NCIS Los Angeles ‘Fighting Shadows’ Sneak Peek II

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith and Miguel Ferrer on CBS Monday’s @10pm.

6 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Fighting Shadows’ Sneak Peek II

  1. Rhodanos

    The team knows. Of course they do. Anything else would not have made any sense, really. My guess is no one mentioned it until now because their personal relationship didn’t affect their partnership or the team. Yet.

    I’m curious to find out why Hetty decided to separate them now. Maybe she knows smth. the team doesn’t that could jeopardize the partners if they were to work this one together. I’m also sure that this ‘we know’ moment will also happen with Kensi and Sam.

    I really like this Deeks/Callen moment though. Callen isn’t angry. He’s sympathetic. Because he’s been there himself. Maybe he’ll even give Deeks some advice.

    Definitely can’t wait for this one!

  2. Yvonné

    I bet this is going to be in my Top 5 this season. Both of their facial expressions are awesome! COD and ECO owned that scene! 🙂

    But Deeks… this is not how you shift attention from you. asking about Joelle…

    1. BW

      I agree about the Joelle comment — No need to ever mention her! 😀

      If Deeks is being investigated then maybe Hetty is trying to keep them safe?

  3. amyabn

    Great scene. Is it Monday yet? I was hoping Deeks would have responded to Callen (after the risk line) that Kensi is worth the risk. Looking forward to a similar scene like Rhodanos said above.

  4. I Feel Possessed

    I wonder if someone from Deeks’ past (e.g. a villain he arrested or got sentenced when he was a lawyer) returns for his revenge, and Hetty splits him and Kensi up to protect them and their relationship?

    I hope Deeks and Callen as partners will be an eye opener – in any way – as the two rarely have any one on one scenes…

  5. Fenix

    Around too promising spoilers I always very careful.
    “Never bless day before dinner.”

    Deeks past, looks like good twist in story.
    Maybe for more than one episode.
    Hopefully it will be better, than that quick (senseless & not properly finished) story with trailor.

    Hetty split Kensi-Deeks for protect them?
    Its possible.
    But Hetty’s way, how to “protect” team, is very questionable, and dangerous.
    If she don’t inform whole team about danger, she purposely and willingly put all of them in beast belly….. again.
    And most important, K&D must have ready “exit strategy” for real danger, because trained operators must have it.
    So…. if Hetty split them, she probably don’t believe them, and that is odd.
    We will see, how she (& creators) screw it now.

    Kensi and Deeks are inteligent, and highly trained operators….well some say it.
    So…. they knows that team know about them.
    They are ready for confrontation.
    They have ready “exit strategy.”
    They talk about it many times before, so they are prepared for almost all situation….
    For that I realy hope, they will not act like surprised teenagers catched “in action.”

    BTW, at tvline is 3rd sneak peek, but still not at youtube.
    “NCIS: LA Sneak Peek: Did Kensi Call Deeks a ‘Sex Machine’? And Bite Him?”

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