NCIS Los Angeles Marathon on USA Network


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4 comments on “NCIS Los Angeles Marathon on USA Network
  1. Lisa says:

    Love the kiss!! I wish the marathon wasn’t on a Monday. Hopefully my DVR will be nice a record it for me. Nice DVR…pat pat…Nice DVR…pat pat.

  2. Richtsje says:

    A kiss!!
    For all of us?!

    Wonder if we can have the marathon in here. If not, I’ll just create my own (that’s what I was doing in fact before you lured me to the magazine :-) )

  3. SnoopGirl says:

    Will have to check and see if I get it here and then make sure DVR is empty.
    Those two are so cool together!

  4. OSPliasion says:

    Fandom will never get over that kiss xD

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