NCIS Los Angeles “Iron Curtain Rising” Picture Recap By @sindee303

"Too much coffee." Riiiight...

Too much coffee.” Riiiight… aaand we’ve got a runner…

Callen "resting between sets"... LOL

Callen “resting between sets”… LOL
[What is it with Callen sleeping in the gym and not at home all of a sudden?? *worried*]
Oh and did you read our last Callen’s Corner about “Callen And Exercise” ??

It's Robot Hetty !! [Anyone else finding that creepy ??]

It’s Robot Hetty !!
[Anyone else finding that creepy ??]

Romania + trafficking of children and babies ?? Why do I sense Callen won't be sleeping much better now...

Romania + trafficking of children and babies ??
Why do I sense Callen won’t be sleeping much better now…

They're leaving Deeks behind ?? WHY ??

They’re leaving Deeks behind ?? WHY ??

So we could have this other bromance scene ??

So we could have this other bromance scene ??

A hidden chamber ?? WOOEE...

A hidden chamber ?? WOOEE…

Shall we call them NeDric ?? ;)

Shall we call them NeDric ?? 😉

Yeah, Deeks, nice try to get something out of Nell & Eric.

Yeah, Deeks, nice try to get something out of Nell & Eric.

See... even Deeks freaks over Robot Hetty. I totally would as well !!

See… even Deeks freaks over Robot Hetty. I totally would as well !!

It's Shirley. It's Laverne. No wait, wrong show... ;)

It’s Shirley. It’s Laverne. No wait, wrong show… 😉

Deeks offering Hetty to go back to LAPD if that'll get Kensi back. AWESOME !! [But what was this "...or something that you think WE did" line about ?? *Didn't* they after all ??]

Deeks offering Hetty to go back to LAPD if that’ll get Kensi back. AWESOME !!
[But what was this “…or something that you think WE did” line about ?? *Didn’t* they after all ??]

Sweet smile after the babbling about his partner...

Sweet smile-in-thought-about-her after the babbling about his partner…

Meet NCIS Tech Operator Booker - played by Andrew Leeds (@LeedsAndrew)

Meet NCIS Tech Operator Booker – played by Andrew Leeds (@LeedsAndrew)

Lawyer vs Lawyer... oh and some "missing partner" talk AGAIN...

Lawyer vs Lawyer… oh and some “missing partner” talk AGAIN…

"Maybe you can tell me why I'm *not here* since no one else seems to know."

Maybe you can tell me why I’m *not here* since no one else seems to know.

Even though Sam declines the gesture was really sweet, Deeks !! Oh and Callen in plaid... mmmh...

Even though Sam declines the gesture was really sweet, Deeks !! Oh and Callen in plaid… mmmh…

SecNav shutting them down and Callen disapproves... no surprise there...

SecNav shutting them down and Callen disapproves… no surprise there…

Nell turning the guy's invitation against him... Way to go !!

Nell turning the guy’s invitation against him… Way to go !!

Feel free to caption this picture in the comments !! :)

Feel free to caption this picture in the comments !! 🙂

And one for the Hanna Heat fans among us...

And one for the Hanna Heat fans among us…

They both can fly ?? Uh uh...

They both can fly ?? Uh uh…

Nice shot there, Sam !!

Nice shot there, Sam !!

"Some of us don't relish being disliked." Ouch, Kensi !!

Some of us don’t relish being disliked.” Ouch, Kensi !! But nice return, Granger !!

Tehe... they should have known they can't outrun Robot Hetty !!

Tehe… they should have known they can’t outrun Robot Hetty !!

Still laughing here... 10 seconds later - not anymore... ;)

Still laughing here… 10 seconds later – not anymore… 😉
[I must admit I liked that Hetty didn’t cut them slack this time.]

Deeks looking at pictures of Kensi & him...

Deeks looking at pictures of Kensi & him…

... and Kensi doing just the same.

… and Kensi doing just the same.

"Good night, Deeks."

Good night, Deeks.

As always this picture recap is far from complete without your thoughts and opinions about the episode… Looking forward to your comments !!

32 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Iron Curtain Rising” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. Andres

    When Sam was actually gonna take the shot but I thought oh were in this Deeks situation again, ” Take the shot, send it ” but yeah Deeks didn’t take it. As for Callen and Sam bromance again, loved the scenes, when is Callen actually gonna man up and get to understand Deeks situation.

  2. Spokoze

    Nice Recycle of the Red Team set…..
    Made me think they’re going to bring lots of Lawyer Lady types at Marty Deeks as this Afgan story Arc plays out….She says, …”You’re Cute” to him across the table……
    …..and we’ve already seen lots of ladies like Monica and Mexican Police Chiefs & others warm up to Deeks….
    Why is it when you’re crazy in love & so puppy dog loyal…. that’s when the hotties just seem to appear out of nowhere…..and in droves??

    Episode ends too quickly…thought I heard Kensi say, “Good night Deeks” as it faded….nice touch…Gonna hear that one in my mind for a while now too…..DR has given us so many good lines though….still laugh to myself hearing her say, …..”Who said you could drive my car?? I just got it washed.” among so many good ones back in ‘Blye, K., Part 2′

    But by saying “Good Night Deeks”…and right out loud to nobody…. struck me as her showing us she is now spiritually connected with him and implies that the embryonic physical expression of their love is changing her/has changed her —forever. Deeks is going to be tested…. in a way not unlike a football player that cherishes the ball–and then tosses it away after he scores….cuz ya gotta think suddenly babes are going to be all over him….

    But Deeks still needs to grow up some—- and actually has. His maturity is measurable from season 2 forward….how old are these people ‘spoze to be anyway…. Nell is maturing right before our eyes too…..Eric….is how old?? and he can still behave like a jr hi boy sometimes?? And here I have always understood that Kids in Cali grew up so fast….Eric Beal is someone who should have it ‘all together’ in every aspect of his life….by now.

    Still see changes in Hetty that make me sure Linda Hunt is going to leave the show.

    Booker didn’t make a very big splash…and lol maybe I’ve been reading too much in this comment section….but wondered for a minute if the “White Ghost” might turn out to be this ‘Jack’ person……but that’d be over the top now, wouldn’t it?

  3. Evi

    I think this episode was the turning point of Deeks. No more joyful, goofy detective. Embrace the new grumpy, moody version of Deeks. During the whole episode I was more interested in him rather than the case.
    I love it when he goes into lawyer mode.

    I really can’t understand Hetty at all. She know Deeks all too well. She knows he went through PTSD. She knows about his deep relationship with Kensi. She knows self blame come easy for him, but still she does nothing to comfort him.

    Not to mention her answer when Deeks asked wether she is in danger. “No more than usual.”
    Really????? She is half way across the world, in freaking Afghanistan, surrounded by Talibans, among strangers, assigned to kill a highly skilled terrorist….but don’t worry. She is not in any more danger.

    I was quite amused by the Sam/ Callen banter on the aiplane, although I instantly felt sorry for Deeks again as he seemed to be the third wheel.

    Andres I had the same thought about that shot. A strange deja-vu took over me and I thought Deeks was going to be the one to take it.

    I don’t know what to say about the last scene. They nailed it. No words were actually spoken but their sad smiles just screamed! It was just perfect.

    I also loved how Kensi was the one to utter the goodnight. In these last few episodes it is quite obvious how much her character has developed. She is finally outside her wall but Deeks is not around to join her.

    Can’t wait for the Xmas episode and the big surprise!!!

  4. Jan

    First off, sindee, I love the captions. Thank you.

    Based on this writer’s previous efforts, I was dreading this
    episode. I have to admit though, that for the first 20 minutes or so, I was pleasantly surprised. So here’s the good, the bad and the unexpected.

    The good:

    Deeks plying Neric for information, followed by his conversation with Hetty. I loved that he was willing to fall on his sword and take responsibility for whatever Hetty believes that he (or he and Kensi) did wrong, just to bring Kensi back. I wish that Hetty had said something to relieve his guilt, because I truly think that Kensi would have been sent on this mission no matter what, and I wish Hetty had told him so. But that would not be Hetty-like, at least not this season. I did question Deeks’ comment about what Hetty thought he and Kensi did (did they or didn’t they?).

    Granger. All business with a couple of great one liners (especially “Miss Congeniality”). And the Afghanistan arc looks promising, based on what little we know so far.

    Nell at the airline office. I love how Renee Felice Smith can turn that cute as a button persona into a highly effective agent.

    Deeks and Kensi looking at the same picture of themselves together. So far away, but still connected.

    The unexpected:

    The NCIS Red-like team in Afghanistan. I thought Kensi would be more on her own, but I’m okay with this. It gives her more people to interact with besides Granger and at some point Sabatino. But I expected Booker to be in LA, filling in while Nell was out in the field. There goes my theory that Booker would turn out to be Jack.

    The bad:
    Overall, the case was not very interesting. After the first 20 minutes, the plot seemed to fall apart. I never got the sense of imminent danger that would justify pursuit of Zevlos, no matter how repulsive he is. And I wasn’t even clear why NCIS was called in to begin with, as opposed to any other agency.

    The Hetty cam. Okay, cute for the first 2 times we saw it, but you can’t tell the same joke too many times and still have it be funny. Eventually, it just looked like annoying product placement (kind of like the desk treadmill in the episode-that-shall-not-be-named).

    Callen and Sam have pilot’s licenses? I can believe that Sam (and possibly Callen) would have skydiving training, making their escape realistic (not so for Deeks however), but the pilot thing was totally out of left field and way too much of a stretch.

    Overall, a weak episode, uninteresting but at least not irritating. Still, it’s the best solo flight I’ve seen from this particular writer.

  5. Cintia

    Hello People! truth this episode killed me to see them so bad deeks and was separately kensi much! chat with intense deeks telling Hetty that he would resign if that makes NCIS kensi again!! hope hetty has had a very strong motive to separate them are suffering a lot! kensi Afghanistan and when one came, no one knew her, treated her weird, was not allowed to eat from the fridge!! kensi wretched poor without their equipment and granger appears and tells him he has to kill a man!! kensi is not a killer granger, happens to you? and the final scene kensi deeks and looking at the same pictures their faces, expressions of sadness, love and words of kensi the end: Deeks GOODNIGHT! SHANE BRENNAN Deeks and Kensi EXPECT THE END ARE TOGETHER!

  6. SD

    Loved to read your commentary. I will keep coming back to read other views. 🙂 Me too, had a deja vu about that “Take the shot”. But then I recovered and said to myself – they have three angles now. What can possibly go wrong. 😀 It was really fun watching the episode. Have to add ….Sam has self-entrusted Deeks to his care. 😀 Did you notice his interaction with Callen, then “You Okay?” to Deeks and that answer to Hetty about the Third Mouse…”finishing his paperwork”.

    Started missing the show…so much that I started making posts just out of the twitter news. Pathetic state I am in. Hahaha!

    Here is the link for my initial episode commentary.×11-5×10-for-crew-tony-wharmby.html

    May be after I read all your comments, my analytics will start. 🙂

    About Hetty. I do not have issues with her at what she does, because she is the spokesperson for the writers, especially Shane Brennan- the creator of the drama. So basically she keeps dropping clues for us for future plotines to come.

    And I keep reading about some of the writers views here on Deeks PTSD. I never felt that writers were not doing any justice to it any of it. So when last week, nothing new showed up on NCIS LA and I had to watch KillHouse Rerun and that “Box” and “Blades” and “Nell” and that tweet of recurring character in EP 515 from 414-Killhouse, I could not stop myself from tracing how Dave Kalstein started backstopping Kensi’s relationship with Deeks. For Dave Kalstein, Kensi is more important player and Deeks is reactive to her character development. Though most of the time it seems to us Deeks does share a good part of the story. But its actually not. We only know to the extent Shane Brennan developed Deeks in Season2. Since Season3, the writers focus on Deeks only for Kensi’s sake, because Kensi like Callen was part of the original story. So yes there is a long way to go for us to get to know about the “outsider” Deeks. As I was reviewing all this in my mind, I could not stop myself penning down about how the “Our Thing” was developed by the writers from last two seasons. Here you can read the link.

    It also covers, the most frequently added concern here. The PTSD for Deeks. In my opinion, it sorta made it reconciliation within Deeks’ mind as part of his other traumatic moments in his life (since childhood) in EP Livelong Day. The child like face, full of excitement, watching and working on that train…that explained that somewhere Deeks had chosen to see good things of life that make him happy than try delving into something that is one just supposed to accept as consequences for a reason. And that is the reason from EP Fallout, he again falls back into normal self and quickly catches up with Kensi where he was towards end of Season 4 before the torture.

  7. Tara

    Comments for Iron curtain rising on NCIS LA magazine
    My random thoughts on ‘Iron Curtain Rising’:
    Robot Hetty, very creepy, but very funny at the same time.
    Without his partner, Deeks is not a happy guy. Loved how he was willing to ‘sacrifice’ his position at NCIS, just to get Kensi back where she belongs.
    After what he said to Hetty about what she thought was going on between the partners left me a little confused. Did he and Kensi sleep together or not?
    Callen/Sam bromance was back in full swing. Loved the bantering! Who knew they both know how to fly.
    Poor Kensi! She so doesn’t like be disliked. Clearly, Granger doesn’t care if no one likes him
    Maybe this is just my opinion. But when Hetty said she doesn’t play favorites made me scoff. Because all Sam and Callen got was a day off with no pay for disobeying an order, again. And yet Kensi got sent away because things changed between her and Deeks. And yes, I know the storyline was written to accommodate Daniela’s upcoming maternity leave, but still, it seemed that Hetty does play favorites.
    Sometimes the smallest moments can have the biggest impact. Words weren’t really needed for the final scene showing Kensi and Deeks looking at the same photos. DR & ECO captured it beautifully with their facial expressions. It was sad and sweet at the same time. Even though they are many, many miles apart, they were still thinking of each other. I especially loved how Kensi kept that photo of Deeks on the camel.
    Can’t wait for the Christmas episode!

  8. justdreaming-83

    I can’t say it enough, sindee. These picture recaps are so much fun! They prompt memories and stir up the thought processes (as incoherent as my thoughts might be at times.)

    In the opening scene, I would have never guessed this “loving” husband and doting father would be the bad guy. And oh what a bad guy he turned out to be.

    Sam catching Callen sleeping at the office was cute. I had the same two thoughts that sindee put in her caption: The recent Magazine post about Callen and exercise, and why Callen wasn’t feeling comfortable in his own house lately. (Maybe the blogger lady is stalking him. Lol.)

    And why did the “Hardy Boys” run off without Deeks? Surely he could have folded those long legs up and squeezed into the backseat of the Challenger. Couldn’t he? But it helped remind me how lost Deeks was without his partner. I was proud of the guy, though. As mopey as he may have felt, Deeks managed to jump into action, focus on what needed to be done, and help out with the case.

    I think the writers have done a good job with “displacing” Kensi, letting us in on bits and pieces of what’s going on with her. And along these lines, I just don’t think Kensi is being punished because of her developing relationship with Deeks. She is a sniper, good at what she does, a professional. (Someone who realizes that you don’t “talk” your way out of orders to leave the country for a mission.) Though not sent as a punishment, it may still be that she was chosen because of her “thing” with Deeks. I just don’t think relatives, or significant others would be allowed to work on the team together. (Sorry Densi fans. Just my opinion.) In the face of danger, when life-and-death decisions have to be made in a split second, one would have to be able to think with their head, not their heart.

    I can’t go on without mentioning how cute Nell was at the airport. She baited that CIA-baddie and then sent him off like a dog with his tail between his legs. You go girl!

    Sam and Callen piloting MY plane? Maybe one at a time. (Maybe.) But not together. They would get to arguing about something like, who was supposed to have fueled the plane, or who’s turn it was to lower the landing gear, and … BOOM!!!… it would all be over. (But I’ll have to say, our three guys looked pretty nice in their uniforms.)

    Robot Hetty was generous! As I mentioned in another comment, if Hetty’s big robot head was following me around at work, I don’t know if I’d fall down on the floor laughing, or be very, very afraid. Think Sam and Callen had the right idea… RUN!

    Even though I am not rooting for a permanent “Densi thing,” I thought Kensi and Deeks’ simultaneous browsing through pictures at the end was a sweet touch.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Along with an intriguing story, we got some bromance/banter, a touch of emotion, a bit of humor, and then a few moments that made us ask “why.” I think we may still be somewhat confused as to Hetty’s reactions (or lack thereof) to the Densi thing. And some are waiting for more emotion from Callen when it comes to Deeks. But I am one of those strange people who enjoys having some questions when the screen goes dark and the final credits pop up. In my unprofessional opinion, a good writer will, for the most part, bring along those traits and responses that we are familiar with. It gives us the idea that we know the character. But every now and then, they will throw in a “what was that?” moment. As long as the response is not too far out of character (without some type of explanation), it keeps the story interesting — moves us along to the next episode with lots of thoughts and questions.

    So how was that for incoherent thought processes???

  9. Carrie

    Well I can certainly imagine Deeks standing like that on the plane asking his passengers

    “Anyone want to join the “Million Air” Club with me?” and then doing the quote/unquote fingers… and I WOULD JOIN!! lmao

    (Actually this is an embarrassing comment and I hope he never logs on to this site and reads this… lmao)

    It was a bit of an awkward episode for me, I loved Deeks and the team interaction! but poor Deeks is a fish out of water right now and I am glad that the writers made him be a “capable” detective throughout the episode. Yes he was silly ( I died laughing when Hetty-bot snuck up behind him) but he didn’t screw up (at the expense of the plot.

    He needs a partner though and I hope he gets to work with Nell because I think they will be amusing together!! and the feels from Eric about the whole situation will be awesome!

  10. LasiaMsinred

    Nothing like Sindee’s recap to cheer me up a little 😉 **Thank you,Sindee!**

    I thought I was over-interpreting the whole Callen sleeping at the gym situation I’m SO glad it worried you,too!
    It’s a family house with some good memories but I’m afraid Callen didn’t manage to make his own new memories there.
    Something tells me he’ll move this season…..Let’s sum it up first they mentioned Elise,a woman who could jeopardize his cover by writing her blog, now we find out that he doesn’t sleep at his house.
    NOTE: Maybe they want to get rid of the set which was his house or the place/set is not available anymore.

    -Loved our 3 handsome musketeers in their uniforms 🙂
    -Great Kensi and Granger scenes! Daniela and Miguel did a great job. I just couldn’t understand why it bothered Kensi SOO much that nobody liked her. I know that it’s not a nice feeling but she’s a special agent she should be used to people not always being nice to her. Granger’s remark was great though.

  11. Richtsje

    Just watched the episode and liked it, like I loved the recap’s in this post, sindee! Despite the fact Kensi is not around, I once again feel that it’s the team-work that did it. Yes, Deeks was left behind at first but he did great with the other blonde lawyer and I loved him as the purser in the plain!
    The writers managed to work in Kensi’s part in the show: well done!

    Dunno why Callen suddenly sleeps in the gym (with another agent working out near!) instead of sleeping at home.
    Well, all in all i loved this ep and I love reading all the comments 🙂

  12. I Feel Possessed

    I didn’t have high hope for the episode after the last one from this writer, but I loved it. Sam and Callen banter was back at season 1 with Callen being as annoying to Sam as possible.

    Thought the revelation that they were both pilots was rather unexpected as never previously mentioned, but hey – this is the world of television.

    I’m reluctant to read too much into Callen sleeping at the gym as we’re often thrown bits of information that don’t lead anywhere. Oh, and also the big bits of info that seem to be conveniently forgotten in subsequent episodes, like Callen finding out who his dad is/was….With a Romanian war criminal and also a mention of a former KGB operative, there was ample opportunity for a throw-away comment from/about Callen, but nothing.

    I thought Hetty was hilarious and pretty creepy. I’mg glad they finally got punished for disobeying orders. Callen was last stood down for a day at the end of Callen.G in season 1. And he/the team have disobeyed quite a few orders recently…

    Deeks was like a lost puppy without Kensi and really was a spare part amid Sam and Callen’s banter. Same with Kensi in Afghanistan.

    Thought it was a sweet ending with them both enlarging the same photo – without it being overly sentimental.

    Oh, and I think I am one of the few that it not a fan of Nell being out in the field…

    1. Andres

      I totally agree on this, she clearly needs to stay in OPZ, first time I really saw her on background 3×17 ”K.Blye, that wasn’t like her at all. But clearly she is smart and she can use a gun.

  13. Andres

    I have to clear something up, the first scene, where Callen slept in the gym, that is kind of unusual thing we see for Callen, something is bothering him, maybe it is a little hint forward for Chamelion hint hint his still alive…something might happen or that missing father thing shook him up, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

  14. densidream

    For a few weeks now I’ve been struggling whether to put a comment up here or not, but I just couldn’t help myself now anymore 🙂 Also for this episode nobody wrote the things I was thinking about it yet, so here are my thoughts:

    Since everyone else already wrote about Callen sleeping in the gym, Nell at the airport (like this girl more and more) and the Hetty-bot (which WAS hilarious) I’m just gonna dive into the whole Densi – or mostly Deeks – thing.

    Did anyone else notice that this episode was considerably quieter in general than all the others before? There wasn’t really action going on, and I kinda felt that there were very many scenes in which no music played or it was very quiet. I think it fits the mood though.

    Deeks was obviously sad about not having his partner there and I felt that it was slightly transferring to the team as well. It was really sweet to see how Deeks was trying to fit in somewhere with Kensi missing.
    I loved how ECO portrayed Deeks in this episode. He was smiling a lot(which was unexpected for me). I had to think about why a bit. I think he was remembering Kensi and thinking about her a lot which made him kind of happy-smile. He seems to care about her on a different level now somehow after their night together, whatever happened or didn’t (I’m dying to know!!). On the other hand, it wasn’t the beaming smile we normally get to see from Deeks buta sad one 🙁 Above all he stayed professionell though. Nice balance of head and heart I guess 😉

    Without Kensi, there is just something missing in the whole show and the team. Leaving the wondertwin techs and Hetty out for a moment, I feel Kensi being a woman brings a nice touch to the otherwise male team. Apart from the Densi banter, of course, that’s REALLY missing and brings a lot of fun to it.
    I don’t agree with SD on one part though. Of course Kensi was there from the beginning but Deeks has established himself as just as important. You couldn’t take either one out of the equation now without leaving a hole and an awkward situation for the rest of the team.

    Now to the Kensi scenes.
    This trailer with all the other people came really unexpected. And also that nobody knows what Kensi’s job is. I mean, they didn’t even know HER! Weird, huh?
    I have a theory about why Kensi didn’t like being disliked. I think with starting a relationship or something like that with Deeks, she might have let her walls down a bit, resulting in vulnerability on her part. At least she didn’t seem the tough badass kickass Blye so much to me here.

    I’m really excited about what’s gonna happen next in Afghanistan and where it’s gonna lead us. For now the writers did a good job with putting these scenes in between the LA case.

    And the last scene…
    Wow. I’ve been catching myself lately hoping for a final Densi scene whenever there’s only about one or two minutes of the episode left. And again, I have been rewarded with a beautiful sweet scene that doesn’t need words to bring across its meaning. Eric and Daniela did such a good job here (again!). I feel they’re outdoing themselves this season.

    But now it will take SO LONG until ep 18! I don’t wanna wait that long for them getting together again!
    For all those of you who start to count down the 7 days till the next episode as soon as one is over (like me :D), I advise reading NCIS LA fanfictions on
    It really helps me to overcome the weekly waiting period. I started reading some when they were featured here in Decidedly Deeks (big thanks to NCIS LA Magazine!). And there are a lot of writers and stories worth being checked out!

    OK, I’ll really stop writing now, first review and already a novel! :/ I just like to analyze stuff 😉

    1. mckenna

      I agree, NCISLA fanfiction does have great stories and writers on it! Never thought I would like that kind of stuff but found it in July and now find myself always finding new stories 🙂 Great to use to get through the wait.

  15. ananova

    Really enjoyed this episode, thanks for another fantastic recap Sindee.

    I agree with everyone else about something being up with Callen sleeping in the gym. There’s something bothering him, making it uncomfortable for him to sleep in his own house. Hope we discover what it is in an upcoming episode. And I loved Deeks’ reaction to robo-Hetty. Though I was a bit surprised Nell and Eric didn’t react, guess they’d already seen it.

    Did anyone else notice Callen’s multiple changes of wardrobe? Not counting the pilot’s uniform, he wore at least three different shirts in this episode. This did occur in one day, right? It didn’t look like anyone else changed clothes. I wonder if that ties in with him sleeping in the gym. His way of slowly moving out of his house and back into the Mission like in Season 1?

  16. mckenna

    Loved this episode! Callen and Sam’s banter was sooo fun to watch right from the start and the opening scene in the gym with robot Hetty was great! I’d run from her too 😉 Have to agree with Sam on the who saved who more times scene. Reminded me of the scene in tin soldiers where Sam says G always expects him to come to his rescue. Definately the lone wolf 🙂
    Deeks being a lost puppy without Kensi fit perfectly with the episode/situation and I loved his scene with Eric and Nell. His reaction to robot Hetty was hysterical, probably reminded him and Eric of their nightmare with Hetty and the burning monkey. 😉 I wonder why Callen and Sam didn’t want him to come, maybe because they knew how much of a lost puppy he was acting? Idk, but on the part where he was like a third wheel, I think it fit just as much as not liking being without his partner. After all he was without a partner and he wouldn’t act completely normal, IMO his interactions with the team were just right.
    The bank scene was exciting to watch and the interactions with Sam and Deeks since the premiere have been intriguing to see, like Deeks offering Sam the oxygen mask and Sam asking if he was good after the last shootout.
    Thought the fact that Sam and Callen were both pilots was suprising but hey we’re always learning new things about characters as a show progresses. Their last scene with Hetty was also fun to watch 🙂 The densi scene was so great, just perfect. Also loved the team picture, like they were family.
    I don’t understand why some are mad at Hetty for Kensi’s reassignment, It’s not like the only reason she did it was to separate them, the mission is important and requires Kensi’s skills, just not great timing for the two of them. But, I think them being separated just makes their story more interesting and worth it in the long run instead of them being together right away. I trust the writers and know this storyline will bring a great second half of the season.
    Also don’t understand why some think Callen is being cold to Deeks. How much emotion does Callen normally show? Most of what we’ve seen has to do with his family, but if we started seeing more towards Deeks like we think he should IMO it would be too out of character. It’s just who he is. His behavior fits just like Sam’s has with who their character is and what has happened.
    All in all, a great episode, but I always love every episode 😉 Don’t like to dwell on what I thought should’ve happened or what I didn’t like or the what-ifs. I just take it like it is because the best show and I enjoy watching it. 🙂

    1. Evi

      I personally, am not mad at Hetty for splitting them up. I understand that Kensi was going to be assigned on this mission even if she hadn’t ended up with Deeks.
      What pisses me off is the way she handles the situation. She sees that Deeks is obviously struggling and does nothing!Even when he volunteered to give up everything for Kensi, Hetty didn’t reassure him that none of this is his fault. I know…I know….Hetty likes to play mind games. But playing mind games with someone who thought he was losing his mind a few months ago is just cruel.

      1. mckenna

        I too am confused from Hetty’s behavior lately. Thought it was odd she didn’t offer anything to say in that scene with Deeks. Hopefully we will find out her intentions but who knows, she is an enigma. 🙂 Just hope she does whats best for them and the team.

  17. VirtualFriend

    For the moment I’m not comfortable with the task Kensi has to fulfil by killing someone as a marksman. I think it’s different for someone who is a sniper (Kensi is not), I also think Deeks (as a cop) would have mixed feelings about it to say the least.

    Furthermore, I still find it not logical to send Kensi to the other side of the world to kill someone that is marked by the task force already at place. There is nobody around to pull the trigger? Why make Kensi a ‘Ninja Assassin’? Maybe the next ep will make this clear.

    Jack could be the target, that would make it very personal for Kensi (more drama). There has to be a reason why Kensi is more suited for the job then others.

    My thoughts about the “did or didn’t they”, yes they did! Why would they go to Deeks place, to discuss feelings for each other? If one knows the other one for so long you can discuss “special feelings” perfectly during a nice diner. If you want more, there is no alternative. Go to his place and Just Do It! 🙂
    In this context, ECO has also made the comment “It’s very sexy. I think this scene is going to make the Hot List next year.” (Tv Guide Magazine 2013/Nov) that would end the discussion. But I didn’t see anything like that in ep 9 or 10, so maybe a deleted scene. Nice one to boost the numbers sold of the next DVD…

  18. skippy2105

    The picture recap is one of the best ideas ever, so much fun. Thank you sindee.

    And most of the scenes have already been mentioned by I Feel Possessed, just dreaming, mckenna…

    So I only have a few comments.
    First this episode reminds me so much of season 1. Back to the roots and to the fun and excitement to watch. Great banter and action.
    Second is the punishment for the Callen, Sam and Deeks for disobeying the rules. Why not Nell and Eric? They were part of it, and why now. So it is okay disobeying the rule to save Hetty in 4.8 (collateral damage) and 5.8 (Fall out)but not in other cases?
    And last one is the cut-ins for the Kensi/Granger storyline. In my opinion they interrupted the LA storyline. Though they were rather short they intefered the main story. I thought if this story is so important (the Kensi/Granger) they should have made it a whole episode.
    But this is just my thought.

  19. Linda

    I have now read all the comments about this episode. There seemed to be a lot of them this time. I think this episode touched a nerve. Firstly, let me say that I am a Callen fan. Callen and Sam are my focus. That doesn’t mean that I dislike Kensi and Deeks. I don’t.I am sorry for their situation and I hope things work out between them. However, everything at NCIS can not come to a stop because of their relationship. They are both strong and smart. They are adults. They will cope.
    Now let me say something about Callen. I know that a lot of people think that he is cold. I don’t believe that. He really doesn’t have a history of showing his feelings. He doesn’t have a lot of role models here. He expresses his emotions through humour. His banter with Sam is his way of telling him how he feels about him. That is just who he is.
    I also feel that his sleeping in the gym is just him falling back into old habits. He is used to moving around. However, I may be wrong here.
    All in all I enjoyed this episode. There was something for everyone. I love NCIS LA and I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

    1. LasiaMsinred

      I agree with Linda. Even though like Kensi and Deeks I also believe that their relationship can’t jeopardize the ongoing ncis. They are both great operators.I love them as individuals and I think that having a couple on the team might cause trouble.
      After I rewatched the episode (Hey,it’s Sunday;) ) and I discovered a few important aspects.
      The Callen/Sam “Take the shot” in fact had something to do with the Densi “Take the shot” No, I didn’t forget the 2nd shot Deeks took.It was great.
      Here’s the difference: Kensi repeatedly told Marty to take the shot and he couldn’t do it. Valuable seconds went by,the situation was dangerous,the guy could have hurt Kensi. It was almost like the two us them were having a discussion.
      Callen and Sam on the other hand: Have a clear communication with each other in dangerous situations.G says “Take the shot” and Sam doesn’t hesitate.Remember the situation in the club when Callen told Deeks to move so he could take the shot? Deeks moved even though he had a different opinion, there was no resistance. G tells Kensi to shoot the guy holding the trigger, she does it. I don’t mean to say that it’s all about obeying Callen. The scenes just randomly come to my mind.They all care about each other but keeping a clear head is what keeps them alive.Unfortunately,keeping a clear head when someone you love has a gun pointed to her face is not easy.

  20. ananova

    Okay, I just rewatched the episode and something is definitely bothering Callen. At the beginning of the episode and then throughout it his voice would become quiet, a tone that I’ve noticed in past episodes when he was worried about a teammate. In Rude Awakenings when he was worried about Sam, at the end of Killhouse when Granger apologized, in Fallout when he said they could all lose their jobs when they made the plan to save Hetty. So that tone of voice, coupled with his sleeping at work? Definitely something bothering him. Could be he’s worried about his team. He’s finally allowed people to get close to him and now one of them has been sent away. Could be he’s trying to stay close to familiar surroundings, not wanting anything else to change on him. Hopefully we’ll learn more about what’s happening with him in upcoming episodes.

  21. Domingo

    Some very interesting posts on this, I liked this episode, one of my favourite directors on this one Tony Wharmby.

    The biggest suprise for me was that both Callen and Sam have comercial pilots licence, and yes, they do look good in uniform…..

    I don’t think any one has raised the issue of how Sam and Deeks capture and torture has affeceted Callen, he is well aware that it was his miss judgement of the situation that resulted in their capture. Granger has already told him “not to blame him-self” but has Nate or any one else checked on him? we don’t know, so could his sleeping in the gym and avoiding going home, be something to do with this?

    Just thowing out another idea…..

    1. Jan

      Thanks Domingo. I like your theory. It fits in with my concept of Callen (I think it was the season 2 ep Deliverance where Kensi gets taken, and he says “my plan, my fault.” I like that aspect of Callen as strategist and responsible team leader.) Best thought I’ve heard on this subject in a while.

      Also, thanks for mentioning the director. We (I) focus so much on the actors and writers that sometimes the work of the director gets forgotten.

    2. LasiaMsinred

      THANK YOU for pointing that out! In fact, no one looked after Callen after the whole Deeks&Sam-torture situation.No one looked after Kensi,either.
      I hoped that Nate would talk to all of them.Yes,as Callen-fan I also looked forward to some “deep-shrinking” on G bc yes, I’m a bit tired of Callen tricking Nate or better say I’m tired of Nate letting him do it. G blames himself for what happened and after reading all those great comments I realized that Kensi going on this classified mission might affect him more then we think.The team is his surrogate family. 2 of them got hurt and one of them left plus the whole Daddy Reznikov thing.He is losing his ground.

  22. Shelia

    I really enjoyed the picture recap and while I am a Callen girl thru and thru the pic of Deeks in his uniform was very attractive.

    I think Callen does have something going on; I believe its the information about his father. He’s been looking so long and finally has discovered some information but knows there is more out there. It has to be constantly in his thoughts.

    As for him sleeping in the gym on the weight bench (what a yummy photo that is) I believe he is trying to escape from his blogging neighbor. That is what I took from that scene, as for sleeping while others are working near him, Callen has shown that he can sleep whenever necessary as long as he feels safe. (As when the team went somewhere on a transport plane, sorry don’t remember the episode name.)

    I don’t think Kensi was sent away as a punishment, but that there is some special reason that only she can accomplish what needs to be done. The end moments with her and Deeks looking at the photo’s was sweet and heartwarming.

    Perhaps the reason Hetty is not talking to Deeks about whatever occurred between the two partners is not because she wants to punish them but because if she acknowledges that she knows, she will have to do something about it as in separate them. The longer Hetty officially knows nothing the longer she can go without taking action to split the team up. Just a thought on that.

    I loved Nell at the airport, she handled it quite well, and I hope to see more of her in the field. Maybe partner her with Sam and Deeks with Callen?

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