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Who was that guy ?? And why did Mattias kill him ?? #SoManyQuestions

Who was that guy ?? And why did Mattias kill him ?? #SoManyQuestions

Hetty and The Admiral... "It would be a beautiful city if you got rid of all the damn politicians." Hetty in politics ?? Paving a path for the future ??

Hetty and The Admiral…
“It would be a beautiful city if you got rid of all the damn politicians.”
Hetty in politics ?? Paving a path for the future there ??

That's a whole lotta mo-... WHOA, Callen !!

That’s a whole lotta mo-… WHOA, Callen !!

Eric calling Sam "Mom." LOL And we learn Eric had a step mum... and prefers cereals for breakfast over egg whites and a protein shake...

Eric calling Sam “Mom.” LOL
And we learn Eric had a step mum… and prefers cereals for breakfast over egg whites and a protein shake…

Callen's off the grid...

Callen’s off the grid…

"We carpooled." Yeah, SURE !!

“We carpooled.” Yeah, SURE !!



Granger worried about Nell... #NiceGuyUnderThatRoughness

Granger worried about Nell… #NiceGuyUnderThatRoughness

236k? Callen really wants to #FindMattias...

236k? Callen really wants to #FindMattias…

Good ol' cheery Hetty showing who is in charge... :)

Good ol’ cheery Hetty showing the congress man who is in charge… 🙂

"Had they succeeded [in killing us] Hetty would have left extremely vulnerable." "And we would be - you  know - dead."

“Had they succeeded [in killing us] Hetty would have left extremely vulnerable.” “And we would be – you know – dead.”

"Mattias was never after Hetty. So why is he now?" Once again Deeks is the 'voice of the audience'... asking the questions everyone has on their tongues...

“Mattias was never after Hetty. So why is he now?” Once again Deeks is the ‘voice of the audience’… asking the questions everyone has on their tongues…

Calling her team NOT her family was a mistake, Mister.

Calling her team NOT her family was a mistake, Mister.

"Maybe I am getting too old for this." No way, Hetty... YOU ARE ONE TOUGH LADY !!

“Maybe I am getting too old for this.” No way, Hetty… YOU ARE ONE TOUGH LADY !!

Oh my... poor Nell... feeling sad/bad with/for her...

Oh my… poor Nell… feeling sad/bad with/for her…

NAAATE !! :)


Sam criticizing Callen... interesting...

Sam criticizing Callen… interesting…

" shouldn't go back to the field. Cos it's not only your own life you're protecting out there." *gasp* There must be something you can do, Nate. We need our Nell back !!

“…you shouldn’t go back to the field. Because it’s not just your own life you’re protecting out there.” *gasp* There must be something you can do, Nate. We need our Nell back !!

Kensi saving Deeks from The Roach... "That's why we're partners." #Sweet

Kensi saving Deeks from The Roach… “That’s why we’re partners.” #Sweet

"I'm trying to protect my people."

“I’m trying to protect my people.”

Gotta love some action...

Gotta love some action…

The synchronicity of these two is really striking this season...

The synchronicity of these two is really striking this season…

"If you try he IS going rogue. And I'll join him."

“If you try he IS going rogue. And I’ll join him.”

The DOJ lady hitting on Sam... LOL

The DOJ lady hitting on Sam… LOL

"This is how you act when you get hit on..." *snort*

“This is how you act when you get hit on…” *snort*

"I will never forget the first person I had to kill but it never haunted me. What does that say about my soul?"

“I will never forget the first person I had to kill but it never haunted me. What does that say about my soul?”

"I'm between sets." ROFL Yeah, me too... ALWAYS !!

“I’m between sets.” ROFL Yeah, me too… ALWAYS !!

"It will get wrse before it gets better. And your Hetty won't be the only target." Uh-oh !!

“It will get wrse before it gets better. And your Hetty won’t be the only target.” Uh-oh !!

Hetty pep talk...

Hetty pep talk…

"I'm done making promises." WOAH... even to Sam ??

“I’m done making promises.” WOAH… even to Sam ??

Salazar !!?? Where's Mattias ??

Salazar !!?? Where’s Mattias ??



OPS is compromised ?? Yeah, OH BOY !!

OPS is compromised ?? Yeah, OH BOY !!

Nell is back...

Nell is back…

"We both know you don't have the balls." Only Hetty...

“We both know you don’t have the balls.” Only Hetty…

Touchy Trigger... ROFL

Touchy Trigger… ROFL

"It's good to be home."

“It’s good to be home.”

Sooorry for being so short at the end… real life is calling… going to write a little more in the comments later… just a short note… Season Six is proceeding as good as it started… What do you think ??

24 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “The 3rd Choir” Picture Review by @sindee303

  1. Mogorva

    “Season Six is proceeding as good as it started… What do you think ??”

    I, for one, absolutely agree with that statement.

    But if the congress hearing arc is finished here, it was done in a little awkward way. It should be continued, and given a proper ending. Like burning the congressman’s pride at least.

  2. densidream

    I agree with Mogorva about how quickly and unspectacularly the hearing seemingly ended. But other than that, this episode was pretty good! It had a good flow and a lot of suspense and action and also some really sweet scenes like the one with Nell in her apartment.
    My favorite line was: “And what am I supposed to tell Congressman Thomas?” – Hetty: “Tell him I think he’s an ass.” Even the marines had to laugh lol 🙂
    Favorite scene: the one quite in the beginning with Kensi and Deeks. The nailed that! I mean, talking about baby names without Kensi freaking out about it? Or Kensi starting to ramble like Deeks does? Or, the best part really, them assuming without a second thought that when Granger is adressing them, he wants to talk about their relationship status xD AWESOME! They really are becoming more like each other every episode. And the sleeping over at each other’s apartments seems to have become a thing, too!
    On a more serious note, I liked the Hetty in Washington scenes. Their dumbfounded looks when Hetty just walked out on them 🙂 But seriously, doesn’t that Thomas guy get that they are indeed a family?
    The Hetty/Nell scenes were sweet. These two definitely have a special relationship, one that goes so deep that Hetty can put Nell back to work without many words.
    One thing remains unclear for me, though, maybe someone can answer me on that. Salazar and his guys got Mattias, right? And when they filmed that video, he was bound to a chair I assume. So how did Mattias get out of there without a scratch, shooting everybody in that house singlehandedly?

    1. Jess

      That scene in the plane was one of my favourites – it was so great when all the Marines just cracked a smile/laughed at Hetty’s one-liner there! 😀

  3. OhBuddy66

    Wow, another stellar episode! I loved the scene with Kensi and Deeks immediately going into defense mode when Granger said he needed to talk to them. Kensi sure was acting guilty of something, now wasn’t she? So are they “together” together, or just innocently sleeping on the couch at each other’s places? No matter, the on screen chemistry of those two is just incredible.
    Wallace hitting on Sam? Hilarious! And Callen’s realization of it and ribbing Sam about it was priceless.
    Arkady is back – I absolutely love that character and even though it was a short appearance, it was one of my favorite scenes.
    I like that Callen seemed a little out of control and ready to go rogue at a moment’s notice – not something we typically see from him.
    The whole episode was amazing, actually. A perfect mix of humor, drama and action in my opinion. Last week’s episode was going to be hard to top, I thought, until I watched last night. Best episode yet if you ask me…
    I love your picture reviews. Thanks!

  4. Fenix

    Thanks for recap sindee, perfect like always.

    Episode was for me, only good.
    Hetty was like hero, who protect family, and that was just too much over.
    But we don’t have short memory.
    Where were her heroism, when she sended Kensi in terrible operation, without one piece of information?
    Where were her heroism, when for her bad decisions, was almost get killed whole team?

    She sneak out from that congress hearing very, very easy.
    Without consequences, punishment, warning…..nothing.
    Looks like her big fail, was skipped, or puted under carpet.
    And that I really don’t like it.
    Maybe she get some punch later, but now….one big mistake, covered with small dose of heroism?
    Too easy, I don’t buy it.

    And after 3 episodes, we still clearly don’t know, why was Mattias after Hetty.
    But he isn’t dead, so maybe later, or never…..what I don’t like.

    Team 5/5, but Hetty take it down to 3/5.

    1. skippy

      Yes I agree with you. This episode was less good that the last one. And I hope that they (the writers) are done with the Hetty story for some time.
      The focus on Hetty was too much and some of the things she did were not realistic (they tend to make her a super-hero. She is not, she made too much false descisions the last couple of seasons.) .
      I still don’t see the boards she moved (she said that to Callen when he accused her of moving the indivisuals of the team).

      I had to laugh a couple of times e.g. Deeks said to Granger that Callen didn’t hear him, after shouting ‘Callen’ two times.
      But there was not really something that was surpising or heartbreaking.

      Do we know why Matthias was after Hetty? I might have missed that.

      1. Mogorva

        We know, Arkady said it. The cold war is heating up and both sides are after the people, who have a lot of knowledge of the old cold war spygame, and know, where the bodies are buried. That is why the russians were after Hetty, and Matthias works(ed) for them (what other reason could be given to the Moscow flight mentioned by Matthias at the end?) and the reason, why Arkady is scared, because they were after him too.

      2. GG

        Perfect recap as always. I agree with both Fenix and Skippy, Hetty should have some repercussions from last season’s decisions. Also some of the stuff she did in the episode, in my opinion, were way over the top. On a different note as a Deeks-fan, I think that his role is a little limited from the start of the season because of the Hetty-arc so I hope next episodes will change that. At last, the banter between the two sets of partners was excellent.

        1. Shallow

          Yes, I agree. There hasn’t been nearly enough Deeks this season. I like Sam and Callen but I don’t like it when they dominate every episode. And it looks like the next episode is going to be all about them as well. Why couldn’t Deeks and Kensi be the ones going down to Mexico? Even Nell has had more storyline than Deeks or Kensi!

  5. CCalicott

    Thanks Sindee for the recap.
    I loved this episode. I liked seeing everyone working together as a team. I wish Nate would come back permanently. We saw a side of Callen we don’t see very often. He was vulnerable because Hetty, who was in trouble, is the closest thing to family he has, but he was also angry, determined, and protective. And I thought COD did an amazing job showing all these emotions, it couldn’t have been easy.
    I also thought that maybe this episode sort of set the stage for an underlying story for the rest of the season. We still don’t know who hired Mattias, and what Moscow has to do with it. Also it seems Arkady knows more about it than what he is letting on. Which is probably normal for Arkady. 🙂 We also still don’t know who the mole is. Last season Hetty told Kensi that she suspected there might be one while Kensi was in Afghanistan. Surely it won’t be anyone we know.
    So far I am loving this season. Can’t wait for next week.

  6. SnoopGirl

    Another great re-cap for another great episode! So many awesome scenes but the two I loved were Arkady at the gym and Sam getting hit on by DOJ woman. Arkady resting between sets reminded me of Callen in gym sleeping between sets in “Iron Curtain Rising”. Always love when Arkady is on the show. And that smile from Sam with those dimples? So Freaking Adorable 🙂 And as usual, Callen was awesome! Using his own money as a reward to get Hetty back = Callen IS her favorite agent 🙂

  7. VirtualFriend

    It doesn’t feel like a story anymore, just fragments put together and spiced up with some Densi stuff and short appearances of earlier characters (Mattias, Gang leader, Nate, Russian gangster). Weird conversation between Kensi and Deeks. Weird behaviour of Kensi, she looks like a schoolgirl being caught doing something she shouldn’t. She is a NCIS agent with lots of confidence, kills people, makes fast decisions!
    Out of the blue Sam is being hit on by the DoJ investigator. Suddenly the hearing is over, Hetty just walks away. Still no reason to fire Hetty?
    Overacting by Chris O’Donnell and Renée Felice Smith, their acting is imo just not believable as soon as there is some kind of drama. Callen disrespecting Granger, in a military organisation?
    I did like the sharp conversations with Hetty though. In the end it’s not enough by quit a distance.

  8. Elizabeth

    In 6×03 and 6×04 our usually stoic and focused Callan’s emotions are all over the place. Chilling and almost frightening. Once again, Chris O’Donnell has proven his talent and his integrity in bringing us this complex and compelling character. Thank you Chris and thank you writers. Where you lead, we will follow . . .

  9. LasiaMsinRed

    The recap is great as always 🙂 HUGE THANK YOU,Sindee!
    This was a good episode but it didn’t as good as I expected it to be.Let’s keep it real.
    I liked the whole Callen going rogue line but I wish it would have been darker. More lone-wolf like, underlining his rage and desperation.
    It bothered me that,in a moment in which he should have been blind-sided, he noticed the flirtation between the DOJ lady and Sam. Nice scene- wrong time.
    I’m not sure about Hetty’s hearing. It ended kinda loosely….or it’s not over yet?
    Nate was back which is all kinds of awesome. I want him back for good! I was hoping for some Callen/Nate scenes…..
    Granger was great in this episode. I like how he no longer pushes Callen (or the team) to do something. He became diplomatic.
    I’d like the Admiral to come back, maybe it’s because I like the actor but I think this characters suits ncisla just fine.

  10. sindee Post author

    After a rewatch and some pondering this came to my mind… 🙂

    Hetty… I agree with you all who think that Hetty’s hearing ended a bit abrupt… I mean at first we were given the impression she’s getting a proper punishment for her actions in the White Ghost story, then we find out it was all a ‘scam’ to get her out of LA and now she just walks away… IMO she should be punished in some sort of way… she comes across as the all-knowing, all-seeing, get-away-with-everything ninja which IMO is a bit too much superhero fiction… don’t get me wrong… I adore Hetty… but sometimes she’s a bit ‘too much’…

    Kensi & Deeks… were merely ‘fillers’ in this ep IMO… the first scene was cute once Granger entered the situation but before – the chat abt the baby names – that was out of nowhere IMO… the cockroach scene was funny… but it’s getting to a point where I’m pretty annoyed when they mention the word “partners” one more time… the rest of the ep they were mostly not seen… wonder if scenes with them were cut out…

    Nate… just having him back to help Nell deal with her ‘first kill’ wasn’t needed IMO… the talk he was giving her could any of the agents have given her out of their respective experience… and in the end it was Hetty giving her the ‘right words’…

    Sam questioning Callen’s methods was a nice change for once… even when we (and Callen – and now Granger) now that Sam will support his every decision… and they still had their sweet little bromance moment… 😉

    Mattias…. can someone explain his motivations to me ?? Pleeease !!

    Arkady… short but fun scene… I have the feeling this was a lead up to a later story arc this season… would fit into my speculations with Callen finding his romance… 😉

    DOJ… I’m wondering if they will be gone in the next ep… would fit into the abrupt hearing ending but not into the storyline IMO… let’s see…

    Do you remember the guy with the gun in the car at the end of the last episode in front of Hetty’s hotel ?? Who was that ?? If that was one of Mattias’ guys why not catch Hetty there and then ?? Without the team around… and how did someone know Hetty was in Washington when Vance was trying to get her away from everything ??

    So overall this was a solid continuation of the whole story arc… though it was not my fave ep of the ones so far… I’m curious if they will continue this ‘arc’ in the next episode(s)… I feel like there are many questions left unanswered… and I don’t mean why the Russian guy was killed by the shots although he was wearing body armor… or how Mattias got out of the Salazar house… or why Callen suppressed the urge to hug Hetty at the end… 😉

    Thank you all who keep reading (and commenting on) my picture reviews… I love reading your thoughts about an ep… your different angles of watching the show… altogether we make a pretty awesome fandom !!

    Oh my… I’m terribly tired… confused by my own thoughts… and over & above not English native… I should stop writing now… 🙂

    CU sindee

    1. Domingo

      Although I enjoyed this episode, I do agree there were some odd bits in it, like Callens money suddenly increasing from 1,600 USD to 2,000 + USD and I agree Arkady should be worried, he must have a lot of enemies ex KGB etc.

      If they don’t continue then Washington hearing thing in the next few episodes I think they may well come back to it.

      Also they are no nearer to finding out who the mole is, something else to continue with.

      I also find the Densie partner thing rather irritating. enough!!!!

      Not surprised to find that Callen has ” get lost money”

    2. Mogorva

      “Mattias…. can someone explain his motivations to me ?? Pleeease !!”

      Money? Maybe the russians hired him. I gather that from his conversation with Hetty, where they were talking about their pension days.

      For the body armor question: All bulletproof vests have their limits. Common kevlar vests usually are unable to stop a bullet fired from an assault rifle or anything with a bigger firepower. Military grade bodyarmor can stop high velocity rifle bullets too. But it weights a lot more than simple kevlar. Since a sniper rifle is a high powered weapon, it can be very realistic, to penetrate the armor.

    3. skippy

      You know what I love more than you pics recap? That fact that you share your thoughts with us now. You haven’t done it the last seasons but I was always curious what you might think about the episodes. I mean you are the host of this magazine and probably the person who knows more about NCIS LA than any other fan. So I really appreciate you comments.

      And yes, there ar so many thinks unresolved after this episode.
      What was Mattias intend? Only getting Hetty to Mosow? Who was he working with? (he surely had other guys helping him, he would be able to get away from Salazar alone).
      Why did he killed the man at the parking garage?

      About the mole, JPK teased in episode 6_9 the search will continue (did they even start to look for the mole?). I wonder how the will be able to continue their daily work well knowing that there is a mole but not even searching for it.

      Regarding Deeks and Kensi and the ‘partner’ issue, I am 100% with you. I hope the writers will realise soon that this way too much.

      Hetty and her position I have metioned it before, so I leave it.

      The guys in DC, I don’t think they were Mattias guys. I think Hetty was tailed from the DOJ, just to make sure she stays in DC. Nobody knew she was there.

      1. sindee Post author

        thanks, skippy… it’s not always easy to phrase my opinion and keep the Magazine neutral and balanced… will try to ‘say what I think’ more often in the future… if not in the recap itself a feew days later in the comments… unless it scares you all away… LOL

        1. skippy

          No, we won’t be scared, why would we. We all place our opinions here and so should you. I love to hear what you think.

          1. LasiaMsinRed

            Right there with you,Skippy!
            Even though Sindee runs the magazine and is keeping it neutral and balanced she is entitled to her own opinion and I’d love to hear it.
            See, but I understand where she’s coming from,well, from a fan’s perspective not as an admin ;), since we are ncislafamilia, sometimes we’re afraid of saying what we think bc we don’t want to hurt the other fans feelings. We all love the show.That’s our common ground!
            Of course, tthere is always the option of “putting it in a nice way” but sometimes there is no way around it (that’s the point where I personally, keep it to myself.)
            YES, Deeks and Kensi were annoying in this episode. First it was all about the box now it’s about partners! I hate having to say that! They had such a beautiful scene in the last ep ( the hug,etc.) but this week’s scenes basically destroyed all positiveness I felt towards them after those particular moment.
            I’d like for them to have more screen time….but not like that.

    4. joyful

      Such a great review! I am so glad someone agrees with me about so much that has been going on this season. I am tired of Hetty’s rather arrogant approach to her job. The response in the hearing about protecting family? When making decisions about the security of the United States, the question is not about protecting your “family”. Her character has really strated to rub me the wrong way.

      The whole plotline of sending Kensi into Afghanistan was ridiculous. Seems such a mission would be performed by a highly skilled elite military unit. Sorry, but Kensi doesn’t fit that criteria. I also could stand for her to get some help with her post trauma issues; last week’s breakdown annoyed me. She has been overdramatizing things since before Afghanistan though. I was annoyed by the entire “frozen lake” thing. I agree the Kensi/Deeks dance is getting really old. Make them a couple or stop with the flirting.

      I LOVE intense Callen, but his relationship with Hetty is a little forced. She has been less than truthful with him more than once, and i am not sure she has actually shown remorse for any of it. His loyalty is within character, but I guess i have wanted an official reconciliation between him and Hetty.

      Overall, i was confused by the scene with Vance last week which made me think the hearings were a ruse. I guess i misunderstood. Give me more Sam and Callen (and even Granger)and i’ll still find interest in the show

      i know i strayed from this episode, but i’ve been building up thoughts on the show for a while.

  11. Linda

    Thanks Sindee for the recap. I am late as usual but I wanted to comment. I loved the episode. It was all about team work and family. Everyone had their part to play. Eric in OPS and Deeks and Kensi as back up. I do have to say that that first scene with Densi was a little weird and for me not really funny. The scene with the cockroach was much more enjoyable. It was sad to see Nell upset over the killing of someone who was trying to kill her, and it was gratifying to see her save Hetty, but I do think it was too quick a turn around after one short talk with Nate and a pep talk from Hetty. It was good to see Nate again though. I really felt that Granger was slipping back into his old negative self just when I thought that he was becoming more sympathetic to the team.
    For me the real stars of this episode were Callen, Sam and Hetty. Callen was pretty volatile and I don’t blame him. His ” family ” was being threatened and anyone would have reacted the way he did. Sam was perfect here. He was critical of Callen several times but in the end he always supported him. ” family ” again. Hetty was as she always is, feisty. Both she and Callen will follow orders only if they have respect for the one who is giving the orders. I think that it really bothered Hetty when she was told that she wasn’t supposed to treat her team as ” family “. She still is going to have to face the music about Afghanistan though. The team saved Hetty from Mattias, but what happens next? What about the mole? All in all there are a lot more questions that need answers. We need to keep watching, and that sure won’t be a hardship.

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