NCIS Los Angeles – Monday Night Game #1



Welcome to our MONDAY NIGHT GAME !!

Rules are easy… we post quotes… you guess the episodes… no prize… just fun !!

1. G: You know, you can take the kid of the street, but…

2. Hetty: I’d sooner give a chainsaw to a spider monkey.

3. Sam (to G): You know I still love you, right?

One thought on “NCIS Los Angeles – Monday Night Game #1

  1. justdreaming-83

    Don’t know if I’m actually supposed to answer these “out loud.” Sorry if I’m messing up the fun, sindee. Hope you take down the comments quickly if I was not supposed to have commented here. Just returned from a looong work day that involved 7 hours of driving (Texas is a huge state.) In my exhausted state, I saw this game and it perked me up. Had to pull out my DVD’s to get the title for one of the episodes but I think I got them.

    1. S-2 “Deliverance” when our boyish G has pick-pocketed Hetty’s resignation letter from Vance.

    2. S-1 “Blood Brothers” when Hetty is accused of giving Eric than annoying whistle. (One of my favorite funny scenes with Hetty swinging around her Dragon Head whatever weapon.)

    3. S-3 “Betrayal” where Callen and Sam are “making up” after
    G expresses his concern over his partner’s disappearance.

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