NCIS Los Angeles Season Five Opening Theme — POLL

How do you like the new NCIS Los Angeles Opening Credits ??

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5 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Five Opening Theme — POLL

  1. Richtsje

    It’s okay, isn’t it? To me, maybe the soundtrack is more important than the vid that goes with it. Can’t imagine there are any negatives about the newest opening theme!

    Besides, it is what comes áfter the theme that matters: a whole new episode, 24x in total! Yeah 🙂

  2. Jess

    I agree with Richtsje – I love the theme music actually, a lot more 😉 Haven’t quite got the words right yet, though 🙁 Need a bit of help from Barrett and Renee 😉
    Also, I was kind of disappointed with this season’s opening credits in that, they seemed to have reused quite a few of the sequences that have been in opening credits of past seasons. Is this just to keep continuity or something?
    But, all things considered, it’s NCIS:Los Angeles – how can I really be disappointed in anything to do with that?!! 😉

  3. OSPliasion

    I’ve discussed with some guys on twitter. I don’t like the new opening credits so much. From my Team Callen point of view the other season opening credits were much better. The only thing that I love is the last part with Hetty and Granger!

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