NCIS Los Angeles renewed for Season Five

According to Hollywood Reporter CBS has announced an early renewal for several of their shows – including NCIS Los Angeles.

Share your joy about that decision in the comments !! ūüôā

11 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles renewed for Season Five

  1. tara

    Woo Hoo!! Obviously NCIS LA was going to be renewed. Congrats to the cast and crew, and thanks for keeping us entertained week after week!

  2. Richtsje

    Can you all see MY happy Smile? No? Well, I Am happily smiling indeed. Happy us!
    Most of all: thank you team NCIS LA, all of you offer us many great hours of fun watching, reading & discussing your show. Well done!

  3. sindee Post author

    so happy !! watch out for more news this summer regarding our 100th episode surprise plans for cast&crew…

    1. Gee Callen

      Is now confirmed S4 got 25 Episodes, or is it just a mistake in the calendar on the right hand side of ur website?

      If so, the 100th is nearer than we thought (3rd Ep of S5) :))

  4. Phillydi

    What more could we ask? It’s great to see the cast and crew back for another season….

  5. Shelia

    I’m doing my happy dance because of the renewal. Of course it was renewed, the network would be foolish not to.

    1. Gee Callen

      Of course it would….

      It now got a (probably picked up) Spin off, and it’s Nr.2 in Tuesdays Ratings

  6. talinh1

    Oh thanks God. this is really great that NCIS LA has been renewed for season five. thanks all cast and crew to be with us for an other year. Yay Kensi Blye is still with us. congrats

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