exploded...

So like Sam assumed it wasn’t the C4 that exploded…

"There, that's where I'd be." Nice hint on Kensi's background.

“There, that’s where I’d be.” Nice hint on Kensi’s background.

Hetty baiting Deeks into telling her what he knows about "The Woman"... Nice !!

Hetty baiting Deeks into telling her what he knows about “The Woman”… Nice !!

Sam and Kensi haing *a talk*... and we learn something more about Sam, too.

Sam and Kensi having *a talk*… and we learn something more about Sam, too.

Callen & Deeks finally working together... and they are GOOD !!

Callen & Deeks finally working together… and they are GOOD !!

"This morning's attack will not be the only one today." *gulp*

“This morning’s attack will not be the only one today.” *gulp*

"We're good. Say it." Aww...

“We’re good. Say it.” Aww…

Accusing the FBI to take "confused young man" and "creating their own enemy"...

Accusing the FBI to take “confused young man” and “creating their own enemy”…

The not-so-super-secret Hetty project...

The not-so-super-secret Hetty project…

Kensi's being followed by the Mysterious Lady... mmh...

Kensi’s being followed by the Mysterious Lady… mmh…

Internal Affairs ?? Oi...

LAPD Internal Affairs ?? Oi…

"I learned a long time ago that wearing a suit doesn't make you professional."

“I learned a long time ago that wearing a suit doesn’t make you professional.”

Gotcha !!

Gotcha !!

Even a "Hetty said..." can't stop Kensi & Deeks from leaving together...

Even a “Hetty said…” can’t stop Kensi & Deeks from leaving together…

No chance to call them back... nice twist !!

No chance to call them back… nice twist !!





"That's on you."

“That’s on you.”

"We're partners. And partners work together."

“We’re partners. And partners work together.”

"There's nothing." Anyone else thinks this isn't the whole truth ??

“There’s nothing.” Anyone else thinks this isn’t the whole truth ??

Well, well, let me know what you think about this ep… I personally liked the little tid-bits we learned about our team when they were talking to each other… Also it certainly set the tone for the next episode(s)… I mean: Who doesn’t want to know what Deeks has gotten into here ?? How will it work out for him and Kensi ?? How will the rest of the team react when they find ‘one of their own’ is in trouble ??

34 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Fighting Shadows’ Picture Review

  1. Fenix

    Thank you for another recap sindee, good work as usual.
    Watched episode with huge headache, but after that, my head almost exploded.
    (so please, take my comment, like writing under real pain, not just psychic pain from episode)
    WTF was that?!
    Like I wrote before, with promising promo I always very careful.
    Hetty and her mysterious ways….. again huge mistake.
    Why she not say simply, and clearly “Listen you two, something is goin on in LAPD. For moment I will split you, but when I figured what is it about, I will inform you immediately.”
    If she say it clearly, everyone will be understand and accept it.
    But guess what’s happen, when you say something, without really saying something?
    Well, intelligent and trained agents, after not satisfying answer from them untrustworthy boss, will start them own investigation.
    But no, we get another portion of ….. (self censure for bad word).
    Again Hetty’s most unlogic way, again just breadcrumbs information against full story, again keep team in dark…..
    Willingly and purposely.
    Hetty Hetty, you really good just for bringing bottle for celebration after case.
    Own terrorist created with FBI.
    Well, that’s true, it’s reality.
    Unfortunately for american people, 90% of terrorist attack is under FBI control, and created with FBI.
    And 90% of terrorists is really trained with FBI, for creating own enemies.
    You think, is that easy broke real terrorist like Callen show us?
    They sacrify own families, own blood for them fight….
    Fare away from reality.
    But…. story clearly showed to real terrorist, how they have to act, what for they have to be prepared, whom they don’t have to believe…..nice education lecture for real bombers.
    “Good work boys, good work!”
    Action when Sam jump to another truck was terribly unrealistic.
    Driver don’t seen him in mirror?
    He doesn’t change drive direction, speed… nothing.
    Yes, and I born yesterday…. !
    One realy nice monent was, when had Sam speech with Kensi about his own family.
    Clear and nice, directly from heart.
    I understand, relationship, partnership, friendship…. get some bump on the road.
    No, I am not in stage “can’t wait,” what creators prepare for us, because I have bad feeling about it.
    Another unrealistic creation under good portion of weed? 😉
    I will just wait.
    Writers, please, change weed dealer.
    That low quality stuff is not good for you.
    For your money you deserve something better than that. 🙂

  2. Rhodanos

    I think they won’t be revisiting the Deeks under investigation part until Beacon (Episode 21). Next one appears to be kinda neric and 20 is all Callen.

    As for Deeks lying to Hetty or not telling the whole truth: I’m not so sure. He might have an idea. But to outright lie to Hetty… He was looking her in the eye when he answered her. Never looking away. Either he really doesn’t know or he has a killer pokerface to have pulled that one over on her. He’s good. But is he that good?

    I have a theory what might happen: Starting with Beacon the IA investigation gets official, Deeks might get suspended and relieved of his liaison duties. Whatever might be going on hopefully gives us more Deeks background. He eventually gets cleared during that 3pt story arc, or he gets fired or the liaison position will be terminated. Deeks realizes he has reached his Expiration Date as a detective no matter what comes off the investigation and he remembers telling Kensi that ‘nothing is gonna tear them apart’ and he finally signs those application papers after having had them for almost 4 years to the day. Special Agent Marty Deeks. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?

  3. Lisa

    Has anyone else noticed Callen’s deflecting of Deeks’ question about Joelle? He just said “she is good/great” but nothing about them being great together.
    Just saying…

    1. BW

      I did!

      Though Deeks was fishing, he wanted to see if they knew and more importantly if the reason Hetty separated them because of their relationship.

  4. amyabn

    I really enjoyed the episode. It was great to see Callen and Deeks together, as well as Sam and Kensi. One small gripe in an otherwise awesome episode: Kensi’s comments to Sam about where the Densi relationship is going. I’m hoping they are just playing it as Kensi not willing to admit to herself how much she loves Deeks, but Kensi has never struck me as the casual type. She said all in, and I don’t think she said it lightly. Nice foreshadowing with the parenting conversation. Anyone taking odds that Kensi ends up pregnant by the end of the season?

    Glad everyone is pretty “cool” with their relationship. We’ll see that put to the test in the next few episodes.

    As for the investigation, I think that it will come out that Deeks is protecting Ray from something and is willing to take the fall for it. Hopefully at the 11th hour they will save Deeks from whatever it is, but the damage will be done. Just a guess on my part. Anyway, this episode will go into heavy rotation on my watch list!

  5. Mogorva

    Thanks for the recap sindee.

    Well, it wasn’t what I expected. To be honest, nowhere near that. I’m a little confused though, because we didn’t learn anything significant from Deeks’ past. Unless this story folds into a miniarc like the Hetty-in-DC story at the beginning of the season, it will leave us with more questions than answers. I’m not sure I like that. I was hoping to find out more about Deeks’ past and history. Guess I have to wait.

    This was one of the episodes which was lower on the humor chart but higher on the dramatic chart than the average. It created a solid ground for a longer story, hopefully we will see that already in this season. The new set of partners had some interesting moments with the little heart-to-heart conversations, I really liked those, just like the last scene with Kensi, Deeks and Hetty.

    In my opinion this week’s villain was interesting, I liked that guy’s ability to lie to his interrogators. Of course the happy end had to happen, but after the more serious tone of the whole episode I think it would have had a bigger impact, if Sam fails in convincing the teenagers to stop. Always having the happily ever after is kinda getting boring.

    In overall I give this ep an 8/10. Not perfect, but a really good one.

  6. Mary Kleinsmith

    What I can’t help but wonder is if the LAPD cares about his relationship with Kensi. No, it seems like it would have to be something else that started the investigation – likely something we’ve heard nothing about yet. Nice to hear that Callen and Joelle are still making a go of it. Guess she’s getting to know him pretty well these days. 😉

  7. Sol

    Thank you for your recap, Sindee.
    I liked the episode, especially the new partnerships. But want more Deeks now, I’m so curious about his past.

    (And. I. Want. Ray. Back.)
    Do you hear me, writers? 🙂

  8. Céline Floret

    Thank you Sindee for the recap.

    It was a good episode. I like the new partnerships.
    I think Deeks didn’t tell Hetty because Kensi was with them. I’m sure he perfectly knows why I.A. are investigating on him.

  9. luisa

    There someone think that Deeks ,in the future can leave Kensi again to cause this episode?
    I think he have fear about make a choice between leave his work to LAPD, and leave Kensi, and at finally he choice to leave Kensi, it’s more simple.
    After all he has already said, is and will always be a COP.
    Sorry if i have not written properly, English is not my first lenguage.

    1. Patty

      I don’t think Deeks will choose to leave Kensi because he wants to remain being a cop.
      I think Deeks may return to LAPD not to harm Kensi because of him.

  10. jsm

    Thank you for recap. It is a highlight of the week. I agree that Kensi was with him or at least knows what it is about. I think Hetty’s scheming is going to backfire as the team doesn’t trust her like they used to so won’t listen when they need to. I thought the pawn conversation was interesting. Good to know partnwrs don’t have secrets as seen when Deeks has the card given to Kensi. Great conversation between Sam and Kensi. Wish we had more of Deeks and Callen together. Look forward to more of the story.

  11. VirtualFriend

    This ep should have aired within 2 weeks after ‘Humbug’. This way there is no logical storyline.
    Please don’t ask me to believe that this team of crack agents didn’t know about Densi. Do the writers know what (and in which order) their colleagues write?

    As far as the ep goes, the ‘terrorist of the week’ is getting boring. I would welcome a longer and more complex storyline, so maybe the investigation of LAPD-IA will do just that!

    I found the last 3:30 minutes the most interesting.

    1. Rhodanos

      Thing is, they did know about it. Callen and Sam confirmed it. What I would have been more interested in: When did they find out? When exactly? The only thing I can come up with is the obvious one. At the ice rink. Kissing in public with their team members right there. Hetty knows everything anyway. Leaves Neric.

      As for the IA investigation: Like I already theorized above that will probably the pre-season-final three part story arc starting with episode 21 (Beacon). They have to follow this up. And soon. I had hoped we would get something on Deeks’ past this episode. Since we didn’t that has to be it. I can’t think of anything else that would explain this three part arc relatively soon after they set things up the way they did in this episode.

        1. Rhodanos

          Hmm. Ok. But she could also mean Fighting Shadows with the episode that starts it all. Because it kinda does. The only thing that buggs me with that is the date and time of that tweet and her answer. That looks like right after Fighting Shadows aired on the east coast.

          1. sindee Post author

            yeah, I guess she’s talking abt “Fighting Shadows” to start the arc… as for date & time I think it’s coincidence… 😉

        2. Rhodanos

          If my last post on this comment did come through, sry for double post.

          Let me try again after having read the entire tweet chat. Diana Valentines answer to the question if Beacon starts the arc was no, that starts a few episodes earlier. And despite the timestamps of those tweets being after Fighting Shadows aired on the east coast I think she means this episode. Because it set things up for the ‘3 parter’. And Beacon is not the first part of said ‘3 parter’ but it sets the tone for the at the very least next 2 episodes, which would explain this entire ‘3 parter’ business 🙂

  12. BW

    Thanks Sindee for the pic recap!

    I was wondering if the kids talk allows the backstory of Aiden. I think Sam’s warnings was trying to make them see the long term repercussions if this is anything but serious. Also what that means if it is.

    I think Deeks has an idea. Max Gentry might be around which I think will bring Ray back. I do wonder if Deeks’ father is truly dead? The report Nell was reading mentioned his apparent death.

    I do believe this will tie into the mole story. JPK teased “Beacon” starts a 3 partner/mini arc. I think this blends everyone’s issues into one. “Beacon” already has Joelle part of it.

  13. tara

    totally agree, i think Deeks wasn’t being entirely truthful. you could just see it on his face (kudos to ECO for playing that so perfectly). now the million dollar question what’s the big secret? can’t wait to find out!

  14. BH72

    Thanks sindee for your recap. There have been many interesting comments from people already mentioned above. ECO did post a photo of him with RAY, so we know he does make an appearance, so perhaps this has to do with his best friend from his past. I believe this story arc was suppose to air last season, but due to Daniela’s pregnancy, it got pushed back a season. There are many things that could be the reason behind the I.A. investigation into Deeks and we’ve not seen the end of the mole story or the people behind the attempted kidnapping of Hetty from the beginning of the season. So much to get through by E24, it should be interesting. I am looking forward to each episode as they come with an open mind. This season has been an amazing journey. Kudos to the writers.

    1. Sol

      I didn’t see the photo! So this is the proof, we’ll really see Ray again in this season. Great. I was starting to lose hope. 🙂

      1. sindee Post author

        Careful !! I can’t find it right now but Channon did say (I think it was Instagram) when the pic was posted (by DK originally) that he was “just visiting”… only because “other sites” report it as news now doesn’t make it true necessarily (unfortunately)… #JustSaying
        Also his IMDB entry for this season is gone again… 🙁

        1. Fenix

          Channon Roe is listed for two different episodes.
          I am not some sort of genius, but in my maths, we will see him in “my highly beloved” cliffhanger…. S06E24(?) and S07E01
          And that promise some serious problem with Deeks past.
          Hope for some really twisted story. 😉
          For confirmation, and pictures we have to little but wait.

          1. Mogorva


            NCIS: Los Angeles (TV Series)
            – Merry Evasion (2013) … Ray
            – Plan B (2011) … Ray

            Though I don’t remember him being in the Merry Evasion episode.

          2. Rhodanos

            What Mogrova said. Found on Channon’s IMDB page.
            I can also confirm what sindee said. I only recently read a comment somewhere where it was said Ray will be back, but not this season. I can’t find it right now, though.

            But then there’s also this post found on TV Guide from October 2014:

            2. Ray’s back — and so is Max Gentry. Deeks’ childhood friend, Ray (Channon Roe), will be back later this season, Olsen confirms, and his return will force Deeks to reexamine his alias Max Gentry. “Max is an interesting and dark place for Deeks to go, and I think that — like all [aliases] — is a version of himself that he decided not to be,” Olsen says. “It’s a little too real and taps a little bit too deeply and honestly into his own childhood.”

            3. Deeks’ daddy issues: Through the Ray arc, viewers will learn more about Deeks’ backstory and less-than-ideal upbringing. “Deeks has spent kind of his whole life running from his dad and what his dad represents in his life,” Olsen says. “Every time Ray comes back, he’s confronted with not only Ray but with the person that he could have been if he would have continued the cycle that his father kind of instilled in him.”


          3. amyabn

            It seems that the instagram photos of Eric and Channon have been deleted. I think Eric let the cat out of the bag and now they are backpedalling. At least that’s what I hope. I don’t want Deeks to have horrible skeletons in his closet. Not when he and Kensi have such a good thing going.

  15. Kristy

    I was a bit surprised that they had a story line where Kensi and Deeks thought their relationship was hidden as in the Christmas episode there were right there on the ice kissing with everyone off on the “sidelines”. How did they think they could keep that a secret?
    Anyways good recap loved the episode.
    I like the idea of a Ray storyline that someone mentioned earlier – I guess Deeks would have had to call and say “there is a thing” to Ray and that may have started something
    Well all this speculation I am sure no one is right, we’ll just have to wait and see. Glad we have a episodes now that are new back to back, was getting tired of the one offs.

  16. Linda W

    Thanks for the great picture review, Sindee. I liked this episode quite a bit. The plot is a vehicle for the characters. Granger is not there, and Eric and Nell are just doing their jobs. Hetty has a role here in talking to Deeks and Kensi about the LAPD investigation of Deeks. She says that she will protect them, but to do that Deeks has to tell her if there is something that he knows. By the look on his face, we know that he is hiding something. That will play out in later episodes I am sure. We learn more about Deeks and Kensi’s relationship just as we know that everyone else is aware of it too. We find out Sam’s opinions about it and through that conversation we learn more about him too. Callen and Deeks work well as partners as do Kensi and Sam. Callen’s affinity for interrogation is also on display. There is action, tension and some humour. All in all, I felt that it was another good episode.

  17. Linda

    This episode did bring up a lot of interesting questions for the rest of the season. I’m curious about how everything we have heard about is going to get squeezed in to the handful of episodes that are left. it sounds like we have a big Deeks arc coming, and we were also told there was a big romantic arc coming for Callen. I really try not to speculate anymore, a lot of the press we hear ends up being misleading.

  18. skippy

    Thank you for the recap sindee. I admire your ability to transform nothing or more precisely ‘sheer boredom’ into something with just a few pictures and comments. However it didn’t make it a better episode.
    This was the second episode in a row which was a waste of time IMO. I hope the writers and producers will not have a fall-back to the low quality of season 5.
    Some of the characters tasks were the same as in the previous episodes e.g. Callen stays in the boatshed interrogating the suspect and Sam is out in the field with some action. The case itself was ridiculous constructed only to fall under the Navy jurisdiction.
    I could go on but I better stop here.
    Maybe you should add a lower rating than “OK”, something like “disappointed” in response to #wontdisappoint.

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