5 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “The 3rd Choir” Sneak Peek III

  1. I Feel Possessed

    Nice interview, shame the interviewer didn’t actually listen to Renee when she spoke about Nate returning etc.

  2. Mogorva

    Can’t comment to the videochat post above and I haven’t found a way to pm sindee either, so I post it here.

    “Unfortunately the video is only available in the US but at least it’s online at all… 😉
    >> Watch the chat with Renée & Barrett on cbs.com <<"

    There is a solution. Check out hola.org. Extension to any browser, it gives you a chance to see the IP restricted videos too.

  3. Mogorva

    Seriously? You have to disable adblock to see the video? Well, someone is out of his mind… I have to pass that video once again… (until it resurfaces on youtube)

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