NCIS Los Angeles Season Five DVD **PREORDER**

Have you ordered your copy of NCIS Los Angeles’ Season Five yet ?? Hurry, hurry… it’s only 39.99 USD and when you’re lucky it will be in your hands on Tuesday (August 19th) !! ūüôā

3 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Five DVD **PREORDER**

  1. Fenix

    My order depends on what kind of bonus material, is on DVD.
    If is there some bloopers, funny moments, deleted scenes, I will order.
    If is there just some talking, sorry…

    tati, why you can’t order DVD in Greece?
    Because language, or what?
    If is language, understant.
    If is delivery problem, because shipment in EU, here is my suggestion (I also live in EU).
    I order from (for EU region, or region free) without any problem.
    You just have be cerefull with order.
    During selection, you have to mark DVD for region 2 (for EU), or DVD 0/All region free.
    F.E. complete DVD BOX set series 1,2,3,4,5 is for 79,95 GBP

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