NCIS Los Angeles “One More Chance” Picture Recap By @sindee303

"What the hell?" Exactly my toughts...

What the hell?
Exactly my thoughts…

Great profile pic !!

Great profile pic !!



"Last Tuesdday. Olive Garden. I posted my Tortellini al Forno. YOU HIT LIKE !!" *snort* Great delivery, Barrett !!

Last Tuesday. Olive Garden. I posted my Tortellini al Forno. YOU HIT LIKE !!
Great delivery, Barrett !!

So sweet how Sam talks about the girl. But she's missing ?? Uh-oh...

So sweet how Sam talks about the girl. But she’s missing ?? Uh-oh…

Mh, curious what Sam recognizes in these...

Mh, curious what Sam recognizes in these…

Flair Mob ?? *snort*

Flair Mob ??

Leaving a CD of the song/band Sam taught her to play ?? That's one smart girl !!

Leaving a CD of the song/band Sam taught her to play ?? That’s one smart girl !!

Callen & Sam are so not buying that mother's story... neither am I !!

Callen & Sam are so not buying that mother’s story… neither am I !!

He changed the radio stations in her car ?? He'd be in REAL trouble when that would have been my car !!

He changed the radio stations in her car ?? He’d be in REAL trouble when that would have been my car !!



"You're OK?" *sigh*

“You’re OK?”

"Looks like Kid Rock is throwing a very disorganized yard sale."

Looks like Kid Rock is throwing a very disorganized yard sale.

Who else names their tech devices ?? *raises hands*

Who else names their tech devices ?? *raises hands*

Hetty's face... hehe...

Hetty’s face… hehe…

"Are you reading Dostojewsky again, Owen?" "John le Carre."

Are you reading Dostojewsky again, Owen?
John le Carre.

"I say we go find her."

I say we go find her.

Are they really having the kids convo ??  Wow, that's deep...

Are they really having the kids convo ??
Wow, that’s deep…

OMG *sobs*

OMG *sobs*

Callen helping Sam getting on... aww...

Callen helping Sam getting on… aww…

Haircut?? As if... ;)

Haircut?? As if… 😉

"We let you fill out a comment card when you go home."

We let you fill out a comment card when you go home.

Jep, driver boy is in deep trouble...

Jep, driver boy is in deep trouble…

Kidnap the girl to get to the mother's retina... niiiice...

Kidnap the girl to get to the mother’s retina… niiiice…

What's with Sam and this lady ??

What’s with Sam and this lady ??

"This is your last chance."

This is your last chance.

Honestly not the greatest start to the convo but Granger finally acknowledged he's with Sam...

Honestly not the greatest start to the convo but Granger finally acknowledged Sam might be right…

"Heyyy, dad." OMG... HI-LA-RI-OUS !!!

Heyyy, dad.

Niiice way of reasoning her attention. :)

Niiice way of reasoning her attention. 🙂

Wow, she ditched her car ?? Why ??

Wow, she ditched her car ?? Why ??

"We're screwed."

We’re screwed.

She looked at the graffiti ?? Niiice twist !!

She looked at the graffiti ??
Niiice twist !!

Happy End !! And I don't mean Callen & Deeks in the black hoodies... *smirk*

Happy End !!
And I don’t mean Callen & Deeks in the black hoodies… *smirk*

A date...

A date…

Granger having a beer with Kensi & Deeks ?? Can I be the fly on the wall please !!

Granger having a beer with Kensi & Deeks ?? Can I be the fly on the wall please !!

"It's for good luck." "What am I supposed to do with it?" "You'll figure it out." "Thanks, partner."

It’s for good luck.
What am I supposed to do with it?
You’ll figure it out.
Thanks, partner.

OK, I gotta admit I love this newbie writer David North. It was a great episode (though the ADR was a little off sometimes…) with awesome lines and team moments !! What do YOU think about “One More Chance” ??

30 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “One More Chance” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. BH72

    Thanks sindee for another hilarious recap of this episode. Cannot wait to watch it. Loving S5, all the way through.

  2. Zeina

    Hilarious Recap thanks Sindee really we watched a Good partnerships,relationships everything in this ep. It was one of the gorgeous ep.espscially to watch the flirting between deeks and kensi again was amazing after “third Heart ” confusion .As a partner the trusting between Sam and Callen was incredible.once for all to see as a partner Nell and Granger was priceless.

  3. Buffy

    Thanks for this, love your captions!
    Really liked this one a LOT, the opening banter was great. Gives us the idea that they all hang out together, and all fakebook together, except the old dudes.
    Granger is growing on me, I think the team is warming up to him. Which could be very good,I have a feeling Hetty might be in Deep Trouble too. She is just looking too smug about trying to stonewall Granger.
    More Sam And Callen is always a good thing, and love love Granger and Nell teaming up Heeey Dad! Densi can stay like this as long as they like, crossing the frozen lake, smelling the flowers taking in everything (can we have the Gurhka back?)
    Good plot, charcters still developing, great script, it’s a keeper.

  4. Bee

    Caption it with Kensi’s quote: ‘your brain doesn’t work like everyone else.’ (or whatever the exact line was)

  5. Lisa-Marie

    I really liked this episode with Callen and Sam partnership and Densi’s too Granger is kind of growing on me
    I really liked the ending with Kensi asking her friends out of a drink but Sam going to his family And Callen is still dating Joelle remember her ??? And Granger going to drink with Kensi and Deeks and laughing what Granger said to Deeks too?

  6. Spokoze

    5 x 22 One More Chance– 1st thing right I have to ask, Why with this the title of the episode??
    Something like Sam saying, ” I dust my digitals daily” would have at least been part of the show. Was a stellar episode for LL and very well performed. He has come so far from the Moe episodes.
    COD had some great lines and was pleased that Callen said he had a date and nothing more…and no one inquired further.
    Deeks as always had some great lines…especially liked, ‘Um..Flash Mob…..ah okay potato-pataaado.”
    Felt like there was no Eric Beal or any Hetty for that matter.
    Tough to get lots of everybody in 44 minutes I guess.
    Love Kensi and Deeks, but they were so awkward at times it was unpleasant. Did like how she managed to smooch on him and his response– it almost made up for the jabs and ‘out there’ dialog they exchanged. Not every conversation needs to be of a, ‘frozen lake’ variety, but these two can’t just throw some switch and not be Kensi and Deeks…..

    Hetty knows what Granger reads??? “Good Night Owen” after the 2nd book reference of the episode?
    Did Granger want to keep visiting? Let me see….he knew the kind of tea she was drinking and they read the same books?? And lol did I hear right? Granger was buying?? Would have been a great spot for Eric and Nell to have been just standing around….but guess Granger really was in the mood for company & did want to keep visiting. He’s becoming a little more endearing all the time, isn’t he?

    1. tati

      I think the title refers to the pic with the girl’s mum at the scene when she talks on the phone the kidnappers and they say: This is your last chance.

  7. Charla

    I felt like this was the NCIS LA I remember. It had all the right banter, and kept me guessing all the way through. I can’t believe we only have two more episodes this season. Right?
    I agree though sometimes Kensi and Deeks seemed a little awkward, but it was ok. Nell and Granger….loved it. I like Granger and hope we continue to see more of him, and still would love to know more about his and Hetty’s backstory. Those two really intrigue me.
    Thanks Sindee for the recap. It was great as always. 🙂

  8. tati

    Season 5 is getting better and better. I loved the way Deeks protected Kensi. He wited till she gets out and then he puts his hand over her head to keep her safe. That scene was the second best of the episode. For me the first one was the undercover moment at the coffee shop. I think I read somewhere that Monty will be back at this episode, unless it was refering to the profile pic in Deeks’ facebook page.

    Granger buying drinks to Densi??? Is it just me or it is really suspisous. Maybe he wants to keep an eye on the happy couple. Speaking of Granger, the Gell undercover op was a very good start for Nell in the field. Callen must be really intersting in Joelle. Another date!! I want to see her again. It’s time for Callen to raise his own family. Sam is married, has a kid and Densi’s story is moving well. It’s time for the team to eat some comfits from both couples (Densi & Jallen).

    Anyway…Can’t wait for the next episode. Team is called for duty during the weekend. I am wondering what Densi is doing…….

  9. jrwjr

    I thought this episode was great. It contained a lot of things I love about this show. Great bromance
    with Callen and Sam, funny scenes with Kensi and Deeks, an explosion, an undercover scene (loved the shoe shine boy cover), Hetty, a great plot, and some mis-direction as to who was bad and who was good. Must say that I am glad to see team back together as the White Ghost story arc started getting old. I just can’t believe we have two more episodes before we go into the break!

  10. Domingo

    I liked this episode a lot, some humour and some serious detection, well written, Sam and Callen were on form, great comrdarie, friendship, and a trusting partnership, it felt like old time.(Hope it continues) however some how this feels like an end of season episode, there were a few odd moments……

    Grangers rather lame excuse for Hetty being on the phone, then her saying that earlier she had been giving Satnav “bad news” Has she resigned again!!!!

    Sam giving Callen the good luck card, as if he is going to need it soon……

    Granger telling everyone he is back.

    Just got a feeling about this, probably the series ending blues…….

    1. mckenna

      Wow,I noticed Granger’s remark and something Hetty said made me think it was an omen for the finale, but didn’t take Sam giving Callen the card as foreshadowing, nice catch! Now I’m wondering the same thing, I so can’t wait for the finale!

    2. Lisa-Marie

      What make you think something will happen when Sam gave Callen that card
      I don’t think anything will happen to Callen because Hetty knows his past and he his Joelle coming into his life slowly because he had another date with so I think it’s about him and Joelle
      I don’t think Callen will died because if he does I will not watch as much.

      1. Domingo

        I don’t think Callen will die, his character is to important to the series, but there may be extreme danger for him/Sam and he may be in need of a “good luck charm”.

        There are some things that have not yet been sorted out.

        1. Where are Siderovs nuclear wepons? (still missing)

        2. Jan-vier told Callen to remember “The Count of Monte Christo” Who famously escaped from prison to create havoc in the lives of those he felt had betrayed him.

        3. There is more to Callen’s russian family background, again Hetty may know more, and also Arkady Kolcheck.

        4. What are the issues behind Hetty and Granger?

        5. What was the real reason hetty sent kensie to Afghanistan? and what will be the repacussions?

        I don’t think that all of these will be brought into the season finale, but some of them might surface…..long enough to keep us on the edge till September

        1. Buffy

          The nukes were found in the first ep. Of the season, just a passing comment when Deeks was packing his stuff after the torture.
          I want to know more about Deeks past, when he was shot he had no next of kin, but when the were biking in the desert he said something about a picture his mom has on her fridge. Does he use her maiden name?

  11. vasohara

    nice recap like always!This episode remind me S3 all back to normal no Afghanistan, no metaphors all partners together like always,and the best this hilarious “heyy dad” !who want granger for dad really ?lol.It was good through away the tension after 3 hearts from the funs!

  12. mckenna

    Great recap! I really enjoyed this episode, and finally Sam got the chance to shine in this week’s ep. The Deeks picture in this recap is hilarious! ‘Heyy Dad!’ was soo funny too! And yes I’m guilty of naming my electronic devices too 😛
    Great Callen and Sam scenes this week, another example of why their partnership is so strong. Loved every scene that showed this, and the ending was just perfect, always enjoy watching these characters.
    Not much Eric or Hetty, but Eric’s comment and delivery to Deeks was priceless! Nell and Granger partnered up was great,wish we saw a little more though, and I loved how the Kensi and Deeks scenes were written, more straight forward and real, seemed like we were back in S3, great scenes as well.
    Now that we’re nearing the finale I’m listening for any hints in the episodes about it, can’t believe there’s only 2 more left!

  13. Lisa-Marie

    Type in google don’t expect Chris
    O’Donnell to leave Ncis Los Angeles season 5.
    Then click on Ncis Los Angeles cast reveals secrets to 100 episode and it will say Chris O’donnell will not leave Mcis Los Angeles maybe when he want to leave and there are no hints of anyone leaving because they would have said something by now???

  14. mckenna

    Just because Callen may need the good luck soon doesn’t mean his character will die/leave the show. I think it just suggests, most likely, that he (and Sam) will be in an intense, dire situation for the finale that they will be lucky to get out of.

    1. LasiaMsinred

      I agree. I also think that Callen will be in trouble.
      Here is what I hope: Callen stopped dating Joelle but he uses his “dating” excuse to contact some of his,maybe not quite legal, “sources” to find out more about his family,father in particular.
      Sam as his partner knows about it.Did you notice that he didn’t even comment when G mentioned his date? Which he usually did.He also gave him the CD for good luck…so for me it feels like Sam knows that G is going lone wolf again.

  15. Lisa-Marie

    I am going to keep saying nothing is going to happen to Callen he’s still has to find out who he is and Hetty may still know a lot of thing and they wouldn’t start a storyline with Joelle to.
    So my thoughts are they might need luck on the case and good luck with Joelle too.
    And until I see a hint or spoiler that Callen dies people can right there own theroy?

    1. Domingo

      I don’t think anyone is saying that Callen will die, just that he is likley to find himself in server danger.

      His character is one of the leads in the series, but there are a lot of unanswered questions about him.

      Very early on Shane Brennan said in an interview that when we learn Callen’s name that will be the end, so a long way to go yet, but the pahtway will hard and fraught with danger.

      It is all part of the fun of watching LA, so don’t worry Callen’s not going any where

      1. LasiaMsinred

        I totally agree.
        There’s a huge difference between putting himself into severe danger and dying. We were talking about the first one.
        As a huge Callen-fan I feel like I’m losing him.I’m supposed to believe that he just “handled” what happened in the 100th episode and let it go? He found out his mom and grandfather were CIA and he didn’t do any research? No one at the CIA “noticed” that there was another “Callen” in the house? (Boy,I guess all this special-ops-training didn’t pay off 😉 )
        And of course, there is the rest of the team.
        Granger is a mysterious and interesting character I wanna know more about him!
        Deeks is such a fantastic character who had quite a tough life. More,please 😉
        I could continue but I think everyone knows where I’m going.There are a lot of stories to tell and a lot of open story lines to be continued.

  16. LasiaMsinred

    Sorry, it’s me again.
    I mean….I just need to say it.Some people think that the season finale will somehow include Joelle and they might not be wrong.
    However, if this is going to be the case I’ll be disappointed. She’s a nice lady.I don’t want anything bad to happen to her BUT she’s not a significant character. I don’t see Callen going off grid to save her life because he loves her.Her death would touch him and Sam of course but I don’t think it would shatter his world.
    Let’s stick to crime.

    1. Lisa-Marie

      i will agree when i see spoilers to see Joelle in the season finale.
      And if Joelle is in the finale she might be in danger and Callen will find out and i think he will go and save her because he loves her and starting a slow relationship with her and i would love to see her on screen with Callen and maybe kiss on screen to maybe after he saves her.
      But i want to see an hint or spoiler that Joelle is in the season finale.

  17. Linda

    I am late again, but thanks for a great recap. I really liked this episode as I felt that it was a great team effort. There was something for every fan in this one. I just can’t believe that we are nearly at the end of the season. There are so many story lines left open. So many questions to have answered. All the characters are so interesting. We need more background on them all. Sam did a great job in this episode. I sure would want him on my side, and the trust shown between him and Callen was remarquable. What great partners! The little girl was a real charmer. Congratulations to her. Looking forward to the next episode.

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