NCIS Los Angeles “Fish Out Of Water” Picture Recap By @sindee303

Merely a minute in and BOOM... I like this ep already !!

Merely a minute in and BOOM… I like this ep already !!

"So you get your weather forecast from a goundhog. Where to you get your financial advise ? Squirrel?" MUA-HA gotta love Sam's humor !!

So you get your weather forecast from a groundhog. Where to you get your financial advise ? Squirrel?
MUA-HA gotta love Sam’s humor !!

Looky how pride Eric is about his new pipe playing skills... Sweet !!

Looky how pride Eric is about his new pipe playing skills… Sweet !!



Uuh... that girl knows a bodycheck !!

Uuh… that girl knows a bodycheck !!

If this wasn't the ankle but the neck I'd say it was... oh wait, wrong TV show...

If this wasn’t the ankle but the neck I’d say it was… oh wait, wrong TV show…

"I'm a one man army." Yeah, riiight...

I’m a one man army.” Yeah, riiight…

Did she just throw herself in his arms ??

Did she just throw herself in his arms ??

Helicopter crash and missing bodies ? Get out of there, Kens, NOW !!

Helicopter crash and missing bodies ? Get out of there, Kens, NOW !!

"THIS is about THAT." Great Bromance scene !! So Callen is still "dating" Joelle, huh-uh...

“THIS is about THAT.” Great Bromance scene !!
So Callen is still “dating” Joelle, huh-uh…

"You're from Ecuador and you don't speak Spanish?" Shady !!

You’re from Ecuador and you don’t speak Spanish?” Shady !!

Hetty's Godson? Hetty really is the "Master of the Universe"...

Hetty’s Godson? Hetty really is the “Master of the Universe”…

Glad her story turned out to be made up... would have been to cliché...

Glad her story turned out to be made up… would have been too cliché…

Hetty was there when they invented the Internet ?? Why am I not surprised...

Hetty was there when they invented the Internet ?? Why am I not surprised…

Finally... the White Ghost !!

Finally… the White Ghost !!

Wow, who is this guy that let's Kensi disobey Granger's direct order ??

Wow, who is this guy that lets Kensi disobey Granger’s direct order ??



"Clippers' Game?" ECO ad-lib ??

Clippers’ Game?
ECO ad-lib ??

Wow, *someone*'s shaken up...

Wow, *someone*’s shaken up…

Niiice distraction !!

Niiice distraction !!



Is her story a forecast of what's to come for Kensi & Deeks ??

Is her story a forecast of what’s to come for Kensi & Deeks ??

Who's up for a Sushi party ??

Who’s up for a Sushi party ??

Waiting for Kensi to show up... aww... Where is she ??

Waiting for Kensi to show up… aww…
Where is she ??

This was my recap of last night’s NCIS Los Angeles episode “Fish Out Of Water”…
What are your thoughts about the episode ?? Let us know in the comments.

There might be some discussion popping up about the character of “Jack” and the upcoming Afghanistan storyline so beware of spoilers in the comment section… #justsaying 🙂

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41 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Fish Out Of Water” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. Evi

    So where do I begin?
    Let’s start with the “surprise”. To be honest with you guys I never thought that Jack would be the Ghost. It was just too obvious. I even considered an ex-partner. Anyway, I’ll get what they give us and I am sure they will make the best of it.

    I didn’t quite like the girl (I think Tania was her name). I was too pissed at Hetty for assigning Deeks yet another partner to pay attention to her name.
    For me, she was a combination of bad ass Kensi, but with the flirty and “row” attitude of Monica. I hated how she threw herself to him with every chance she got. I mean come on? Rub her leg? At least he didn’t hold her in his hands or much worse…kiss her. Yes, I feared towards the end that she would lean in and kiss him. Good girl you didn’t cause that guy is taken.
    I have a bad feeling the whole conversation about work vs relationship is another foreshadowing.

    I fell so bad for Deeks in the end. Without uttering a word his facial expressing did the talking. At least now we know for sure that they keep in touch. If Kensi doesn’t contact him for a while he will surely become suspicious and I am looking forward to the moment he finds she’s gone missing.

    I am happy that Jack is exactly how I pictured him to be. The exact opposite of Deeks.

    So, Callen has a girlfriend now? Is it canon?

    And to quote Deeks “Six more weeks of winter”
    What a line!!!

  2. Anne

    I absolutely loved this episode! I thought it was such fun and very entertaining. It seemed everyone was thoroughly enjoying what they were doing and the humour was so wonderful. Coming from a cold country, I loved the jab at Los Angeles breeding ‘weather wimps’! It was all-around just a wonderful episode with everything I love about this show

    And I really liked Talia. She reminded me a lot of Kensi but in a good way and I loved all the scenes she had with Deeks. I miss the Kensi/Deeks dynamic and the episode provided some of that. I didn’t get the vibe that she was flirting with him but rather that it was her kind of humour – I think she’d have swatted him if he would’ve tried giving her a foot rub!

    And the Afghanistan story line: Holy smoke! I am sooo excited about it. I always suspected the white ghost would be Jack but I can’t wait to see how this will turn out. I mean what is going on!

    So kudos to everyone on NCIS:LA for bringing an A+++ episode!

  3. Spokoze

    5×16 Fish out of Water was a fun episode.
    Aside from the continuing ‘White Ghost’ bs that just drones on and on….it was spectacular!
    Truly, would have been so much better to have just given DR some FML and called it good.
    Clearly those that foresaw -Jack- being our White Ghost nailed that one.

    Was pleased that an attractive woman–and Deeks had embryonic chemistry…been calling for that since Frozen Lake…seriously….because that is so how real life is…..and I love Densi! But hot sexy ladies just seem to appear out of thin air when you’re where Deeks is…(or where he was….)
    Keep thinking/saying that Deeks is getting proved by this time with Kensi away…a lesser man would have had provided deep tissue.
    Hard not to touch.
    Mercedes Masohn did a great job as Nina/Talia.
    Perhaps we will see her as a recurring character…like Sabatino, who we didn’t see in this episode…..and now know for sure isn’t dirty.
    More good dialog between G and Sam. There banter was great and had me laughing a time or two.

  4. tati

    First of all, I didn’t like the fact that Hetty assigned that DEA agent to be Deeks’ partner. He has a partner and she is the best one. Secondly, why she said ”Goodnight partner”. She is not and she will never be Deeks’ partner. Thirdly, at the beggining I was 100 percent sure that Jack is the ghost. But the way Kensi loooked at him made me believe that probably he is. If I were Kensi, I would have taken that shot. The guy just left her one morning and he disappeared. Generally speaking it was a good episode!!!! Can’t wait to see what will happen to the next. Kensi disappears. Probably checking on the White Ghost and making sure that she saw was true.

    1. Evi

      I absolutely agree. I didn’t like at all the “Goodnight partner” and the punch. But I loved how Deeks never fell for her flirt and remained loyal (although I got a bit angry when he said he is a one man army).

      I was always against the idea of Jack being the Ghost. Too obvious. I hope there is more hiding and nothing is what it seems.
      Now the big question (one of many) is…did Hetty suspect Jack? And if she did, then why did she send Kensi?
      A lot of explaining to do!

      1. tati

        I don’t think Hetty suspected Jack. And even if she did she wouldn’t send Kensi and I don’t think she knows that Kensi was engaged. Well it’s Hetty she knows everything (according to Nell, 5×10).

  5. Wendi Pugh

    I wasn’t sure how this episode was going to turn out by the look of the preview. “Their fishiest case ever?” Sounded so hoakey. But I was pleasantly surprised. Loved that they partnered Deeks up with the DEA agent. You could tell that she kind of liked him but is such a tough girl, she would never admit it. I liked that she called him partner at the end. Reminds me and I’m sure him, of when Kensi calls him that. The look of longing on his face was great.

    G and Sam are so funny together. I just love their banter and how Sam is always looking out for G.

    I was hoping that Jack would be the “White Ghost”. What a story twist for Densi. I am really excited to see what Kensi is going to do. This is a man she was going to marry and he hurt her in the worst way. Not sure if she will be pissed or concerned when she finally comes face to face with him.

    All in all, I loved this episode.

  6. Charla

    Thanks Sindee for the screencaps. I always enjoy them. I liked this episode, not as much as last week, but it was still good. This week I actually enjoyed the White Ghost story more than the LA one.
    Maybe someone can help me. Is Jack really the White Ghost or is that what everyone is guessing? I just didn’t know if I might have missed something.
    I think we can all agree that Kensi and Deeks are good together, and nobody can take her place as Deeks partner. But I thought that the DEA agent was a good substitute. I thought she kind of through herself at him a little, which I thought was annoying because it felt a little highschoolish. But she was a confident and could hold her own in the field which I liked.
    The Sam and G banter, always good. I also thought there was a lot of Hetty one liners. My absolute favorite part of the show.
    On a side note I kind of wonder how the season finale is going to go.

  7. Jericho Steele

    I thought the “Their Fishiest Case Ever” line might have been … well … fishy, but this turned out to be one of the better ones of this season.

    Sam and Callen were great, as usual, and I think it’s cool that Callen is dating and trying his best to keep Sam in the dark about his ‘private life’.

    The female DEA agent threw me for a bit but she turned out to be a good sounding board for Deeks … and yes, I fear that their conversation about chosing the job over a relationship is a foreshadowing of the Kensi/Deeks ‘Frozen Lake’.

    I thought it was ironic that when Kensi had to ‘take the shot’, she blew it just like she punched Deeks for doing. I’m not sure if the White Ghost is ‘Jack’ but she was certainly flustered when confronted my Granger. She not only disobeyed a direct order, she’s now lied to her superior about it. I just hope that no other US troops aren’t killed by the Ghost … that could lead to a lot of guilt and regret, not to mention charges of treason or even giving aid and comfort to the enemy for Kensi.

    If this really is ‘Jack’ … there are so many issues that could come from this, that it boggles the mind …

    Will she complete her mission and kill him or will she try to bring him in alive? (Personally, I think that’s why she disappears, to hunt him down and have a face to face chat with her former fiance)

    Will the LA team have to travel to Afghanistan to rescue Kensi and what will they find when they do?

    If ‘Jack’ comes back with her, who will she choose? Her past or her future?

    Will she realize that she can’t have Deeks as her partner and lover and decides to walk away from her ‘frozen lake’?

    Is ‘Jack’ really the bad guy or just a scapegoat for someone else? (I’m still worried about Sabatino and not in a good way.)

    Did Hetty know it was ‘Jack’ Kensi was being sent to kill?

    We’re winding down to the end of season five and where this is all going is purely guess work at this point. I thought last season couldn’t be topped but I’m happy that the wonderful people over at NCIS: Los Angeles are proving me wrong.

    C ya next time.

    Semper Fi


  8. Linda

    Thanks Sindee for a great recap as usual. I really enjoyed this episode. I found it fun and entertaining from Sam and Callen’s banter to the ” red herring ” joke by Deeks. I must say that ECO has a real talent for comedy. His facial expressions say everything. The bombing/drug/terrorist plot was realistic I thought,and I did like the DEA agent. I hope she appears again sometime. I thought that she was a woman who wanted to appear strong and found it difficult to act normally in any other kind of setting.The plot in Afghanistan moved forward with the discovery of the ” White Ghost” and Kensi’s reaction
    We also learned a little more about Hetty and her role with the internet and her family relationships, other than with NCISLA that is. We also learned that Callen is still dating Joelle. That is fine but do we have to be reminded about it every episode?
    I am really looking forward to the rest of the season just like everybody else.

  9. skippy2105

    Thank you for your review sindee. But you know what? I would love to read what you are thinking about this ep (and all the ones before). Not just the recap but actually your thoughts. One time hopefully ;-))

    I think we get used to the episode on the average level. This was not bad but nothing to rave about.

    I like the 3 guys together, they are really fun to watch.
    And the dialog Raul and Sam had at the boatshed was honest. Both sides have killed innocent women and children. The fact that Sam and Callen were silent and had nothing to say to this showed that they agreed to it.
    The banter Sam and Callen had in this episode was good though not really enough. More please.

    The WG story I agree with SPOKOZE. It drones. Thankfully only 2 or 3 more episodes. And I hope that it will be it. I don’t care if Deeks and Kensi are together. Let them be (or not) but don’t let it be the main case for an episode.
    The same goes for Callen and Joelle. Though I think it is kind of sad and disappointing that they might change the character of G. Callen. He is supposed to be an loner and driven by the need to search for his family.

    I know that this won’t be my favorite season. I am hoping for season 6. Maybe and hopefully they will skip the soap thing and go back to the classics next year.

    1. Charla

      I agree skippy. I want to hear more about Callen’s search for his family, and who he is. Ok he’s dating that’s fine but I don’t want to hear about it in every episode. I think once Kensi is back with the team everything will get back to “normal.”

  10. blue dogs rock!!!!!

    overall i liked this episode. sam and callen banter amusing and wonderful as always!! just wanted to give deeks a hug. kensi and deeks will either be stronger after this or they is going to be a fallout with the WG. would like to see kensi back.

  11. TheKay79

    As I haven’t seen the ep yet, I apologize for my comment that is probably out of context…but I need to leave my thoughts on the whole Callen dating thing.

    A man has his needs, even our Special Agent…so why not let him have some fun. But I agree that this isn’t necessarily a part of the story to tell about Callen. I mean his search for his identity, which makes him the lone wolf we know, has to be his main focus besides the cases, right?

    So why do the writers introduce Joelle? Besides the fact that the whole story might add to the Callen/ Sam relationship (Sam caring for Callen’s happiness, a lady is a great reason for banter….) this seemingly uninteresting storyline might lead to some major incident. Didn’t Janvier threaten to kill people that Callen loves? I guess his nemesis will have a try in the future…and we can’t loose a team member, can we?

    Otherwise, dear writers, if you really have fluffy romance in stock for our fearless leader…no thank you!

    1. skippy2105

      Yeah, I was thinking the same at first. But for Janvier it is a too short period of time to find the real identity of Sam and Michelle, put a Joelle into their daughters school as a teacher, make friends with the Hanna couple and go on a date with Callen.

      I was more into the Comescu feud and thought of Ilena (happily married in Argentina and wants nothing to do with the family). But what I said about the Janvier and the plot is the same with Ilena or any other Comescu because it was not so long ago that they failed again to kill Callen. So no time to built up something like this.

      But the major point to these thoughts is that Hetty knows about Joelle and I am pretty sure she would make a background check on her before she would allow Sam to set Callen up on the date.

    2. LasiaMsinred

      Your idea about the “uninteresting storyline turning into an incident” scared me….because you actually could be right. I hope you’re not because that MIGHT indicate that we’re going to see a grieving Callen all Season 6 ….No,to that.
      I totally agree with you on the “a man has his needs” aspect and I think it’s not the actual fact about him dating that is making some of us mad,including me,is that Sam(well, not just him) is literally pushing Joelle on him.We’ve seen him kissing Rita,in character,and we knew/understood it wasn’t a big deal.
      Yes,you’re right it causes great banter which I love but it’s taking a wrong direction.
      I would have been ok with it if he had met a woman on his OWN and if they gently indicated that he might be seeing her like by Callen’s: “No,I can’t.I have plans.” or Sam asking why he couldn’t reach him over the weekend.Something that leaves room for imagination and is not that obvious. He might have been with a woman OR he might have been trying to find out more about his father ;);)
      Thank you for your comment and THANK YOU for saying it: NO fluffy romances.

  12. vasohara

    ok now i believe “hetty knows who jack is and send kensi at this mission for to close this in her mind and move on “also when kensi is back i have a strong feeling that deeks maybe try leave from the ncis for lapd or dea i dont know but maybe we see something like this if things with kensi get difficult.

  13. Kaelyss M

    Hey guys I really need to talk aboout this!! Remember the guy Kensi was supposed to shoot? Well, she obviously knew him from her past and they might have been pretty close given her reaction after that. This’ got me wondering who that man mystery guy could be. What if he was Kensi’s fiancée… that would explain her reaction. So do you guys think??

  14. mckenna

    I thought this would be more of a filler episode, so I was pleasantly surprised at how great it was. Callen and Sam’s banter was as great as always, but Callen dating just seems odd to me. I enjoyed the last scene where they’re trying to get Deeks to come with them, loving the three of them together. Hetty was awesome as well, of course she was there when the internet was invented! :)The part where Callen spoke spanish and the guy didn’t know what he said and then when Sam caught him in the boatshed were very funny and well done, enjoyed those too. And the final takedown? Wow, what an explosion!
    I really enjoyed Talia’s character, although I’m sure some would disagree. I think some didn’t like her because Hetty called her Deeks’ partner, and Kensi is his partner. Well of course Kensi is his partner! That’s not going to change just because they have a joint operation with the DEA. Deeks needs a partner when they go out in the field while Kensi is gone, and it wasn’t any different than the past few episodes where he keeps getting a new partner. I saw her as a tough, capable agent who was just being herself around Deeks and was joking/playing with him more than flirting. I enjoyed her character and think she would fit well working again with the team in the future.

  15. diane

    I wasn’t a fan of the episode. I thought the case was uninteresting and didn’t like the lady DEA agent. There were a few cute banter scenes between Sam and Callen, but that all I really liked. Hoping the Afghanistan storyline picks us soon.

  16. Chris

    Ok, there’s something else about this episode that bothered me, and I only noticed one slight mention of it….since when is Deeks a federal agent? When Nina/Talia pushed passed him, Sam and Callen got on her for assaulting a federal agent, and at one point of Deeks and Talia talking, he said he used to be LAPD. Since when? It was a huge deal when Hetty asked Deeks to resign from LAPD and become an agent. He turned her down because “it’s who I am”. So why the silent flip?

  17. Fenix

    Everyone here thinks, that Jack, Kensi’s fiancée is white ghost.
    Yes yes, everything looks like that.
    Is too easy, to obvious, too clear.
    I hope, everyone here is wrong, and writers have for us BIG surprise.
    Because Jack aka white ghost, is too cheap.

    And if i’m right, then stay Kensi before Sophie’s choice.
    That’s will be hard for everyone, and kick “Densi” up to next level.

    I still hope for heart stopping surprise. 😉

    What are you think?

  18. I Feel Possessed

    Very interesting comments from everyone. I really enjoyed this episode, it was funny, back to the old S1 banter with Sam & Callen. Deeks had some great lines but showed how he has matured as an investigator during his interactions with the DEA agent Talia. In fact the way he treated her reminded me of how the team treated him at first – didn’t let him in, had to remind Deeks they’re interested in the bigger picture etc.

    And yes, it’s OK for Callen to have a love interest and I also think she’s been introduced and continually mentioned for reasons more than for comedic moments among the team. I hope Janvier won’t yet again be in involved with the S5 finale, although he will obviously return to wreak his revenge on Callen and those he loves…

    I’m so glad the Afghan storyline with Kensi has started to move forward (can’t understand those that didn’t get that from this episode). If the White Ghost is Jack, it’s a shame as it’s been an ongoing rumour for months. But they still have a mole…that analyst? Or maybe Sabatino after all – although I hope not.

    And yes, I’m still yearning for more Callen-centred stories that are NOT to do with his love life. Enough of the soap opera stories, give me some of the action like in the early seasons!

    1. densidream

      Right, the mole! Totally forgot about that!
      I was also thinking that, while it’s clear that the guy Kensi was about to shoot is Jack, we dont’t necessarily know for sure that Jack is the white ghost. It could still be someone else.
      But I also realize that this isn’t very likely since it would create the question What on earth ist Jack doing in Afghanistan?

  19. blue dogs rock!!!!!

    would like to know more on how callen’s quest to find out who he is!!!where was sabatino this episode there is still something going on with him!!!great episode!! i like sam & callen and deeks working together better!! like to know more deek’s past as well

  20. Jan

    I enjoyed this episode. The promo indicated that it would be a fun episode, and by and large it was. It’s nice to have Deeks getting some respect from the guys, and from the DEA agent as well (although I could have done without the initial push past him, but the writers just can’t seem to resist Deeks getting pushed around by a woman.) Overall, I liked Talia, and I didn’t feel any resentment that Hetty referred to her as Deeks’ partner. After all, she referred to the kid in Allegiance as Deeks’ partner (albeit temporary) and that wasn’t a problem, so why should this be? I wouldn’t mind seeing Talia back again, but only in a professional context. She was too much like Kensi for my liking.

    The bromance felt natural and unforced in this episode, although I don’t really care about the whole Joelle thing. It was already getting on my nerves in the first episode with the blind date thing, and now I’ve just had enough. I always enjoy Sam though, so it gives him something to tease Callen about.

    As for the Afghanistan arc, I still don’t think that Jack will turn out to be the Ghost. But he’ll be in the mix somehow. I understand that handling DR’s pregnancy and maternity was a logistical challenge, but I’m ready for this arc to conclude. My only fear is that this is going to mess up Densi (both the personal and professional partnership) and that Deeks will be the one who suffers. ECO does angst really well, so I’m sure he will rock those scenes, but I’m still sad to think Deeks might get his heart broken.

  21. jsm

    I heard them say federal agent but it went over my head until I read the comments. It would make sense as they need to get him overseas. Since Kensi and Deeks keep in contact it might not be a surprise to her. I hope it is not Jack as the WG and he has been on a mission. It would complicate the thing. I think the knofe will come into play. So, Callen’s girl might be a target later on. Hetty mentioned in one episode that Callen needed a family. Is she trying to bring closure before she leaves? Though she sends lots of mixed messages just look at Densi relationship. Nothing is clear with her so there is more to the story.

  22. Sol

    Booker the analyst the real White Ghost? Hmmmm, I’d like it! 😀

    If he was the WG, first of all, he found informations about the new sniper, Kensi Blye. (I remember Granger and Hetty with Kensi’s photos).
    So, Booker/WG could have find out about her ex-fiancé and marine!, Jack.
    And that’s the plain: find a way to involve this marine, because if she sees him and she thinks that he’s the man she must kill, she won’t. I mean, she will be confused! And, more important, she won’t complete the mission fast.

    My two cents. I’d like this possibility especially because Jack in Afghanistan is an unbelievable and absurd coincidence!
    It must be a plain behind his appearance. Someone must know about him and his past with the sniper.
    Or it will be like: “Oh, hi Jack, you too in Afghanistan, uh? The world is a very small little ball, isn’t it?”

    Anyway, just my two cents.

  23. Sol

    Sorry, I complete the comment.
    Meet Jack in Afghanistan and not in LA is already a big big coincidence (months ago, when I read about his appareance, I thought about him visiting some their “special place”, a theatre, a beach).
    But meet him because you are a sniper and he is your target, no, it’s unbelievable.
    There is just a way: no coincidence at all. Booker/WG, or Sabatino, it doesn’t matter. It just can’t be a coincidence.


  24. Lumy Mee

    Great recap, thank you!
    I think Hetty and Granger know about Kensi’s connection to the WG and this is why they sent her on the mission – it was probably a desperate move, and not something they would have done, had they had other solutions. I don’t think Hetty would want Kensi to know about Jack’s new status, but she had to.
    Kensi’s hesitation on the other hand, may come not from her feelings for Jack, but more from her lack of trust in Granger + maybe she thought Jack was there undercover (once they were so close and maybe she has trouble with believing he could change from hero to villain).

  25. Sol

    Well, if Hetty knew about Jack and sent Kensi in such a dangerous situation without informing her, it’d be very sad and quite horrible.
    I understand the importance of the missions. I understand the desperation. But you send your agent with past connection with a villain to kill him (or spy him), and you don’t inform her?
    I can imagine Deeks’ reaction. If I was him, I don’t know if I could trust or respect Hetty anymore. Even if I was Kensi.
    But it could be, yes.
    And it’d be the simplest solution. Not Jack sent to Afghanistan to make the sniper confused, but send a sniper that knew this guy.
    Hetty and Granger were more mysterious than ever, yes, like they knew something.
    And in the interviews the writers say that this mission will impact all the team.
    Maybe because the guys will know about Hetty and Granger’s dangerous decisions? About playing again with them?

    Wow. How many theories! I’m even more curious now. Thanks!


  26. densidream

    I agree with some of you that Talia was quite like Kensi in several ways. In fact, when I first heard her voice, saying “I told you that I worked here!” she sounded so much like Kensi that it had me confused for a second.
    I think it might have been a test for Deeks from the writers: give him an attractive, tough woman as his partner and see how he reacts. I meaan, let’s be honest, 2 or 3 seasons ago he totally would’ve flirted with her endlessly, with or without Kensi nearby. But now, Deeks seemed to send out this vibe “sorry, I’m taken” and turned her down every time she tried to make a move, like throw herself in his arms (great comment on that picture, sindee 😉 ) or when she asked him to massage her leg.
    BTW, I loved ECO’s acting here regarding facial expressions: how he perked up with surprise when Talia asked him to rub her leg, it seemed to me like there he was reminded of Kensi, as if she is the only person who would (be allowed to) ask him something like that (maybe). And in the last scene, poor Deeks, you could see the disappointment as his face dropped when Kensi didn’t answer. I wonder if she was already missing at that moment?
    Anyway, that’s why I kinda liked Talia, because she tested Deeks and he passed. But I also noticed for myself how it keeps getting harder to remember how it was when Kensi and Deeks were partners and always together. With an episode only every 2 or 3 weeks, it really feels like months that Kensi is gone, and I’m somehow getting used to that. I mean, Deeks did pretty well with his changing partners til now.
    But that’s exactly why I need this separation thing to be over soon. I need them to get back together and give me the unique Kensi/Deeks dynamic! I’m excited what will happen with Jack and Kensi missing until then, and how things will turn out for everybody when Kensi finally does come back. Somehow I’m fearing that she will be the one then that is suffering from PTSD.

    And to the Afghanistan storyline: I don’t think, Hetty or Granger suspected Jack to be the WG or to be in Afghanistan at all, because if they did know and 1. Kensi’s personal connection was important they could’ve sent her right away instead of getting someone else beheaded, or 2. if the personal connection would mean danger, they wouldn’t have sent her.

    At last, I also don’t know what to make of Callen’s relationship with Joelle. Will it be important for some future storyline? Was Callen just lonely long enough and the writers feel that he needs somebody at his side? Or does Callen see at the Densi example how nice it can be to have someone? Whatever, let’s see how that turns out…

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