NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Finale Scoop

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
Airs: Monday, May 18 at 10/9c

Season 6 ends with a Callen-centric episode that finds the team traveling to Moscow to continue looking into the case of the oil tanker that went missing earlier this season. Their investigation also turns up some surprising revelations about Callen from both Hetty and Arcady Kolcheck, who returns for the episode. “There’s a fairly big reveal at the end,” executive producer R. Scott Gemmill teases. “Callen’s put in somewhat a precarious position because he has an opportunity to learn more about his past, but he has to focus on the task at hand more. So, he’s sort of torn between the two opportunities.” The “big reveal” comes courtesy of Hetty, whose past also becomes illuminated in a surprising way. “She runs into some old acquaintances and reveals something … that you wouldn’t have expected from Hetty,” Gemmill says. In addition, the finale will also introduce a female character who will return in a different capacity that will play into Callen’s life as well.


31 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Finale Scoop

  1. Mogorva

    I’m getting tired of these Callen episodes, most of them are just outright boring (Rage was one of the few exceptions). We were promised some insight into Deeks’ past, and that didn’t happen so far. If that 2 minutes with the IA investigation was the “great Deeks storyline”, I’m going to be more than angry. I was hoping that Deeks story will be the final 3-parter for this year.

    1. Deeks Fan

      I’m with you! We have been promised Deeks centric stories for the last two seasons….what happened to the ptsd storyline (I know Dani had a baby, so……)or his mother coming back or his abusive father…..

      I like Callen and I get that the series was created through his character but 6 years in and we’re still doing Callen’s back story…..

      This season has been all Callen and Sam. Densi got some time…I’d be willing to bet that the screen time dealing with them was less than 15 min. A Kiss, an early morning fight an occasional kinda personal conversation, really nothing.

      I don’t need the show to be about Densi to enjoy it. I like the characters. Write some good episodes that feature the cast….not just Sam and Callen.

      For Sindee…..I like Joelle……poor Joelle….bad Sindee 😉

      1. Fenix

        I am with you as well.
        6 years is mostly about Callen, and that is incredibly boring.
        We get some stuff about Kensi (story about death of her father) but nothing more.
        What about her mother, how is they now, is still in touch, visit each other sometimes?
        Deeks … is with us 5 years, and we get less than basic.
        Sam … is same like Deeks, 6 years nothing.
        Eric … o boy!
        Nell … same story!
        Granger …. same nothing.
        Is like, open fridge-get Callen, open wardrobe-get Callen, check under kids bed for monster-get Callen, turn on tv for weather news-get Callen….. WTF!
        Too much is really TOO MUCH.
        But creators knows about it, and they do it purposely.
        They save stories for future, for next 6,7,8…? seasons.
        Until NCIS LA will stay good money maker, they will feed us with breadcrumbs, and miserable, unprofessional, amater-ish “terrorist of the week”.
        Juicy steak is once in every season, no more…
        That’s for our better health 😉 until the end.
        Exactly for this I decided my self, for change my habit.
        I will watch NCIS LA once per year in September (because of cliffhanger from May) and I will watch whole previous serie, something like movie marathon, only NCIS LA marathon.
        Same as next year, and next year, and next year…..
        Less stress, better health. 😉

    2. Jan

      I agree with you Morgova. I’m tired of waiting for the Deeks background that we apparently have to wait another year for, and still no guarantee we’ll get anything at all, much less anything good. Deeks is the main (and increasingly only) reason I watch the show, but this endless waiting for some payoff for all my patience has me feeling like I should just quit on this show and spare myself the frustration.

  2. Rhodanos

    I think by now most of you know my stance when it comes to all that all Callen all the time and almost nothing on the rest of the team business, all (unfulfilled) promises and teases for some more info about the others notwithstanding (Deeks revalations/past?? Hello writers/producers??).

    Aside from the obviously glaring and very infuriating lack of that did anyone of you notice that with this scoop we now definitely know that Arcady indeed won’t die in Beacon tomorrow when Beacon hasn’t even aired yet? Good job, LA writers/producers. Thanks a lot.

    As an aside I kinda liked Joelle and it’s just amazing that they wanna cut her off like that for another love interest that comes out of nowhere when Callen told Deeks in Fighting Shadows that things with Joelle were good.

  3. skippy

    Great, finally we will get the promised Callen episode built-in a plot that features the entire team. I always loved the relationship with Arkady (the actor is great and his character is so important to this show). I hope Callen will get more information about his past or maybe not.

    But to be honest I hope that he will follow the opportunity to find more about his past alone as lone wolf (after the other case is solved). I was pretty sad that we didn’t see him at least trying to find his father after the episode 100. That was so unlike the Callen character.
    Okay one more month and we are about to find out.

    And to all the Deeks fans who mentioned the IA investigation. We also have a mole in the NCIS and this wasn’t mentioned for a long time also. This is how the writers trying to keep us connected and excited to this show.

    Sindee I am 100% with you #ByeByeJoelle, YES

  4. Rhodanos

    I’m not sure if I’m remembering this correctly but I think there was a tease about that new fenale character earlier this season. And it wasn’t like she was gonna be Callens new love interest, but that his love interest knows her somehow or she knows Callens love interest. And that mystery woman has a connection to Callens past…

    Searched the web real quick. It might have been this teaser from January:

    1. joy

      I had thought the earlier comment meant we would learn Joelle had a connection to his past. I liked Joelle, and was hoping she would stay in the picture. However, Chris O’Donnell has done an interview in the past week in which he refers to a “new love interest” for Callen with a connection to his past. I don’t know if that was a horrible reference to his undercover relationship with Kensi in this past week’s episode or not. I am happy to get some more Callen-centric episodes because we have been waiting a while since the 100th episode for any real reference to his past. I had also thought Callen would have been researching his father on his own time. Of course, i pretty much started watching this show because of Chris O’Donnell. I couldn’t care less about Deeks or Kensi. Actually, i have liked the Deeks stories, as long as they are Densi oriented. Their relationship is completely screwed up.

      Yeah, i also noticed this preview was a spoiler for the Arkady storyline. Not that most of the exciting previews CBS gives out ever pan out to be as nail biting in reality. I was pretty sure Arkady wasn’t going to die anyway. Last week, we knew good and well that Callen wasn’t going to be set on fire for that entire scene…..

  5. justdreaming83

    Although I have never lost interest in the show, there have been some ups and downs for me. After “Rage,” and seeing the plans for the finale, I’ll have to say that the excitement I felt in the first two seasons has definitely been rekindled.

  6. Linda

    As a Callen fan, I have thoroughly enjoyed this season. Callen and his story is what drew me into the show in the first place. I understand what Deeks fans are going through, its the same way Callen fans felt last season when we only got one Callencentric episode all season. I would encourage everyone to be patient, the show does get around to everyone eventually. As for me, I can’t wait for the finale, it sounds exciting. It may be Callen-centric, but it sounds like there will be plenty of action for all.

  7. Linda

    I wondered about the sister angle as well. Even though she supposedly died, I’ve always had a sneaky suspicion that her death was faked to protect her from the Comescus. I remember awhile back there was a scene at the cemetery where Hetty asked Callen why he had never changed the name on the headstone. He replied that if he did that it meant accepting that she was really dead. Sounds like a breadcrumb. I would not be at all surprised if we met Amy Callen at some point.

    1. JaniceS

      My biggest qualm about Callen’s sister being dead is the fact the headstone on her grave is grand and expensive. Hannah Lawson was a ward of the state. She would have been granted a government issued pauper’s headstone; a stone small and modest. Something just isn’t adding up there.

        1. Fenix

          Sister and love interest?
          Yes, you forget about love interest.
          Think about it….. !
          But if you want real twist, I will give you one.
          Probably some ex partner from work, what about CIA….
          I remember, Marison Nichols (yes, she is Tony’s [from NCIS] current girlfriend) and she worked with Callen, seen her in episode in 2010.
          That could be fun. 😉
          “Hey Tony, how is your girl?
          Fantastic, and how is yours, I heard you have new one?
          Man, she is great, I show you her picture….”
          Marison Nichols in doble role, like our heroes girlfriend, that could be real craziness, not some boring sister. 😉

  8. diane

    Callen! Callen! Callen! It’s always about Callen.

    Everyone else gets the shaft. I think Eric gets the least development.

  9. April

    Love stories centered Callen. He is the protagonist. Accept it! Prefer Callen with agent woman. Joelle not match Callen.


  10. Mogorva

    Callen is the most boring character for now. In the first 2-3 seasons his story was interesting, but it’s too long and just boring now. Even Sam’s story is way better, than Callen’s. I rarely fast forward in episodes, but I think I watched the 100th episode in 25 minutes – the other 20 was skipped, before I fell asleep. Watching Rage I just skipped like 2 minutes – that’s a compliment for a Callen episode.

    For a long time now, Kensi and Deeks and their relationship is the thing what drives the show. And we barely see them, we know nothing of Deeks’s past.

    1. Fenix

      Welcome in “Every September previous season NCIS LA marathon.” club? 😀
      It’s still better, than turn from “NCIS LA lover” to “NCIS LA hater.”
      And it save time too. 😉

    2. skippy

      Mogorva, I guess you forgot the “IMO”.
      Cause for others Callen is the most intriguing character. I would say Sam is the most boring due to his simplified view of certain circumstances. But also that makes him important to the team.

      I know why you fast forward sometimes. I did almost the same for S4 and S5 episodes only a tad more radical. I cut the Kensi, the Deeks and Densi scenes which were not case related. Believe me most episodes are pretty short but great (less than 15 minutes).
      And the relationship between Kensi and Deeks is what keeps you watching the show, others don’t like it at all.
      I know the writers can drive us crazy with their stories and character developments but I am pretty sure they know what they are doing to find the right balance for all viewers (well at least for the majority).

      1. Mogorva

        I understand that, I just feel, I’ve been lied to.

        My favorites are Kensi and Deeks, but we need the whole team for the show to be what it is.

        My biggest problem is:
        “Great Deeks story about his past”. Where the hell is it? If there won’t be anything like this, they should just tell, sorry, no Deeks, we’ll do more Callen/Sam/Hetty/Granger/everyothermember/team background. Do it, that is entertaining too. But IF the showrunner sais something in an interview or in a statement than I expect to see that story. When will it be? Or the “great story” is 2 minutes IA investigation in every 5th episode in the next season, like it was few episodes ago? Then say it so. Maybe I’ll even going to like it.
        Or the great story will be something like Personal? One episode with a few drops of information? Than say it so. I can live with that. But I do not take it lightly if I’m being deliberately deceived for an entire season.

        Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I might have been carried away a little writing this and english is still not my native language.

  11. BH72

    We all have our favourite character (s) on the show. It’s what’s drawn us in, either from the beginning, or along the way. Shane Brennan, like in the original, NCIS, likes to draw the overarching story lines out to tease us and keep us watching. It’s called show business.
    We have seen snippets from Eric’s past, when his old college buddy was shot at, back in Zero Days (S5E18). Snippets from Hetty’s past, when old enemies have come her way; Kensi, with her father and Granger’s friendship with Donal Blye, Kensi’s former fiancé, Jack Simon; Sam’s family and past with the Sidorov case and in the Xmas episode this season, we finally met his children and learned a piece of his relationship with his father. Then there’s been the episode about Deeks’ old colleagues, in Personal (when he was shot), Plan B, there’s been a few episodes around him and Kensi’s relationship. Now with Callen, we’ve seen a few episodes of his past: his shooting (Legend part 2), Pushback, an old case (Past Lives), his former CIA partner (Standoff); Eugene Keelson case in Burned and Callen, G.; when Hetty left for Romania and Callen discovered about the blood feud with his family, Familia, Lange, H; he learned about his mother in Deadline, and then about his father in Reznikov, N. So far, it’s been pretty level between some of the major players of this show. If anyone deserves something, it’s Granger and Nell and I am sure the writers will get to them soon. We are still waiting for more on the IA storyline and I am sure it will lead us into season 7. We need to be patient and realise it’s a drama show, mostly around the cases that they have to deal with, the other is in the background. I am looking forward to the season finale, this season has brought back what I have loved so much in the earlier seasons and I would like to thank all the cast and crew for another brillant season. It remains to be my favourite television show since NCISLA began.

  12. I Feel Possessed

    I agree with Skippy, when I rewatch I fast forward the Deeks, Kensi, Nell & Eric scenes etc. just to get to Callen. Season 5 was very frustrating for me as it was all about Kensi and by association Deeks – how he coped with his partner on a secret mission in another country. We may not have found out about his back story (which I do really want to know). Kensi’s story has almost been done to death. Sam seems relatively straight forward, Hetty is an enigma. Granger’s would be interesting although that has been touched on a number of times. I don’t care for Nell. Eric has had little snippets.

    It must be tough for SB to keep everyone happy. Kensi/Deeks are now together and thankfully they’re not shown in a romantic light most of the time. This is an action show not a romance.

    Much though Callen is my favourite character due to his mystery, I hope Deeks has some central stories next season – hopefully the IA investigation and some more details about his past.

  13. Linda

    We all have different favorite characters. That’s what makes a fandom. I find Callen the most intriguing and have loved his back story from the start. Those that say Kensi and Deeks drive the show are voicing their personal opinions. To state that as fact is not accurate. For Callen fans like me, he drives the show. For Densi fans, they drive the show. If we can respect each others opinions being a part of this community can be much more enjoyable.

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