NCIS Los Angeles ‘Rage’ Sneak Peek III

Fans who spent six years waiting for Deeks and Kensi to get together may go ballistic this week when they see Callen and Kensi get hot and heavy. You thought it was going to be easier with the revelation that the entire team already knows about their relationship? Think again.

Sure, it’s just for an undercover mission, but it’s still something Deeks would find hard to watch. Callen plays a hardened biker fresh out of prison, and Kensi is his woman. They’re trying to infiltrate a white supremacist gang with possible access to a nuclear bomb. To maintain their cover, they have to make it look as if Callen’s spent six months in jail, so he gets a little… handsy.

Don’t watch the video if the idea of Kensi and Callen in a full-on lip-lock, or hearing him possessively saying, “This is Sage. That’s my girl,” will make your blood boil. Or if the idea of the pair making pretend sex noises all night to keep up their cover of a recently reunited biker couple makes you want to punch the show’s writers.

What do you think? Even though it’s their job, do you think Deeks would take a swing at Callen if he were watching? What would Joelle think? Maybe if Eric and Nell went undercover in a biker gang, they might be able to move things along a little faster?

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18 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Rage’ Sneak Peek III

  1. amyabn

    Deeks and Sam can commiserate over their women and undercover jobs. Michelle had to play Quinn and seduce Sidorov for the mission. Sam and Deeks haven’t had their “talk” yet, so it may be interesting.

  2. Rhodanos

    The video title reads: ‘Deeks and Kensi go undercover as lovers to help bust a gang.’

    If only that were true. But thankfully they don’t need to go undercover for that when they have the real thing going 😉 You still might wanna change that into ‘Callen and Kensi…’

    Just the idea of CaKe (*cringe*) doesn’t sit well with me. I never did feel like that was a pairing that would ever really work. What bothers me a bit is that they didn’t even have to kiss like that. The other dudes weren’t even there to see it. Well. But we know that Densi is rock solid and the Callen / Joelle thing seems to be good as well. So no worries. As a diehard Densi shipper I try to ignore this as best I can and focus on the promised Callen background. Lets see how much of it we get. Since we did get nothing on Deeks in Fighting Shadows as I had hoped we would I’m trying not to get too excited. I also wonder how long they want to pretend everything is fine, act normally when the IA thing is clearly still going on and no one even mentions it. It’s like they did with Kensi’s and Deeks’ respective torture in season 5. So many missed opportunities there. And so completely unbelievable. Sigh.

    1. Ali

      I agree with you on the point that the bad guys weren’t even here so the kiss was unnecessary. That’s what annoys me. If they were here, I would really say nothing. I really hope that this was the last kiss between Kensi and Callen in this episode (or in any other episode).

      1. Fenix

        Ali, kiss was necessary.
        Not for bad guys, but for us, fans, for teasing us, for wow efect on us, for discusion our about it…. just for show 😉
        For logic in story, was of course unnecessary. 🙂

    2. Crystal

      Callen said the guys were following him, so the kiss was totally what needed to happen. He didn’t know how far behind him the other guys were and well, they needed convincing that Sage IS his girl and he “needs some” after being in “the shoe” for 6 months. And it was like a 2 second kiss–no big deal. Great acting on their both their parts. Now bring on the Callen “Rage”!

  3. opheila

    The writers love to screw with Densi fans. This is just another example. I think I am over this show.

  4. Fenix

    It’s undercover kiss, no big deal.
    They are ready for those things, so what…?
    Of course Deeks will be feel little bit strange, but it is part of them job.
    Exactly like Kensi feel awkward, when Deeks kiss Monica.
    I know, they wasn’t together in that time, but was very close.
    Why is undercover kiss for many fans so big “surprise”?
    And from now we see this in all live shows, where Daniela or Eric will be.
    From “smart” question “how is to kiss your hubby’s brother?” to “how is to kiss your boyfriend’s kolegue?” 🙂

    1. Crystal

      Thank you! Look what Sam did with Jadah (sp?) I love that Callen and Kensi can do that kiss then move right into work talk. And when he said, “She’s my girl” I thought that was so convincing. Kudos to them both for a great scene.

  5. Rhodanos

    Something else that rubs me the wrong way plot-wise is that the bad guys are believed to be in possession of nuclear material. Sooooo… Callen and Sam began that undercover at the beginning of the season and now, almost half a year later they decide to resume it?! Hmmm. Interesting, since possession of nuclear material seems like a really really high priority thing to me. That is another great example of the sometimes glaring lack of continuity the show has. And it’s only one of far too many examples that could be brought up. Just wanted to throw that in there.

    Also, how they want to bring up some of Callens backstory in this episode I can’t figure out. Except, maybe they throw those scenes or moments in as some random, case-unrelated tidbits. Idk. I guess we just have to wait and see, right? Sigh.

  6. Sharon Stark

    I want to hear what Deeks has to say about this. I know it is an undercover op and no big deal!

  7. I Feel Possessed

    Much though I love the Kensi/Deeks relationship I have no problems with Callen/Kensi kissing undercover. When Callen walked out he knew he was being followed and couldn’t just turn round and wait for the bad guys before kissing Kensi. He is supposed to have been in prison for a while! There is no one else who could do those undercover roles apart from Callen & Kensi.

    I’m glad they’re revisiting this undercover op rather than just leaving it. Wonder if they will explain why it took 6 mths to get back to it?

    So far NCISLA have not used flashbacks badly (think Callen as a 3/4 yo end S1 &S2), so I hope it will be done tastefully and with purpose. NCIS did it well with Gibbs (when his son played him-incidentally Sean Harmon is one of the bad guys in this clip). Later NCIS attemps (DiNozzo & Abbie) have been awful.

    I have high hopes for this, hope I’m not disappointed!

  8. LasiaMsinRed

    I think they play it well as two professional undercover agents. Let’s be honest. They have to make it believable. It’s a hell of a good kiss.
    I like to see a switch up in the team. They are partnered but certainly not glued to each other. Generally speaking I think that working with different agents helps you to develop as an undercover agent. Who knows ? Maybe we’ll see a Sam/Kensi pair up some day?
    Plus; I was really tired of seeing a typical Kensi/Deeks honeymooners/soon-to-be-married-couple/ some other kind of couple undercover.
    What would Joelle think? Well, I couldn’t care less…. Deeks? Yes, professional or not it’ll be hard to watch. I could possible imagine a private scene between Callen and him..starting like :
    G:” C’mon Deeks. Let me buy you a drink. I got to make out fit your girlfriend today. I owe you.” or something like that/turning it into a joke.
    Of course, I also hope that this kind of drinking will lead to some bounding between Callen and Deeks since I believe that they do have a lot in common.
    I look forward to watch this episode,not because of Callen/Kensi, for me it’s about the flashbacks and Callen’s past.

    1. Fenix

      “What would Joelle think?”
      Nothing, because she don’t know about it, and never will be (no, here isn’t “maybe”).
      She isn’t agent, Callen can’t speak with her about his job, ops….
      For this reason (officially non existing kiss, secret ops…) you can’t “I think Joelle and Callen will be over soon.”
      Like Thapa said “I am gurkha, not monk.”
      So, Callen is men, not monk…. 😉
      Joelle or even some Callen relationship is always 50:50 game.
      Some like it, some not.
      Same with “Densi” story.
      Take it, or leave it, or go over it…

  9. Linda

    For those who are getting worked up about the kiss: its undercover, so I don’t get what the big deal is. They don’t know if anyone is watching, so they had to play it all the way.

  10. Richtsje

    For the sake of this episode and the coverstory I really, really love the way Kensi and Callen manage to play this game once again. They both know it’s for the cover only and I am surprised so many comments I’ve read are a bit overreacted.
    And oh yeah, they make it look convincing, don’t they?!

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