NCIS Los Angeles ‘Spiral’ Picture Recap

Look, it's "Dennis Calder" back from Season 3... huh ??

Look, it’s “Dennis Calder” back from Season 3… huh ??

Jimmy, the mail guy... hihi...

Jimmy, the mail guy… hihi…



Saved by the... ehm... GUNS !!

Saved by the… ehm… GUNS !!

Negotiating gone bad... and badder...

Negotiating gone bad… and badder…

Don't underestimate the meditating !! :D

Don’t underestimate the meditating !! 😀

"It's Callen."

“It’s Callen.”

For the love of the... SHIRT, I was talking about the shirt... OK, no I wasn't... ;)

For the love of the… SHIRT, I was talking about the shirt… OK, no I wasn’t… 😉

"Who the hell are you?" "I'm Jimmy, the mail guy."

“Who the hell are you?”
“I’m Jimmy, the mail guy.”

Does she seem p*ssed that he didn't notice her ??

Did she seem p*ssed that he didn’t notice her ??

Propaganda posters upside-down ?? Way to go, wanna-be-terrorists !! *snort*

Propaganda posters upside-down ?? Way to go, wanna-be-terrorists !! *snort*

Detonator switch ?? Uh-oh...

Detonator switch ?? Uh-oh…

I get that it might not be *easy* to rescue the hostages but call all the other help off ?? Mmh...

I get that it might not be *easy* to rescue the hostages but call all the other help off ?? Mmh…

Hetty's at lunch in Nicaragua ?? Of course she is !! ;)

Hetty’s at lunch in Nicaragua ?? Of course she is !! 😉

"Infiltrate the hostage group." And show them the hand sign of love...

“Infiltrate the hostage group.” And show them the hand sign of love…

"Wolfs never linger around sheep for long."

“Wolfs never linger around sheep for long.”

Wow, blunt Nell kinda overwhelmed our little Eric, here, huh ??

Wow, blunt Nell kinda overwhelmed our little Eric here, huh ??

Not good... so NOT good !!

Not good… so NOT good !!

I kinda liked that doctor... Now ?? Not so much anymore...

I kinda liked that doctor… Now ?? Not so much anymore…

Callen has a lot of identities he doesn't like anymore by now, huh ?? LOL

Callen has a lot of identities he doesn’t like anymore by now, huh ?? LOL



We all know *that* message, right ?? :)

We all know *that* message, right ?? 🙂

He wanted that specific floor ?? Wondering where that leads us...

He wanted that specific floor ?? Wondering where that leads us…

"It's a terrible idea, let's do that." But it looks SO COOL !!

“It’s a terrible idea, let’s do that.” But it looks SO COOL !!

Wait ? Was that a Football reference there ?? [The Actor played a Football Coach on GLEE.]

Wait ? Was that a Football reference there ??
[The Actor played a Football Coach on GLEE.]

WOW !!

WOW !!

What was *this* supposed to be ??

What was *this* supposed to be ??

Close call... But what about this whole Irish thing ?? Aaah...

Close call… But what about this whole Irish thing ?? Aaah…

Now that looks easy... WHAAAT ??

Now that looks easy… WHAAAT ??

Not sure I would enter a magically opening door into a LAB ...

Not sure I would enter a magically opening door into a LAB …

Her again... and picking on Callen's name right away... ;)

Her again… and picking on Callen’s name right away… 😉

A bio weapon... *gulp*

A bio weapon… *gulp*

The team and its confidence in Deeks' test results... ;)

The team and its confidence in Deeks’ test results… 😉

But he can do it of course !! WOOP WOOP !!

But he can do it of course !! WOOP WOOP !!

"Trust your training."

“Trust your training.”

There must be another way than making *that call* !!

There must be another way than making *that call* !!

Crash Crew on deck !! YEAH !!

Crash Crew on deck !! YEAH !!



Mission over... or... looks anxiously at the remaining time of the ep...

Mission over… or… looks anxiously at the remaining time of the ep…

She's one the baddies ?? Uh-oh...

She’s one of the baddies ?? Uh-oh…

Oh my... she's bad news... like REALLY BAD !!!

Oh my… she’s bad news… like REALLY BAD !!!



Yeah, everyone's secure... *still mutters 'NO, NO, NO' and rocks back & forth*

Yeah, everyone’s secure… *still mutters ‘NO, NO, NO’ and rocks back & forth*

OMG... Sam's devasted look is killing me...

OMG… Sam’s devasted look is killing me…

"I've seen the end and this is not it." Let's hope Hetty's right again...

“I’ve seen the end and this is not it.” Let’s hope Hetty’s right again…

This whole hospital scene is worth sooo many pictures... I especially LOVED the reference that Callen regrets giving up looking for his father...

This whole hospital scene is worth sooo many pictures… I especially LOVED the reference that Callen regrets giving up looking for his father…

Group ZEN !! And off with a smile we go...

Group ZEN !!
And off with a smile we go…

Well, well, as always I gotta run… also I think from the amount of pictures you kind of get that I really really liked this episode… 🙂 Let me know what you think about it !! Talk later !!

38 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Spiral’ Picture Recap

  1. Mogorva

    Overall I give this episode a solid 9/10.

    It was good and entertaining and the first one in a long time where I couldn’t figure out who the realy bad guys were in the first 10 minutes. I really liked it.

    The last scene with Kensi and Deeks and later with Eric and Nell was hilarious.

    I won’t forget anytime soon the “This is not what it looks like” sentence and Kensi’s look 😀 .

  2. Rayanne

    Thanks for the recap. Solid episode. I too liked the doctor at first. I almost cried when she broke the vial and Callen slammed the door so he was alone. Glad he didn’t wake up in Georgia alone. Very good episode..

  3. AN

    The last scene between Callen and Sam was just incredible !
    Kensi and Deeks’ fighting the big guy was cool and the last scene was hilarious I liked how Deeks’ mind immediately went to the gutter when he heard ” group Zen ” he was like ” soory what ?? come again ” !!!!
    overall This episode was brilliant I loved from start to finish.

  4. BW

    Definitely a great episode! Enjoyed the Security Guard, his interaction with Deeks an Kensi was telling of the man.

    Sam looked so lost seeing his partner like that. He has said that is biggest fear and at that moment he thought that was coming true. Love their bromance which seems inadequate to the bind they have.

    Liked Hetty being the voice of reason.

    One of the best episodes.

  5. Crystal

    Love your recap – always do – and loved this episode! Dave Kalstein was back to his awesome writing self (I didn’t like Tuhon). The whole cast’s acting was great– star of the night goes to Deeks–the hanging out the window was crazily perfect , as was the cutting of the correct wires on those bombs 🙂 Hero of the night goes to Callen for closing that door. And honorable mention to Hetty for not allowing Granger to make “that call” when he wanted to. I figured out the doctor just before Sam knew. She put something behind her back when he came into the lab. Crazy bitch–she tried to kill Callen! She got off “easy” with bullets holes in her from Sam’s gun. Group Zen was funny but the sexual innuendo comments were lame. Nell subtly informing Eric of how she knows those panties aren’t $800 = priceless 🙂

  6. Fenix

    Thanks for recap sindee.
    Episode was fine, and smooth (too much smooth?).
    For me was there just one big fail.
    Hetty and her dramatic intro.
    Well, she is on my personal Blacklist, and I don’t release her that easily, like other fans.
    Shaking voice, and “It’s my team…blah blah blah”.
    Really Hetty, where were “My team” when you send Kensi in Afghanistan, without any piece on information?
    Where were “My team” when they almost all died in Afghanistan because of your mindless action?
    Hetty Hetty, you have to work much much harder for forgiveness.
    Much more than just some sneaky smile, and shaking voice, what looks like interest about team.
    I don’t believe her anymore.
    The last scene with Kensi and Deeks and later with Eric and Nell was hilarious, excellent sample of “fifth wheel” in action.

  7. Elizabeth

    Thank you sindee for the excellent recap – your comments are always spot on!

    I loved the ACTION! Guns and more guns – explosions aplenty – glass flying – furniture flying – bodies going down elevator shafts – explosions coming up elevator shafts – and our man Sam hanging UPSIDE DOWN in the elevator shaft – awesome! And our courageous and wonderful detective Deeks going through with his terrible (but good) idea and hanging out the skyscraper window to get the bomb picture to Ops – brave and brilliant!

    They sure know how to get the heart pounding . . . .

    And how to shatter it – poor, broken Sam – his worst fear about to become a reality.
    Valiant and selfless Callen – his focus on the greater good and protecting the innocent.

    To the extraordinary cast and crew – writers and directors – and, of course, explosion guys – WELL DONE! I, for one, had a romping good time last night (as well as shed a few tears).

  8. Linda

    Excellent recap as usual. Thanks. I loved this episode. There was lots of action, explosions, tension, danger and even some humour courtesy of Kensi and Deeks and Eric and Nell. Everybody was a hero in one form or another from Deeks hanging out the window to Callen closing the door of the lab to protect everyone else. That really scared me. I was on the edge of my seat all through the episode anyway and that was too much. The best scene for me , as a Callen fan, was of course the hospital scene with Callen and Sam. I really felt moved to tears as Callen talked to Sam. You always want to give that man a big hug to make him feel better. Loved their banter too. I was also glad Hetty wouldn’t give in to Granger’s idea to call in an air strike so soon. What is it about him that he never seems to care about the team? At least the way Hetty does. This was a great episode. Congratulations to all involved -cast and crew! Season 6 has been wonderful so far. Keep it up!

  9. Richtsje

    As ever I love the way you do these picture-recaps. To me, this was really one of the best episodes ever in the show. There were great moments for the team, Deeks & Kensi were terrific and so were Nell & Eric #classicunderweardiscussion

    Guests were also awesome, I loved Don and at first, I even liked Dr. Ward. She was okay, perhaps even someone to trust. Bad idea. Callen even tried to protect the Witch-woman and look what she did.
    And oh man… 2 weeks in such a serious condition?
    The look on Sam’s face when he realized what happened, the worries, the fear – great acting. Goes for those precious hospital scenes too.

    Great job of Dave Kalstein and LarryTeng & the rest of the cast and crew!!

  10. Domingo

    Loved this ” Die Hard” episode, one of the best this season, some great scenes, K&D both at the start and at the end, Callen and Sam saying good buy, and the hospital scene said a lot.

    Great script, and good directing, a great way to start the New Year.

    A queery:- how did the pisom vials change colour from Blue in the Fridge, to red/brown on the work top?

  11. BW

    Sorry Sindee, meant to thank you for the pic recap!

    OT: on the Esquire Channel there is a NCIS: LA marathon right now!!!

  12. Linda

    This show keeps getting better and better. I love the episodes when all of the main characters have a lot to contribute. Dave Kalstein was right when he said that he had written his best Callen/Sam stuff this time around. Between the goodbye at the lab, and the hospital scene, LL and Chris have never been better. I absolutely loved this episode!

  13. justdreaming-83

    Absolutely love the picture recaps, sindee! It’s like reliving the episode the next day!!!

    I have to put Spiral on my list of favorites. It had lots of action (and BOOMS!), was extremely suspenseful, had moments that were very touching, and then just a sprinkling of humor just at the right times. That being said, I guess the “touching” moments are the ones that are still lingering in my head: Sam and Callen looking at each other through the glass door in the lab, Sam’s broken demeanor when he squats down on the roof of the building, and then the hospital scene and G being thankful Sam is there.

    Dave Kalstein, Larry Teng, the actors, and the crew really knocked it out of the park with this one.

  14. diane

    Liked the action sequences. That director is great for heavy action episodes. I really liked Don the security guard too. I like when we get rootable guest stars.

  15. VirtualFriend

    Dear Sindee, I’m one of the few (I think) who don’t like the picture recap(s). I would rather read your thoughts about the episode.

    As far as the ep goes, it was good, typical action packed NCIS LA. Some things are not OK. For example, these suckers that keep moving into the cross-hairs. Too often it looked more like a turkey shoot. Not very believable and it takes away some of the excitement.

    One of my wishes almost got fulfilled with an early exit of COD, but miraculously he survived the bioweapon. O well, maybe next time.

    One other thing, I watched several interviews lately and noticed the opinions of in particular LL Cool J and Daniela Ruah. DR keeps behaving uncomfortable as soon as Densi is mentioned in relation to her real-life marriage with the brother of ECO (“his name is David”). Also she explained, more then once, that she would like to keep the ‘will-they-won’t-they’ status quo, or settle in a brother-sister relationship. LL explained that the relationship between Kensi and Deeks would stand in the way of a professional working together.

    Why do actors express there opinion about the storyline? They only have to act accordingly to the script, make it believable! It’s distracting from the characters they play, it’s like they don’t believe it themselves…

    1. Mogorva

      I don’t understand, why does this issue with their private life always has to come up, it’s getting really frustrating. They are professional actors. If you are an actor, you might have to play a newlywed lovey-dovey couple with someone you hate. That comes with the job. If someone can’t live with that, won’t be an actor/actress for long. The Olsen families apparently are handling these “issues” way better than some viewers. If they weren’t, there won’t be dozens of family photos on instagram where they are together. I never saw any of them being uncomfortable with the situation in any interview.

      Will the relationship become an issue in the plot? I bet it will at some point (to generate some kind of overly dramatic breakup, if my gut feeling is right). Interviews are teasers, to spike chatter and interest. But I think the actors don’t know the story planned for the characters beforehand. That was said in more interviews.

      They don’t have to believe anything. They are actors, they can have their own thoughts and opinios on their characters but they play the part they were written and told to. That’s it. Though I assume, the actors have ideas and proposals what to do or where to go with a character and share it with the production crew. That’s how a good team works.

      1. VirtualFriend

        DR makes it an issue, CEO not. DR did even run out of an interview when being asked how she feels. And she shouldn’t because she is an actor and should act! If an actor can’t keep these things separated is could become a problem. The show needs the chemistry between DR and ECO, without this ingredient it will run out of steam pretty fast.

        Anyway, my point is that the personal issues and thoughts of actors shouldn’t be taken in consideration with the story line. I don’t agree with you that actors should have a say in the storyline to be a good team. That my point exactly!

        BTW, photo’s on the internet are just marketing material. Uncut interviews are more trustworthy.

        1. Mogorva

          I’ve never seen anything like you said, running out of an interview or something similar (link?).
          And I don’t see, how she makes it an issue either (proof?). Even if she does (and I highly doubt that), she does an excellent job to cover it for the last 4 years. They said in an interview they don’t think any of those two characters are ready for a relationship but that could have been a) an engineered answer to rise interest b) lack of information on the upcoming storyline c) private thought or d) any combination of the above mentioned.

          I don’t say, their opinions must be taken into consideration, but they have a right to have one and share it with the creators. The creators will decide, what to do with it. Anyone can have an idea which is good and nobody else thought about it.

          1. LasiaMsinRed

            I think that the interview some people are referring to was the one in which Daniela refused to answer, the reporter asked if it wasn’t weird to kiss her brother-in law and if the used a stand-in aka David for the kissing scene, and just comment (about the reporter) “She really likes talking to herself” (or something like that) and left. It was more of a snort and a very untypical behavior IMO.
            Yes, I see it,too. She’s uncomfortable whenever Densi is mentioned.That being said I do understand why reporters keep asking these questions,them being in-laws, is the elephant in the room.
            They are not blood-related. They are actors. I SHOULD differ between the actors and the fictional characters when they kiss BUT it’s still weird to me.
            As I said Daniela seems uncomfortable when talking about those topics and she’s pushing towards the “will-they or won’t they” or a friendship.
            Is it professional?….. that’s in question-….
            Is it human? …… of course, it is! I totally understand her! (Not to mention that I don’t like her being uncomfortable during an interview.)

          2. Fenix

            For god sake, It’s like Déjà vu.
            Again both of you arguing about …. NOTHING.
            Same story every time.
            Once is maybe fun, but still same story becomes to be just annoying.
            Please both of you, keep it on mind, forever.

        2. Christine

          I’ve got the same feeling watching the last behind the scenes interview. Even though she always emphasizes they are pros, it’s their job and it doesn’t cause any issues, she seemed very uncomfortable and irritated while talking about the kiss scene. But maybe she’s just sick and tired of beeing asked the same question over and over again.

          1. Mogorva

            I understand being tired of it, I think that question comes up pretty much every time since 03×22 “Neighbourhood Watch”. A reporter, who cannot make up any other question than the one being asked for years should find some other job.

            Personally, after answering the same question a few hundred times, I would just kick, whoever asks it.

            Then again, if she is uncomfortable with it, that does not appear on the screen or doesn’t seem to cause any family issues. They don’t take work home, problem solved. (My sister was also an actress for a while, she had to do kissing scenes with her most hated colleague in a theater play. Comes with the job.)

            Still, I don’t see the point in asking questions all the time about their private life. It is private, for the love of it. Leave it there. They will share parts of it, what they want. And teach the reporters some new questions instead of the looped “is it weird to kiss your brother/sister-in-law?” question. It’s outdated and just annoying.

          2. Christine

            I wholeheartly agree with your last comment, Mogorva! But …. her reaction wasn’t in favor of the show. Some things are better left untold. In my opinion, with this whole “soul out of their body, that’s what I did” comment, she took something away from their on screen chemistry. It was one of the interviews I actually regretted watching. But then, maybe this just was some kind of their private banter or an inside joke. Who knows ….

            I guess this discussion could go on and on and on …. but that’s not the whole purpose of this recap 😉

            Apart from the strange behavior of the people held hostage, I loved this episode. It was action packed and had some pretty funny scenes. What more could I ask for … 🙂

          3. Mogorva

            Could you send me a link to this interview? I can’t find it on youtube and google doesn’t seem to be my friend this time.

          4. Cladani

            Yes, she’s much much more uncomfortable than him and I start to wonder why. If we nomal people (not professional actors, I mean) can see this kind of mood/reaction when DR talks about Densi, I ask myself HOW she (an actress) can’t see it and can try to avoid it at least for the show’s and the fans’ sake. I don’t mean she has to say she enjoyed kissing his co-star or put her marriage in danger if that could ever be possible with a scripted kiss, but just to be a little more relaxed.
            Anyway, I think their personal life should be only theirs and even interviewrs sometimes are too repetitive and annoying.
            Apart from this, I liked the episode: good action but still the old, reassuring banter.

  16. sol_phyllon

    Totally agree with you, Mogorva.

    And what an episode! Good banter, tension, explosions, better ratings…
    A beautiful way to start this new year with a show that I love.

  17. skippy

    Well this was fun to watch. Both the great recap (thank you sindee, love it) and the ‘back to the roots’ episode.
    Actually I didn’t know what to expect. These writer had some of the worst episodes (e.g. his last ones, all three of them IMO) but also some of the best ones, but these were from the good old days (S 1-4).

    So I was pretty surprised to watch this one. It was fun to watch and included everything I love about this show, especially the action, banter and development of some of the characters.

    The elevator scene with Sam and Callen, the fight scene Kensi and Deeks had with the human bomb guy, Kensi encouraging Deeks ‘trust your training’, Callen making sure that nobody else get infected with the virus and the hospital scene were all great (and so much more).

    I was wondering if only an episode with a Densi kiss could get these ratings. I am more than happy that this is not the case. A great story could also do it. I hope DK keeps up with these kind of stories.

    1. dby

      I think the ratings this week were a direct result of Humbug and the Densi kiss plus! After all, the persons tuning in this week did not know before hand how good the episode is going to be, how it is written, and the buzz before the show was about being action packed, exciting, etc, buzz words that have been said over and over before and did not draw that number of people.
      I believe that what happened in Humbug as to Kensi and Deeks (about which there was much buzz before hand and definitely an explosion of buzz after the show aired) have brought back, if we go by the numbers, around 2 million fans who got disgusted by the ridiculous (to put it politely) way Densi was dealt with since Kensi came back from Afghanistan and stopped watching because quite a few people watching the show, me included, watch it just because of Densi. So these people came back hoping they will get the old Densi they loved before and they will stay if the writers do not get the TV version of amnesia and destroy what was done so beautifully in Humbug.

  18. I Feel Possessed

    I absolutely loved this episode. I think Dave Kalstein is one of the best NCISLA writers and a lot of his episodes are in my list of favourites (S1 – Past Lives, Burned, S2 – Empty Quiver, Plan B, S3 – Backstopped, Partners, S4 – Kill House, and all 3 from S5).

    I particularly love Kill House and for me Spiral was another team focused episode. As usual there was enough Densi without getting all lovey dovey, Deeks’ humour – loved the editing on the scene talking about Deeks failings his bomb course. The action was all BOOM, fast-paced and very intense.

    Best all though was Callen and Sam. Callen maintaining his cover as Jimmy, his going hunting with Sam for the baddies, which was reminiscent of Black Budget earlier in S6 where he offers to teach the Mexican girl how to hunt. Sam saying to Kensi & Deeks that Callen won’t be with the hostages anymore as a wolf never lingers around sheep – a reminder that Callen is a wolf, whether a lone wolf or a hunter…Callen’s selfless act of shutting himself in that room when the vial is broken in front of him, and the realisation on his and Sam’s face that this was it – his final moment.

    And the touching scene at the hospital, where he recalls seeing Hetty last and Sam first upon waking. The appreciation that he has his family around and Sam caring so much for him that he made sure Callen did not wake up alone.

    Callen’s regrets seem a little trivial but I just put that down to him being rather random at times. Most telling was his admitting he regrets giving up hope that he’d ever meet his father. Maybe after realising he was loved (Reznikov. N) he was content to leave it at that? I do wonder if this is foreshadowing something later in S6, leading to the finale? I certainly hope so.

    I wasn’t fussed about the yoga scene at the end. And there was no mention of Joelle, not even in passing. I know this episode was due to air before Humbug at one point (or at least was filmed prior)…but again, could this be telling. I’m probably just reading too much into it.

    Summary – brilliant episode, great writing, directing, editing, SFX – and of course fantastic acting from the cast – all round (even Nell wasn’t too annoying) 🙂

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      @I Feel Possessed I totally agree with you.
      I’m also hoping that you’re right about the season 6 finale idea and about Joelle.
      Speaking of women…..I liked G’s chat with Dr. Ward. I actually believe that he liked her until she turned out to be a terrorist…well, and tried to kill him…. yeah, those little aspects that messed the whole thing up 😉
      Plus,I really liked Don the security guard. His scenes with Kensi were priceless. I liked the smile on her face when she talked to him spending time with a person like Don might be more relaxing to her than yoga with Deeks,Nell and Eric.

      Thank you so much for the recap,Sindee!!

  19. Keesha

    Interesting thought pattern on Callen regrets. I felt it came a little out of left field but then again whenever Callen revels something personal it does come out of the blue so maybe it was totally in character. Hetty’s comment on ‘I have seen the end and this isn’t it’ was also intriguing. I feel like their were a lot of tidbits dangled in this episode and hopefully some will be explained as we move thru season six. Overall, gotta love the writing on this one.

    1. I Feel Possessed

      Keesha, yes I too wonder what ending Hetty has foreseen! And when! I certainly hope there is no hidden meaning in that such as next season will be the last!

      I still think that the series finale, the very end when Shane Brennan has said he’ll reveal Callen’s name….Callen will find out his name and then be shot dead. Sorry TeamCallen

      1. BW

        Actually I think he might “die” but we see him sitting drinking a beer somewhere and Sam comes joins him.

  20. JaniceS

    This may be a bit off the wall, but this season seems to focus on family … and for Callen, his father. Do you think the writers will have Callen find out where his mother is buried? It seems it would give him a bit of closure and healing to have a physical place to go and say good bye.

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