NCIS Los Angeles Round-Table: ‘Rage’ Scoop

“Great prep this week. #fmilitary is at the helm. Great story. Callen, young & old, major interest &focus #jpkteaser”

“Watch for flashback in E618 Beginning of a significant relationship revealed. #staytuned #NCISLA airs in April. #jpkteaser”

After getting those scoops from JPK about the currently being filmed episode the NCISLA Magazine Team sat together for a little round-table.

sindee: Being the Callen fan I am my first thought was “Finally.” We’re getting back on track of the show’s original intent to explore the character of Callen. Flashbacks to a ‘significant relationship’ have me thinking ‘Hetty’… or possibly ‘Arkady’ – I have the feeling we’re going to see him back for more this season (just crossing fingers he will get to see another season…) Also ‘flashbacks’ has me intrigued as we didn’t have many of them in the show until now… Did we have them at all ?? I just remember some ‘old’ pictures atm… My faith is deeply in F. Military who so much as nailed it in “Spoils Of War” for me…

Serena: My thoughts exactly! Been waiting too long for the show to get back to its original intent – which is Callen’s journey in finding out his past, what he’ll do with the info and moving on with his future. #itsabouttime

B: When I read it I said “It’s about time” and I’m thrilled that it’s Frank Military. A flashback of a relationship revealed might be Hetty, Arkady or even Granger.

Mary: As a huge fan of Mr. Brennan’s beloved character since Season 1, I was also very excited to hear that we might get another bit of Callen’s past. G has had many questions answered over the course of 5 seasons, particilarly the early seasons. And in my opinion, these revelatiions have brought about a change in Callen’s overall focus and disposition. But there are still missing pieces. The fact that the creator/writers did not “dump” this on us all at once just adds to the mystery – keeps me wanting more.
As far as the flashback? I am not coming up with much. Not sure it’s a Callen flashback when I re-read the tweet (even though I’m hoping it is.) Hmmmm. Maybe Granger/Hetty?

Bee: I support anything that involves Arkady. He brings some lightness to Callen’s history which unfortunately hangs mostly under a dark cloud.
I’ve noticed there’s been little bits handed out over this season with Callen – things were revealed during/around his relationship and there was a snippet when he contacted a old fellow CIA operative. It must be something significant for JPK to be teasing it. There’s a lot to Callen’s story we still don’t know…what about when Sam and Callen first teamed up? I’m sure there’s a story to be told there.

Vicki: I personally have thought all along from the moment Shane Brennan teased about Callen having a surprised romance with a relative of someone from Callen’s past is a relative of Arkady’s. Also, note a well loved character we’ve seen regularly on the show, is what JPK is referring to in his tweets. I hope so, I’ve been waiting all season for this to happen.

ChrisDaisy: As most of the other Callen fans, these teasers got me really excited. Finally a Callen-centric episode again (hopefully) that somehow reveals something about his past. We haven’t seen anything about this since „Reznikov, N.“ which was beginning of season 5. So hopefully these teasers don’t raise expectations they can’t live up to.
I am excited about Frank Military being involved, he wrote some of my favorite episodes including „Spoils of War“. As far as I remember he also wrote „Crimeleon“ which introduced my favorite villain in the show – Janvier.
My first thought in regards to the significant relationship was „Hetty“, but right after that „Arkady“. I would love to see how Callen and Arkady first met, plus, I still think that his love interest is somehow related to Arkady so that would make sense, imo. I agree with Bridget, Arkady’s presence always guarantees some light moments and some funny scenes.
„Flashbacks“ sound exciting as does „Callen, young & old“ (I realize these were two different teaser, but still…) – maybe some revelations about Callen’s father? I would love to learn more about Callen’s and Sam’s first case. Or maybe some Hetty/Granger revelations? They do have some history together, that’s for sure.
Possibilities are endless! As is the time we have to wait until this episode airs…

So Callen Fan or not: What’s YOUR take on those teasers ?? 🙂

9 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Round-Table: ‘Rage’ Scoop

  1. Domingo

    OK, that is great, here is a wild card……when Granger first came to the series,almost imeadeatly Callen asked,”have we met before” this was avoided, so does Granger know more about Callen than he is letting on!!!!!

    Also we still don’t know how Callen got out of Roumainia, bit I hope Arkady is in it.

    Sindee, what makes you think Arkady might not make another series?

    When they say Callen young and old, do they mean young and mature, or do they possibly mean old as in Grand farther?

    Flashback, is this in Callen’s mind, is he getting another recall? Or is it a situation flashback.

    Just throwing “out of the box” ideas.

  2. I Feel Possessed

    I really have a love – hate relationship with JPK teasers. They’ve improved over S6 as I found last season they were a little too misleading for my liking (e.g. the one about Callen being a teacher). So far I love every teaser I have heard about this episode, from the title “Rage”, to Callen young & old (our Callen or another Callen – relative?). Major interest & focus, a flashback & a revelation of significant relationship.

    I hope it is not Hetty related (makes it too soapy), but interesting Granger comments above. The recurring character may be FBI agent played by Alicia Coppola who is filming now. And COD posted the pic of him in an orange prison jump suit & Sam as prison officer…picking up the old case from S6E2?

    Frank Miliary eps are generally darker & more intense (Spoils of War, Little Angles, Crimeleon, Descent, Ascension), although he does have a lighter touch too. He hasnt written any eps to do with Callen’s past before which is what everything in the teasers is pointing towards. I’d just like it to be his youth rather than his familial past…but I’m happy with whatever comes our way. A revealing Callen-centric episode 😀

    We already know about Sam and Callen’s first case – Tuhan – S5…remember..?

  3. Linda

    Any episode that gives us more of Callen’s story is a big + for me. His story is what drew me to the store from the beginning of the series.

  4. Julie Merritt

    I also hope eventually if his father isn’t dead that he will eventually will be united with him.

  5. Fenix

    Teasers now have no effect on me (finally).
    Biting my fingernails from exciting everytime, when I saw it.
    At first stage was, I enjoyed them.
    At second stage, my blood boiled, because I realise, many of them is only lie, or very little truth on them.
    Third stage is, I don’t care of them anymore.
    Now I haven’t some big expectation.
    If creators bring something unexpected, good, interesting, funny…. I am allways happy for that, and I enjoyed it.
    If not, nothing happened, I am not disappointed anymore, not like before, when I (like naive monkey) believed them.
    “So Callen Fan or not: What’s YOUR take on those teasers ??”
    Well, I am not Callen fan, so, not so much…. 🙂

  6. marie kelley

    I love NCIS:LA!! The episodes are spell-binding–the script, the actors, the locations are breath-taking!! The episodes will keep you on the edge of your seat, & they will keep you wondering at the outcome!! I do hope that G can find out more about his earlier life, & that he can find his father alive. Deeks & Kensi are terrific!! Slow it down–give your relationship time to grow!! Keep up the good work!!

  7. BW

    I think the flashback has to do with Arkady, and unfortunately Joelle. We have been teased with the fact she is connected to someone, and the person being a recurring character.

    I wonder how the case from the beginning of the season plays apart, since COD Instagramed the pic of him in the jumpsuit and Todd in the security uniform. Will being locked up have Callen confront issues he dealt with in the foster homes?

    Also why the need for FBI Special Agent Rand? Is it for Granger? Feels like whatever happens in this episode will define the remaining episodes and the season finale.

    Oh, definitely Callen fan.

  8. LK

    Huge Callen fan and looking forward to this ep. Anytime we get back to Callen’s backstory makes a happy episode for me. I just wish they would get on to the big romantic arc we were promised. There’s not that many episodes left this season.

  9. Nolo G

    “So Callen Fan or not: What’s YOUR take on those teasers ??” Definitely NOT a Callen fan, quite the opposite. So my take on the teasers—thank you for them so I know to sit this episode out.

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