NCIS Los Angeles ‘Kolcheck, A’ Promo Video

His past is a mystery…
CALLEN: Is he – my father ?
ARKADY: Possibly.
On CBS Monday…
CALLEN: He knows more than he’s telling me.
…there’s nothing this agent won’t do…
KENSI: This place is rigged to blow.
…to uncover the truth.
SAM: He’s all yours, Arkady. Let’s go!
GUY: Wait! Wait!
Two new episodes remain.
HETTY: Don’t let the personal get in the way of the professional.
DEEKS: Kens !!
CALLEN: And if they’re all wrapped up together ??
New NCIS LA CBS this Monday.

8 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Kolcheck, A’ Promo Video

  1. Linda

    How long till Monday? This sounds like it could be the most exciting episode of the season so far.

  2. Patty

    Well, we know about season finale episode, so just can look forward to watch how they survive the car crush, right? I’m glad this is not the next week’s promo.

    1. CaptainNewf

      Teasers – UGH! try not to watch them, but kind of an addiction. Airbags should handle a “back into” crash. I can’t wait to see how Deeks handles Kensi possibly being hurt…not well I would bet! Also does Arkady really smash the guys head in with the assault rifle? Hopes are high for the last two episodes this season. Probably plenty of action, but not a lot of Dens, but one can hope.

  3. I Feel Possessed

    Promos – can be so misleading but hopefully this ones lives up to the promise of more teasers/clues/revelations about Callen’s past. I wonder if this is the story that was originally intended for season five before Daniela fell pregnant & S5 became all about developing Kensi / Deeks? I wonder if the IA investigation with Deeks was also meant for S5?

    Anyhow this looks like a cracker, full of action, mystery, intrigue and danger. Does that car really crash in to Kensi? Probably not if the entire team goes to Russia in the next episode…And will Callen finally start to get some answers? And when did he start getting furniture in his house?

    1. CaptainNewf

      If the flying glass is any indication, the cars do collide… we’ll see how the special effects guys handle it! Obviously not a show stopper because as you note, they all go to Russia next week. Going to be interesting to see if they can keep the Callen story straight from Reznikov, N, Familia, and Hetty revelations earlier. My guess is his father’s still alive. What do they do once the driver of “Who am I” has been removed from Callen’s psyche? I am real curious to see how they deal with Russia without speaking Russian… meet only people who speak English? The number of Russians who speak English is close to the number of us who speak or did speak Russian – that is, not many outside of the government and the universities.

  4. luisa

    Come al solito nei promo ci fanno vedere quello che vogliono.
    Io credo che Kensi riesca a muovere la macchina in avanti, prima dell’ impatto, e le immagini precedenti, che mostrano lei e Deeks saltare un muretto rincorrendo un malvivente, siano quelle dopo l’ incidente.

  5. Richtsje

    Would it get really personal? If it is about Callen, I mostly hope it is. And I love to see Arkady’s dark past is involved too…
    Sure, it’s another teaser like we’ve seen so many before, but I don’t mind a bit ūüôā

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