NCIS Los Angeles Season Seven Premiere **SPOILER**



NCIS Los Angeles Fans got pretty excited today over this BTS picture showing Chris O’Donnell (G Callen) and Eric Christian Olsen (Marty Deeks) in a scene in the currently produced episode (702-148) together.

And then tvline gave us the news that the NCIS Los Angeles Season Seven premiere will show:

NCIS: LOS ANGELES (Monday, Sept. 21)
The seventh season premieres with Callen embarking on a secret project, leaving Sam and the entire team in the dark. After Hetty demands his operation be shut down, the team is tasked with locating Callen before he finds himself in over his head.

Now we know at least why Callen has this #ScruffyFluffy look going on… 🙂

10 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Seven Premiere **SPOILER**

  1. Sandy

    Chris looks mighty fine with this “Scruffy Fluffy” look!! And I soo hope for more “real” scenes with these two, as we already get in various fanfictions!!

  2. Agata

    I excited, this season can be really good. I curious where this mission will take place and what mission will concern. Moreover from this text I supose that Talia will replace Callen during absence of him. If I’m right ,I can’t wait to see Sam cooperate with Talia!
    Sorry for my English.

  3. Linda

    I love the fluffy Callen look. I can’t wait for season 7. I would love to see more Callen/Deeks scenes.

  4. Nat

    “Scruffy Fluffy” always means undercover mission, that means lone wolf problems, that means action, that means another damned good episode! 🙂

  5. Monty

    I do not think the spoiler.
    G goes on a mission and get Talia. Good.
    Sam is better with Kensi.
    Talia & Martin alone, finally… they have a great time together. They can open a car workshop: so they change the oil! Oh, yes.
    Excuse for my English.
    Roma, 08:02 pm

  6. I Feel Possessed

    Yes! We have scruffy Callen with longer hair and a beard. It means lone wolf or an undercover mission and if the CBS blurb can be interpreted, I am assuming the former, if Hetty tasks the team with bringing him back to the fold before he gets himself in to trouble. Question is, what is he investigating?

    And I’m loving the tease that Callen and Deeks have some a quiet scene together – male bonding? It’s about time. I hope we get to see them together in more than just the occasional scene this season.

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