NCIS Los Angeles “Recovery” Picture Recap by @sindee303

Pool Date gone wrong...

Pool Date gone wrong…

Everyone's pretty sure Callen should NOT get a tattoo... Kensi & Deeks are even unisonous...

Everyone’s pretty sure Callen should NOT get a tattoo… Kensi & Deeks are even unisonous…

Hetty: "SHE [new SecNav] wants for us to make sure..." Thanks, Hetty, for clearing that up...

Hetty: “SHE [new SecNav] wants for us to make sure…” Thanks, Hetty, for clearing that up…

"We do a lot of good here." *that* view would certainly do me a lot of good...

We do a lot of good here.” *that* view would certainly do me a lot of good…

DEEKS: "Well, there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it's worth fighting for."

DEEKS: “Well, there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.”

Just because I thought it was sweet how Callen & Sam are sitting on that table... legs dangling...  ;)

Just because I thought it was cute how Callen & Sam are sitting on that table… legs dangling… 😉

HETTY: "Oh, you have a wheelhouse."

HETTY: “Oh, you have a wheelhouse.

NELL: Why would you assume my tattoo is something cute and sweet? ERIC: I don't know. Because you are.

NELL: Why would you assume my tattoo is something cute and sweet?
ERIC: I don’t know. Because you are.

I think Callen IS a supercar guy !!

I think Callen IS a supercar guy !!

See... Homeland guy shares my opinion... ;)

See… Homeland guy shares my opinion… 😉

Kensi, the nutritionist

Kensi, the nutritionist

Deeks, the sex addict

Deeks, the sex addict

Deeks executing some great techniques to get the info out of the girl...

Deeks executing some great techniques to get the info out of the girl…

Sam to the rescue...

Sam to the rescue…

Gotta love how they come all geared up to a "friendly visit". ;)

Gotta love how they come all geared up to a “friendly visit”. 😉

Not sure I would use a window for cover but oh well...

Not sure I would use a window for cover but oh well…

"She's the only one who eats the damn things." Her healthy lifestyle wasn't so healthy afterall...

She’s the only one who eats the damn things.” Her healthy lifestyle wasn’t so healthy afterall…

"And I don't have a problem with sex." Oh, those faces... LOL

And I don’t have a problem with sex.” Oh, those faces… LOL

So Callen's over the tat thing... and into the body piercing thing ?? NO WAY !!

So Callen’s over the tat thing… and into the body piercing thing ?? NO WAY !!


Since that last scene can’t be captured in one picture here it is in full length… 🙂

What was your favorite scene ?? Wait, scratch that… I’m pretty sure I can tell… 😉
But maybe I’m wrong so leave a comment with your thoughts about the ep… Thanks !!

25 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Recovery” Picture Recap by @sindee303

  1. Evi

    Great choice of pics, and just like you said the last scene just can’t be captured.

    The tattoo stuff was funny. I really hope we get to see them. Respect for Eric’s Einstein tattoo.

    I expected more scenes at the rehub center. And I was curious what that girl was addicted to.

    Undercover Deeks confuses me. I honestly don’t know wether his words are real or not. I liked the sad look on his face when crappy childhood was mentioned.

    Interesting storyline and when Afganistan was mentioned I immediately thought it would be linked to Kensi’s future assigment.

    And now the last scene.

    Well, that was unexpected!!!! I didn’t see that coming. At least we were right about the “what”. It was brilliantly edited in order to mislead us.
    I am not kidding. I was sitting on the edge of my sit waiting for Kensi’s reaction.

    I love Kensi but once again she expects Deeks to do all the talking. At least her action said it all. I would have loved if she had taken him by the hand but….oh well…let’s not be ungreatefull.

    I absolutely love how Deeks takes deep breaths trying to process what just happened. Priceless!!!!!

    Ι know CBS is quite puritan but I really wanted a kiss in the least. Who knows, maybe in the next episode.

    Oh, I can’t wait another week!

  2. DaniKi

    THANK YOU! It really made my day to finally see this last minute – OMG! I never expected this to happen and I’m already curious about what will happen next week.
    I’m sitting in Germany waiting for every tiny bit of information so I at least know what’s going on. Btw, 4th season just ended here so it’s a looooong way to go until I finally get to see the new eps.

  3. Elszy

    Hi guys,

    I must admit I kept waiting for that particular Densi-scene all the time, so I kinda forget to watch the episode 😉 The tattoo-thing was funny though. The end scene was priceless, and I agree with Evi that Kensi seems to expect Deeks to do the talking.
    Ahhh… but when he does, he does it so well… “…my place * appropriate pause*… with you…”

    Great acting from Eric and Dani. Definitely chemistry between the two.

    What kinda bothers me – and it has been for a while – is that Deeks is depicted as a loser so often. He’s one of the team, yet he’s portraited as some sort of douchebag: a sex-or-something-else-addict, a fast-food junk, a socially inept person, a nitwit with the emotional depth of a toddler and what else.
    To me, he’s the most colourful guy in the entire team, with a good set of brains and a great sense of humor. He’s agile, strong, looks lean and fit. He’s proven himself on more than one occassion and certainly not the easy way. So why do they keep picking on him? Humor is one thing, ridiculing someone is a completely different matter. That is in fact painful and humiliating and Deeks certainly doesn’t deserve any of that.

    Nah, being the fallguy all the time can be too much of a good thing. Deeks should be given the respect he earns. And still keep the humor coming. Real humor, not the kind that is hurtful and unfair.

    Enfin, my two cents worth. Food for thought!
    Next week – what’ll we see? Kens shipped off to a foreign country, leaving Deeks to fall into a mental sinkhole?


  4. Carrie

    alright… the only thing I have to say as only an occasional “Densi” lover is..



    1. carrie

      and now having watched it again I have to say I am a Densi fan, but that was too fast too soon…

      I’d rather have a bit slower build up and allow those two to get past some of the issues they have.

  5. SD

    This Episode going into the next one is like Alanis Morisette’s “Ironic”. Its the same reference thrown in by Kensi’s response to Deek’s “ironic” comment in Big Brother Episode. She says is blame it on Alanis Morisette. 🙂 We wait for this much time for the ship to sail, only to be hit by a storm the moment it sails. We can just hope that it is not set to become Titanic. 😀

    Anyways, in Gil Grant’s style we have a very good episode of again character developments within the same procedural format. It was lovely to watch everyone get concerned over their interests.

    Callen – What should he go for ? Tattoos ? Cars ? or Body Piercing ?!!!! 😀 Ain’t it ironic that nothing clicks for him ?!!
    That was wonderful. Almost everyone can have Tattoos, but the same cannot be true for Callen as he is not a Tat guy. Even Hetty is against the idea of Callen getting a Tattoo. Usually she would want Callen to just be interested in something. Well…off late Callen has been showing himself as outgoing …his next door neighbour in Big Brother episode, now Tattoos, if not that then Body Piercing. Callen and cars…that was always there…his thing; even if Sam wouldn’t want to accept it. The Homeland’s undercover Agent defended Callen there. 🙂

    Sam – He seemed to think he was successful in stopping Callen from getting a tattoo. No he wasn’t. Callen didn’t stop there. Now was that ironic ?!! that his staid partner is trying to get colorful and zingy ??? Hahaaaa 🙂

    Sam and Callen – Action – As usual great and Sam is once again our saviour. He is on a roll from last three episodes. Hahaha!

    Neric or Eric and Nell –
    It seems the writers are now focussing on this ship and seem to be assessing if it can be set to sail. Isn’t that the reason why we soon will have another Intelligence Analyst in the team per spoilers. The way Eric calls Nell cute was lovely treat.
    Nell: Why would you assume my tattoo is something cute and sweet?
    Eric: I don’t know, because you are.

    Deeks and his two special women (Kensi and Hetty)
    That scene between the three was a treat. The way these two women control Deeks and the way Deeks is happy for himself about them deciding for him, I just don’t have any words there. But the same emotion actually reminds me again of Alanis Morisette’s Ironic. Coz these two women will again decide something for him that will take away his happiness….perhaps for the best interests of all. Regardless, Deeks has let these women into him quite close. Now let me actually talk about the ironic moments.

    Kensi -Hetty naturally wants Deeks to be the nutritionist as he is the healthy-food freak. But Nope. Miss Kensi spills what he has been doing at 8’o Clock in the morning. The whole Burritos with Pop tarts with juice and a chewable. Basically it just shows that Deeks has not been telling her his schedule, Kensi was actually with him since the morning. So they spend a lot of time together when not on the case. And I would like to believe that Deeks is so head over heels with Kensi that in her company, he has just become like her eating all the junk food. :))) And Kensi gets the nutritionist’s part from Hetty.

    And now Hetty – She wants Deeks to have his next natural act coming out of his “wheelhouse”. Now this was fun to watch. A wheelhouse ?!! Seriously?!!! That is what Deeks is wondering about and there we have Hetty clenching her hands and asserting to Deeks that he has indeed a wheelhouse. Hilarious !!!! Anyways, she convinces him to play the part of Sex addict instead of drug addict.

    So what happened there. Those two women actually decided everything for Deeks and he was just going by their decisions.

    And lastly the Keeks or Densi Ship; whichever way we and NCIS LA production Crew wants to call it, it has set sail. In that last minute when Deeks was breathing a sigh of relief, I was too. Kensi did not do anything to upset his applecart. Wasn’t that IRONIC ?!!! OMG!!! She actually got up to leave for his place to fulfil his wish and Deeks did not even have to ask.
    The thing about their communication – the way Kensi feels that Deeks does not say anything what he means, she is frustrated about him not saying, asking or talking. For her that verbal communication is so important. Kensi does not empathize with Deeks Non-Verbal communication. But then its also a hard reality for Deeks that he cannot have any control on the roll-out of events with Kensi. She needs to be in absolute control of things happening to her. Then how is it ever gonna be anything smooth for Deeks where his heart needs him to do things the way he wants them to happen. So he just shuts down and plays along with Kensi and just keeping himself happy enough around her in way not to lose her. So what he never asked her for a date. He just wanted to be with her. In the morning, Breakfast became long with junk food – burritos leading to Pop tarts, leading to reminders of health food about orange juice and chewables…..and he still wants to spend time with her in the evening …. So out comes another Junk food item – Tacos. :)))) Then maybe he realized may be they need a better dinner. And all the time, he doesn’t want to do anything with food, he just wants to be with Kensi. And as her tirade starts, he just comes out flat with his honesty. Yes, he can risk losing her, but he cannot let himself be called a person who cannot communicate and upset her by driving her nuts. All he wants is, he wants everything working for both of them. And Thank God! Kensi did not BOLT.

    I only had one word left on my lips, my mind for the rest of night. KENSI !!! I should just listen to Ironic song again. By the way Daniela Ruah loves Alanis Morisette.

  6. Shelia

    Another great episode. I don’t think Callen was serious about getting a Tattoo, he was just yanking Sam’s chain. With Callen being the undercover Legend that he is, I don’t believe he would put a permanent marking on his body, one that could be used to identify him. Personally I don’t see him with a tatt, it doesn’t suit his style, neither do body pierceing. It was something to he said to drive Sam crazy. But oh yes G. Callen is and always will be a super car guy, albeit a very cool one. No bragging from him about his car, he just shows up in one after another really great vehicle.

    I loved the photo of them sitting on a table swinging legs, so cute and boyish.

    Now as for Kensi and Deeks, finally it looks like there will be some progression in that relationship. They are very cute together and it just works between the two of them. I couldn’t help but think while she was ranting at Deeks about him never saying what he wants that she doesn’t speak her mind about their “thing” either. It was like the pot calling the kettle black. I look forward to see what will happen, maybe some Callen/Deeks partnering, now that would be fun.

    My only complaint is that I wish the writers would stop pushing the Nell/Eric thing. While I do think they have a great friendship, I just don’t see any romantic sparks there, yes Eric is jealous when Nell interacts with other guys but I get that he feels threatened that someone else will take his place as her friend. (And no I’m not just saying this cause I want a Nallen thing. I know the show will never go there.)

  7. sindee Post author

    Maybe I’m really alone with this but I do have the feeling that the next episode will pick up where this one left us… but Kensi & Deeks won’t make it to Deeks’ place for whatever reason… #justathought 😉

  8. Richtsje

    never thought I’d say it… but true, that very last scene WAS so good, really!
    And well, I did love the whole episode. Say it again, season 5 is great, so far. Well done to cast&crew!

  9. Spokoze

    Hated the way this ended HATED this!
    Worst Densi EVER!!
    Nobody seems to see it–She went all Alpha Dog on him, saying, “Dammit Deeks!”…and it’s over!
    She is shutting him/it down!

    She is now 180 degrees from, “Watch it with me….. watch it with me…. watch it with me!”

    Totally sucks they going to write it this way….but there it was for all to see; A new direction.

  10. Samantha

    The tattoo stuff was too funny. Everyone is a tattoo person except for Callen.

    The last scene was perfect!
    It’s funny that Kensi doesn’t realize that her & Deeks have been “dating” for weeks now .. it’s only when it’s moved to a fancy restaurant that she realizes it?
    Yes, Kensi wants Deeks to do the talking etc. and here’s is my take: Bad ass Blye will kick your butt, come out of a gun battle, & be smooth undercover w/o breaking a sweat .. that is her job. It’s different here bc as bad ass as she is, in this instance she just wants to be a girl. I think it has been (at least from last season especially) that Kensi is waiting for Deeks to make the first move. As you can see when he did .. she did. She didn’t lash out, or call him on it, but she just got up & went back to his place. She was just waiting for him to make the first move.
    That scene was perfect for the characters and Daniela & Eric played it perfectly.
    I am sooooooo excited for next weeks episode, it’s not even funny. 🙂

  11. MissAlesig

    No comments! Still recovering from the ‘recovery’ episode!
    Honestly, I loved the last scene but I kinda felt a little too soon.
    And You guys Know how much I’m a Densi fan, I think I just wanted, for once, that was KENSI Who did the talking. She expects Deeks to do all the talking, to take the first move, but he has kissed her and said those amazing things to her, and she never says anything back… I love Daniela’s non-verbal expressions, but I kinda would love see her open up for once…
    But I sutil Loved that acene. And I loved the whole episode. I Think it was very Well balanced, with good team interaction.

    And now I’m too excited about next week’s episode. But I’mkinda confused about the episode number. When Shane said that something shocking will happen in episode 10, does he meant next episode? Because next episode was suppose to be episode 9, the script says episode 9, but it’s episode 10. Too confusing to me!

  12. max

    That was brilliant
    pure gold and when Deeks tilted his head waiting for Kensi’s answer it was like ” come on Kens, you know what I am talking about, don’t play dumb ” it was soooo sweeeet can’t wait !
    it’s gonna be a long week

    1. Evi

      The way he tilted his ehad reminded me of wanted. He did the exact same move trying to evaluate Kensi’s emotional state.

  13. VirtualFriend

    I’m a bit disappointed in the season so far because of the lack of continuity with the kiss and the PSTD of Deeks. That said, I really like to watch Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen. You can always tell if there is chemistry between actors or that they are just doing their job.

    The timing of ECO is perfect when he interrupts DR, the expression of her is even better. You can read her face like “I would like that to, against my better judgement I will give it a try, lets do this (or something like that)”. Even after watching the scene a few times, it is so natural that it stays totally believable.

    One more thing, I really hope SB takes me (as a viewer) seriously and will not make this love story a farce (like Tony and Ziva)…

  14. Charlotte Foster

    Deeks and Hetty are SSOOO my favorite characters!! Love the show and NCIS. I have also been watching Person of Interest. Love the pics too!

  15. Elizabeth Turner

    Great episode. Loved the ending.

    I really like it when actors don’t have lines and act through gestures or hesitations, etc. (non-verbal) One example is when Kensi and Deeks were questioning the the guy from middle Earth and the guy said something about his childhood being full of fear and anger, and Deeks silently acknowledging the comment with a raise of his eyebrows. Or when Deeks tilts his head waiting for an answer from Kensi at the restaurant. And finally, when Kensi looks at Deeks just before leaving the restaurant.

    Best delivery and lines: The last two lines of the episode.

  16. Jan

    This was a strange episode, divided into The Case, with That Scene almost grafted onto it.

    Even knowing That Scene was coming, the case held my attention. As a few others have observed, I would have liked to see more time spent under cover at the rehab center. It could have helped with the timeline issue (which once again seemed artificially rushed and unrealistic), but more importantly it could have provided some good character moments for Deeks. In the scene where he tours the center, I was wondering if we would actually see one of the “trauma regression” sessions, and how Deeks would handle that. An opportunity lost there.

    I loved Deeks’ conversation with the female patient. It was a perfect use of Deeks’ undercover skills to obtain information, but with a generous dose (but how much?) of the real Deeks in there. I’m sure Hetty or Callen would observe that the best covers involve a strong element of truth, and I think that’s the case here.

    And speaking of obtaining information, the interrogation of the meth addict at the boatshed was a great scene. Deeks really seems to “get” addicts, as noted in his comment to Hetty that he’s been around enough addicts in his life that he could imitate one in his sleep. I loved the expression on his face when the addict talks about crappy childhoods, and being all “fear and pent up rage.” Love it. I want that aspect of Deeks’ past to be explored.

    One more thing about Hetty’s conversation with Deeks and Kensi about their undercover roles: Kensi has always been presented as the one with a junk food Jones. No comments from either Deeks or Hetty about the irony of her being a nutritionist? Where’s the continuity? In a number of ways, continuity and character consistency have been seriously missing this season. But I loved Hetty’s comment that yes, Mr. Deeks has a wheelhouse. Only Linda Hunt could deliver that line so well.

    As much as I liked the tats jokes, I think they took up too much time that could have been devoted to the case and the rehab center. Still, I love the Bromance, so I’ll take it, although a smaller dose would have been more suitable to this episode.

    But enough of The Case. Then came That Scene. I must confess that I have not been loving Kensi this season. I’m having a hard time rationalizing her coldness. Yes, she’s been hurt before, but who hasn’t? I really don’t know what more she can ask of Deeks in terms of communication after he bared his soul to her at his most vulnerable moment, saying that she was his safe place during the torture. Her lack of communication criticism felt like an inappropriate throwback to the end of season four. I would like just once to hear Kensi reveal her feelings, if she has any beyond their partnership. And until the promo for the next episode, I wasn’t even sure what happened when Kensi got up to leave. I thought she had just walked out on him. A simple “okay” as she was leaving would have made a huge difference, both for clarity and for Kensi’s character. I guees I have to wait til next week to see if the relationship has moved forward from anything other than a physical point of view.

  17. Lumy Mee

    I find it a bit odd that everybody wonders why Kensi still prompts Deeks to say what he means. For me, this has nothing to do with him saying what he feels for her. He had shown and described that. But he never said what he wanted to do about it. If he wanted to date Kensi, or just let her know she was important for him.
    She is frustrated not for not knowing what he feels, but what he wants. Ok, you kissed me, you told me I was your safe place (and then ran away for weeks) – so do you want to have a relationship with me, or what? In my oppinion, this is what she keeps pressing him for. And in the end of the episode he finally said it: he wanted to be with her, at his place. Was it difficult? Yes. Was it necessary? I think so – for Kensi that was unblocking her own feelings, because she knows that there will be no rejection if she does it.

  18. Spokoze

    Okay…been thinking this episodes ending over and over; To me I still think Kensi went from being all in for the tacos and doing her bump beside going down the hall to freaking that he was doing a ” Date Deal”…somewhere he changed shirts…and so what if maybe not thinking she was up for something to eat decided to push on to a nicer place….after all as some else pointed out she saw him eating breakfast at 0800…either together coming in that day or at his desk–somehow—-and anyway… looked to me that she moved to her ego defense/comfort zone…… and that started doggin’ him with her… “You never say what you mean..” bs
    Then he laid it all on the line–shot 100% straight with her….they have stayed close in the night before….but the implication was they kept their clothes on… anyway… he clearly was expressing his desire.
    Give her props for a lot of great facial expressions, eyes and breathing too….
    Without a word she gets up and walks away…..
    Did she say no?
    Did she say, C’mon lets go then, lets be where you, where we wanna be??
    Guess we’ll see!

  19. Beth

    The issue that I have with Kensi pushing Deeks into communicating how he feels is that he has said more about what he feels than Kensi ever has in regards to their relationship. She seemed to want to talk with him about their relationship in The Debt when he was supposedly leaving the team, but he deflected this discussion, since he wasn’t really leaving the team, but just going under cover. The only other time that I can think of that she seemed to want to say anything was in the second part of the crossover with H5O when being threatened by the small pox virus. Most of what Kensi has expressed regarding their relationship has been in facial expressions – she hasn’t really said much. Deeks also uses facial expressions in the same way.

  20. Laura

    I am not enough of an expert on the show to know whether or not the writers, even the esteemed Dave Kalstein, ever seek a woman’s POV when writing regarding Kensi’s emotional life and her reactions to Deeks. To me this could explain why she comes across so often so bipolar toward him. I understand that she was raised by her dad alone at an important formative time of her life but that does not alter her chromosomal make-up. There is a difference between a tom-boy and well, a boy. I agree that Kensi would probably like Deeks to take the lead in their relationship, which he now has done. It bothers me that there can’t even be one or two shows with them happy together before it all blows up. I know I’d feel a lot better if they had some basis for a loving relationship before she ships out.

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