NCIS Los Angeles “The Frozen Lake” Picture Recap By @sindee303

So this little thing will keep our team at their toes in this episode...

So this little thing will keep our team at their toes in this episode…

Deeks first one in the office... Sam & Callen are right to be puzzled...

Deeks first one in the office… Sam & Callen are right to be puzzled…

Kensi (and Deeks) speechless...

Kensi (and Deeks) speechless…

Of course it's Sam who notices she wears the same shirt as yesterday (OK, despite all the Densi fans shouting it after the promo... ;))

Of course it’s Sam who notices she wears the same shirt as yesterday (OK, despite all the Densi fans shouting it after the promo… ;))

SAM:,no... NO !!

SAM: No… no,no… NO !!

Granger is back !! I just love his interaction with Hetty... and that he always brings up things that challenge our team...

Granger is back !! I just love his interaction with Hetty… and that he always brings up things that challenge our team…

See... knew Owen was trouble again...

See… knew Owen was trouble again…

DEEKS [about Kensi]: Well, nothing brings out your inner fangirl like a guy with a knife.

DEEKS [about Kensi]: Well, nothing brings out your inner fangirl like a guy with a knife.

"Fun Fact: The little girl "Maddie" at the hotel is NCISLA 1st Assistant Director Eric Pot's daughter and she's named…Maddie." via @DaveKalstein's Twitter

“Fun Fact: The little girl “Maddie” at the hotel is NCISLA 1st Assistant Director Eric Pot’s daughter and she’s named…Maddie.” via @DaveKalstein’s Twitter

So ?? Did he have a shot ??

So ?? Did he have a shot ??
[Shooter played by @FouadHajji]

Apparently Kensi thought - YES !!

Apparently Kensi thought – YES !!

Are they putting Nell in more "grown-up clothes" to make her more beliveable for a possible future in the field ?? Just a thought...

Are they putting Nell in more “grown-up clothes” to make her more beliveable for a possible future in the field ?? Just a thought…

DEEKS: It's not yesterday anymore., is it ??

DEEKS: It’s not yesterday anymore, is it ??

They are standing on their Frozen Lake...

They are standing on their Frozen Lake…

SAM: What was it I said about bringing a knife to a gun fight ??

SAM: What was it I said about bringing a knife to a gun fight ??

GRANGER: Seems the years have made you kind. HETTY: Have they ?

GRANGER: Seems the years have made you kind.
HETTY: Have they ?

Lots of *thoughts* in that scene... ;)

Lots of *thoughts* in that scene… 😉

CALLEN [about Kensi]: Loves to open up about her feelings, doesn't she ?? Though he's true the saying about "people, glasshouses and stones" came to mind...

CALLEN [about Kensi]: Loves to open up about her feelings, doesn’t she ??
Though he’s true the saying about “people, glasshouses and stones” come to mind…

"There's only one way to cross the Frozen Lake". [Enter Eric] Uh oh, if looks could kill...

“There’s only one way to cross the Frozen Lake…”
[Enter Eric]
Uh oh, if looks could kill…

Sam & Deeks !!

Sam & Deeks !!

Max & Fern :)

Max & Fern 🙂

DEEKS: I never had a girl give me her, uh... knife before. Does that mean we are... official ? KENSI: Sometimes a knife is just a knfe.

DEEKS: I never had a girl give me her, uh… knife before. Does that mean we are… official ?
KENSI: Sometimes a knife is just a knife.



Great shot !!!

Great shot !!!

Sam & Callen banter *fangirls*

Sam & Callen banter *fangirls*

"She will wait for you." I'm feeling Deeks begins to like this whole Frozen Lake idea... ;)

“She will wait for you.”
I’m feeling Deeks begins to like this whole Frozen Lake idea… 😉

"Mommy, mommy !! Daddy said I can't play with Marty anymore..."

“Mommy, mommy !! Daddy said I can’t play with Marty anymore…”

*heart breaks*

*heart breaks*

"What do you mean reassigned ?" --> referring to pic #6

“What do you mean reassigned ?” –> referring to pic #7

HETTY: Button up, Mr Deeks. It's cold out there. *heart breaks again*

HETTY: Button up, Mr Deeks. It’s cold out there.
*heart breaks again*

So… what do you think about this week’s NCIS Los Angeles “The Frozen Lake” ??
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81 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “The Frozen Lake” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. Andres

    Overall it was a great episode, joy and heartbreaking.

    I liked how they gave out the bits and pieces of Kensi and Deeks finally being together and Kensi finally admits their thing.

    Gurkha gave good advice to Deeks, when Deeks arrived in too late, Kensi already left, but ” Kensi said be patient with me” , Gurhka also said be patient move slow, she will wait for you.

    I wish they said atleast goodbye to each other, this was so sad.

  2. Andres

    It’s also good to know that Kensi trusts Deeks with her knife, it has a personal meaning to her. 🙂

  3. Evi

    Great photos although one my favorite scenes is missing. Doesn’t matter thought.

    I will write the same comment I wrote on Gayle’s blog.

    Here we go. The episode was absolutely amazing. I trust Kalstein and once again he’s proved his commitment to these characters.

    I have to admit I was wrong about Deeks. I thought he was going to get cold feet but I was amazed at how much he wants this.
    I loved how he protected her at the hotel covered her with his body. Ok, the punch in the dace was uncalled for. I expected the usual shoulder punch but that was a bit cruel. I understand where her anger was coming for but that was extreme behavior.

    Kensi also surprised me. DR did an amazing job with her facial expressions. I was so moved by her little speech in the end. I was on the edge during the whole time since I was expecting a kiss. I was certain that they were gonna pull each other for make up kiss. Damn!

    I absolutely loved the way he says “you don’t, you don’t, you don’t hate me” followed by that huge smile! Awwwww!!!!!

    Unfortunately my fear came true. We didn’t get a goodbye scene. Why? Why? Why? I was a bit disappointed at Callen and Sam but mostly Callen. He didn’t protest at all or questioned Hetty’s and Granger’s decision. Not to mention that they didn’t say goodbye to her either. Not a hug, not a “take care” nothing.

    Hetty confuses me. Why on earth would she go along with that. I know I know Dani is pregnant and it’s all part of the plan, but they could have figured other ways to justify her absence.
    Anyway, I really can’t understand her choice at this point. Of all the agents she could have assigned she chose Kensi. Was it because she feared about her relationship with Deeks? If that’s so, it is completely unjustifiable. She should have given them a chance cause they proved in the end that they can make it work.

    The only thing that fears me the most is that the worst is yet to come!

    1. Laura

      Evi you said it all exactly what I was thinking, thank you so much. I had tears running down my face last night. Of course I understand that Dani’s real life pregnancy made it expedient to get her out of there quickly but having Hetty behave this way is just bizarre. What happened to Hetty the match-maker? She who brought Deeks on board and put Sunshine and Gunpowder in a wooden box for Deeks? This whole season she has been down on Deeks like what happened to him with Siderov was his fault.

      Likewise, I found the sock to his jaw by Kensi WAY out of line, and out of character for her. Good grief! If they truly spent the night before making “sweet, sweet love” to quote our darling detective, then it really is inexplicable, and psycho. Is she abusive like his father was? Maybe it’s a good thing she is leaving. That was not a good plot bunny at all.

      Otherwise, the episode was pure gold. Chris O’Donnell’s Callen and LL Cool J’s Sam were so fantastic that I almost fell off my sofa. The heart-warming dialogue and even more important the unspoken communication was both electric and cashmere soft. I was hugging my TV. But ECO and Dani were beyond good into the realm of uploading directly into my heart the break-through Deeks and Kensi made last night of their love for one another. This is no insipid Tiva going on here.

      What scares me is that this could become a tragedy. I only hope that the Powers that Be over there understand the show is so popular because of the interaction among the characters that has come about since ECO came on board and that especially means Deeks and Kensi.

      1. Andres

        I just would say they wouldnt tear the original cast apart cause of negotations, just saying like Chris O Donnel said they are tight crew, they know each other pretty well.Hope it stays that way!

      2. Carrie

        I have the same issue with Hetty… she has been off all season. Cold and distant towards Deeks all season…

  4. Sosou

    Why Hetty ? … why ?!!
    It was like she’s saying to Deeks “it’s not just a knife, Kensi gave you her heart. And now, I’m taking her heart, and your too, and crushing them into marmelade.”

    1. kscheel

      I soooo agree!
      Ugh! just saw the episode with D and K at the restaurant.
      D: I don’t want to be here.
      K: What??
      D: I want to be at my apartment, with you.
      awwwwww waited so long for this 🙂 UGH Hettie! why?? My heart breaks. Kinsey AND Ziva gone?! not even worth watching TV at all anymore >.<

  5. catmando

    I thought this was one of the best episodes yet…they went so far around the Densi night, but yet hit it with the “same shirt yesterday” “it’s not yesterday” and “boyfriend, girlfriend”…this was a crushing episode filled with lots of emotions and feelings that now will be felt throughout the rest of the season, but how will they be portrayed. I like how big brothers stepped in on both sides and not just Kensi’s. I think Deeks has finaly made his place in the team and they truly do have his back 100%. I don’t know what is yet to come but knowing the writers they will keep in the back of their heads but yet push forward with awsome stories to come…Densi 4ever:)

  6. sarah

    Building tension in a tv show is all good really, and those two have a great chemistry, so potential
    Just make sure that it did not fall down as a “soufflet”, the word TIVA comes to mind

  7. Lumy Mee

    I wonder if the team realised this was going to be a looooong mission, kind of that sort of mission one might not come back from, like Nate……..I always hoped Nate would make it back to the team, but he never really got back….

  8. AN

    this wa a great episode I thought that they wouldn’t top last week’s end scene but they did, and then some.
    I loved the fact that she gave him the knife, it’s like a physical representation of her heart.
    The frozen lake dialogue was awesome, one of the best dialogues i’ve seen which given the writer, is not surprising.
    one more thing, why does Hetty always takes stuff away from Deeks ? first the motorcycle then the treadmill and now Kensi ?? she confuses me sometimes…
    when Kensi returns, that would be an episode no less than stunning but in the meantime, I am looking forward at how Deeks will be without his “girlfriend”.

  9. Marion

    One of the best episodes so far. Dave did a great job. Joy and Sadness so close together. But I struggle with Hetty agreed to that “Reassignement”, thought she was a Densi Shipper too. The could have written it differently. But stop with the complaining, for me was The Frozen Lake a huge Step into blissfull Densi….. the hope dies last!

  10. Judy

    I loved this episode!! The Deeks/Kensi scenes were damn near perfect, although I wasn’t happy at all with Kensi punching Deeks in the face, close to where Sidorov’s thug drilled his teeth out.

    I’ve been critical of Kensi’s trademark punches to Deeks before and this is no exception. Not cool to punch a torture victim and PTSD sufferer, Kensi. I know she was really pissed and angry with him, but she needs to back up a bit and think before she acts, imho anyway.

    I loved seeing a competent and effective Deeks undercover and it was a welcome change from the usual janitor stuff that he gets lumbered with. Kensi charging to the rescue was a sight to behold as was the shot that Deeks took to save the day.

    There was so much more to like too: Fern/Max was fun and I was okay with the nod to Max although I know others would have preferred they used Jason Wyler for example. For all his faults, Max is a pretty sexy alias!! Oh, and Kensi giving Deeks her Dad’s knife made me melt – that small gesture meant so much for both of them, I thought.

    It was amusing that Callen and Sam knew almost immediately what had gone on between D&k and I loved the way they were supportive towards the two of them and that Callen took charge in separating them when things were getting a little awkward.

    The ending was suitably bittersweet with Kensi being reassigned and I am really looking forward to seeing what the huge complication is when she returns later in the season.

    After the last few disappointing episodes, my faith in the show has been restored – kudos to Dave Kalstein, ECO and Dani for a brilliant episode!!

    1. Carrie

      I like that he chose Max as well! I swear Deeks has said somewhere that Max is an extension of him regardless of how he feels. Max is Deeks darker side, the rebel side. The side of Deeks that isn’t afraid to “communicate”

  11. Spokoze

    Was an excellent episode. Even exceptional.
    Thought Granger’s character continued to develop….am still convinced that Season Five will be the last for Linda Hunt and that Granger’s role is going to be expanded.
    Very Much— enjoyed the that team could tell Kensi and Deeks had moved to a new level.
    They all— one way or another made it clear that it was all good. Had to like Nell’s hair.

    Spent the first half hour thinking, “I knew it! She’s not going to let herself go through/deal with the vulnerability necessary!” Her Slugging him was too much. As others have mentioned he covered her in the room…and, well even giving her the benefit of wrestling with her own emotions both in the moment and in the hours that preceded the dawn…that was too much. plus no where was there an apology…and for a guy that practically had his face tortured off awfully short sighted by the writer, producer and director.

    Thought DR and ECO did a masterful job portraying the awkwardness of work place sexual relationships. At the same time they were grappled with ‘There Thing’ on an emotional level and acted that out really well. ‘Corse lol in a perfect world they’d get time to nurture those heighten emotions and continue to bond as they hump like bunnies.
    So thought it interesting that again we got to see a shot of a text message…and they have made mention in past episodes that they text, or at least Deeks does all the time….opening the avenue for Densi communication even while she is away…
    I would welcome that.
    Both Kensi and Deeks are keenly aware that real life happens while you are making other plans.
    Words are inadequate to express how powerful it was for these two to saying this:
    Kensi: “…I hate you!”
    Deeks: (Huge grin/laughing) “No ya don’t. No you Don’t!”
    So Kensi to tell him she loves him like that/in that way…..hating how wide open and exposed/out of control she was feeling—and so under his charms.
    And so Deeks to be so full of joy his love for her overflowing… it was so truly Densi that both asked favors of the other and they answered with the same word, “Anything.”

  12. skippy2105

    Thank for the picture review. I always like it. So much fun to read your comments. Especially this one:
    “Mommy, mommy !! Daddy said I can’t play with Marty anymore…”
    You have a great humor sindee.

    The episode was one for the truly Densi lovestory fans. I like Deeks and Kensi as partners but not with the “thing” they have lately. They were fun to watch before, the lines they had were just great and witty but now thinks get complicated.

    And it seems like the writers were in a little rush (due to DR pregnancy) to bring that story to this stage of relationship. But anyways, now it is over and I am looking forward to what the next episodes will bring. Hopefully some good male bonding between all three of them (Sam, Callen and Deeks).

    The Gurkha story was interesting and knowing DK it seems to have a real background. The knife fighting scene they promoted on ET was a bit short but good. And Sam and Callen knowing instantly what is going on between Kensi and Deeks was fun to watch.

    At the end Callen seems really mad at Hetty. His comment indicates that Hetty has moved them around too (“do you ever stop moving us around like pieces in a chessgame?”) and he doesn’t like it a bit now with Kensi being moved (knowing what is going on with her and Deeks).
    But I am still wondering why Kensi hasn’t said anything or just refused to go? Could only mean that the job is more important than Deeks.

    1. Andres

      Yes I have the same question why Kensi didn’t reply anything, she doesnt have to go, pick somebody else, she walked of like it never happened, she took the dissapointment inside of here again! and I don’t like when Kensi is angry she needs the comfort zone, she needs Deeks!

    2. Sharon

      Viewers will always become shippers of two of the characters, which is fine. But please remember…….USUALLY when the characters finally get together, then one of them is usually written out of the show, or the whole show fails and loses viewers. Its like the day after Christmas….once they’ve got together the anticipation is gone and the whole dynamic of the show changes. Not for the good.

  13. Sosou

    I rewatched the episode and I still don’t understand Hetty AT ALL. She send an emotionnaly Kensi to a so dangerous mission with a man who don’t care about people, she took Deeks safe place !!

    And why did she say to Deeks that it was “indefinitly” ? and not just “until the end of the mission”, that was just cruel.

    1. Evi

      I agree! don’t understand Hetty either. What frustrated me the most is that she didn’t even apologize for making that choice. I would expect a quote like “I am sorry mr Deeks it was not my choice” or “it was beyond my powers” or…..anyway something that would indicate she didn’t approve.

      Since she said nothing the least she could do was to let Kensi inform Deeks herself. Like “text your partner that you are going to be late…..really late”.

      Jan has a point. There has to be a reason why they picked Kensi.

  14. Jan

    Okay, first thing I must say is AAAARRRRGGGHHH! My local station interrupted the episode with a freaking weather report! I already knew it was going to snow! FRICK! FRICK! FRICK!

    So one second Deeks has to shoot the Gurkha in the meat locker, and when the show finally comes back, Kensi is apologizing to Callen and Sam for I-know-not-what. I had to wait til this morning to watch the missing piece on On Demand.

    This episode really had everything, emotions high and low, action, suspense, and some real team solidarity.

    There were a couple of wonderful Sam moments. One was at the airstrip, when he tells Deeks he’s not alone. The other was when Hetty talks to him and Callen about team readiness, and Sam turns around as if he’s going to say something in support of Deeks and Kensi, of the nature that he and Michelle had gone through the same difficulties in their personal/professional partnership, and gotten through it successfully. Then he realizes it’s Hetty and thinks better of it. Call it a strategic retreat.

    Kensi got some nice team support also, when the guys are trying to draw her out as she preps for the sniper shot. I really loved how the guys stepped up to support their teammates in a time of confusion, but still kept the mission as their priority.

    The fight scene was amazing, but when Callen said he couldn’t get a shot, I chuckled at the idea that Sam might slap him in the face afterward like Kensi did with Deeks. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

    The rest of the episode was so much Densi intensity that I don’t even know where to start. I need some time to process that before commenting. But I have a feeling that Kensi’s classified mission will be one for which she was not chosen randomly or to get her away from Deeks. It will be one that only she can perform, because it will in some way involve Jack. I’m dying for spoilers already.

  15. jsm

    I agree that Kensi’s mission will involve Jack. I have been thinking that Hetty will be the one to leave at the end of the season. Her team is starting ro not trust her to have their best interests at heart. I really loved the eposide and thought the acting was great like Deeks, I had tears in my eyes.

  16. VirtualFriend

    For me this ep started with a disappointment because Kensi and Deeks were not together. After so many episodes, exploiting the attraction between Kensi and Deeks, a shame. Some other CBS shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” are quit explicit with this subject.

    The way Deeks was trying to hide the changed dynamics between him and Kensi was weird. Someone who is an expert in undercover operations can’t hide his ‘secret’ relation, really?

    Still, I think Dave Kalstein did a excellent job to write the maternity leave of DR into the script and at the same time develop the ‘love story’. Sometimes a bit over the top when Kensi was mad on Deeks to shoot nearly her head of after complaining earlier that he didn’t or hitting Deeks in the face.

    Overall, great story development. Ep18 is far away though… When Kensi returns it better be good for the ‘love story’ because otherwise I would feel fooled by the producers.

  17. Jess

    I think Sam’s “No, no, no, no!” moment in the first scene was my favourite part of this episode … I don’t know why, either, actually; just something about the way he said it, and the looks he and Callen were sharing right the way through; for me, those two were the best part of The Frozen Lake, not Kensi and Deeks! 🙂
    And I LOVE Nell’s jacket!!! *wants*

    1. ananova

      Yeah, I also loved Sam’s reaction there. I kept waiting for Callen to hold out his hand expectantly, cause that reaction made me think they had a bet on when Kensi and Deeks would get together and Sam just discovered that he had lost.

  18. skippy2105

    Due to the ratings this was the worst episode ever.
    I guess the writers and producers will have to change a few things (maybe go back to season one or two and check out the differences).
    So all the praises to the writers and producers haven’t been noticed by the TV viewers.
    Any ideas why?

    1. Sosou

      I think the ratings is due more to the context than the episode (I’m so sad right know but the episode was so good) : DWTS final, the Rudolph lead and no NCIS. It wasn’t the same variables than usual

      1. skippy2105

        Thank you for your reply.
        You are right with the Rudolph… part, but last year was also the DWTS finale and still NCIS LA had 14.49 mil viewers.
        I mean the whole season is weak in viewers so far. So the producers and writers should change a few things (the one thing they will change for sure is the Kensi/Deeks thing until DR comes back. And I reallay hope she does, just not as Deeks girlfriend but as his partner).
        The friendhip/bonding/teamwork/undercover/banter themes should be back. They should focused on that. You tune into the drama/crime show to watch that, you tune into a romance/soap series to watch this. Better not mix it up otherwise you will loose viewers.

        1. Beth

          I’d be more interested in seeing what comes out with the adjusted ratings for the week and I’m thinking that the lack of NCIS which supposedly pushed people to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may have pushed people away from watching NCISLA and Persons of Interest. The story itself, The Frozen Lake, was one of the better stories of the season. The timing of the show being 2 days before Thanksgiving may also have been a factor. I’m also not entirely sure that I understand how the ratings work. As far as I’m aware, noone ever asks me if I watch NCIS and NCISLA. I watch both whenever possible.

          1. Sosou

            Even if the viewer number is lower than last year, if I remember correctly, NCIS LA was always at the first place in its time range since the beginning of the season, and its the season of Kensi and Deeks.

          2. skippy2105

            You might be right. But last year was also 2 days before thanksgiving.
            But my concerns are, that this episode had the worst ratings EVER. And this season is already the lowest in ratings. And the ratings are important, if you want the show to continue. I really want that but I guess they (writers and producers) should not only praise themselves for the good work (which they do, some of them at least) but also have a closer look at the ratings, and not only twitter etc.
            To me it is a scary thought the NCIS LA might be cancelled due to the lack of viewers.

          3. Beth

            Sosou is correct. NCIS LA is still usually at the first place in its time slot and is still doing pretty well. I wouldn’t be really concerned unless it continued dropping lower in the ratings. I still think NCISLA lost something without having NCIS as it’s lead in and instead having Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. People may have just turned off their televisions when finding out that NCIS wasn’t on.

          4. Oleander

            I agree with Beth. if I had not known NCIS LA was coming on, I would have switched to Netflix when I saw Rudolph was on because I have no interest in seeing Christmas TV in November, or ever really. I think it was Friday night when they did a bunch more Christmas TV and I watched movies instead.

  19. AlyML

    I completely loved the conversation where Deeks says that Kensi doesn’t like talking “about it”, and heard her say what she really want. After so many times saying that Deeks had “poor comunications skills.” And his face saying “You want this as much as I want, admit there”. For me it was the best scene of one of the best episodes ever! 5×18 was toooo far!

  20. SL

    So much to like about this episode and most has already been mentioned but I’ll add I was so happy to have Deeks and Kensi finally receive some decent screen time. It seems we’ve only seen snippets of them in past episodes and not always in scenes together. I was missing their banter and chatter. What a heartbreaking ending though. 🙁

  21. SD

    I have been crazily watching this episode the whole night. I was emotionally involved in many ways…1) out of a blue Thapa happened to be from Indian Army (I am an indian but who never figured that India too would enter NCIS LA Stage. :D) 2)Dave Kalstein being a Sayoc Warrior -love to call him that way, was actually hoping that Frozen Lake would turn out to be a martial art concept and it turn out that way 3) So powerful Action Sequence all round that it reminded me all Action Dramas that are also highly emotional. 4) The emotional depth being understood and learning to come back up onto the logical surface – this applied for all characters and not just Densi. Sam and Callen were understanding, so were Nell and Eric and so was Hetty. Everyone gave the space and understanding for Deeks and Kensi to sort their issues and yet they went about the OSP work like always. Hetty is not happy that she had to send away Kensi, but then it was also her duty. She did not want to help Granger for his mission when she was talking about price, Cost and discounts and yet she felt responsible and kind enough to offer her help for his mission. And when Granger thanks her through Kindness comments, actually Hetty is doubting herself of her actions and their effects elsewhere. Clearly she knew she was being unkind to her team and accepted in that “Have I?” answer to Granger. She felt her unkindness so personal that she dodged Callen’s accusation in defensive manner. She felt her unkindness so bad that she saw through it that how Sam felt it was totally useless of his effort would be to ask Hetty to go kind on Deeks and Kensi. There were lot of non verbal communications between the rest of the members on Hetty’s way of knowing everything. And none of it seemed so pleasing to Hetty. And yet the one persons who should have accused her of unkindness obeyed her orders without saying anything. Kensi took her shirt and followed Granger. And Deeks totally made Hetty look hopeless when she is joyful to see that Kensi gave something of hers to Deeks, but Deeks just calls it a knife and shuts out his emotional vulnerability display to Hetty. It is Hetty who leaves him unable to look at him and it is Deeks who still asks what else she has to tell him. All she could ask was to button up his shirt to avoid getting cold. Somehow the last scene between Hetty and Deeks was best one I liked in the episode. It was as if Hetty was that ice over which Deeks would walk slow, patiently to get to Kensi like Thapa said. Its just a matter of skill for Deeks to let Hetty remain as Ice to be able to walk and not the Ice that crackles. Its a razor’s edge that way and Deeks seemed confident that he could always tap into Hetty as his resourceful mentor rather than as some unkind person. After all she was the one who held torch for him when he felt dark around how to get closer to Kensi. And what Thapa explains about Frozen Lake, Deeks already seemed to be working on mastering to cross over it. How? see the knife as knife to be used as and when needed and also see it as Kensi’s totem of her existence that he needs to take care of.

    I am on a ramble today. I think its best I just give you the link of my review here. My emotional reactions and subsequent dissection of the episode material is all there.×10-frozen-lake.html

  22. Domingo

    For me this was a good episode, we have known for a while that Kensie was going to Afghanistan and this was the way it was achieved, but iw was rahter sad, just as Kensie and Deeks had found them selves.

    I also thought that something big ws going to happen for them around episode 18, and are’t they bringing back in on of the FBI agent from previously?

    Also is it not little early for DR to be leaving?

    The rest of the team,Callen and Sam noticed the change in dynamics strait away as did the ever observent Hetty, I also suspect that she had no option but to send Kensie on the mission if her particular skills were needed, and Granger is running it.

    As for Hetty leaving the show, very possible, but where does that leave Callen? the Hetty/Callen thing still has along way to go.

    It was a good peice of writing, I too trust Kalstien, he comes up with some good stuff.

    Sorry to see that the ratings were not good, but the was some strong competition around, if the US is anything like the UK where Come Dancing rules Saturday evenings then the US final DWTS would be a big pull.

    Over all this was one of the best episoeds this season.

  23. Larry

    Kensi and Deeks getting together could be seen two episodes-ago but the last scene was unexpected. The writing has changed drastically from the programs beginning episodes that got most of us interested. Actors are now expected to kill-off people without hesitation, unless they feel for the “hostage” in this case, and a few scenes (minutes) later shoot without regard. I can’t say what the point being made is, but it doesn’t happen that way in reality. The adrenaline-dump alone, after having shot someone, is so overwhelming that most can’t function for a few days, which is why officers are relieved of duty for at least three days after a shooting.

    Taking turns shooting people is boring and is best left for cartoons. With such a popular program one would think to bring a sense of reality to the forefront, such as the PTSD that develops after just one shooting, especially of the person dies. This is what writers do with CSI-Las Vegas and New York. My guess is it has to do with actor Gary Senise who knows a thing or two about PTSD.

    All aforementioned programs are entertaining, but if I were to choose a favorite scene with NCIS-LA, it has to be when LL Cool J was sitting at a window with a female agent in an Idaho episode. She assumed it was okay to touch him on the arm and he responded with a God-awful look, causing her to slowly pull her hand away. Now that’s attention to detail expressed by a writer who has life-experience!

    In terms of mind-blowing changes in popular programs, what comes to mind are The West Wing when Allison Janney “CJ,” is promoted to Chief of Staff, or with NCIS when Muse Watson, “Mike Franks,” is killed. With NCIS-LA, Peter Cambor, “Nate,” kind of just disappeared, where’d he go? Seems like he went the way of tv news people; one day you’re here, and the next your gone…. I can’t say but I do expect he’ll reappear in a higher level position, not an agent, and he may be a good candidate to replace Linda Hunt should she decide to go. He will return with tremendous skill-set in his resume and as someone who would be respected by agents.

    Change is good, but the old school adage is, “Don’t kill the dog.”

  24. Larry

    In my favorite scene description above, please forgive me for not also including the excellent acting by LL Cool J, and the director who got him there.

  25. Kat

    In the next episode “iron curtain rising” I noticed that kensi is in one of the promo pics. What is that all about? Any thoughts?

  26. Kim

    I loved the episode. Thought it was very well done on all fronts.

    I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but I get why Hetty reassigned Kensi. Being the boss is about protecting your people. Even if that means protecting them from themselves or each other. When Hetty asked Callen if his team was mission ready, he couldn’t give her a definitive yes. He wasn’t positive they were mission ready, especially after Deeks failed to take the shot. That’s kind of a big problem in their line of work. Even Kensi jumped the gun at the end of the episode when Deeks was in trouble. And yes, both scenarios eventually ended well. But who’s to say a similar situation with even greater consequences won’t happen again. Hetty needs to keep the team safe. They need to be able to do the job without letting emotions like that get in the way. And it’s not like Hetty could send Deeks away since he’s still LAPD (ignoring the fact that Daniela Ruah is pregnant). And Kensi had no choice but to go since it was a direct order, unless she wanted to lose her job. In my opinion, Callen hated what Hetty was doing. But he understood why she was doing it. Still doesn’t mean he has to like it.

    And yeah, Hetty seems off this season. But in all fairness, it’s more than possible the storyline wasn’t supposed to pan out this way. When the “sunshine and gunpowder” scene happened, the writers might have had a different trajectory in mind for the Kensi/Deeks relationship. But then Daniela got pregnant and the storyline had to be adjusted. Hetty knows all. Deeks is probably still dealing with PTSD issues (to a point). Maybe she’s concerned that he’s becoming too dependent on Kensi. And vice versa. Yeah, Hetty might have been playing matchmaker, but then Deeks was tortured and again, things changed. Perhaps Hetty thinks he’s becoming too attached to Kensi instead of dealing with some post torture issues. Them being together isn’t the issue. It’s them becoming so attached to each other that mistakes are made and people’s lives are put in danger. Like I said, Hetty needs to look out for everyone’s wellbeing. Neither Deeks nor Kensi proved they had their emotions under control. Something had to be done. Being the boss isn’t about being their friend. It’s about keeping everyone safe. Hetty wasn’t willing to risk anyone’s life waiting to find out if Kensi and Deeks could get their emotions under control. And that, in my opinion, was the right choice. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. But I understand it.

    1. Evi

      I agree that Hetty’s No1 priority is to keep her team safe, but she didn’t even give them chance to work their relationship/ partnership out. You can’t jump into conclusions after just one day. Yes, they both made mistakes during the mission but by the end of it they acknowledged those mistakes and were determined to never let their relationship influence their job.

      Does Hetty honestly believes that Kensi will be safer miles away from her team on a dangerous classified mission? Really?
      And if she suspects Deeks has still PTSD issues why hasn’t she called Nate to help him out? Deeks said it himself. He is good as long as Kensi is good. If his condition deteriorates yes, I will blame Hetty for it.

      Everytime she splits the team bad things happen!!!!

      1. Kim

        But at what cost? Yeah, things worked out in both situations with Kensi and Deeks. But who’s to say it wouldn’t happen again. As the person in charge, would you be willing to risk someone’s life while waiting for two team members to figure things out? I know I wouldn’t. And you’re right, sending Kensi away on a dangerous mission isn’t safe. But it’s a means to an end for the writers. It’s not about where Kensi goes. It’s about the actions and decisions that led to her being reassigned. Hetty has had to deal with everyone getting too emotional at one point or another. Sam was emotional about Michelle for the majority of last season. But Hetty knows that’s a one-off. Michelle doesn’t work for NCIS. Callen has been overly invested in cases before too. But they were all short term. Deeks and Kensi being together won’t last for just one case. There’s the potential for long lasting repercussions. Yes, Kensi and Deeks were committed to working things out by the end of the episode, but Hetty didn’t know that. And waiting around to see if they’re successful could mean someone else on the team gets hurt and that’s unacceptable. She’s lost agents before. I don’t think she’s willing to lose any more. I get why Hetty did what she did. I’m not saying I like it, but I get it.

        With Deeks not taking the shot on his first day back to buying a motorcycle to not jumping out of the way of that van, I think it’s safe to say there’s some lingering PTSD issues. And there should be considering what he’s been through. Nate is who knows where, doing who knows what. He might not be able to pop back into LA. Hetty seemed conceded about Deeks from the beginning, going so far as to tell Nate that she didn’t want him back on the team if he wasn’t the same. But who wouldn’t be changed by what happened to Deeks? To me, Hetty has been watching him to see if he’s still ok. But him being ok should not be dependent on whether Kensi is ok. That’s a risky attachment to develop in this line of work. And Hetty knows that.

        Look, I want them to be together as much as the next person. But this is realistic. Emotions are messy. And in a high stakes job, they can be even messier than usual. Hetty’s just doing her best to keep everyone safe, in my opinion. I’m just sensitive to hearing people bash a character without trying to understand things just because they want to see two other characters together. I’m not saying that’s what you did. At all. But I’ve seen other people on other sites rake Hetty over the coals without even attempting to see things from a different perspective. Drives me crazy. I’m ok with this storyline because Kensi and Deeks do want to be together. It’s just outside circumstances that are preventing them from being together at the moment. Sorry for the vent. It wasn’t aimed at you, I promise.

    2. Oleander

      I completely agree with everything you said Kim. I was thinking the same thing through the episode. Kensi and Deeks were not pulling off what was going on, it was obvious and could lead to much bigger issues in a line of work where your live is always on the line. I do think that Hettie made the right choice and all my feelings aside for how I want to see this relationship play out, what she did made the Mose sense in the real world. My assumption is that back in season 4 when she was playing matchmaker she thought they were both stable people who were lonely and had an obvious attraction to each other. I think she felt like they could have a work relationship and one outside of the office and that they could keep the two separate. I think Deeks PTSD plays in to this a lot. Kensi and Deeks were both acting so obvious in the opening scene, and seriously… For two people who go undercover often, they were doing a horrid job at pulling this off. Having been in secret work relationships before, it isn’t THAT hard to pull off if both people are of right mind and focused on the right things at the right times. They obviously were not. Both made a lot of mistakes throughout the episode and it could have lead to some serious consequences later on.

  27. Lumy Mee

    Latest speculation: Despite some of the teasers, Hetty did not want to split Deeks and Kensi, she had to reassign Kensi- and no one else but her – on this mission. She is still a Densi shipper – if we take her words to Deeks as still an encouragement for this relationship (“and now she entrusted it to you….” kind of don’t take this lightly, Kensi meant business with that). Why Kensi ? We will probably find out at some point, and maybe it has something to do with the revelation from 5×18 (which will probably be 5×19 as per the new count).

  28. Andres

    I think theres nothing really to talk about the punch Kensi gave Deeks, because she made up to it in the end.Until that Hetty scene started.

  29. Cintia

    people! see hetty agree that commands the ship as he told shut up, and I think if you did what you did! It was for a good reason! computer security, what with deeks?? but I understand that now separates them together? for me to be at the end of the season is deeks! and that fat complication in their lives to see full list for us:
    1 sabbatino
    2 Jack
    3 Kensi father (he was not dead)
    4 Granger
    5 Hetty
    6 An unknown marin
    writers will do this within your reach to definitively separate deeks and kensi, great for the fans, as you can say it is the season and kensi deeks? IT IS A JOKE jajajajajajajajajajajjjajajajjjjajajajajajjjajajajajajaajjajajajaj

    1. Evi

      Oh trust me if we start numbering the complications, the possibilities are endless.

      I deffinitely exclude Jack and Sabatino. It won’t be a surprise as we already suspect their arrival.
      Her father on the other hand….Now, that would be interesting but I can’t see how they are going to justify his “death”.
      Deeks father has better chances of still being alive.

      Honestly, I have considered pretty much everything.
      * Deeks could be undercover from another agency
      * Deeks could…not be Deeks…(I don’t know if that makes sense)
      * Kensi could get injured and end up with amnesia
      * Kensi could get injured and not be able to have babies ( therefore questioning her relationship with Deeks cause she knows he wants a family)
      * Deeks could already be married (but estranged from his wife)
      * Kensi is suffering from a long term illness

      And the list goes on and on. Whatever it is they have been thinking about it since season 1.

      1. Judy

        Hi Evi, I like your list of possible complications and I had actually considered a couple of them myself recently. I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Deeks ‘isn’t actually Deeks’. Just one of those weird hunches that creep up on you every now and then!

        Also, I’ve wondered since the S3 episode ‘Touch of Death’ if Deeks has a ‘secret wife and child’ somewhere. What got me thinking that was when Deeks and Kensi returned to the Boatshed to find Danno on his mobile talking to his daughter, Grace, and it seemed to me that an expression of guilt and remorse crossed his face. It was only for a brief moment, but it was definitely there.

        LOL, I’m probably totally wrong!! I’m really curious to find out what this ‘huge complication’ is though!!

        1. VirtualFriend

          Deeks not being Deeks? Hetty had him ‘on the radar’ for some time before she recruited him. So that would mean he has been screened. Deeks not being Deeks is imo not likely.

  30. Kriss

    I was wondering about this complication a lot lately, what will it be.

    SB said in TV Giude about the revelation: “There’s a revelation … about Kensi that is quite shocking.”

    So I think it has nothing to do with Deeks.

  31. VirtualFriend

    One more thought. At the beginning of the ep Hetty witnesses the teasing of Sam and Callen with Kensi and Deeks, ended with the no, no, no, no of Sam. She than said against Granger “the prise has just gone up”. I think she means that the consequences on a personal level leaves here to ask even more leverage from Granger.
    I think that Granger, how has expressed earlier that he favours Kensi (and dislikes Deeks) and sees a bright feature for her with NCIS, has asked Hetty to assign Kensi for his operation. Hetty has (strategic) now leverage against Granger that could suit her in later developments. Just my 2 cents 😉

  32. Lumy Mee

    Guys, SB said the big revelation is about Kensi, not Deeks, so we should not question Deeks’ persona. He also said this season we will find out more about Kensi’s back story – so it has to be related to that. Maybe when she was living on the streets for almost a year, as we found out from Hetty something bad happened to her that is now revealed and has some consequences in the present, and upon her relatinship with Deeks.
    As they said this thing was in the makings from season 1 (and has been kept dormant, but ticking all this time) – maybe it is a consequence of something that happened then.. Anyway SB said it will have Kensi and Deeks (but mainly her) questioning their entire relationship/partnership.
    I tend to believe though it is something Kensi herself is not aware of, that she will be equally surprised by this.

    1. Evi

      The fact that it is in the makings since season 1, had me thinking too. But hen again, Deeks was initially planned to star in more episodes of season 1, so it could be about him.

      I don’t think SB has said that the revelation is about Kensi. I’ve only read that is affects Kensi more than Deeks and has them both questioning their relationship. I could be wrong though.

  33. Sol

    An other reveletion? Isn’t Jack enough?
    This reveletion will affect more Kensi. It will be shocking…

    I want to think/hope it’s about Jack. Simply that. Her ex, the man she loved so and she wanted to marry, (marry! So he was REALLY important to her). Ok, we already know we’ll see him. No surprise here. But. Isn’t he dangerous enough for poor deeks, their reletionship and partnership?

    An other doubt: Booker’s name is not JACK, I hope. Please, tell me his name is not Jack!

    1. Jan

      Sol, I think you are absolutely correct in thinking that Jack’s return is the shocking development. And unfortunately I think you’re right that Booker will turn out to be Jack. It’s no coincidence that Booker’s first appearance comes in the first episode where Kensi is far away (according to the press release anyway).

      I would have preferred that Jack turn out to be clearly a bad guy – that way he would have been less of a threat to Deeks and Kensi’s relationship. But I have a feeling that Booker will be someone who grows on the whole team, and then it turns out that he is really Jack. Never underestimate the cruelty of these show runners.

      1. Evi

        If Booker turns out to be Jack…now that would be a real surprise. I don’t know why though, he doesn’t “convince” me to be Jack. I always pictured him differently. And when did a highly skilled marine become a tech operator?

        Apart from that, Jack is going to make an appearance sooner or later. We are all expecting it so I doubt this will be the shocking revelation.

  34. VirtualFriend

    Booker being Jack? Don’t think so, NCIS agents / tech operators are being screened extensively. Would be unbelievable if someone turns out to be someone else.

  35. Sol

    Hmm, yes, Jack is a marine, and when I say marine, I imagine men like Sam or Gibbs, never like Eric.
    But then I think: Mcgee is an agent, he has a gun, but he is a MIT guy too!
    Who knows Jack backstory, or his role in the missions?

    The reason for my suspects is all about Jean Benoit, in NCIS. At the beginning, you just Know that she is a very smart, honest, beautiful woman. Tony’s true love, wow, (I liked her so much, that I almost forgot Tony/Ziva thing).
    But at the end of season 4, oh, oh, you find out that is the villain’s daughter!

    So, I simply don’t, don’t want Jack in the team. One episode will be enough. I don’t want to like him or see jokes between him and Deeks. No, no, no! I want hate you guy, can you hear me? From the beginning to the end! 🙂
    Ok, just my two cents and fan-fears. Probably and hopefully, I’m totally wrong.

  36. Lumy_Mee

    Bookers’ s name is John…….John/Jack…Maybe they brought him because they needed him and did not want Kensi to see him so they shipped her over asap. Maybe he asked not to meet Kensi in exchange for helping ….

  37. Sol

    Oh, we know Booker’s name. John.
    Ok, maybe I was wrong, or it is an alias and you’re right when you say: “Maybe they didn’t want Kensi to see him so they reassign her asap.”

    We’ll see, we’ll see. 🙂

    1. VirtualFriend

      Jack was a marine suffering from PTSD. I understood that Booker is a technical operator entering the team to replace Nell who is the temp for Kensi (at least this is what it looked liked according to a photo published earlier). So for this moment I don’t see a match there…

  38. Lumy Mee

    They never said Nell will replace Kensi, just that she will be in the field a couple of times. She could not be a replacement for Kensi, she has other strengths than K and she would be ackward replacement. Booker is brought in as part of a special task force.

  39. VirtualFriend

    That’s the reason I called Nell a ‘temp’, as Deeks was called so by Sam when entering the team S2. But we will see, like Kensi said “three is a crowd”… 🙂

  40. Andrew

    First of all, I want to say that this episode was one of the best episodes! All the actors, and especially DK and ECO were stupendous!
    But, this speculation about Jack coming back, came out of nowhere! I have read what SB have said but nowhere I can surely assume that he is referring to Jack! It seems to me that it’s a very good, fan made rumor!!
    For me, the most weird thing was how the episode ended! Almost everyone leaves like nothing happened! Kensi, after she sees the message from Deeks, she just seems a bit angry and then she walks away like in other episodes!
    Also, I waited a bigger reaction from Sam and Callen! After they asked their questions, G’s in a more ironic aggressive attitude, the leave like nothing happened! Like they would see Kensi in a day or two!
    Deeks on the other hand, seems shaken by the news, Hetty told him! He is the only one that walks away , not as always, with a “what i’m going to do now?” expression!
    I can’t see Hetty leaving the show! She is a basic member of the team, and i don;t really think Granger would be the perfect replacement for her, due to many reasons like that he isn’t even now approved by the team!
    As we have seen in past seasons, i think that the person who is going to leave is not a tactical member of the team! Remember that we had a similar announcement back in season 3 and the person who left was Agent Haunter! As for the juicy complication between Deeks and Kensi, honestly no idea, because whatever we think , at the end they gonna surprise us!!

    1. VirtualFriend

      Getting near ep18 it will be hyped again. For ep10 Olsen said: “It’s very sexy. I think this scene is going to make the Hot List next year.” (Tv Guide Magazine 2013/Nov).

      Did I miss something? 🙁

  41. Jan

    I re watched this episode today, and I was struck by how well it was structured, with the action part of the case blending seamlessly into the emotional aspect. The first time (actually the first couple times) I watched it, I was focused on Deeks/Kensi, but watching it for just the case, it was still an amazing episode.

    It was a nice change of pace from the usual Iranians, Afghanis, Russians or other Eastern Europeans. Good job by Dave Kalstein to come up with something different on that front. It was also nice to see humor among the team that also expressed warmth and affection, not the mean-spirited “humor” (usually directed at Deeks) that we sometimes get from other writers. The involvement of the Armenian mob provided a nice flow between the emotional part of the episode (Deeks’ connection with Thapa) to the action part of the case (Deeks undercover) and then intertwining the two (Kensi’s emotional charge into the building with the gunfight in the meat locker). It’s always a highlight to see Deeks going undercover, especially as a lawyer.

    A couple other things:

    Even though this was a Densi-centric episode, I never felt that Sam or Callen were sidelined. They both had moments that were important to the advancement of the plot, as well as to character interaction.

    For all the times that Densi moments have been interrupted by Nell, Eric, Callen, etc., this reassignment by Granger and Hetty has to be the mother of all interruptions. I’ll never complain about Nell’s timing again.

    When I first saw the Fern/Max clip, I was a bit taken aback by Deeks’ choice of that particular alias. But on reflection, I think that by introducing himself as Max, he’s giving Kensi a chance to accept him as he is, dark side and all. She doesn’t do that at first, insisting that a knife is just a knife, but by the end of the episode, after she also has let her emotion overcome her training and better judgment, she’s willing to admit that they do in fact have a “thing.”

    If Kensi is going to burn one of her shirts, why couldn’t it be one of those wretched plaid things? Honestly, she sometimes looks like she’s going undercover as a lumberjack.

    1. Spokoze

      Yeah Jan, you are right on.
      It was an exceptional episode.
      NCIS-LA is by far the best show on TV; It’s amazing how I can find myself thinking about it even days later.

  42. Lucey

    What if Kensington comes back early and is still pregnant and the show says it because her and decks hooked up

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