9 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Finale ‘Chernoff, K.’ Promo Video

  1. skippy

    Sorry, but I am a bit confused. Maybe some of the other NCISLA maniacs can help.

    Is this season finale supposed to end with a cliffhanger? Why I am asking? Cause the have filmed an episode with MW as a guest. That episode can’t be the premiere for S7 if there will be a cliffhanger because I saw a pic with ECO and MW somewhere filming in LA.
    Or they haven’t filmed the premiere yet and will do it as one of the first episodes after the hiatus. (Probably due to the fact that they were unsure about the pick-up for S7). Or there won’t be a cliffhanger and this season ends like a regular episode. Does somebody here knows more?

  2. Mogorva

    I’m not sure there will be a cliffhanger this year. The 3 parter finale has its third part as the finale, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the season would end with a closed story. I think this wouldn’t be the first season end without a cliffhanger, if I remember good S01 ended with a more-or less regular episode and without a cliffhanger too.

    Personally I don’t see the point in cliffhangers, everyone knows all our regulars will be alive and more or less healthy after the season opener.

    1. skippy

      Thank you for your thoughts. But really where is the 3-parter. Fields of Fire couldn’t be the first part. IMO it was just a filler and had nothing to do with the Russia/Oil/Kolcheck story.
      And you are right season 1 also had no cliffhanger finale and it was one of the better ones. Yes we know all of them will come back so it is fine with me. I was just thinking about the mentioned 3 parter.
      Thank you for all of your thoughts and answers.

          1. skippy

            Thanks again for your help.
            It is good to know there are other maniacs out there with huge knowledge.
            So no cliffhanger but hopefully a good episode.
            Not so many of them this season. To much filler episodes IMO.

  3. CaptainNewf

    I also don’t expect a traditional cliff hanger this season, unless they are going to pursue/wrap up the father arc in the first show and there may be a surprise about that in the season 6 finale, judging from the teaser tweet and the cast photo they pulled (see other blogs and Getty Images). They have filmed two eps for season 7, including the one with Michael Weatherly, which I think was described as episode 2 and they are not saying anything about episode 1. After last night’s NCIS finale, the question of why DiNozzo is in LA looms large and ties DC/LA together. Is he there to help with the Deeks IA situation, acting as DC Team leader following up the child terrorists in LA, or what??? He won’t be on vacation if he is acting as DC Team Leader. If Gibbs survived the shooting he will be on sick leave for some time… if not, Tony becomes the new team leader (only works if season 13 for NCIS is the series finale). In all the other NCIS/LA/NO crossovers, the story lines were integrated. Lots of room for speculation this week and over the summer.

    Fall schedule is out and CBS looks strong on Monday… new Supergirl, then Scorpion, then NCIS LA.

    1. Ifeel possessed

      Well now I know what happens in NCIS, we don’t get that in the UK for another month or something. Never mind…

      I agree with all posts as I thought they were filming the S7 premier and wondered how and why DiNozzo would be in LA if the team were suppose to be undercover in Moscow. Unless half / most of the team returns to LA.

      All will be revealed in the next 4 months or so. It’ll be a long wait and then I think we’ll get the Deeks IA. Just sowing the seeds in S6 (frustratingly).

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