9 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Reign Fall’ Sneak Peek I

  1. Mogorva

    Could someone please help me out? My ears are playing tricks with me.

    “You wanna play about this one? She’s ”

    Any ideas what he sais? I can’t hear it or at least can’t make out anything resembling a word known to me.

    1. OhBuddy66

      “You weren’t playing about this one. She’s bad!” Implying that Deeks and his basketball player friend had a conversation about Kensi at some point in time… Interesting!

  2. Mogorva

    Thank you, both of you.

    Usually I don’t have a problem understanding what I hear, but it’s the second video in a row, I could not make out what they were saying at some point. Maybe the music threw me off.

    It sounds interesting. Looks like we will have a fun episode ahead of us. 🙂

  3. Debbie


    LOLOL. Got to love Deeks.

    And what a set up for Kensi. Well we all know our fav dectective couldn t let this one pass (not sure I could)… And “Marty Mar”….? Yeah, letś hear it , guys.

    Liked the 2 bros – letś have more of that from time to time . (Letś hope the character doesn fall victim to this weeks crime solution). Would be a pity.

  4. Mogorva

    DEEKS: I mean, clearly somebody’s home.
    KENSI: *sighs* Yeah.
    DEEKS: Must have had to score a lot of touchdowns for those two.
    KENSI: Did you just say: touchdowns?
    DEEKS: Hmm.
    KENSI: ’cause he’s a basketball player, he led the league in scoring.
    DEEKS: Basketball, huh?
    KENSI: We watched them together, in case you don’t remember.
    DEEKS: If you say so…
    KENSI: Khmm-hmmm.
    DEEKS: Hey, just do me a favor, don’t embarrass me. Oh, hi. Hi. Hiiii.
    KENSI: We’re federal agents, we’re here to speak with mr. …
    KIP: MARTY! Where’ve you been dude, I’ve benn calling you for weeks. Get in here, man!
    DEEKS: Forgot to mention, that we go… way back.
    DEEKS: What’s up buddy?
    KIP: What’s up man?
    DEEKS: How are you?
    KIP: I’m good. *hug* Good to see you.
    KENSI: How do you guys know each other?
    KIP: Marti Mauer(? – fixme) is the reason I got into basketball.
    DEEKS: Well, the growth spurt helped, but yeah, we used to play a lot of one-on-one, which I consistently won, I may add.
    KIP: Yeah, you were taller then. Still had the beard though.
    DEEKS: You wanna put a shirt on? (Not sure about this sentence either)
    KIP: Sorry.
    KENSI: Do you remember, when I said he was pointing at us during the game?
    DEEKS: And you thought he wanted to hook up?
    KENSI: Yeah. With you.
    DEEKS: Ohh. Nice.
    KENSI: So, we’re actually here, to ask you some questions.
    KIP: You weren’t playing about this one. She’s bad.
    DEEKS: Are you kidding me right now?
    KENSI: Uuhhmmm…
    DEEKS: Dude…
    KENSI: We have some questions about mr. Jack Chapman, Tha Ascented Scoop reporter.
    DEEKS: Specificly the assault charge, he filed against you.
    KIP: Easy, he attacked me. After I tomahawked his camera, he got all crazy, tried to rush me, so I caught him with a two-piece. Whup-whup. Dude folded, like a lawn chair.
    KENSI: You must have been very upset.
    KIP: Upset? Man, that dude cost me a lot of money, when it came to renegotiate my contract. Playing paparazzi. But who knew, it would give me an official bad boy status? New shoe deal, double, what I would have made before. I should thank him.
    DEEKS: We may have to hold a seance.
    KENSI: Mr. Chapman was killed today.
    KIP: Wow. How?
    KENSI: Still trying to figure that out.
    KIP: Wait, you… you think I had something to do with it? God, I tweet this, where is my phone?
    DEEKS: You can’t tweet, this is an ongoing investigation, you can’t tweet anything.
    KIP: You really think, I murdered someone. I’ve got my white Bronco out back.
    DEEKS: Just relax, it’s protocol. We just need to know your whereabouts in the last 24 hours.
    KIP: Unbelievable. Isn’t this some sort of conlflict of interest? I mean, maybe I should just be talking to her. Alone.
    DEEKS: Alone…
    KENSI: Maybe he should talk to me alone, it’s a conflict of interest.
    DEEKS: Khhmmm… This is supposed to be you and I against…
    KIP: Yeah, that was before you accused your best friend of murder.
    DEEKS: I don’t know, if I’d define you as my best friend, because I got Monty…
    KIP: Hahh-haah! All good!

    Sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes, they are all mine.

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