NCIS Los Angeles “Inelegant Heart” Picture Recap by @sindee303

Samaritan? Yeah, right...

Samaritan? Yeah, right…

Oh, doggie has been gnawing on something... *shudders*

Oh, doggie has been gnawing on something… *shudders*

"Was there a question in there somewhere?" Yeah, show 'em, Hetty !!

“Was there a question in there somewhere?”
Yeah, show ’em, Hetty !!

"Let's talk Afghanistan then, shall we?" I bet she'd rather not...

“Let’s talk Afghanistan then, shall we?”
I bet she’d rather not…

Kensi and Deeks "dancing"...

Kensi and Deeks “dancing”…

"You hate America?" *snort*

“You hate America?” *snort*

*offers to burn Eric's shirt*

*offers to burn Eric’s shirt*

Eric downplaying the victim's computer skills. "You're still my favorite brain, Beale." Awww !!

Eric downplaying the victim’s computer skills.
“You’re still my favorite brain, Beale.”
Awww !!

"It's like Amazon for terrorists."

“It’s like Amazon for terrorists.”

"The only thing worse than being undercover for that long is being pulled out before you finish..."

“The only thing worse than being undercover for that long is being pulled out before you finish…”

Sam in uniform... #Squee

Sam in uniform… #Squee

Eric's Pest Control Story... HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

Eric’s Pest Control Story… HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

Callen as a convict... #Squee Oh, I *love* when they are undercover !!

Callen as a convict… #Squee
Oh, I *love* when they are undercover !!

And again it's Callen who gets the hits... wonder if he's still counting ?? ;)

And again it’s Callen who gets the hits… wonder if he’s still counting ?? 😉

When is mommy back ?? ;)

When is mommy back ?? 😉

"She's a woman." Sometimes it's that easy.

“She’s a woman.”
Sometimes it’s that easy.

Leave a comment with YOUR caption !!

Leave a comment with YOUR caption !!

Have we ever seen one of them giving out a card ?? *scratches head*

Have we ever seen one of them giving out a card ?? *scratches head*

Little car fun with 'Big Dog'...

Little car fun with ‘Big Dog’…

"I wanna touch it, it looks so fluffy." Oh, the comments that come to my mind... *bites tongue*

“I wanna touch it, it looks so fluffy.” Oh, the comments that come to my mind… *bites tongue*

The *hair talk*... I'm outright LOLing here...

The *hair talk*… I’m outright LOLing here…

Intruder Alert. WHAAAT ??

Intruder Alert. WHAAAT ??

DOJ, uh-oh... *surpresses 'I LOVE Under The Dome shout*

DOJ, uh-oh…
*surpresses ‘I LOVE Under The Dome’ shout*

Full forensic audit of all our operations and personnel. Luckily Granger is on our side...

Full forensic audit of all our operations and personnel.
Luckily Granger is on our side…

"... who by all accounts matches your description." "Was she a brunette." OH MY GAWD... I just love R.S. Gemmill for his humor.

“… who by all accounts matches your description.”
“Was she a brunette.”
OH MY GAWD… I just love R.S. Gemmill for his humor.

"This is Washington. The truth is whatever you need it to be." *grins*

“This is Washington. The truth is whatever you need it to be.” *grins*

Yeah, guys, he so WON'T be out... ;)

Yeah, guys, he so WON’T be out… 😉

Apparently Nell know about the 'old building' stuff... cos I'm with Granger... I have NO IDEA !!

Apparently Nell know about the ‘old building’ stuff… cos I’m with Granger… I have NO IDEA !!

Eric Bartholomew Beale III

Eric Bartholomew Beale III

Nice plan they figuring out there...

Nice plan they figuring out there…

"There's no version of me that's going to give you that shirt." I KNEW she'd get him from him... :)

“There’s no version of me that’s going to give you that shirt.” I KNEW she’d get it from him… 🙂

"Baaad doggie."

“Baaad doggie.”

"You're a genius." We knew that !! :)

“You’re a genius.” We knew that !! 🙂

Homeless Deeks is back...

Homeless Deeks is back…

Though it was just a short scene I liked Kensi and Sam together for once...

Though it was just a short scene I liked Kensi and Sam together for once…

Granger complimenting them for their good work. I like him !!

Granger complimenting them for their good work. I like him !!

"Somebody paid 250,000 USD to find out where Hetty lives."

“Somebody paid 250,000 USD to find out where Hetty lives.”

Oh no, they didn't...

Oh no, they didn’t…

Well, well, this was another great episode of NCIS Los Angeles in my opinion. R. Scott Gemmill (Writer) is just nailing the characters and dialogues and JP Kousakis (Director) set the right pace and mood for said writing. I’m really getting my NCISLA-enthusiam back which I honestly lost during Season Five. This season started right off with a bang about Callen & Sam getting out of the sub (not the ‘getting out’ but the ‘how”) and continues with another great storyline which lets us and the team (s)caring for our beloved Hetty. Really looking forward to what’s coming…

What do you think of this second episode of the season ??
Let us know in the comments…

40 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Inelegant Heart” Picture Recap by @sindee303

  1. Dora

    I loved it. Looking forward for next Monday episode. Although it was a short scene, just like you said, I really enjoyed watching Kensi and Sam partner up. Don’t mind, at all, to see more of that during S6.The ‘Big Dog’ scene was so funny, definitely one of my favorites. And the one where Eric is saying his name … ‘Eric Bartholomew Beale III’… that one was super cool.

  2. Fenix

    Nice recap, like always.
    Thank you.

    Deeks near green creature “It looks like me before plastic surgery.”

    1. Fenix

      Rating, and numbers is bad.
      (why we can’t discuss under new rating post? last discuss was too bad, or too truthful?)
      Now maybe no one delete my post, when I wrote “that person, who is responsible for move NCIS LA on new time slot, is i…t yes, opposite to genius”

      1. sindee Post author

        Well, I decided it would be better to have all the discussion about the episode in one place… that’s why…

        And calling someone names is just not tolerated here… like I explained in my email to you…

        1. Fenix

          Mixed pain and joy in one discuss?
          Well, your choice, you are the boss.

          Din’t check my email yet, is spam email, checked just few times per months.
          But I will, promise.

          If is ONE word so bad, try use “we moderate” according to “We reserve the right to moderate/delete comments the way we see fit.”
          But like I set, you are the boss, do what you want. 😉

          1. sindee Post author

            Yeah, we should have done that… still learning and figuring things out here myself… 😉

      2. Linda

        The ratings slide bothers me a lot, everything a lot of us feared has happened with the new time slot. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the show while we have it and not watch the ratings anymore. I thought Mondays episode was excellent and I think a lot of people are missing out on a great season.

  3. Richtsje

    This was another of the great episodes, one which reminds me why I love the show anyway! There was humor, suspense and intrigues. Well done to writers & crew!!
    Loved the ‘bad doggie’, loved to see Deeks in his great undercover role – of course WE did recognize him, and for once, the writers listened. Though very short, there was a change in teaming up: Kensi&Sam and Deeks&Callen. Yeah!

    Now – that person in the cab. Is it who I think he is? #Matthias

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      You’re right the writers listened. The different team up was great. I’d like to see more of that.They specialize in undercover work so adapting to a temporarily new partner should be a piece of cake for them. Let’s show off their skills!
      I really liked that episode. Definetely, on my re-watch-list.
      The banter/bromance was great. What kind of breed would Sam be? A Rottweiler? A Labrador? 😉
      I wish the undercover sequence would have been longer but a girl can’t have it all.
      Hetty’s interrogation is interesting and tense. Personally, I can’t feel for her when it comes to the White Ghost decision.That one is one her but of course, I don’t want anyone to harm her, speaking of the other incidents. Yes, I think it might be Matthias who wants her head on a stick. **Well, we Germans are evil 😉 **
      Granger was phenomenal in this episode. I loved him the boss. “Both Callen and Hanna out”, how he handled the DOJ and also his caring said they way he spoke to Hetty over the phone. Did you see the look on his face when he said. “I’ll handle it.” to Callen ? It was a trust-worthy expression to me.Miguel is a great actor. I also think that the team and especially G, who as we all know has trust issues, are not as hostile anymore. He even complimented them on the job well done.
      The recap was great as always. Sindee, you have a gift for picking out the best scenes 🙂

      I can’t tell what to think about the ratings anymore. I read that the show hit its personal low with this episode, which is not understandable to me because this one was better than the season premiere if you ask me, but also had the best time slot rating at the same time.
      What I interpret is that we’re not doing bad “in general” but we’re not up to the show’s individual standards.Right? Maybe some people just don’t tune on Monday because they didn’t notice the change yet? Do they prefer a different show in that particular time slot?

      1. Mogorva

        It’s up against two popular shows, that were in this timeslot for years before (Castle and Blacklist). And tuesday was the typical NCIS-night. Still don’t understand, why they didn’t move it to tuesday 22:00. So yes, that could be one of the reasons. Another reason is, that people watch more than one show of the same timeslot, so they have to choose.

        Personally, I don’t care about ratings, until they don’t cut the show’s lifetime in half. But right now I’m not sure, this isn’t the case.

        On the bright side (if there is one): the season 6 episodes are amongst the best ones in my opinion. If they can keep up with that, it will bring more attention. Hopefully. I liked the the S5 episodes’ tone also, but this season looks really promising so far.

  4. Mogorva

    Well, that third place and rating does not look good…

    But it was a really good episode. I really liked the bantering scenes.

  5. Rayanne

    I loved it. It was a great show. I enjoyed Sam and Kensi together but my favorite scene was the bad doggie with Sam kicking in the door and Callen with his gun. Very nice indeed!!!

  6. skippy

    Thank you for the recap, It helps me to check things out after I watched.
    So this episode I watched twice and I’m admitting, I don’t like it. Yes, unfortunately I don’t get what others see in this ep.
    It was boring at best. Sure there were some scenes that were funny and some were sweet. But overall it was not a good one for me.
    The good thing was, that I was prepared for this since usually the second and third episodes are just fillers.
    I am not a fan of Hetty episodes and there was no action, I mean no action at all (NCIS LA supposed to be an action show, right?)
    I did like Granger in this episode (not only in this one) and I hope that he will take over for Hetty sometime soon. His conflincts with the team and on the other side the loyality to it is just great to watch.
    And I hope that the weeks of undercover work (finally Callen undercover again) will be brought up some time later this season.

    The directing/editing was not the best (e.g. you could clearly see that it was not COD when Sam drove the Challenger reverse. Why do the need a stand in for these kind of shots anyway?).

    Regarding the ratings. I know I lot off people blame CBS for the ratings and the new time-slot. I did the same last week, but there are many reason why the moved NCIS LA and one of them was last season. So now the cast and crew have to deal with it and I guess they will adjust to it later on. They may be also suprised that they ended up on the third place. The adjusting might come to play mid-season, cause the first 6-8 episodes are already filmed or written and they can’t change them anymore.

    I am hoping for the best.

  7. Sol

    I liked this episode! Homeless Deeks is back, so nice! And thank you sindee for your recap.
    I really think that cbs moved LA only to help Ncis:No, not because of season five ratings.
    I read that Monday night is a a sort of a black hole for the network and that two new shows “died” there last year. LA could lose viewers because it already has a lot of fans. Not the same for New Orleans. And there already is a new show at 9pm, Scorpion. Maybe two new shows on Monday would have be too risky.
    I’m sorry that the ratings are not so good. They could be much better, but it could be worse…

    Now I just hope it’ll be better episode after episode!


    1. Fenix

      Let’s hope?
      Here is situation “never take a knife to a gunfight”!
      And yes, NCIS LA have knife.
      Thank’s to who?!

      Yesterday on CBS magazine TV Guide, don’t mentioned NCIS LA at 10PM
      They mentioned The Blacklist, and Castle!
      What studio don’t support own show?!
      Its look like NCIS LA was sacrificed, and thrown overboard, with CBS.

      1. Sol

        I know Fenix, but fans can just hope the show will do at its best with strong, funny episodes and beautiful stories about the characters, (and it’s been a very good beginning, in my opinion).
        We can’t go to CBS studios and order to change timeslot! We just say constantly for the rest of the season: “Did you see how good the stories are? Think about it seriously before cancelling this show.” 🙂


  8. CCalicott

    I didn’t think they could top the season premiere, but they proved me wrong. Loved this episode. It had all my favorite things. I loved the Callen and Sam banter. And seeing them work together. When Eric called Sam was funny, and its so fun to see Callen and Sam “talk” to each other without saying what is actually going on.
    Even though I’m not a huge Densi fan, I loved watching them in this episode. It just seemed like they were friends and partners. Kensi trying to get Deeks take off his shirt. Then seeing him later in the boatshed with a different shirt made me laugh. And I love seeing homeless Deeks. I still want to see Sven though.
    Like you Sindee after season 5 I just felt blah about the show. I feel like I have my show back now.
    On another note, I kind of have a problem with Nell. Don’t get me wrong I love her character and how they(writers) are grooming her as a field agent. I hate though that every time they put her in the field she always gets in trouble. Sort of the damsel in distress kind of thing. I just wish that didn’t happen almost every time she goes out. She is smart and tough in her own right, I wish they would show that more.
    I can’t wait until next week!!

    1. GG

      I respectfully disagree on your assessment about Nell. I think through the course of the show, Nell has done some over the top stuff (“Kill House”, “War Cries”) Let’s not forget that Nell wants to be a field agent and she is not there yet. She isn’t like Kensi, Deeks, Sam or G in terms of experience. So, in my book if anything Nell is kinda excessive for her current status. But that is just my opinion.

      1. CCalicott

        No, I agree. Sometimes what I post doesn’t sound like I want it to, if that makes sense. 😉 I agree Nell is very capable. Its just she is a young field agent so to speak. So, I think that maybe they leave her alone to much. IMO.
        No, I think Nell should partner with Sam. Remember when he worked with Deeks after he got shot?I think seeing those two work together would be a lot of fun to watch.

        1. GG

          What I mean is that Nell does things that aren’t realistic for her current capabilities. For example she is too inexperienced to disarm her highly trained captor (“Kill House”). I agree on the part that she must work with someone. That would be fun to watch.

          1. LasiaMsinRed

            I totally agree with that. She SHOULDN’T be capable of doing or knowing some things.
            I’d like to see her in a training session,on the gym mat,at the shooting rage or as you put maybe just let her watch one of the others and learn.
            Maybe it’s just me but since her very first since Nell didn’t appear to be a good listener. I’d like to be proven wrong when it comes to that.
            I don’t like how she interrupts people,doesn’t let them finish a sentence or has that certain tone in her voice.
            PLEASE, don’t get me wrong on this one. I like her character she smart, beautiful and funny but I think that some people’s lack of sympathy towards her comes from that particular behavior.

    2. Sharon

      Regarding Nell,

      I agree with you. I love the character and the actress but Nell belongs in the op center. She is out of place in the field. The idea that she could take over for Hetty is ridiculous……….. maybe, in 20 years.

      As far as the ratings are concerned…they are very upsetting. I think I will try to ignore them and just enjoy the show. Hoping for the best!

      1. CCalicott

        That’s a interesting observation LasiaMsinRed. I agree I like her better in ops. I was okay with her until Spoils of War, when she was barking orders at the guys. I understand it was a stressful and scary situation, but I didn’t really feel like she was in a position to speak like that. IMO.

  9. Linda

    Thanks for a very funny recap, Sindee. This was a great episode, just like the first. Callen can scratch behind my ears anytime and I too would love to touch his hair. Granger was sympathetic and is becoming a team player. Hetty was magnificent. Her lines were perfect . Deeks and Kensi were hilarious especially over the shirt. I knew she would get him to hand it over. Sam looks great in a uniform. Nell and Eric really came into their own in this episode. A wonderful hour of television for all. Congratulations!

  10. Ileenie Weenie

    I liked the episode (and loved the recap, as always), but I’m a bit confused. Didn’t ECO say Inelegant Heart was going to have a really meaningful Densi scene? Did I miss something? Regardless, I’m still rooting for NCISLA to make those ratings turn around!

    1. sindee Post author

      Yeah, wondered about that, too… I guess they put out the promo for said “Meaningful Densi scene” a week early… :/

  11. Domingo

    Thanks to a very kind friend, I got LA this evening ,and I enjoyed it, liked CoD with A beard etc, there were some fun lines, nice hints at the back story, and to have a two parter so early in the season,for me very good, and the ratings don’t lok to bad either.

  12. Jess

    I will just say one thing, and that is, it feels like season six is getting NCIS:LA back to where the writers wanted it … before the stories had to be adjusted for season five! I mean, no offence to Dani, of course 😉 but I get the feeling we went off course for a few episodes last year and now we are getting back to where they want the series to be heading 🙂
    And I love it!!!

    1. Mogorva

      In an interview the creators said, they have planned an entirely different storyline for season five, and changed it to deal with Daniela Ruah’s pregnancy.
      At first, I didn’t read the background info (though noticed the loosened outfit), and was mad, when Kensi got sent away, but IMO this was one of the two ways they could work things out. The other one obiosly would have been writing it into the story. Maybe a few years later it would have worked, but the characters’ relationship just wasn’there yet.
      S5 had more focus on the Deeks and Kensi relationship than the previous episodes, and had a slightly darker tone overall than previously, but the constantly changing partners were funny. _And_ we met Talia, who was – and hopefully will be – a great character and can affect the Kensi-Deeks relationship. I know a lot of peaople hate her, but I found her character very sympathetic and insightful, and would love to see her again as a recurring or even main character.

  13. VirtualFriend

    I watched the Ep twice to be sure about my thoughts, I don’t want to get cynical because of the imo moderate season5 and season6 opener.

    Three story lines (The death of the computer guy, Hetty in DC and the DOJ raid) and almost no action…
    What DID we get? A nice training fight (and well performed) with Kensi and Deeks, made me smile! Also Granger being in charge, dismissing Kensi and Deeks and holding his ground towards Sam and Gallen. Liked that too!

    Other than that, I don’t know where the show is going. I lost the connection last season with the character development. Why is NCIS not just firing Hetty because of the Afghanistan arc, why the hearing? There are enough reasons for an ‘early’ retirement, she is old anyway.

    ECO made some comments about the “big steps are being taken forward for Densi”. Sounds to me more like, Kensi wants the relation with Deeks but because she is broken she can’t. This game can be played for years to come.
    For this to happen the show needs to survive the brutal competition. If a show is no longer hot, it’s difficult to regain momentum.

    Another thing I thought off, this show is a product! Viewers develop some kind of connection with the characters. But SB, ECO and the others are selling a product that is paying them very well. Hence the attempt of launching NCIS: RED and lately NCIS: NO.

    Nothing wrong with that but the longing for some ‘real’ personal development is unlikely to happen. Why would the producers jeopardize the franchise that is earning them big money over the last 5 years? Give the shippers just enough to keep them on board and don’t make the others annoyed. Keep everything mostly the same and keep it coming…

  14. Sosou

    It wasn’t the best case, really too easy. I know Eric is a genius but I would have hope for a more complicated resolution than just “oh I know who he is”. They can do better.
    But Granger was awesome, I think a like it more and more. And the banter was good, when they were all together it’s was like a bunch of brothers and sisters bickering together.
    The Densi banter was very good, I really enjoyed the scene at the dead guy house, ECO laugh make me laugh every time 😀

  15. ChrisDaisy

    I am among those who loved this episode! It had almost everything I love about NCISLA! The case itself was interesting but what made the episode so great in my opinion was everything else: Awesome team dynamic, some cool action, funny banter, Hetty’s hearing in Washington and whatever is going to happen next leaving us tense… All characters had some great lines and moments in this episode.

    Some of the team banter had me laughing out loud. I’m really tempted to write down all my favorite moments but that would go way too far and – as always – sindee, you captured all those great moments in this review.
    A big thank you for all your hard work!!!

    Even if it was only briefly, I enjoyed seeing the partners mixed up and I would love to see that again. It may just be me but I feel that this season (so far) the team dynamic has reached another level – and this includes Granger.

    I absolutely loved to see Callen and Sam undercover (SQUUEEEEing with you, sindee) and I hope that the writers will send them back at some point to finish that assignment!

    All in all the new season started great and with this episode’s ending and what we have seen is to come in the next episode(s) chances are good that the show will continue on the same level!

    Hopefully more people see it the same way and the ratings for NCISLA will go up again.

    Of course the ratings so far seem worrying, but then, I don’t think anyone can expect a show at a 10pm time slot to gain the same numbers of viewers than a 9pm time slot.
    Therefore I still don’t understand why this season’s ratings are being measured against the last season ones. This comparison is based on unequal conditions, in my opinion.
    I am certain that NCIS LA can well stand alone without the lead-in of NCIS, only CBS decided to put it up against a very tough competition, whatever the reasons were for that move.

    So I’ll hope for the best and enjoy that my favorite agents are back on screen!

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      Hi Chrissy!

      Nice to have you back!!
      See, about the ratings and the time slot….again. I agree with you that the ratings are based on unequal conditions. 9 pm was a damn good time slot.
      Personally, I thought the new time slot would/will give our show some new opportunities like becoming a little bit darker in several episodes.
      I recently read an interview with ECO and it concerned me.When being asked how ncisla will be able to compete with shows like Castle and the Black List he said that ncisla is a combination of both shows the action and the “love story”. I respectfully disagree. You do not win a time slot to “Red” (played by James Spader) by adding Densi into the mix. This is not it! I love Deeks and Kensi as individuals both characters could provide great story lines which would kick Castle’s and Black list’s butt. No need for Densi! Not to mention the other fabulous characters of ncisla.
      Maybe it was just his very personal view but IF this is what the writers plan…we’re pretty much done! Sorry, for being so negative.
      Here the link in case someone wants to read the interview:

      1. GG

        I respectfully disagree with you. Firstly there is a considerate percentage of the fans that like Densi and so it would be irrational to just cut it out of the show. Secondly I think that each character’s personal story can still be fascinating even with the Densi factor. I think that the show’s primary target must be Castle as I find The Blacklist an outside the box idea, so it’s difficult to compete with. We should also consider that many fans watch both NCIS and NCIS:LA and Densi provides (hopefully) a diversification between them. At last about Season 6, I think that has started greatly and it could get even better.

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