6 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Impact” Sneak Peek #3

  1. Evi

    I guess our question on how hard the team has tried to reach him has been answered. He has chosen to isolate himself from the rest. Somehow I doubt 4 months have passed. Maybe the 4 month period of time only acquired to the last scene of the premier. My guess is that only a couple of months have gone by.

    What really hit me (apart from the messy house) was the fact that he didn’t even smile at HEtty’s joke on the clenching and releasing. He is in a really dark place after all!

  2. Lumy_Mee

    She does mention Kensi has been alone for the last few weeks – so it cannot be 4 months. Deeks realises he needs some specialised help, but he does not want actual people to help him, he uses other impersonal stuff. I think at this point Hetty forces Nate’s professional help as the only way to go about it, if Deeks choses to stay with the team.
    Hetty is a true leader, soft and sentimental when she needs to be, tough when lives are at stake, she gives people direction, but allows them to take their own decisions while still protecting everybody else’s.

  3. Cintia

    Hello !!! The first truly agree with Jess would give a hug, my life is depressed and anxious you note!!! and has insomnia and was isolated completely!!! from the world, we realize the amount of missed calls on his cell phone and his lack of interest!! ketty has to help!! kensi think my heart will have to say something to return to the team, apart from all the help and the obstacles that you submit on the road!!! kensi must open before, it´stime!!!!!!

  4. Carrie

    Curtain Ninja Hetty!!

    That is all the keeps going through my mind every time I see her do that lmao…

    Poor Deeks. He needs a hug 🙂

    I can’t wait for tonight’s episode and I also think that 4 months have not passed. I think that was just for the benefit of seeing Janvier put in prison.

  5. Halley

    Hetty cam!
    Love it!!
    I just have a question
    What were Deeks’ last words to Kensi that made her say “what”?

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