NCIS Los Angeles Season Five Finale — Title & Scoop



News broke this week that the NCISLA Season Five Finale will be titled “Deep Trouble – Part I” – making the NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Premiere “Deep Trouble – Part II”.

TV Guide’s Mega Buzz column also revealed a big scoop for the season finale when reader Kylie asked, ‘Now that Kensi’s back from Afghanistan on NCIS: Los Angeles, will she and Deeks finally get together?‘.
Although executive producer Shane Brennan doesn’t plan to fully explore that relationship until next season, there is one thing ‘shippers should look forward to: the reveal of what’s inside the box Kensi gave Deeks back in Season 4. “That box gets opened,” Brennan says. “It’s a lovely moment between the two of them.” Alas, that moment could quickly be ruined by the return of DEA Agent Talia in the season finale.

Are you looking forward to the return of DEA Agent Talila? Who do you think will be in “Deep Trouble” during this two-parter? Share your thoughts in the comments…

38 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Five Finale — Title & Scoop

  1. VirtualFriend

    “That box gets opened” is revering to the box opened last ep. We have also seen the “lovely moment between the two of them”, quit disappointing imo.

    1. sindee Post author

      It was originally posted before the episode aired so it was *news* back then… the return of Agent Talia still is… 🙂

  2. Dominica

    Noooo 🙁
    I don’t like Talia :/ and we still don’t know who’s leaving .. Deeks to dea ? Heety ? To many thoughts. I want : agent Deeks no detective Deeks that’s for sure.

  3. Zeina

    Come ooooon again trouble between this two. I think its enough!!! First Afganistan second Talia and What is the thirt one? We watch this Show for hope not for trouble. We already have it in our real life much more.

  4. sarah

    In my opinion, this season we have seen a little bite of Sam, and Callen and to an extend even a little bit of the true Deeks; we have explore in length the personage of Kensie. We know about her father, Jack, we have seen her torture and get back relatively untouched (for God sake she has been tortured… even Deeks have some trouble getting back after his ordeal by Sidorov) but after all she is Wonder Woman.
    Remember when Granger told her, that he has bigger plan than to remain Assistant Director, he has this look when talking to Kensie, now he have seen her work in Afghanistan and he knows that she is a soldier. So I have this felling that she is the one who will be leaving before her team leaves her. She had understand that they did work very well when she was away and that will think that her presence is not needed anymore. Granger is going to make her an offer she could not say no to and again the team will be disassemble.
    Any though

    1. zenawarrior50

      The purpose of Talia was understood from the inception. And perhaps a better mate for him(Deeks). Kensi has changed, there is something in her eyes. As to being close to death and surviving. Yes, Granger has something else planned for her.She has always shown strength,and now there is depth; she needs a balance, and it is not Deeks.

  5. Fenix

    Talia is back?
    WTF, for what?
    For another game, with fans emotions?
    For puting Densi deep in to trouble?
    Just for make some nonnatural problems?
    Creating troubles just for troubles?
    And ofcourse, another fricking cliffhanger!

    They dancing 4 years around, everything going be fine, and now, mysteriously, is here some problems.
    In reality is that just pure b..l s..t, I don’t buy it.
    Excuses like “Deeks have to think about some thing” or “Kensi have to think about some thing” is crap.
    If they are don’t figured “thing” for last 4 years, the are idiots!
    OK, I get it, if they are, just don’t make idiots from fans.

    And what next?
    That is really easy!
    S06 again start with Densi, from point one.
    Slowly growing up, again dancing around, and IF they get contract, for another season (S07), game with Densi start again, but then MAYBE from point two.
    End of S07 again create some “problem”, make some cliffhanger for S08, and …..
    And over and over and over….again.

    This mind game is boring and annoying.
    This is exactly, like Tiva game, in NCIS.
    8 f…g years, and nothing!
    Even Cote was tired from that crap, and leave show.

    Brennan, You very disappointed me.

    Last time I wrote, “I stay watch”, but now….newer again!
    I am tired from your mind games.

    1. VirtualFriend

      Right on Fenix ! 🙂
      SB is selling episodes by playing mind games with the viewers. He was quoted saying “We have also seen the lovely moment between the two of them” (Deeks opening Kensi her box), really Shane? It was emotional but imo for the wrong reasons, just another delay!

      SB is selling a product, just for the sake of making money. And that’s OK, but don’t fool us with ‘scoops’ just to keep us longing for something we don’t get. Maybe next season, sure…

      Why is this Densi thing such a big deal? Scandel (Fitz and Olivia all over each other), Bones (married, child), Castle and Kate (going to get married). Kensi and Deeks…? Not going to happen in the near future, so disappointing.

  6. Wendi Pugh

    I’m excited for Talia to come back. She and Deeks worked really well together and it will make for some nice drama for Kensi. I totally understand where they are taking Densi and it makes sense. If they got them together, where would you go from there. I like the mystery of it. I am very happy with season 5.

    1. Fenix

      “If they got them together, where would you go from there.”

      I understand, what you mean, but here is definitely fear from “Moonlighting curse” (if writers put them together, they lost audience…).
      But show “Castle” is real sample, how is possible broke that curse, and grow up audience.
      They put them together, they work together.
      So, it works!
      Why not here?!
      Because hook for fans, hook for commercial = money…

      Densi is just one from hooks for audience, and Brennan try keep it as long, how much is possible.
      I understand, but now, 4 years…. ehm.
      4 years is enough, now is time for candy.
      Especially after Afghanistan mission.
      What we got?
      After all that suffering, just another punch in face!

      I have my limits, and here is one of them.
      Nevermore, some TV show, mess with my hope, and shipping.
      I am done!

      1. VirtualFriend

        Moonlighting was way to expensive and there was so much going on off screen that eventual the show stalled. Had nothing to do with the hooking up of David and Maddie.

        1. Fenix

          “Moonlighting curse” is slang in movie industry, and mean exactly what i wrote (if writers put them together, they lost audience…).

        2. diane

          Thank you. The “Moonlighting Curse” is a myth. It was more of an “ego curse”. The stars, the creators and writers. The network screwed up too.

    2. Lumy_Mee

      Why would Kensi srill need more drama? Especially after the recent drama with Jack and the whole Afghanistan story. Does she not deserve to have something good and STABLE in her life? If this Thalia woman breaks Kensi’s heart once more, it will be cruel and unnecessary.

  7. Sol

    Honestly, I don’t think the “trouble” will be about Densi. Not at all.
    Yes, Talia is coming back, but I think she’ll just give a reason for some jealousy and nice lines.
    That’s all, imo.
    I really believe that for the final episodes they want much, much more action than romance.
    Even Three Hearts episode wasn’t all about Deeks and Kensi.

    Writers also said that a character will leave the show. Same thing in season 3, and we lost Renko and Hunter, (not really main characters).
    And if… Talia comes back just to die in action? To be the poor victim of this “deep trouble”?


    1. Fenix

      “Writers also said that a character will leave the show.”

      Remember, how we lost Vance’s wife in NCIS….?
      Michelle is maybe next…..hope not, but she isn’t main character.

      1. Sol

        Right. So I hope Talia will leave the show. Michelle isn’t a main character, yes, but she’s so important to Sam. And poor kids! They’re so young, even more than Vance’s children,(teenagers, aren’t they?)
        It’d be devastating.

        Sorry Talia. If one must leave, I’d choose you! 🙂


  8. Charla

    I don’t know if I really like cliffhangers or not. I think its more of a love/hate relationship. Talia????? This could be interesting. I wonder if Deeks goes to the DEA for a case with Talia and gets into trouble and the team has to go in and get him. I really wish they would make him an official NCIS agent. I mean he already yells Federal Agent when he storms in someplace.

  9. VirtualFriend

    SpoilerTV has also an interesting review of the happenings between Kensi and Deeks.

  10. Buffy

    We only saw one box get opened, and I would not call that a nice little moment.

    Honestly, as Much as I love her Hetty could leave. I am tired of her being able to do anything , put her team in danger, without being questioned. Really glad Kensi called her on it last week, but over and over? Meh. Callen is obviously her chosen Follower, but Granger seems to have Kensi in mind.
    I like Talia, and it might give Kensi a much needed kick to see that he really is attractive to other women. Other very smart attractive women.
    I am o.k. With cliffhangers season to season

  11. vasohara

    well i see all of you have done with the show like i did !for this reason we must show our feelings at the ratings guys this will pain production!THEY MAKE MONEY from us let show them our power not tune next episode its simple!

  12. Domingo

    I think Talia coming back, even if temporarily will be a good thing, I like her, and new face will give the show a lift, change of dynamics etc.

    It will be sad if anyone leaves, but the show must move on, I don’t some how see it being Hetty, she is to involved with Callens past, but I can see her taking more of a back seat as Granger moves in, that would be interesting He and Callen do not trust each other!!!!’

    There could be a new male interest Angello, Sabbattino.

    Bennan is past master in the art of the season finale(love it) then he will drop teasers during the Summer, some of us will speculate wildly, to make the Summer go more quickly.

    what ever the answer, I trust my five years of LA traing and know that whatever is in store will be unexpected, different, and fun.

    1. Lisa-Marie

      So it can’t be Callen or Hetty because Hetty knows too much of Callen’s past?
      So it can’t be Chris O’Donnell or Linda Hunt?

  13. JA

    Where is the info that someone–especially a regular–is leaving? I missed that. And is it really leaving, or is it temporary? I seem to remember announcements like this in past seasons that all it turned out to be was some ruse or odd character arc or something. I find it hard to believe that a regular cast member would leave for good on a show this successful unless the actor wanted out, and we haven’t heard any rumors about that, have we?

    I think some of you above are forgetting that Shane Brennan said in this post you’re all responding to that he’s going to “Fully explore” the Densi relationship next season. Can’t do that if one of them is gone or with someone else, at least not long-term.

    My bet is this: Talia will provide Deeks with an opportunity to consider dating someone “safe” instead of Kensi. Kensi will see Talia and Deeks’ chemistry–which they do have–and consider what it would be like to lose the connection with him, but still have him as a partner. I think her character serves a dramatic purpose. She’ll have something to do with the plot, but in my opinion, these writers are good at wringing all they can out of a guest character, and in this case, it could mean some movement forward emotionally for both Deeks and Kensi.

    Next season, I wouldn’t be surprised if they 1) “tried” dating and failed/got scared/screwed up but by season’s end, somehow moved forward, or if they 2) went slowly forward like they have this season, little things now and then, but not permanent or moving in together or getting married or something.

    And besides, this is NOTHING like Tiva was. Tiva was little bits of hints of barely anything twice or three times a season. NCIS:LA gives us something almost every episode (at least when Kensi) is here. I think they’ll actually put them together, and I think they’re strong enough to eventually make it, but with some interesting speed bumps thrown in.

    The good thing about a show like this is that the focus is primarily on the law enforcement plot, not the characters. They don’t have to go totally soap-opera on us if they don’t want to; they can stretch it out.

    And now I’ve talked way too much…sorry for the long post! Had a lot to say, apparently…

    1. Fenix

      Don’t take me wrong, but here is and 3th posibility.
      All S06 same dance, like untill now, and season finale AGAIN 30 sec. shot, about evening date, endning scene in S06…. 😉
      Is there “Fully explore” the Densi relationship next season?
      Did say SB true?
      He piss us of?
      Because here is still possibility, that happen MAYBE in last episode.
      And I really don’t like it!
      (yes, I hate it)

      Here is no “someone–especially a regular–is leaving”, is just, someone leaving.
      I don’t think, that someone, is one from regular.
      Maybe Michelle, maybe Nate Getz…depending, how big hard attack, writers want create for us.

      Really no need soap-opera.
      If they something (Densi) started, that need by finished, or grow up, or continue in right way….
      Not still around some nonnatural problems, mystery troubles, highly impossible life barriers….. 4 months was enough.

      1. Fenix

        Or maybe Julia (Kensi’s mother), or Jack…if they need put “better treatment” on Kensi.

    2. Sol

      I’m so agree with you.
      I hope Talia will give us some good jealousy moments… Or maybe she’s returning just to die, (character that leaves the show).
      No abandoned Kensi or other drama for Densi in the last episodes. It’s time for action, imo, and all the team will be in “deep trouble”, deep enough to give us an explosive season end, with a very dangerous case.

      And, actually, I think Kensi’s eyes in the “raccons scene” were full of hope. She wasn’t desperate or more scarred. She was smiling, because Deeks said in his way that he wants to spend his life with her.
      In a season or two they’ll be together. I know many people want them together now, but it’s an intense journey, especially for an action series, and a journey full of romantic details.
      The box appearing for a moment in every episode, Deeks and Kensi looking the same photos at the same time, all the team, (Granger and Hetty too), that know their real feelings. Now they also have a personal “song”, (end of episode 2 and episode 21).
      God, sometimes there’s more real romance here than in The Beautiful and the Bold!
      And talking about couples. Castle and Kate became a couple at the end of season 4.
      Bones and Booth slept together at the end of season 6 and became a couple in season 7, (7 seasons before the big step!)
      Deeks and Kensi. Well, Deeks joined the team in season 2, so it’s ok if they become a couple in season 6 o 7.
      No big differences from other couples.

      So I can wait. And “I want to believe”… in raccons!

      🙂 Sol

    3. Lisa-Marie

      I agree with u JA we haven’t heard any rumors about that one of the regulars – is leaving
      Callen still has to find out his first Name and he is dating Joelle
      Kensi and Deeks are going to explore their relationship
      Sam has Michelle and a daughter
      And Hetty knows Callen’s past
      SO WHO WILL IT BE ?????

    4. densidream

      I absolutely agree with everything you said, JA.
      My guess to who is leaving (although I missed that rumor too apperently) is that it’s Hetty. I would really hate that though, don’t get me wrong, because Hetty/Linda Hunt makes up a special part of the team, but let’s face it: Linda Hunt is getting old, Hetty is sort of suspended and they can’t possibly get rid of Deeks, Kensi, Callen or Sam. Also not Granger, his story is just getting started, or Nell and Eric, they all just belong. Talia leaving doesn’t count for me, she was never really there.
      “Somebody leaving” also doesn’t necessarily mean that a character has to die, right? So there could be a chance of recurring to the show for one or two episodes.

      I’m also okay with whatever the writers are planning to do with Densi, I will keep watching for sure! Yes, it can get frustrating sometimes but I’m happy with little bits and pieces we get now and then. At least it leaves us guessing as to where they are going with the relationship, that way it will be a surprise when they really do get together.

  14. Lumy_Mee

    If they keep making Kensi suffer deception after deception, rejection after rejection, then I wish Kensi was the one to leave. They have abused this character really bad this season and if she is not given anything good in her life, at least at this point in her life, then they should pick another victim.

  15. Jan

    Assuming that Talia comes back and partners with Deeks in the finale (a big assumption, let’s not jump to conclusions based on speculation), there really could be no better temporary partner for Deeks than Talia. After all, Talia already knows what can happen when she gets personally involved with a partner – if she were working with Deeks she would not want to repeat that mistake, and therefore would represent no threat to Densi on the personal front. On the professional front, that’s another story, especially if Deeks’ actions in Afghanistan come back to haunt him. But somehow I don’t think there will be any legal or professional consequences for that, just personal ones.

    I for one liked Talia, and am pleased to see her back.

  16. Lisa-Marie

    I hope it’s not Callen ,Sam ,Kensi. Deeks or Hetty who goes.
    Because Callen has to find more about his past and find out what G stands for and got a new girlfriend in Joelle.
    Sam has Michelle and kids
    Kensi and Deeks are going to explode the relationship in season 6
    And Hetty knows about Callen’s past too?
    So it might be Granger, Eric or Neil or Someone we don’t even see it coming?

  17. Densishipper

    So bad to see people mad, TV is made for drama, well not that being said, audience wants= they make it want it more and more and more, but they will go around corner to make us wait longer, they didn’t say Deeks won’t get together with Kensi, they still have the shot when NCIS ruined it and people Talia is coming back but it is never stated that shes gonna overcome them, shes filling the episode, with drama, unless you want Densi together well if they already been together the show would get dull fast like shows like Bones or Castle I don’t bother to watch anyways.

  18. Richtsje

    No matter the teases from SB himself, I think there will be little Kensi-Deeks stuff in the finale. It might all be about Hetty… Perhaps she’s the one who takes a break?
    And Talia, well. She might simply be around because she needs help from anyone she knows.

    Let it come! So far, the season finales never disappointed and I don’t think it will do this year either 😉

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