5 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Seal Hunter’ Sneak Peek II

  1. Linda

    Looks like a great episode! This being the episode Chris O’Donnell directed makes it even better. What can I say, I’m a diehard COD fan.

  2. Jan

    This is a good clip for Deeks. He doesn’t let his post-Ascension bond with Sam get in the way of getting to the heart of the matter – if anything, it’s a motivator. He goes immediately to detective mode to determine the facts of the case, with a healthy dose of lawyer mode. What does opposing counsel have, and how do we counter it?

    But I doubt Callen will stay behind his desk, even if COD was behind the camera.

  3. ChrisDaisy

    The Sneak Peek looks promising and I am really looking forward to this episode!
    COD did a great job directing “Wanted” and I expect this episode to be as good.

    But Callen confined to his desk??? As if…

  4. Richtsje

    Confined to my desk?
    No way! More probable he goes lone wolf, so at least he can have his partner’s back, right?!

    SealHunter is a great and appropriate title btw and it must have been a great one to direct as well.

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