NCIS Los Angeles ‘Rage’ Promo

ERIC: Got a call about a bank robbery in progress. Callen’s inside !

ROBBER: Anybody move – you die !

GUARD: You got a real mob (?) on you, Callen.

CALLEN: Do the right thing.
SHOOTER: I’m really sorry !

6 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Rage’ Promo

  1. Crystal

    I heard “mouth” – You got a real mouth on you, Callen.
    Must have been a younger Callen –the guy pushed to the ground had much longer hair.

    1. JaniceS

      Mouth … definitely “Mouth” … by the time Callen was a teenager, I’m sure he was very hardened to life and fought any way he could, including with his words.

  2. I Feel Possessed

    Agreed, the cops said “you got a real mouth on you Callen” and I believe that is a teenage Callen being thrown into the cell. For what? Fighting or stealing? And I get the impression he is known to the cops (ok I can read a lot into a promo)!

    Really looking forward to this & I hope the flashback to Callen aged 15 is done well as NCIS did with Gibbs (but more recent eps with Abbie & DiNozzo were awful).

    From S1 & S3, Callen didn’t know Hetty until maybe she approached him about NCIS but she knew him so it’ll be interesting to see how Frank Military handles this.

    An undercover case is long overdue although looks like Callen gets made again…And I wonder if there will be any jealousy from Deeks as Kensi goes under cover as Callen’s girlfriend?

    I think we’re also overdue a dark and intense episode and Frank Military usually delivers. Excited

  3. Linda

    I don’t think its been clear when Callen and Hetty first met. Seasons 1 and 3 revealed that Hetty knew more about Callen’s past then he knew she did. I don’t remember a moment that said exactly when they met, so I have no problem with it being at age 15. I am really looking forward t this episode.

    1. Ifeel possessed

      In the S1 episode Fame, Callen realises that Hetty has been watching Deeks for a while and ask her when G Callen became a blip on her radar, ie when did she first keep an eye on him. Callen then reels off a few countries/states where he’d worked and Hetty never answers him.

      I have no problem if it happened aged 15 if Callen didn’t remember…

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