NCIS Los Angeles ‘In The Line Of Duty’ Picture Recap

Some action to start with... Nice !!

Some action to start with… Nice !!

Poor Eric !! Everybody was already "on it"...

Poor Eric !! Everybody was already “on it”…

Julie Chen aka Ambassador Nancy Kelly

Julie Chen aka Ambassador Nancy Kelly

Roadtrip !! :)

Roadtrip !! 🙂

Wow, this guy has a strong opinion...

Wow, this guy has a strong opinion…

OP went good !! Phew...

OP went good !! Phew…

"Excuses lead to abuses." Geez, what's wrong with Owen today ?? So snarky...

“Excuses lead to abuses.” Geez, what’s wrong with Owen today ?? So snarky…

"What does not kill us, only..." "Makes me wanna kill you."

“What does not kill us, only…”
“Makes me wanna kill you.”

3D Evidence Printer ?? NIICE !!

3D Evidence Printer ?? NIICE !!

Yeah, when you lie to our team they might just barge into your office again...

Yeah, when you lie to our team they might just barge into your office again…

Of course she has his back !!

Of course she has his back !!

[insert bromance comment here]

[insert bromance comment here]

Awesome-pawsome partner banter !!

Awesome-pawsome partner banter !!

Huggy ?? Wally ?? Butch ?? WHAAT ?? ROFL

Huggy ?? Wally ?? Butch ?? WHAAT ?? ROFL

"Do you actually have anything on your mind, Assistant Director. Or do you just look for a kitten to kick?" HA !!

“Do you actually have anything on your mind, Assistant Director. Or do you just look for a kitten to kick?” HA !!

Eric's magic has  a glitch today, huh ??

Eric’s magic has a glitch today, huh ??

So the Ambassador wasn't the target but Harris !?

So the Ambassador wasn’t the target but Harris !?

"Looks like your house after you clean it." He couldn't let this one slip... LOL

“Looks like your house after you clean it.” He couldn’t let this one slip… LOL



Niiiice, Deeks !!

Niiiice, Deeks !!

Slightly dysfunctional ?? *smirk*

Slightly dysfunctional ?? *smirk*

"G'Night, John-Boy." "Shut up, Deeks."

“G’Night, John-Boy.”
“Shut up, Deeks.”

Soooo… what’s your opinion about this episode ?? Share away in the comments !!

19 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘In The Line Of Duty’ Picture Recap

  1. Mogorva

    Thanks for the recap sindee.

    My favorite scene from this episode: the “honeymoon” talk between the team members. In my opinion that was a dead giveaway of the team’s knowledge of their relationship, besides it was one of the funniest joke in this episode.

    In overall I’d give that episode a 7/10. I didn’t expect anything extraordinary, and that’s exactly, what I got.

    Good episode, way better, than Black Budget, but nowhere near the quality of previous episodes of this season.

    1. densidream

      Yes, I agree with what you said. I almost forgot about the “honeymoon” quote, that was nice, I also think that that was a clear indicator for the team’s knowing of their relationship.
      And it also was a cool episode, solid storyline, BUT: I am growing a little impatient with lack of Densi!
      The last episodes it’s been always about Callen or Callen and Sam, going undercover and whatnot, and next episode is also going to be primarily about them. Especially that Densi is now official, I want an episode that has its focus on Kensi and Deeks, not just showing them as the two agents that stay behind and let Callen and Sam do all the work. By that I don’t mean that I want a completely romantic fluffy ep, because that’s not what this show is about. But why not send them undercover, that’s always fun. And some bits and hints of their relationship here and there would be nice (also from not at work if possible) 😉
      That said, I thought this episode was good and I was pleasantly suprised by Julie Chen’s acting and role. Well done!

  2. Rayanne

    Thanks for the recap! I too liked the honeymoon quote as well as the “good nights” at the end. Is there a new ep next week? I missed if there was a preview. Thanks!

  3. Mogorva

    No, next week will be a rerun of 6×03 “Praesidium” on the schedule, the next new episode will arrive on 02.02.2015.

  4. Fenix

    Thank you for recap Sindee, nice work, like always.

    Well, and what about episode?
    I feel like underestimated viewer.
    Step by step, I try explained why.

    1-Shooting scene at embasy.

    Sorry, but everyone had long reaction time.
    Terrorists shooting in air, and ambasador and security officer just stay and waiting?
    First from first, they have to run in safe place!
    For observation, and curiosity is time later.

    2- Find evidence, from scene scan?

    What evidence, what crime scene?
    They even don’t know, if that is crime scene, that can be just place, when terrorists just leave bodies.
    Acting like everything is with prove, but we don’t see any evidence and proof about it.
    Bullet holes in wall is not evidence.
    Missing blood, missing bullet wound….
    After shooting with AK 47, you really thing, there is nothing from this?
    If yes, you really don’t know AK 47.
    Yes, they can killed them with pistol, but holes in the wall, indicate something much powerful.

    Missing important scene.
    How guard find, that Callen and Sam are there?

    3- “3-D evidence printers capable of reproducing evidence smaller than the naked eye can detect.”

    Really guys?
    You think noone know something about 3D printers?
    With that massive nozzle, you can print, but definitely not something what naked eye can’t detect.
    Even with smallest nozzle you can’t do that (yet).
    And letters on piece of paper in victim hand?!
    All printing was unicolor.
    Letters on paper have undetectable thickness.
    So how you can printed those letters on paper?
    MAYBE you can see that letters on original scan data (optical scan), but definitely not on 3D print, and definitely not on unicolor 3D print.

    4- Kensi & Deeks shooting.

    What was that?
    Why they going for training on shooting range, for hide kissing or what?
    Clear shot, and they both shot just one guy from three?
    O common….
    And opposite site as well!
    Give some credit for terrorists.
    They are not monkeys, they are trained professionals.
    Some scratch, will make Deeks or Kensi more heroic.
    And then they can care eachother 😉

    5- CIA guy magically disappear.
    Sorry, but this old trick, was used in Castle before.

    6- Price for creepiest moment today win…Eric, and his over acting scene with not working video with ambassador.

    7- Rescue scene with three teams, was just like “overkill”
    Nothing like we know, and we like.
    No simple, no easy, no efficient teamwork, just brutal power.
    Good timing, fancy equipment, but still just brutal power.

    Dear writers, we are really not that idi…. simple, like you think.
    We know lots of stuff.
    So please, don’t underestimate us.

    Episode like one unit, was watchable.
    Ambassador acted very believable, and naturally.
    I really like her, she was nice refreshment element in episode.

    Granger and his style of humor… “Excuses lead to abuses.”
    I just like this guy 😉
    What for, was there Hetty today? 🙁

    “What does not kill us, only… makes me wanna kill you.”
    Good one!

    “How’s the, uh, honeymoon going?”
    “Really, you two want to go there?”

    Deeks move with briefcase on stairs.
    Nice improvisation.

    Kensi & Deeks partner banner.

    “Looks like your house after you clean it.”

    Deeks action “with seven iron.”

    Slightly dysfunctional family?
    Yes, and ALWAYS! 😉

    So here is negatives, and positives.
    Today was for me more negatives, but not disaster.

    BTW, I think Deeks need some small spring hair cut.
    That will make him little bit younger, and maybe better look.

    Thats all, now you can kill me. 🙂

    1. David

      The 3d scanner irritated me. I work in the VFX industry. You’re so right about the detail, undetectable by the human eye my ass. Not to mention you need to scan every nook and cranny to get a comprehensive scan and even then you’re left with pixelated artifacts where the information is incomplete.
      The curtains moved and swung/rippled like painted curtains at the touch which is impossible with a resin scanner. Also did they scan behind the curtain to get the thickness?

  5. Mogorva

    I mostly agree with you.

    I ignore the technical inconsistencies and unbelievable things in every show (being an engineer sometimes makes it really hard, not to slap the screen, like IPv4 addresses in the 3xx region – maybe that was in another show, but you get the picture), this isn’t a reality show afterall.

    The firefights always contain the stormtrooper effect in tv shows – highly trained enemies forget to take cover and aim and just walk and die. You get used to it – altough it can be a little repetitive after the 100th time.
    Sometimes the protagonists have to miss too, otherwise there would be no running enemy to chase.

    The last rescue scene is close to the reality in terms of “overkill”. The police or any authority uses the maximum amount of power to subdue the target the fastest way they can minimizing own and/or hostage losses. So I think that was close to reality, though I’m not sure about the ladder trucks. They looked cool, but I don’t know, if they really exist :D.

    1. Fenix

      Yes, real problem about that technical stuff, is about reality, and this is not reality show, you are right.
      They could can use almost all those scenes.
      All what that needed, is small modification, what could make them more believable.
      Change few words, add more words, different view…., really nothing expensive, and still in time line.
      Isn’t there really no one engineer in shooting team?
      Can’t believe it.

      Rescue scene wasn’t just overpowered, but and over dramatised.
      Probably combination over dramatising with unnecessary over power, is what annoyed me very much.

  6. Jess

    Hang on, did we just sort of gloss over everyone’s Christmas holidays in the last few weeks, or something?! 🙁 I really wanted to see fall-out from Nell and Eric’s time away – heh heh! Or maybe Eric being still flustered and running late, and his gadgets not working at will, is a way of him still showing the effects of his holidays?

    Favourite moment of the episode though was “Huggy” saying ‘shut up Deeks!’ at the end – he he he! 😀
    Only Sam could get away with that, and we know that he’s saying it with respect too 🙂

  7. skippy

    Thank you sindee for this recap. It was nice as always, a bit more of your humor would be appreciated. Maybe next time.

    So this episode was strange in many levels. I won’t discuss the political aspects here because this is not the place for it.
    But the storyline itself was not really good. They always find a way to make the case NCIS related, which is bizarre not only in this ep. This case involved the FBI, CIA big time and the NCIS only because of one Navy guy but the team solved the case almost on their own?
    Deeks would like to go to Tunisia? He didn’t like to go to the desert or the forrest but Tunisia, really? He doesn’t speak the language and he doesn’t have the skills for such an operation. He is a Detective, he detects (he said it once) and he is great in undercover work in the US.
    Deeks and racial profiling? It doesn’t fit IMO. He is better than that!
    Everybody knows already that Kensi isn’t the tidiest person. How often do the writers have to mention that. There must be something more about her. Let us know.
    I would like to have smarter foes/terrorists that would make it more realistic. All these guys gather inside the compound at the gate waiting for the blowpipe guy to finish his job? Just waiting and no action or precaution? Why does the team used to have these stupid foes?
    And the ‘family’ dysfunctional or not we are all aware of that aspect by now. The Waltons reference at the end hopefully finished this. I would love to have more friction in the team, not only from Granger. But if he is the one who is causing it I am okay with this.

    It would be great if the writers keep in mind that at least some of the fans keep watching NCIS LA regularly and would like to have some new aspects of the characters/the team and not the repeats.

    On the other hand there are some aspects I really liked in this episode but they are not related to the storyline.
    Deeks and Kensi keeping their relationship private. The fun between these two was nice to watch.
    Granger is becoming my favorite. I love his grumpy character and his comments. He also mentioned the mole and the bunch of people who are all of the sudden allowed in this holy fortress. I agree with him.
    Also some Callen and Sam banter.

    That is about it, I just hope the next ones will be much better.

    1. Mogorva

      “It would be great if the writers keep in mind that at least some of the fans keep watching NCIS LA regularly and would like to have some new aspects of the characters/the team and not the repeats.”

      Can we send this qoute to the writers in some petition? I totally agree with it, and I don’t think I’m the only one.
      Also it was mentioned before, if we could have a little insight of the characters private life and relationships. This doesn’t have to be the in the spotlight, but it is part of the picture. Don’t make it a soap opera, but more of their private life could be revealed.

  8. justdreaming-83

    Thank you for the recap, sindee!!!

    Alright. I’m going to be the odd-ball in this one. I really liked last night’s ep. And one reason I liked it so much, is the same reason some others didn’t – I enjoy having an occasional episode thrown in there that doesn’t deal directly with their personal lives. I really believe relationships would move too quickly if we dealt with them each week. But that’s just me. I like the way the episodes move up and down on “the graph” for being intense, lighthearted, humorous, and touching.

    As far as the realism, there are things that bug me a little at times. The only thing that bothered me last night was the parade of people through the OSP. I thought that when the DOJ showed up in an earlier episode. Just wondering how they decide who has clearance since we have not seen the walls “breached” until this season. (Even Matias found his way in, and lived to tell about it… so far.)

    I also don’t mind when the team is split up, as long as they come back together at some point during the show. I feel it gives me a chance to appreciate each team member’s unique qualities and skills.

    My favorite parts were the nicknames for Sam (“Huggy” and “John Boy”) and the sentence Sam finished for Callen on the plane (“…makes me want to kill you.”)

  9. Claire

    I loved this episode! After Prasidium the best episode of the season (apparently only in my opinion) but it really had everything: team work and again team work, action, Callen and Sam undercover, bromance, Granger and his snarky comments, romance at tolerable level – i.e. almost none, good old Hetty, humour, good suporting actors, they even mentioned the mole!

  10. Teresa

    Thank you, sindee!

    I liked this episode, but not for the reasons listed above. I liked that Deeks used lawyer language to put the boss guy in the office in his place after learning he had lied. I also liked that he picked up on the terrorists trying to go into the office building.

    I liked Granger questioning Hetty about bringing people into Ops – too many people for a secret base of operations lately. And now we know the mole story isn’t done – I was afraid we were supposed to just forget about it.

    Some things I didn’t like ~
    – the magic words on the paper from the 3D scan
    – that no one noticed that the Ambassador wasn’t in all the pictures, and even more, that Sam had to make a chart of the people in less than 10 pictures to notice
    – that the bad guys didn’t notice 2 trucks with HUGE ladder things on them driving toward their complex (actually, my daughter pointed that out)

    Finally, I loved ~
    – Always.
    – Huggy
    – Honeymoon
    – amazingly giant 3D scanner!!

  11. diane

    It was good, nothing to really write home about. I did think the 3D thing was cool and I loved the family (team) scene at the end.

  12. Linda

    I think we all got spoiled by the previous two episodes which I thought were exceptional. This one was good, but not great like the previous two. I guess I’m in the camp for the characters being the focus and the action and the case being second, but that is just me. And when exactly is this big romantic arc for Callen supposed to start up?

  13. sol_phyllon

    Good episode, but not in my top ten for this season. Kensi and Deeks banter and jokes between Deeks and Sam always my favorite moments.

  14. Linda

    Thanks. Sindee, for your recap. Well, I, unlike some others, really enjoyed this episode. I thought that there was a lot of action, tension and excitement. I thought that the technology aspect was quite amazing. I am not looking for authenticity all the time and can overlook quite a bit for the story. I really enjoyed seeing the team work together. Everyone had their part to play. I enjoyed the banter of Kensi and Deeks as well as Sam and Callen. I like Deeks and Kensi’s partnership just as it is right now. We saw Nell and Eric at work along with Hetty and Granger. I am really getting tired of Granger’s snarky attitude, and Hetty put him in his place with her line about “kittens to kick”. Julie Chen did fine and she looked the part, very elegant. What I enjoyed the most was the reference to family. The bond among them all was quite evident in gestures and words. I am looking forward to the episodes to come.

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