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The NCIS: LA season-ender is “out of control,” according to executive producer Shane Brennan. The nail-biter features Callen and Sam “in extreme jeopardy in a place that they’ve never been, and in a situation that appears almost insurmountable for them,” Brennan says. And they can’t turn to Hetty for help because she finds herself dealing with the fallout of her decision to send Kensi to Afghanistan. “The White Ghost has come back to haunt [Hetty] in the finale, and in a very, very bad way,” Brennan teases. On the Deeks-Kensi front, things get extremely awkward when DEA agent Talia returns and has a less-than-warm introduction with Kensi.


12 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Finale Scoop via TV Guide

  1. Debbie

    Good to hear from a character development POV that Hetty has to deal with the outcome of the WG fiasco in the finale.
    I like the character of Hetty very much and dearly hope that Linda Hunt will not be the person to leave the cast (it has been speculated that it might be her for reasons of age – though I wouldn´t subscribe to that).
    Hope there will a whole lot of team bonding.

    Couldn´t care less for that Talia character to return only to pose as a sort of obstacle for Densi. Deeks was so not interested in her. Hope they give her a function valuable for the storyline.
    Let´s concentrate on the team, Mr. Brennan, thank you ; ))


  2. Buffy

    Now that sounds like the NCIS LA I fell in love with!
    I am happy to hear There will be consequenses for Hettys actions. I do love her character, but lately she seems to not have to answer for anythig.
    Kensi can get over herself, after all the digs about nobody sane being attracted to him (the Mexican police chief, Monica etc) I hope she can see just how special their ‘thing’ is.
    Please don’t let it be Sam or Callen that leaves!

  3. DeeksFan

    I am disappointed that the finale involves Sam and Callen. I could swear I read that Mr. Brennan said the finale would involve Callen and Deeks. Did anyone else read that??? Or is this just wishful thinking on my part.

    1. mckenna

      I’ve heard next season will have some of Deeks past and probably more Callen back story (because that got pushed aside for Kensi’s story line to accommodate DR baby).
      I, for one, am excited for this finale. Sounds like it’ll be intense and have a lot going on, and I love Sam/Callen stories so… 😉

      1. Lisa-Marie

        Hey, Mckenna where did you here that with Deeks past and Callen’s back story?
        Can u tell me i mean don’t get me wrong i love Callen and Deeks and i hope they don’t leave but i will love to know.
        THANK YOU ?

        1. mckenna

          Okay, so I just found this article for the first time, but I also remember SB mentioning S6 would explore Deeks’ past in the s4 dvd extras.

          This is where SB said a watershed moment would happen for them both that lasts through the season. I think he was referring to Deeks’ torture that has carried on subtly past ‘Impact’, but nothing about Callen’s past was mentioned after 5×04 so I don’t see how that was a season lasting watershed moment.

          This (and the s4 dvd extras) are places where SB teased a Callen season for s5, which got pushed aside.

          I think all of these plans changed once DR announced her pregnancy, that’s my theory anyway.

          1. Lisa-Marie

            So u don’t think Callen is leaving or Deeks
            They are the only reason why I am watching
            And I think Callen and Deeks should do a case together
            But thank you

        2. mckenna

          To reply to you comment below, I don’t believe they are leaving the show for a second. Both actors love their job, a lot of the audience have become invested in Deeks, and SB said the show is about Callen’s journey, no way he would have Callen leave the show. I don’t think we have to worry about anyone leaving, that spoiler said ‘leave the team’, not show. They’ll probably be back on the team again too anyway. 🙂

  4. Lumy_Mee

    I am happy Hetty will answer for the Afghanistan story. I am so mad at how badly she used Kensi and even more at her behaviour after Kensi was back. Instead of having a proper discussiin with her, offer her some counselling, what did Hetty do? She arrogantly pointed out at Kensi how she was replaced successfully by N ell – so she is not that important after all, then just sent her to Ops as some sort of punishment, with no clear mission (hello, Kensi is a soldier!). She left her without a purpose and with Eric who may be a nice guy, but has no interpersonal skills that could deal with Kensi’s issues. Of course Kensi did not fit in, she felt punished although she had been a victim. I think I am done with Hetty and I think this Hetty needs to go!

  5. BH72

    The season finale sounds very exciting and different from the previous finales, which is refreshing. Everyone panicked when Shane Brennan told us that someone was leaving the team at the end of the season, back at the start of S5. But what everyone is failing to read the word TEAM. Everyone is thinking the show for some strange reason. Don’t panic people. Take deep breaths. You know that Mr Brennan likes to tease the fans. It’s great for the ratings. Perhaps Hetty leaves the team as the fallout over her sending Kensi to Afghanistan to hunt the White Ghost, knowing too well that it was her former fiancé Jack Simon.

    I cannot see Sam and Callen being killed off, seeing they have been from the beginning the main draws for the show. And since the character Marty Deeks came on board, the fan base has grown for the Densi thing. It makes a great story line not to rush this ‘thing’. Its a tease and I would love to see it happen slowly. It would be far more natural that way, as long as they remember the show is a drama show, which involves danger, great big BOOMs, heroism on our team’s part, and plenty of action.

    I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the cast, crew, writers, directors and producers (especially Shane Brennan) for their hard work, long hours that go into each and every episode to entertain us each week, around the world. Without their dedication and hard work, there would be no NCISLA.

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