NCIS Los Angeles ‘Forest For The Trees’ Picture Recap

When was it ever a good sign when our agents showed up before the intro ?? Oh right... NE-VER !!

When was it ever a good sign when our agents showed up before the intro ?? Oh right… NE-VER !!

Told ya !!

Told ya !!

What is it with Deeks and his life-changing, world-saving attitude at the moment ??

What is it with Deeks and his life-changing, world-saving attitude at the moment ??

'Negative Nelly' *snort*

‘Negative Nelly’ *snort*

"It's frozen." "Kensi Blye Guarantee."

“It’s frozen.”
“Kensi Blye Guarantee.”

Oh, she's got you on that 'home cooked Italian meal', Deeks.

Oh, she’s got you on that ‘home cooked Italian meal’, Deeks.

'Bout time they're missing their colleagues.

‘Bout time they’re missing their colleagues.

Three lines in and I have the feeling I saw Hetty more than in recent episodes altogether...

Three lines in and I have the feeling I saw Hetty more than in recent episodes altogether…

Anyone else remember the filming of when Dom was missing and someone was bitten by the show rats ??

Anyone else remember the story of filming when Dom was missing and someone was bitten by a rat ??



Eric & his babbling

Eric & his babbling

"You pissed somebody off recently?" "Only Michelle." HA HA !!

“You pissed somebody off recently?” “Only Michelle.” HA HA !!

"Good thing one of us isn't into pumpin iron."

“Good thing one of us isn’t into pumping iron.”

"Good thing one of us IS into pumping iron."

“Good thing one of us IS into pumping iron.”

A tunnel !! Sam's face says it all...

A tunnel !! Sam’s face says it all…

That screwdriver convo... soooo Callen & Sam !!

That screwdriver convo… soooo Callen & Sam !!

At least a small lead...

At least a small lead…

WOAH !! Not so easy afterall...

WOAH !! Not so easy afterall…

Luckily G can 'do fast' !!

Luckily G can ‘do fast’ !!

This guy real or not ??

This guy real or not ??

Now that's a real 'home office'... no ?? ;)

Now that’s a real ‘home office’… no ?? 😉



Woah.. so that's the real... Who's the guy with Callen & Sam ??

Woah… so that’s the real… Who’s the guy with Callen & Sam ??

'Nature calls' my a**

‘Nature calls’ my a**

He feels the same way... AWW !!

He feels the same way… AWW !!

Ouch !!

Ouch !!

"Your cook sucks." hehe...

“Your cook sucks.” hehe…

Meet the cook... lol

Meet the cook… lol

Uh-oh... that's some heavy fire power...

Uh-oh… that’s some heavy fire power…

That's not the location where Granger, Kensi & Deeks are at... phew !! But it does look a lot like the fountain at headquarters, right ?? ;)

That’s not the location where Granger, Kensi & Deeks are at… phew !!
But it does look a lot like the fountain at headquarters, right ?? 😉



Sam loves his Laurel & Hardy.

Sam loves his Laurel & Hardy.

Nobody liked Deeks' Swedish Nachos...

Nobody liked Deeks’ Swedish Nachos…

...except for Granger...

…except for Granger…

...and it makes perfect sense !!

…and it makes perfect sense !!

Wow, another ‘different’ episode but I really really liked it… Gil Grant did write another masterpiece and Lady Di rocked that directing… More of this please !! What do you think ??

14 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Forest For The Trees’ Picture Recap

  1. tati

    To be honest, I liked it when Granger was the evil and bad guy. In last night’s episode, he was so kind at the end and it felt weird, very weird.

    1. Sol

      I liked the hug in the last episode and now the nachos’ scene. I’m curious to see how Granger will react when Deeks will “make a lot of mistakes” in the next episodes.

  2. Claire

    After the last week’s disappointing episode was this a really really good one. The argument about the screwdriver, Sam and Callen acting like a married couple… And poor Sam in a tunnel. First the submarine, then the tunnell at Hetty’s house, he needs a break 🙂

  3. I Feel Possessed

    Sam and Callen were great together as usual, although I twigged pretty early on that their “cell” was designed to be easy for them to escape from (their hands were not tied). And I instantly thought the NSA agent was a fake (probably helped by the fact that i read the press release & characters/guest cast!) The dig about Sam pumping iron made me laugh aloud when he pulled the unit and Callen out the way to get the screwdriver. And the subsequent screwdriver conversation with Callen winding Sam up was great too.

    There were tiny revelations about Kensi and Deeks’ relationship – cooking meals or pretending to – ready to step up a gear for the next Dave Kalstein penned episode maybe? And I was nearly fooled by the restaurant scene/meeting.

    Granger stating he felt the same as the rest of the team about the missing Sam/Callen (not sure I 100% believe that), but he was a little too friendly and enthusiastic for the man we love to hate at the end.

    We had “nervous” Eric and I can’t even remember Nell from this episode (not bothered by that, personally).

    Overall I enjoyed it a lot – more plot driven than character driven. My instinctive criticism would be the end with Callen’s flashback & explanation of finding the guns etc. as this felt rushed, like they ran out of time. 44 mins is just not long enough!!! We must be due another two parter – before the season finale?

    What about the mole? What was the outcome of the investigation into Hetty/White Ghost? Season 6 theme of fathers & family? I wonder what else is to come?

  4. Rayanne

    Thank you for the recap. This was a great episode. I loved the Callen and Sam scenes and felt for Sam in the tunnel as I would feel the same way. My favorite part was when the bad guy looked up with his gun and Callen had one pointed right at him. Go Callen! Felt bad that no one liked Deeks’ nachos but they didn’t really sound that great. Overall good episode. I could have done without the rat though. Yuck!!!

  5. Mogorva

    Thank you for the recap sindee.

    I really enjoyed the episode. Not as good as last week’s, but definitely one of the best episodes of this season. Overall I give it an 8/10.
    Less character centered than the last one, but I liked the little revelations about Deeks and Kensi.
    It was a little predictable (cell escape, impostor) and I agree whith the last part feeling a little rushed. I think in general this episode was a lot lighter than the last one. I’m not sure, why I liked it this much, because it didn’t have any outstanding features, but it came together very nicely.

  6. BH72

    Thanks, sindee for your recap, always full of humour and the feel of the viewers from watching the episode.

    I enjoyed the team work in this episode, with Callen and Sam trapped together and Deeks and Kensi off looking for them, then being pulled off looking for them to support Granger. I was curious to know why Callen and Sam’s photos needed to be up on the screen, seeing the team knew who they were and looked like. Lol! I suppose it’s part of protocol, whenever an agent(s) goes missing. I have to say, I was impressed on how Sam and Callen figured it out so quickly that this guy was not the real NSA agent. I suppose Callen found his cell and gun before he unlocked the door to let Sam and the fake NSA guy in?

    It was good to bring back references from the past, like Sam’s fear of tight spaces (when he was buried alive and stuck in the submarine). It makes the story credible.

    It was probably a good thing that it was Deeks cooking and not Kensi, from what we gather, she’s not much of a cook.

    The ending with Granger going for the swedish nachos, Hetty set him up good for that one, she must have known that no one liked them, but her comment to Granger earlier had the Assistant Director fooled. It was good to see Hetty back to her old form. Have missed her character recently.

    It’s rare for us to have an episode where Callen and Sam only appear at the end with the rest of the team, curious to know if other commitments influenced this in the story.

    Sam and Callen’s banter was the best and I liked the Negative Nelly comment by Deeks. It was good to see the writers continue to humour us in each episode.

    1. BW

      I just rewatched this episode, and found myself truly enjoying this episode! I liked how the Team even separated, act as a unit. Deeks calling S&C their partners, Densi immediately calling them, then going to Neric to follow up their suspensions.

      Granger at the end was pitiful, him needing/wanting to be part of the group. Aw.

      I did wonder like you BH72, why their pictures needed to be up there. Did they forget what the look like? LOL!

  7. skippy

    Thank you for the recap sindee, great as always. The one I like the most was just one word “FRIZZLE”.
    This episode was good and bad. It was good thanks to the banter all team members had with their partners. It was really funny and so in character. I loved them all.

    It was bad because the storyline had so many aspects that were so wrong like ISIS had a meticulous planning for this but left the darts and the grenade at the street, didn’t check the garage at the NSA HQ, left the phone and the loaded guns at the house….
    Also why didn’t the fake Samir shoot Callen and Sam in the forest after he received the information about the meeting? He knew both of them were unarmed. Also why didn’t he just knock Sam out with a brick at the house while Callen was inside? I mean it was the ISIS cell, right? If you check the news you know they are not known for the kindness but their brutality and wouldn’t falter to kill at any point.

    So my wish still stands, a really intelligent and evil adversary (like Janvier) would be great.

  8. Richtsje

    This episode was one of those I loved (imo season 6 has so many great episodes indeed!). The fact that it was about an IS-group was less relevant, it might have been Mexican drug dealers or whatever.
    The twist of understanding that Sam and Callen knew that this fake-Samir was fake so soon was a great one.
    All in all, I loved the plot and the partners’ discussions (Sam&Callen, Deeks&Kensi and Hetty&Granger who acted as some sort of partners too).

    Sure, some things didn’t make sense – weapons, Phone and screwdriver are normally not to be found near the ones you’d want to keep emprisoned. And Samir could easily have got rid of Callen and Sam, if he wanted. But those things aren’t the ones I focus on: the storyline and acting and scenery were so good!

  9. Linda

    Thanks for your recap Sindee. I really enjoyed this episode. It seemed to be paced differently a little bit more subtle. There was action, tension and of course humour. Again every member of the team was involved as well. I think most of us could figure out the plot twists before they happened, but that didn’t spoil the show for me. It was nice to see Granger admit that he did care about the team and hilarious to see that he was the only one who seemed to like Deek’s cooking. I did feel sorry for Deeks when everyone complained about his cooking though. As a Callen/Sam fan, I have to say the funniest part for me was the screwdriver scene in the tunnel. I laughed out loud at their conversation. Talk about an old married couple! It is nice to see that their banter/bromance is alive and well. I also enjoyed the Kensi and Deeks moments when they were in OPS and when they went after the guy in the water. They also knew that they had to back Granger up, which they did nicely.I think that you are right about seeing Hetty more this time. Nice to see her back. Eric and Nell did their jobs this time, but there wasn’t anything extraordinary, except Eric does have a tendency to babble when nervous. All in all, everyone must be congratulated on the show.

  10. LasiaMsinRed

    Finally commenting.
    Great recap, Sindee! I’m glad you picked the screen cap of G’s and Sam’s photo up in OPS. Yes, I do agree with some comments which claim that it’s kinda weird since the team know how these two look like BUT for me added a bit of dramatic effect & showed fast the roles can switch in their line of work. You can go from Federal Agent to suspect like Kensi and Callen did ( in the past seasons) and from agent to “missing person” as Sam & G did in this episode …..or Hetty….or Nell.
    Yes, some aspects seemed odd but I wanna skip that part.
    Awesome Granger scenes! YES, he CARES about them! The Swedish nachos scene was to die for. I loved it. (It didn’t top the Deeks/Granger hug, of course)
    – loved the banter and bromance
    All in all, season 6 had some really good episodes so far but as of this one I felt like something was missing and I did feel the same way about some other eps. I can’t name it right now.

  11. Max

    The only thing I didn’t understand was how those smartphones got into the warehouse when Callen, Sam and the other guy tried to escape.

    But all in all it was another great episode…can’t wait for the next one 🙂

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