14 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Impact” Sneak Peek

    1. Jess

      Not really, though 🙂
      I mean, to the unpractised NCIS:LA viewer, it would seem just like the usual “team intro” scene at the start of the episode; to those of us who KNOW the show, we pick up SO many clues as to the state of team relationships just from the 30 seconds we get given 😉

      1. Evi

        I agree with jess. Within the one minute sneak peek it is obvious that Kensi is losing her mind. The whole “three means the equations is wrong” is her subconcious screaming ” the fourth man is missing”. And guess who that is!

  1. Richtsje

    Girls’ night out! Oh? Surprised by the sneak-peek, had expected something completely different… Now, curious about the episode even more. How about you?

  2. Evi

    Like Beth at firt I could only focus on the fact that Kensi was staring at the empty desk. And the way she is rambling about the number 3 is just her anxiety kicking in. The four months absence if Deeks is enough to drive her crazy. And I surely don’t believe her phone’s battery just died. She turned it off cause she obviously is not interested in any other man then Deeks!

  3. Cintia

    Hi!!!!! Actually this scene episode 2 is rare !!! are seen Kensi Nell and Rose talking about dating and three guys !! but what I liked most is that it did streess upon Kensi deeks desktop look with a sad look !!!!!!and I think I understood it very sergura not wanting to have an outing with kids?? just think hopefully see again deeks??? wait was not this the episode where there was a wonderful scene at the end DENSI or arm I crazy??? dying to see this second meeting??? deeks work on the case with the computer or will be held??? regards!!!!!!! 1º that will have passed within 4 months??? 2º Kensi there will be seen deeks ??? 3º Deeks walked away from everyone??? 4º Hetty let him return to the team?????

  4. mary

    oh my god, the contagious laugh of Kensi is something unique XD. Then his gaze to the chair of Deeks <3!!!!(it hurts so much = ((() …Tuesday move!!

  5. sarah

    What do you think happen:
    – after the drink night at the end of episode 1…
    – on the first day back to work
    – between Sam and Callen
    – if Rose need a drink with with the girls because she needs to meet guys…

  6. Laura

    Wow, I love y’alls optimism. So you are thinking that she just went on this date to keep the other two company? Because I was thinking this was pretty disturbing that apparently 4 months has passed, and Deeks is still at home, wracked with pain from PTSD and Hetty is fed up over it, and Kensi is going out with the girls even if she does miss him, that is still NOT a good thing. Look at poor ol’ Eric sticking his head around the column.

    I would have hoped Kensi would have tried to breach Deeks’ walls more. He is her partner. But no, she is going out to support Rose’s dating efforts which somehow seems less crucial to me than her partner’s mental and emotional health. But maybe that is just me, and for some reason that is where she needs to be shown to be right now, even though it seems awfully shallow.

    1. Jan

      No Laura, it’s not just you. I could understand Kensi’s priorities while the mission was still unresolved, but afterward? As I’ve said, I can’t believe she actually said she knows what Deeks is going through, especially after she was so insensitive during the ER scene.

      I can imagine that Deeks has been pushing people away between the end of the “Ascension” mission and the events of “Impact” but if the situations were reversed, would Deeks be helping a buddy make a hook up while staring at Kensi’s empty messy desk, or would he be at Kensi’s side, wanted or not, trying patiently or determinedly to support her in any way possible?

  7. Evi

    I don’t think we should jump into conclusions regarding Kensi’s date. We don’t know how long it has been, we don’t know how hard she tried to help Deeks, we don’t know if he accepted her help…..We are pretty much still in the dark!

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